15 Best Online Master of Laws Graduate Schools

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Earning an online Master of Laws graduate degree is, arguably, the most revolutionary change that the Internet brought to academia. What was once frowned upon has become the norm in higher education, including in the field of Law. 

Studying law can be intimidating to many. It requires time, diligence, money, and sacrificing most of one’s social life. However, having the option of earning your degree online somehow eases everyone’s anxieties. Online education creates an assurance that they are equal. This is particularly true in law, more so in earning an online Master of Laws degree. 

online Master of Laws

An online Master of Laws degree puts primacy on higher education access to relentless lawyers in their pursuit of knowledge of the law. A unique opportunity that allows lawyers, both young and old, to earn advanced education in a specific field of law or the legal system while maintaining their legal practice.

Law schools and universities that offer an online Master of Laws pave the way to a future where social justice is attainable. Seasoned lawyers can assure clients that while they might have less in life, they will have more in law. Unsurprisingly, an online Master of Laws degree has become a more sensible and practical choice among lawyers seeking a law degree.

Quick audio summary:

As prospective online students are more and more interested in legal studies, they have come to realize that an online Law degree program is the best way to maintain current employment, carve out family time, and earn their degree through the many legal studies programs that are available today. Online programs provide flexibility and convenience, so… there are no excuses!


These Best Online Master of Laws Graduate Schools are highly recommended. Online programs provide several options. To enjoy these privileges, students are expected to meet specific eligibility parameters.

These schools for online Master in Laws programs all meet or exceed academic standards with these features:

Best Online Master of Laws Grad Schools

Best Online Master of Laws Grad Schools

New York University (NYU) School of Law

online Master of Laws

New York, NY

Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Tax

New York University School of Law is a reputable institution for educating our country’s legal minds. With more than 100 faculty members of reputable professors, it is considered an intellectual powerhouse in legal system education.

NYU Law took on a leadership role in innovating and redefining the standard of lawyering by offering 300 courses, 16 areas of study, and opening over 30 centers in the United States and beyond. It ensures that every person who graduates from NYU Law is ready for legal practice fit for today’s world.

NYU Law offers the most prestigious graduate tax program, not just in the country but also globally. 

Standout Features: 

The Executive LL.M. program was first offered in 2008 after a joint effort by NYU Law and the IRS Chief Counsel’s Office through the Graduate Tax Program. The program is accessible to every tax attorney in the country through distance education initiatives, providing them with the best education in US taxation law without geographic constraints. 

The program started with 50 tax attorneys during the first semester in 2008, which gradually grew to 100 attorneys by the second semester of the same academic year.

Washington University in St. Louis School of Law

online Master of Laws

St. Louis, MO

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation
Master of Laws (LL.M.) in US Law
Dual LL.M. Degree

Founded in 1867, the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law (WashULaw) is known to be the oldest private law school that has served the community west of the Mississippi River. WashULaw offers three online Master of Laws degrees for practicing lawyers and an online Master of Legal Studies for those interested in the intricacies of the US legal system. Attorneys, litigators, or law school graduates can now expand their legal education without the need to sacrifice time and flexibility.

Standout Features:

Washington University in St. Louis School of Law has been sowing excellence in legal education for 150 years since its inception in 1867. It embraces diversity and instills the values of ethical and effective practice of law in every law student. It is devoted to its mission to produce law graduates and lawyers who will pursue justice in today’s dynamic and globally interconnected legal environment. 

Washington University in St. Louis School of Law became the first chartered law school in the United States to admit women when it accepted Lemma Barkeloo and Phoebe Couzins to its law department. 

Pepperdine Caruso School of Law

online Master of Laws

Malibu, CA

Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Dispute Resolution
Master of Dispute Resolution
Master of Legal Studies

A distinctive law school, Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, prepares students to achieve what is the most meaningful to them as an individual and professionals. As a Christian University, you can expect that the Caruso School of Law aligns ethics and achievement as it prepares future lawyers for the rigors of legal practice.

