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Best Online Master’s of Accounting

The enthusiastic accountant may want to consider an advanced program such as the online Master of Accounting degree. Accounting careers can cover a wide array of disciplines… so check out our selections for the 10 Best Online Master of Accounting Graduate Schools.

Best Online Master’s of Advanced Study

A diverse degree, the online Master of Advanced Studies, will prepare you for many types of occupations. This degree will help you sharpen your skills in any application and is especially good for the specific field you are currently in or great for those interested in a career change.

Best Online Master’s of Applied Finance

Within the field of Finance, there are many concentrations to consider. If you are pursuing a career in this realm, earning a Master of Applied Finance degree is your next step. Typically, locating a quality program online may be a challenge for you, but check these out… See if one of the ten will fit your needs!

Best Online Master’s in Architecture

Earning an online Master of Architecture degree will help you take your creativity and knowledge in the field up several notches as you sharpen your skills in this particular field of art. But… it’s not all about designing aesthetically pleasing buildings… They must be structurally sound as well. Check out these online schools that will allow you to learn while you work.

Best Online Master’s of Applied Science

Are you ready to excel in your career? If so, perhaps earning an online Master of Applied Science degree is the next step in getting a job promotion or a new career started. This distinguished degree can be earned to help you in almost any industry application. Take a look at the best schools offering this online degree in which you can apply your scientific knowledge.

Best Online Master’s of Business Engineering

Would you like to combine your engineering career with a position in management? If you need business organizational and leadership skills to get the promotion you desire, check out our list of the best online programs in Business Engineering.

Best Online Master’s of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

Are you ready to start your own venture? Preparation and knowledge will be the key to your success, no doubt! Take a look at these convenient and flexible online degree programs in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology today! Follow your dreams!

Best Online Master’s of Business Informatics

Everybody needs information, right? With an online Master of Business Informatics degree, you can use your knowledge in computer-related matters to assist in this important field of gathering information. Take a look!

Best Online Master’s of Chemistry

Check out our comprehensive guide to earning your online Master of Chemistry degree. In this field, you will have a plethora of job opportunities available. You can work in the field of Chemistry itself or within Engineering, Writing, or Law.

Best Online Master’s of Christian Education

There are many ways to spread the Word of God. If you would like to be an educator or work in clergy administration, this is the ideal degree for you. And for Ministers, well… this degree you can certainly benefit from as well!

Best Online Master’s of City Planning

As you can imagine, the field of City Planning is always changing and evolving as cities and communities continue to grow. Be a part of a growing industry and check out our best online master’s degree programs in the field of City Planning!

Best Online Master’s of Commerce

Commerce makes the world go round! If you would like to be a part of everyday operations, especially in the field of economics, management, accounting, insurance, banking & financial sectors, this degree is for you!

Best Online Master’s of Computational Finance

If you are focused on a career in finance, have you considered earning a Master of Computational Finance degree? Check out this guide to see if this degree is right for you. And… check out the online schools offering this program. Distance learning options make it so easy!

Best Online Master’s of Computer Applications

An online Master of Computer Applications degree can open up a world of opportunities for you. If you would like to sharpen your skills in math and information technology, as well as computer programming, this degree is an excellent option. See our guide to the Best Online Master of Computer Applications degree programs today!

Best Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Are you ready to take your Computer Science career to the next level? Of course, you are! Check out the best 10 Master of Science degree programs that offer distance learning formats in the field of Computer Science. This convenient way to earn your degree will allow you to maintain your job while working on your master’s degree. So, tell your employer to get ready… you’re upping your game!

Best Online Master’s of Counseling

If you would like to strengthen your skills in counseling, consider earning your Master of Counseling degree. You will learn research practices, as well as counseling techniques to help you excel in the field. With over 800 concentrations in the field, you can easily find a specialization designed to help you help others.

Best Online Master’s of Criminal Justice

If you are interested in all things regarding the legal system, your next step should be to earn an online Master of Criminal Justice degree. After graduation, you can excel in leadership positions, work as an investigator, or work in security within local governmental agencies, and much more. Check out these impressive programs!

Best Online Master’s of Economics

Are you ready to earn your Master of Economics degree? Of course, you are! Sharpen your skills in relevant topics such as Statistics, Calculus, Micro and Macroeconomics, and much, much more. Learn how to predict future trends! Take a look!

