5 Best Grad Schools with Online Master’s in Business Law

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A Master’s in Business Law degree studies legal rules and regulations governing commercial transactions and activities. Students explore courses that encompass various legal aspects of business entities, employment, contracts, competition, intellectual property, etc.

It helps establish the legal framework within which businesses operate and interact with customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

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The Master’s degree program in Business Law focuses on the legal concepts and rules relevant to the business sector. An Online Master’s in Business Law follows the same curriculum as their on-campus curriculum.

It is intended for prospective students who are currently employed or want the convenience of online learning while continuing their education. With the flexibility of learning remotely through this kind of program, students may balance their academic obligations with their career and personal commitments.

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Finding the best online Master’s in Business Law program requires thorough research and evaluation. To help you make the right decision, we made this list of the Best Grad Schools with Online Master in Business Law programs. Each school on the list possesses these exceptional program features: 

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Online Master’s of Business Law Graduate Schools

Regent University

Regent University

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Master of Arts in Law – Business

Regent University is one of the country’s most well-known private Christian research institutions. It offers numerous undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines, including Business and Law. Regent is renowned for prioritizing Christian principles and its dedication to incorporating religion into its academic programs. It has won praise for its law school, making it one of the country’s best for both value and educational quality.

Standout Features: 

Regent University understands that LSAT results may not be the best predictors of success in the legal profession. So, instead of requiring its applicants to submit high LSAT scores, the MA in Law at Regent is emphasizing other variables, such as undergraduate GPA, professional experience, and personal statements, which have been shown to be better indicators.

Did You Know?

Except for programs with articulation agreements with other schools, Regent allows its students to transfer 25% of the credits necessary for their chosen degree into any online master’s-level distance program. Up to 49% of the required degree can be transferred through articulation agreements.

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Master of Laws in Business Law

One of the largest Catholic universities, Loyola University Chicago was established in 1870 and has long been renowned for its dedication to both academic excellence and social responsibility. For students to become well-rounded individuals who are intellectually capable, ethically aware, and socially responsible, LUC offers a demanding academic environment steeped in the Jesuit tradition. 

Standout Features:  

LUC’s LLM in Business Law greatly values the significance of experiential learning. The program allows students to represent clients through the Business Law Clinic and take official classes. Under the guidance of instructors, student clinicians receive practical experience by assisting small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Did You Know?

LUC offers several study-abroad opportunities to its students regardless of their major. There are campuses for Loyola in Vietnam, Beijing, and Rome. LUC’s study abroad is not expensive compared to other colleges and universities. Financial help is applied immediately to a student’s time abroad, and credits earned there will automatically and hassle-free transfer to their studies back home.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University - School of Law

College Station, Texas

Master’s Degree in Business Law and Compliance

Texas A&M University is a prominent university that is the founding member of the Texas A&M University System, founded in 1876. Modern buildings, research institutes, libraries, and student housing are located on the university’s expansive campus. According to US News & World Report, Texas A&M University School of Law is the 29th best law school in the US.

Standout Features: 

TAMU’s Master’s in Business Law and Compliance offers challenging coursework, hands-on learning opportunities, practical skills, and numerous professional development and networking opportunities to equip students for success on a worldwide scale. Students can modify their degree plans further and concentrate on a particular field of study regardless of their degree track.

Did You Know?

With a student body of 69,000 and campuses covering more than 3 million square feet, TAMU is one of the US’ largest universities. It was an all-male military college, and even today, TAMU is one of six senior military colleges in the US.

University of the Pacific

University of the Pacific

Stockton, California

Master of Science in Law, Business

The University of the Pacific is renowned for its comprehensive business, music, and health professions departments. UOP strongly emphasizes experiential learning and encourages students to participate in community service, research projects, internships, and study abroad opportunities. The university emphasizes individualized instruction and small class sizes that encourage intimate ties between students and professors.

Standout Features: 

One of the program’s faculty, Professor Jeff Proske, is a well-known California lawyer with 20 years of expertise in counseling businesses. He’s been advising people ranging from Fortune 500 NYSE-listed organizations to sole proprietorships. His goal in the MSL Business Law Concentration is to equip non-lawyers with the knowledge and understanding of the legal issues that often affect business people and entrepreneurs.