Through Pepperdine University’s online LL.M. programs, experienced lawyers or even recent graduates have the choice to take the next step in their legal education. It is committed to providing highly qualified students and professionals with superior legal education even beyond the classroom.

Standout Features:

A highly regarded program in dispute resolution where you will have an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of arbitration, negotiation, and mediation. The online Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution is deemed one of the best globally, where graduates become the driving force in the field. Graduates of Pepperdine Caruso School of Law’s online LL.M. in Dispute Resolution are among the most sought-after negotiators in solving some of the most pressing conflicts in the modern world.

Pepperdine Caruso School of Law is among the first universities to offer an online Master of Laws program. Today, the program has produced graduates from more than 60 countries around the globe. 

Loyola Marymount University – Loyola School of Law

online Master of Laws

Los Angeles, California

Online Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Tax

Loyola Marymount University – Loyola Schools of Law promises to prepare its students for practice right out of graduation. It strives to provide exceptional legal education to everyone who chooses to pursue Law. With rigorous curriculum within the context of Jesuit and Marymount traditions.

Loyola Law School offers an online Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Tax, under the guidance of renowned tax law faculty and a strong network of alumni who carry the Loyola Law mission to bring socially conscious leadership, whether at your law or accounting firm. 

Standout Features:

The Master of Law in Tax is a robust graduate program for legal practitioners specializing in Taxation law. According to the US News & World Report’s 2020 rankings, it is the No. 3 online tax law program. 

Graduates from Loyola Law School’s Online Tax LL.M. are highly sought after by various leading law firms in the United States, including the Big 4 and the IRS. Remarkably, 90% of Tax LL.M. graduates land full-time and long-term employment just months after completing the program.

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

online Master of Laws

Los Angeles, California

Online Master of Law (LL.M)
Master of Studies in Law (MSL)

Online Master of Law (LL.M) under the following concentrations:

  1.  Business Law
  2.  Entertainment Law and Industry
  3.  Compliance
  4.  Financial Compliance
  5.  Health Care Compliance
  6.  Human Resources Law and Compliance
  7.  Privacy Law and Cybersecurity

Master of Studies in Law (MSL)

An elite law school, the University of Southern California – Gould School of Law (USC Gould) is committed to academic excellence in legal education. With world-class faculty members, a diverse student body, and a close-knit alumni network, USC Gould graduates become some of the most competent attorneys and legal luminaries in the state and the country.

USC Gould’s commitment to further educating and developing the minds of attorneys and future legal practitioners offers an online Master of Law (LL.M.) through USC Online:

Standout Features:

The online Master of Laws degree was created to address the growing demand for U.S.-based legal study. It caters to international lawyers, judges, government officials, corporate legal counsel, bankers, prosecutors, and even law graduates. 

The USC Gould was the first-ever Law School in Southern California. It has embraced diversity from the earliest days of USC Gould, admitting women and students of color. Today, it is proud to be the home to one of the nation’s most diverse law student populations. USC Gould also enrolls the most international students through USC Online. 

Northeastern University School of Law

online Master of Laws

Boston, Massachusetts

Online Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Online Master of Laws (LL.M.) with three tracks:

Bar Examination Prep track
Intellectual Property and Technology track
International Business track

The Northeastern University School of Law is a renowned institution offering top-quality legal education, specifically integrating theory and practice into its extensive law curriculum. With more than five decades of experience, Northeastern Law emphasizes “experiential” and “collaborative” legal education preparing students for meaningful legal practice.

With an unparalleled dedication to making legal education accessible for all, Northeastern Law offers an online Master of Laws degree, allowing students here and abroad to change the world from anywhere in the world.

Standout Features:

Students of the program develop a deep appreciation and in-depth understanding of US law in preparation for the California Bar exam. Through the online Master of Law degree program, you will become a part of the global network of legal professionals. You can take advantage of the flexible learning format that is accessible 100% online. 

The Northeastern Law has been ranked #1 for practical legal training as awarded by prelaw/The National Jurist for seven straight years. This is in recognition of the Northeastern University School of Law’s effort to emphasize experiential learning, leading the movement in the country. 