Best Online Master’s of Finance

There are many, many career options in the field of Finance, particularly if you have an advanced degree such as a Master’s of Finance degree. You can secure a management position in financial accounting, investment management, and many other related fields. See how you can get that job promotion you desire!

Best Online Master’s of Fine Arts

Are you the artistic type? Creative? Have an interest in art? If so, perhaps your abilities have served you well thus far. But, how would you like to excel in the area of Fine Arts? Consider earning your Master of Fine Arts degree to take your career… and love for art… to the next level!

Best Online Master’s of Humanities

Are you looking for a versatile graduate degree option? If so, take a look at our best online Master of Humanities degree programs here. In addition, if you wish to specialize in a particular field, often you can find it within the realm of the “Humanities” category. Check this out!

Best Online Master’s of Science in Information Systems

The advancement of technology today (and in the future) will ensure many lucrative job opportunities for those interested in the field of Information Systems. This field offers numerous specializations to consider, no doubt. Find out more about how you can get in on the action now!

Best Online Master’s of International Affairs

A career in International Affairs provides many interesting and lucrative opportunities. If you are interested in possibly traveling abroad, this could be your ticket “out of town,” so to speak. See the world while you earn a living! If you need an online or hybrid degree format, you’re in luck… Take a look at the best of the best schools offering this impressive degree program!

Best Online Master’s of Journalism

Don’t think that the age of written news in magazines or newspapers is the only way to communicate. With today’s age of social media, the sky’s the limit! If you have something to say or want to keep the public informed about current events, earning the online Master’s of Journalism degree will help you sharpen your existing skills, as well as learn new ones!

Best Online Master’s of Landscape Architecture

To reach your professional goals in the field of Landscape Architecture, you can earn a Master’s degree. If you are interested in sharpening your skills in design, leadership, and the history of landscaping, take a look at the best schools offering degree programs in this field. But, be aware… Online programs may also require some on-campus attendance for special sessions.

Best Online Master’s of Laws

Are you ready to take your legal career to the next level? Of course, you are! Coursework can range from the Fundamentals of Law to Contracts and Legal History… and everything in between. Sharpen your skills and learn new ones with an online Master’s of Laws degree today! Take a look at the best schools offering this degree!

Best Online Master’s of Letters

The online Master’s of Letters degree is a unique program. If you are interested in advanced studies in History, Arts/Humanities, Law, Literature, or Theology… this degree may be for you. Check out our selections for the best schools offering online Master’s of Letters degree programs today!

Best Online Master’s of Liberal Studies

For an all-encompassing degree program steeped rich in academic excellence in a variety of subject matter, the online Master of Liberal Studies degree is a wonderful choice. You can focus on a plethora of coursework in literature, natural sciences, and philosophy, as well as sharpen your skills in communication, social issues, and cultural studies from around the world.

Best Online Master’s of Management

Are you ready to be the BOSS? Management positions often come with a higher salary, an impressive title, and much responsibility. If you are ready, consider earning an online Master of Management degree to prove your case for being “management material!” Good luck!

Best Online Master’s of Mathematics

Numbers, statistics, data… you name it and your online Master of Mathematics degree program will offer advanced coursework focused in the field of math, designed to help you pursue your dream career, particularly if you would like a leadership position! Check it out!

Best Online Master’s of Music

If you already work in the field of music, you are very blessed to combine your love for music with your career. But how would you like to become a composer, professional performer, orchestra conductor, or music teacher? For career advancement, these types of positions often require a Master of Music degree… so, get started today. Check out our best options!

Best Online Master’s of Occupational Behavior and Development

Are you a motivator? Like to resolve conflicts? Or, find solutions to business-related problems? Good… Then check out our list of the best online Master’s degree programs in Occupational Behavior and Development. Positions in this field are important to the success of any type of organization or industry. Get started today!

Best Online Master’s of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists provide an indispensable service to the public, no doubt. They assist those who need help learning to take care of personal needs, such as cooking, driving, and other everyday tasks like brushing teeth or combing their hair. Earning a Master of Occupational Therapy degree is an excellent idea for those looking to embark on a very rewarding career!

Best Online Master’s of Philosophy

Curious about mankind and the many problematic issues we all face today? Delve deeper through a Master of Philosophy degree program. Learn how to polish your existing skills in this intriguing scope of work. Check out our selections for the best Master of Philosophy degree programs that are offered through a convenient distance-learning format!