Did You Know?

With its first music conservatory, first chartered university, and the first institution to admit women, Pacific University is a campus of firsts in California. Yes, the University of the Pacific was the state’s first college with male and female students able to study together.

St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s University - School of Law

San Antonio, Texas

Master of Jurisprudence – Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration

The oldest Catholic university in the state of Texas and the Southwest region is St. Mary’s University, a private Catholic institution established in 1852. The institution is renowned for its robust business administration, law, engineering, and education programs. The university supports ideals like integrity, social justice, helping others, and global awareness while emphasizing the development of the entire person.

Standout Features: 

The MJur in Business and Entrepreneurship Law is designed for new small business owners. The program provides training that is also perfect for the upper management of larger, more established organizations or those who have established franchisees and are considering beginning their own business.

Did You Know?

SMU’s School of Law has an Advocacy Program that has been ranked Nationally. This program equips aspiring lawyers with the abilities necessary to succeed in the courtroom. The school has won and showcased the trophies earned over the past 20 years in their Raba Building. The program is proud to have produced national winners while preparing law students for the trials’ rigors.

Master’s in Business Law Careers

A business law degree can lead to various job prospects in the legal and commercial worlds. Following are the most common employment paths for master’s business law graduates:

Corporate Lawyer

Business law graduates frequently go on to work as corporate lawyers in law firms or in-house legal departments of corporations, where they can offer legal guidance and help on a variety of business-related issues.

Median Annual Salary: $135,740


Some business law graduates launch their own companies using their legal expertise. They might start legal consulting firms, contract management services, or compliance advice businesses to use their knowledge to help other companies comply with the law.

Median Annual Salary: $70,849

Government Positions

Graduates can work for government entities, including legislative offices, trade commissions, or regulatory authorities. They may engage in legal analysis, policy formulation, or enforcement work, drafting and interpreting laws that have an impact on various business and industry sectors.

Median Annual Salary: $66,000

Compliance Officer

These experts create and implement policies and procedures to ensure that firms follow statutory obligations and professional norms. 

Median Annual Salary: $71,690

Legal Consultant

Graduates can also work as legal consultants in law firms, advising and assisting businesses on legal issues. 

Median Annual Salary: $75,024

Contract Manager

Contract managers supervise the development, negotiation, and administration of contracts. They ensure contracts comply with legal standards, reduce risks, and safeguard the company’s interests. 

Median Annual Salary: $72,691

Risk Manager

Professionals in risk management identify and evaluate potential dangers that firms may encounter and then develop methods to reduce those risks. Graduates with a solid grasp of the legal and regulatory systems can succeed in this area.

Median Annual Salary: $122,577

Business Analyst

Business law master’s graduates can also pursue a career as a business analyst, offering perceptions and analysis on judicial and regulatory issues that affect corporate operations. 

Median Annual Salary: $79,117

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Master’s in Business Law Online respected as an on-campus program?

A business law master’s degree online program from prestigious and renowned colleges with proper accreditation is highly valued in the workplace.

What are the most common admission requirements for an online Master in Business Law program?

A bachelor’s degree from an officially accredited institution is often required for admission, along with good results on standardized tests, letters of recommendation, purpose statements, and a resume or CV. It may also be advantageous to have prior work experience in the field.

Do online master’s degree programs offer networking and collaboration opportunities?

Yes, online programs frequently offer networking and cooperation opportunities, such as virtual discussion boards, group projects, and online forums and networking functions.

How do online Master’s in Business Law programs work?

Different technologies and platforms are used by online Master’s in Business Law programs to offer course materials and enable interaction. This can include online forums, virtual classrooms, multimedia tools, and video lectures. 

Can I work full-time and get a Master’s in Business Law online?

Yes, you can pursue an online master’s degree while working full-time; that’s one of the benefits online programs offer. Thanks to the online approach, you may match your advanced education with your work and personal obligations.

What can I do after earning a Master’s in Business Law?

You can pursue continuing education to broaden your knowledge of the legal system. Several master’s degree graduates apply for a Juris Doctor, Doctor of Juridical Science, and Certificate program.

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