Georgetown University Law Center (GULC)

online Master of Laws

Washington, DC

Executive (Online) Securities & Financial Regulation LL.M.
Online Master of Laws in Taxation (Taxation LL.M.)

Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) or Georgetown Law offers students a world-class legal education and allows them to experience it. Georgetown Law breeds tradition and innovation that allows expert faculty members to hold hundreds of courses without sacrificing high-quality education.

With its enviable location, Georgetown Law is an exceptional choice for an institution. Through its online Master of Laws degree programs, lawyers worldwide can experience its excellence.

Standout Features:

Georgetown Law is located in the United States capital, giving students an advantage in learning laws and the country’s legal systems where they are crafted. Washington is a global hub where people converge to create a plan to solve societal ills by enacting sound legal decisions.  

Georgetown Law attracts an average of 550 LL.M. students every academic year. The majority of these enrollees are foreign-educated lawyers, judges, prosecutors, litigants, and government lawyers. 

Boston University School of Law (BULaw)

online Master of Laws

Boston, MA

Online Master of Laws (LL.M) Degree in Taxation 
Online Master of Laws (LL.M) Degree in Banking & Financial Laws

Rich in history, the Boston University School of Law, has been molding the minds of lawyers and legal luminaries since 1872. Its openness to diversity has allowed BULaw to accomplish its status today. It admitted qualified students without regard to race, religion, or gender.

As a result, BULaw has produced a vibrant network of alumni, including pioneers in law and legal practice in the United States. It continues to offer world-class education through BULaw’s online LL.M. degree programs.

Standout Features:

Boston University School of Law conferred the first-ever LL.M. in Banking & Financial Law in 1984. Up to today, the degree remains to be the only one of its kind in the country with its faculty and a curriculum specifically created for graduate students. 

When BULaw first opened its graduate degree programs, only a quarter of enrollees were actual lawyers. Most of the students learned in their trade, looking to expand their knowledge, especially in law. The second school opened under Boston University and implemented the three-year sequenced curriculum and rigid entrance requirements.

Samford University Cumberland School of Law

online Master of Laws

Birmingham, AL

Online Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Online Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L)

Established in 1847, the Samford University Cumberland School of Law boasts of being among the most awarded and nationally recognized trial advocacy and quality legal instruction programs. Cumberland School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and is an Association of American Law Schools member.

It takes pride in ranking as #4 in terms of best quality of life in the “Best Law Schools for 2021” by the Princeton Review. The curriculum emphasizes holistic education, training students to engage in law in all areas, including civil law, corporate law, health law, trial advocacy, environmental law, and public interest law. To further legal education in the country, it offers a Master of Laws degree fully online.

Standout Features:

Lawyers and non-lawyers alike can further their legal education through the online LL.M. and MSL graduate degree programs at Cumberland School of Law. Position yourself at an advantage in your workplace as you learn to navigate the ins and outs of the legal system of the United States. Not only that, you will become a part of the more than 9,000 alumni who got to experience the best quality of life in Law School.

The Samford University Cumberland School of Law is one of the oldest schools in the United States after establishing it in 1847. Judge Abraham Caruthers finds it an innovator of the legal education we know today. The study of law was conducted through apprenticeship or lectures, intensive class instruction, and trial practice.

Michigan State University (MSU) College of Law

online Master of Laws

East Lansing, MI

Online Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Global Food Law

Michigan State University College of Law’s rich history dates back to 1891. The colorful history of the university’s commitment to providing exceptional legal education attracts talented students worldwide. 

Both domestic and international students aim to experience first-hand the “Spartan in Legal Education” and become Spartan lawyers and experts in the field of law, litigation, and prosecution. MSU Law graduates are spread out through all the fields of legal practice. Spartan lawyers in private firms run their law firms in corporate law, leading some Fortune 100 companies. But, Spartan lawyers are also devoted to fighting and ending social issues on a global scale.