Best Online Master’s of Professional Studies

Are you a working professional, but would like to expand on your skills? Consider earning your online Master’s degree in the field of Professional Studies. What are you waiting for? Get the promotion you deserve AND increase your paycheck. Get started today!

Best Online Master’s of Public Relations

Are you interested in sharpening your PR skills? Do you currently represent a business, organization, or individual? Expertise in the field of Public Relations can make or break their client, and they often need to advocate on their behalf as well as promote them. If you would like to sharpen your skills, earn your Master’s in Public Relations!

Best Online Master’s in Public Service

Becoming a civil servant is a very admirable career choice. It’s a wonderful way to serve your community. If you are searching for a Master of Public Service degree program through an online format… We’ve got you covered! For career advancement, consider earning your Master’s degree through one of these fine suggested schools.

Best Online Master’s of Research

What a rewarding career, right? For this serious line of work, earning your online Master’s of Research degree is a great idea! We have compiled a list of the best schools offering an online learning format in which you will find convenient while maintaining your busy work schedule and home life. Take a look at these options so you can hone your research skills today! In doing so, you can be a major contributor to the betterment of others!

Best Online Master’s of Religious Education

See our choices for the best online Master of Religious Education degree programs here. For many who are already in ministry work, the thirst for knowledge in religious studies never ends. To accommodate your congregation or parishioner’s needs, one must consider earning a master’s degree in this field!

Best Online Master’s of Robotics Engineering

A graduate degree in Robotics program is not easy to find, but we have done all the hard work for you. Take a look at our top 10 best Master of Robotics degree programs… and, the best part… You can earn your degree through a convenient online format. The field of robotics has taken the world by storm and for good reason. In this field, you can combine many different aspects of business, engineering, and computer science.

Best Online Master’s of Arts in Special Education

The field of Special Education requires personnel that are caring and knowledgeable in children with special needs, such as autism and other behavioral disorders. As you work with these exceptional children, you will embark on a very rewarding career. Check out our choices for the best online Master of Arts degrees in Special Education.

Best Online Master’s in Speech Pathology

Many of us take for granted the way we can freely speak; however, there are many who have lost their ability to communicate through illness, disease, or from an accident that resulted in a brain injury. If you would like to help others regain their speech, take a look at our online Master of Speech Pathology degree programs to sharpen your skills in this important field.

Best Online Master’s of Strategic Studies

Are you a natural-born peacekeeper? If so, have you considered turning that fine quality into a career? This multidisciplinary field focuses on the study of peace and conflict resolution. If you are ready to embark on an exciting career, begin by earning your Master’s of Strategic Studies degree online today.

Best Online Master’s of Surgery

The field of surgery is growing. If you are a medical professional who is interested in furthering your career, earning an online Master’s of Surgery degree is a great opportunity to learn while you are still working a full-time job. Your classes will be flexible, convenient, and possibly more cost-effective for you than the traditional on-campus version.

Best Online Master’s in Teaching

Teachers never outgrow their desire to learn. If this sounds like you… Check out our picks for the best 4 quality online Master of Teaching degree programs that we found for your consideration. Wouldn’t you like to advance in your teaching career to help assist in your student’s thirst for knowledge? Consider earning your master’s degree today!

Best Online Master’s of Veterinary Science

To truly excel in the field of Veterinary Science, you will want to earn your master’s degree. As you learn about livestock production, animal nutrition, and advanced veterinary medicine and techniques, you can also sharpen your research skills. Learn how to make an impact in the field and improve the lives of our furry friends! Take a look!

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Human Resources

A future employee’s first encounter with a company most often is with the Human Resources department. In this field, employee benefits are managed, as well as other applicable practices, such as hiring and training, and much more. To obtain a management position, you should consider earning a Master’s degree in the field… and it should be affordable. Check out our selections for you!

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Computer Science

The field of Computer Science is growing by leaps and bounds – therefore, why not take the next step? Earn your Master’s degree in Computer Science, sharpen your skill set, and get that promotion you deserve. Check out our 25 Most Affordable Online Grad Schools for Master’s in Computer Science degree programs! You’ll be glad you did!

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Counseling (MC)

Are you looking for a quality Master’s degree program in Counseling… and at an affordable price? Check out our selections for 25 best of the best; all designed to meet your needs as a graduate student. With the need for good mental health in these times, counseling is a great way to share your knowledge, help others improve, and embark on a rewarding career for yourself!  