Standout Features:

Unique in every right. The online LL.M. in Global Food Law starts the conversation about one of the most pervasive and pressing issues in modern society. By earning the graduate degree, Spartan lawyers become knowledgeable in the complexities of food laws and the politics that hinder food access.

The study goes beyond borders and focuses on the food and agricultural products that end up on our tables. By applying sound science, graduates of the LL.M. in Global Food Law will solve the complex problems surrounding food. 

Michigan State University was once a small agricultural university. Through continued efforts to push the limits of education, it has become one of the most renowned academic institutions in the United States. MSU Law offers high-quality legal education that embraces its roots without inflating the cost of tuition and other fees. A feature alumnus of the LL.M. in Global Food Law is Michael Richardson from the class of 2014. He now sits at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, a testament to the quality of training and skills earned through the online LL.M. degree program.

Liberty University


Lynchburg, VA

Online Master’s in Legal Studies

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Liberty University’s Law School offers online master’s in legal studies programs. They have six programs for the School of Law Master’s Degrees:

Standout Features:

Getting an online master’s in legal studies from Liberty University is indeed a wise choice because:

Liberty University is bent on providing a world-class education to military students worldwide. From current service members to those discharged or retired from service, and even to spouses of service members or veterans, the school is committed to supporting military personnel in every step of their journey. 

University of Dayton

University of Dayton - School of Law

Dayton, Ohio

Master of Laws in American and Transnational Law

University of Dayton’s Master of Laws in American and Transnational Law is a customized bar-focused legal studies program. Upon enrollment, you have the freedom to complete your degree at your own pace. You can take as many (or few) classes as you like for each term. This online master of the legal program accepts students with a first law degree from the US or overseas. Applicants are not required to have a law license to apply for the program. 

This online legal studies program is filled with different LLM professors, including judges, lawyers, and leading practitioners. And since it is online, expect to have classmates from around the world. While the courses are offered asynchronously, the law professors still conduct weekly office hours and optional live online class meeting sessions. 

The program is for law school graduates who already have their first law degree. No other testing requirement is asked upon enrollment. 

In January 2019, the University of Dayton Law School was accredited by the American Bar Association for the 100% online legal studies program for those who are interested in completing their LLM Degree in American and Transnational Law. You can complete the program in just one year (3 semesters), or up to three years. Everything is really up to you. 

This master of legal studies program is suitable for law school graduates who are interested in:

The great thing about this program is 100% online is that you can get the degree and boost your academic and professional level without ever leaving your home, family, or job. Dayton Law Online LLM even provides customized career counseling for its students through its Career Service Office. 

The online legal studies programs are open to both foreign and US-educated lawyers. The course is primarily designed for foreign prospective students who wish to get a better understanding of US legal practice and US law, as well as a possible path to bar eligibility. 

Standout Features:

Aside from obtaining your LLM degree, you can also get the Certificate in United States Legal Practice at no additional cost. What can you do with the US Legal Practice Certificate?

Based on course sequencing and availability, you can complete 30 credits of the program in just one year (3 semesters). Also included in this legal studies program are free reading materials. For better class discussions and exchange of ideas among students, the course has interactive components like weekly office hours together with the professors. There are also live online review sessions, discussion boards, announcements, and more. 

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University - Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Online Master of Science in Education Law
Online Master of Science in Employment Law
Online Master of Science in Health Law
Online Master of Science in Law and Policy 

Online Master of Science in Education Law: 

This program provides education professionals with a better understanding of how education and law intersect. Education professionals will have basic knowledge of the different types of legal issues commonly encountered in their workplace. After completing the course, you will be able to display a legal knowledge and vocabulary of the reasoning processes that go with legal situations. 

Program Highlights:

Online Master of Science in Employment Law: 

This legal studies program gives business professionals a broader understanding of how legal and business issues intersect. It will teach enrollees the basic foundation and legal solutions of the legal system so they can efficiently work in their field. 

Program Highlights:

Online Master of Science in Health Law:

This legal studies course is an online curriculum that helps you to take full advantage of the opportunities in jobs related to health law. The program gives you the flexibility and freedom to maintain your home and work responsibilities, study at your own pace, and achieve knowledge that is deemed relevant to your field of practice. 