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Nursing (MSN)

Most advanced positions in nursing require a Master of Science in Nursing, or MSN degree, especially if you would like to concentrate on a specialty. If you are seeking higher education, check out these affordable program options to help you excel in the field of Nursing!

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Healthcare

Healthcare Administrative positions are on the rise, just like the increase for nursing and other medical personnel. If you would like to receive a career advancement, it’s an excellent idea to earn a Master’s in Healthcare… and you can do it through an online distance learning program. What’s better than that?

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Education (M.Ed., Ed.M.)

Are you ready to take your teaching career to the next level? We thought so… Just take a look at these awesome 25 Master’s degree programs in Education – offering the M.ED. or the ED.M. Your degree can easily be earned by the convenience of online learning… and at an affordable price!

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Law (M.L. or LL. M.)

For the most affordable graduate schools offering Master’s in Law (M.L. or LL.M.) degrees, check out these 25 affordable options. Are you looking for an online option as well? You’re in luck! Take a look at this excellent list of quality schools offering this valuable degree. Start today! 

25 Most Affordable Online Master’s In Business Administration (MBA)

Earning a Business Administration degree is a widely popular choice; however, to advance in your career, you should consider earning an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This particular field leads way to many career options. And, you should check out our list of the 25 most affordable options to get you started! With a full-time commitment, you can complete your program in as little as two years.


25 Best Grad Schools for a Master’s in Business (MBA)

Are you ready for that career advancement? Take a look at our selections for the 25 Best Grad Schools for a Master’s in Business. Without a doubt, the field of business is growing tremendously, and earning an advanced degree, like an MBA, will catapult your career to the next level. If you are looking for a management position or would like to specialize your efforts in a particular field, earning an MBA is a great idea for your future!

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Nursing (MSN)

Nurses must have the proper education, right? At this point in your nursing career, perhaps you have considered earning additional accolades to assist with career promotions. If you are at a crossroads, perhaps a Master’s in Nursing degree program is next on your bucket list. In this article, we list the top 25 Most Affordable Grad Schools for a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) taught through a traditional class setting. Check to see if there is one in your locale.

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Science

A Master’s of Science degree is a diverse degree with a focus on a variety of topics, depending on your interests and career aspirations. They often are offered in the field of Physics, Applied Physical Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Biology. If you’re interested, see our selections here for 25 grad school options that offer affordable Master’s in Science degree programs. Check them out!

20 Most Affordable Master’s in Forensic Psychology

Are you ready for some law and order? If your interest is in Forensic Psychology, finding a reputable grad degree program may be a challenge. But at GSC, we have found 20 schools that offer an affordable option in a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. In this field, you can work within the criminal justice system, assist in investigations, or consult with lawyers or law enforcement agencies, and much more! 

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Computer Science

Computer Science is a largely popular field to enter, especially in the world we live in today. If you have worked your way up through the ranks of careers in Computer Science, you should consider earning your Master’s degree to meet your next career goal. This particular degree is very versatile as well, allowing for many job opportunities either in technology or in a management position, and much more. A Master’s degree is a great way to sharpen your skills for a specialization!

25 Most Affordable Master’s In Medical Research

The field of Clinical Research is growing by leaps and bounds, especially during this difficult time. Besides the fact that there is a worldwide pandemic, our population is aging, medical conditions and unhealthy lifestyles continue to contribute to the need for knowledgeable Medical Researchers. If this is in your wheelhouse, consider our list for the most affordable grad schools for a Master’s degree in the field of Medical Research.

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Healthcare

Please see our list of the 25 Most Affordable Grad Schools for a Master’s in Healthcare degree program. Perhaps you work in the field of Healthcare but would like to secure an advanced position in Healthcare Administration. If so, you should definitely consider earning a Master’s degree in this field. You will be involved with financial matters, marketing, facility management, and policy development.

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Education (M. Ed. or Ed. M.)

Do you aspire to influence youth through a position as a school principal or counselor? If so, your school system may require you to earn a Master’s degree in Education (M. ED. or ED.M.), and if so, you’re in luck! BMD has compiled a list of 25 of the most affordable grad schools available to earn your Master’s degree in Education.

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Counseling (MC)

Counseling can come in all varieties… substance abuse, marriage, mental, family, or help with other critical family decisions. Within any capacity, a job as a Counselor is a rewarding one! Are you ready to earn a Master’s degree? If finding an affordable degree option in this important field is becoming hard for you, take a look at our selections of 25 exceptional options!