Program Highlights:

Online Master of Science in Law and Policy

With this legal studies program, you can easily reach your academic goals and obtain your degree in just two years. And since this is an online class, you can simply study virtually in the comfort of your home. This course is designed to give working professionals an in-depth knowledge of how their profession intersects with the law. 

Program Highlights:

Standout Features:

NSU’s Shepard Broad College of Law is nationally ranked number 18 for its Legal Research and Writing Program. It is also recognized as the school with the highest-ranked health law program in Florida. Overall, it is nationally ranked in the top 50 of the best law schools for a part-time law program.

The Nova Southeastern University Shepard Board College of Law has a world-class alumni network that you can get access to. Through the NSU Law Mentoring Program, you get to have the chance to network with one another—law students and law alumni alike. Current law students can learn from local attorneys and law alumni in the practice field that interests them.

Drexel University (Thomas R. Kline College of Law)

Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA

Master of Legal Studies

In this hybrid legal studies program, you will learn to help organizations and businesses navigate tough legal issues and meet the necessary compliance requirements. It has eight concentration offerings, namely:

Cybersecurity and Information Privacy: This legal studies degree course concentration gives you an in-depth assessment of the privacy regulations and data that most businesses must deal with every single day, along with the helpful strategies to successfully navigate them. This is for both non-technical and technical professionals.

Financial Regulatory Compliance: This affords you a very detailed study of the complex regulatory structure of every financial industry, as well as its compliance requirements. This will train you for any in-demand, money-managing jobs both in small and large financial organizations. 

Health Care Compliance: You will learn from this legal studies course about all the regulations and rules surrounding the healthcare industry like ACA and HIPAA. This also provides you with the tools necessary to guarantee that the firm you are working for strictly adheres to federal and state regulatory requirements. 

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Compliance: This program improves your knowledge of the regulatory, legal, and ethical standards that surround medical device and pharmaceutical research, sales, development, marketing, and other relevant information compliance and privacy issues. 

Human Resources Compliance: Another legal studies concentration that gives you the skills and knowledge you need to efficiently deal with crucial legal compliance issues most HR professionals come across every day: from hiring and termination of employees to employer-employee relationship management, as well as mediation, negotiation, or alternative dispute resolution. 

Higher Education Compliance: This concentration lets you understand the laws regulating institutions and protecting students. It is an extensive study of the legal landscape in higher education and discusses thoroughly some important issues like financial aid, FERPA, risk management, accreditation, and campus safety.

NCAA Compliance and Sports Law: This legal studies degree concentration talks about law and risk management, and some additional coursework that will build your compliance proficiency in NCAA regulations that set the rules of the game: from recruitment to ethical conduct, to special benefits, eligibility, and even to financial aid. 

Criminal Law: This prepares you for how to work inside the complicated regulatory environment of the current criminal justice system. You will have a solid foundation in criminal law, as well as the rules of criminal procedures. 

Standout Features:

In today’s career-driven world—whether in the non-profit sector, business, or government service, expect to work in a place governed by law and legal regulations. Employers suddenly want to hire employees who have a good understanding of how to navigate the complex world of laws that apply to an organization.

That is why Drexel University’s Master of Legal Studies program is a perfect suit for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the legal issues that most organizations and businesses face. With its flexible MLS program, in no time you will become one of the most qualified professionals that many employers would love to hire. 

Drexel University’s Master of Legal Studies program is offered both on-campus and online. You also have the option to choose JD courses that you think are suitable for your needs. With the MLS program, you have the chance to join an exciting community of peers and faculty who share the same passion as you do for a wider range of legal issues. 

Drexel University (Thomas R. Kline College of Law)

Drexel University

Virginia Beach, VA

Master of Arts in Law

Situated in Virginia, Regent University offers the Master of Arts in Law that provides general legal knowledge supplemented by fourteen concentration offerings. 