25 Most Affordable Master’s in Law (M.L. or LL. M)

To advance in your law career, take a look at these 25 graduate schools that offer affordable Master’s in Law (M.L. or LL.M.) degree programs. In whichever specialty you choose, a Master’s degree is often required. To make a positive impact on your community, your law degree will serve you well.

25 Most Affordable Master’s In Engineering (MEng, M.E., M. Eng.)

Yes, Master’s degree programs in Engineering can be very pricey. But we have done the legwork for you… Check out our choices for 25 graduate schools that offer exceptional – and affordable – Master’s degree programs in Engineering. In this diverse field, the sky’s the limit! Don’t delay, get started today on your promising future in this field!


25 Best Faith-Based Grad Schools

Attending a faith-based graduate school is a great way to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are believers in Christ. If your faith is important to you, consider these 25 schools that offer courses in religion, have devotional and church services, and provide other faith-based activities for you to enjoy while earning your grad degree.

25 Top Research Universities

Many times, the very reason a student seeks to earn a graduate degree is because they would like to sharpen their research skills in whichever field they are in. If that is your main objective, earn your degree in one of the top research universities in the U.S. Check out this impressive list!

30 Graduate Schools with Innovative Technology

In today’s world, being on top of technology is the name of the game, right? If your graduate degree goals include the need and use of innovative technology, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our selections for the top 30 grad schools that can boast about their use of innovative technology!

30 Cutting Edge Graduate Schools Leading Us Into The Future

Let’s face it… attending a graduate school can be pricey. So, be sure to do your research to find one that fits your career goals, as well as your personality. To ensure a bright future for yourself and your family, invest in a school that is a leader in academics, professional, and technology-driven education. You’ll be glad you did!

20 Colleges with the Best Selection of Off-Campus Housing

Are you not thrilled about on-campus housing accommodations while earning your graduate degree? Most students prefer to live off-campus, particularly if they are focused on the demands that earning a grad degree can entail. You will need a quiet atmosphere to work on your thesis or dissertation, which is often not the case while sharing a college dorm room. These 20 colleges offer the best selection of off-campus housing!

30 Graduate Schools with Beautiful Campuses

A beautiful campus is conducive for an excellent learning experience, agreed? Whether you are surrounded by ornate historical architecture or exquisite landscaping, it’s just better to be surrounded by beauty. We’ve located 30 graduate schools that maintain a beautiful campus if this is important to you!

30 Most LGBT-Friendly Graduate Schools in America

Fortunately, now more than ever, most colleges and universities are proud to consider themselves an LGBT-friendly school; therefore, you can attend your desired college with comfort and concentrate on your studies without fear of discrimination. These 30 graduate schools in the U.S. dedicate themselves to LGBTQ community equality.

20 Graduate Schools That Know How To Party & Have A Good Time

All work and no play make for a dull college life, right? Well, maybe for some; however, what makes a school a “party school” anyway? Can you get a good education at a school with a party school reputation? Find out the answers to these questions and more. Read about 20 grad schools that offer many activities, such as fraternities and sororities, Greek Life, and athletics, as well as close-by restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues.

51 Top Online U.S. Colleges That Do Not Require The GRE

Are you concerned about passing the Graduate Record Examination or GRE? You’re not alone… If you could attend a college that did not require it, would you be interested? Actually, some colleges now have chosen to skip this formality. Got your attention? Check out these “51 Top Online U.S. Colleges that do not require the GRE!”

10 Best Online Grad Schools

We get it… Choosing a graduate school is a monumental decision. Why? Because it is a major undertaking that can take over your life! But how can you manage it all? We have the answer… You should consider earning your graduate degree through an online distance learning program. With the flexibility and convenience that online programs provide, you are sure to succeed! These 10 selections are some of the best… Take a look!

100 Best Grad Schools

If you are looking for a quality graduate school for the upcoming year, please consider our selections for the 100 Best Grad Schools. In this list, we attempt to bring to you some shining stars that will help you achieve your goal of earning your graduate degree in the traditional manner. Any one of these exceptional schools will serve you well!

14 Great Grad Programs That Offer Free Tuition

It’s no surprise that, just like everything else, the cost of a graduate degree program is on the rise. Free tuition programs are available; however, some conditions may apply. In this compilation, we have listed 14 grad programs that offer deals that you may not be able to refuse! Check them out!

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