Once you complete the online MA in Law Degree, you are expected to:

Career Opportunities:

Standout Features:

Regardless of the student’s residency status—whether in-state or out-of-state, all students pay the same tuition. Students are not required also to submit their LSAT results. When pursued full-time, you can complete your master of legal studies in just one year. 

The MA of Laws at Regent University is taught from a Christian perspective. Regent University’s Online MA Law Program was ranked among the top 15 Best Online Law Degree Programs by Intelligent, 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master of Laws degree? 

What is a Master of Laws degree? 

Legum Magister or Master of Laws or LL.M. is a graduate degree in the field of Law. LL.M. is a globally recognized graduate qualification designed for lawyers looking to expand their knowledge of the law and further their legal practice. While it confers international qualifications to lawyers, it primarily provides them with an opportunity to study a specialized area of law. Earning an LL.M. means a step closer to a reputable legal career in litigation or simply adding to your list of academic accolades.

If you think that the LL.M. degree is exclusive to lawyers, you are wrong. While there are programs that admit only lawyers, there are others that accept lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Non-lawyers can take a Master of Legal Studies (L.MS.) or Master of Science in Laws (MS.L.) to advance their legal expertise and gain valuable knowledge of how legal systems operate.

This master of legal studies program is consistent with the primary purpose of the graduate degree – to provide advanced education to professionals working in numerous industries. Earning a Master of Laws will positively impact the knowledge base not just in Law but also in business law, health care compliance, dispute resolution, diplomacy, administration, sports law, and academia, to name a few. 

In the United States, an LL.M. course curriculum comprises at least 24 academic courses, 18 of which can be completed through alternative classes. Here are the common courses you need to take to complete the graduate degree: 

What should I expect when enrolling in a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree program?

Before committing to at least one academic year of extensive study, law students must know what to expect when deciding to enroll in a Master of Laws program. As it is a graduate degree, prepare yourself to immerse yourself in hours of reading, research, and analysis. However, if you draw from your experience in Law School or your professional life, LL.M. will be fairly easy to finish.

Most LL.M. programs operate on a regular academic calendar comprising of two semesters and a mid-year term. The first two semesters are often devoted to taking and completing regular coursework. These courses emphasize developing analytical skills, students’ ability to apply advanced legal thought, and transforming them into original research topics. You are expected to deliver outputs at par with graduate-level efficacy. LL.M. programs that are research-driven require students to write a thesis. So the first half of the thesis course will be taken during the first two semesters. Thesis writing and defense will take up the mid-year term.  

While non-lawyers can take up LL.M., most students will most likely be full-fledged lawyers who have developed certain competencies in the field of Law and beyond. LL.M. courses are conducted in an environment where everyone can speak their mind and share their thoughts in class through peer learning and exchange. Online students and professors can learn from each other’s personal and professional backgrounds and experiences. Through this mutual learning setup, everyone in the classroom can help each other achieve each other’s academic goals.

Completing your LL.M. degree means you are capable of becoming the leading voice in your respective field. With the advances in technology and the move to make graduate education more accessible, Master of Laws programs adapts to a digital future, making the degree available online. 

What is an online Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree?

An online Master of Laws degree offers the same opportunities to an experienced lawyer as a novice lawyer. It is a graduate program that aims to cater to some of the busiest professionals in the country and even lawyers who obtained their law degrees in a foreign jurisdiction. 

Law schools were slow to adapt to the digital revolution. Nevertheless, they caught up on time. An online Master of Laws degree is the perfect choice for Lawyers who cannot afford to take a year or two off work. With the flexibility and freedom it offers, students do not have to trade work for a chance to reach another academic milestone. Most follow a blended or hybrid format, only requiring students to make limited on-campus attendance. However, there are also fully online programs bringing your campus to wherever you may be in the world.  

Online LL.M. degree programs follow the same rigorous coursework. Students are expected to give the same analytical prowess, legal knowledge, and arguments as they would in a classroom. The online format also carries the same prestige as brick-and-mortar options. The peer-learning environment remains the program’s structure, which is made possible by real-time lectures through videoconferencing applications.

The meets and bounds of an online Master of Laws degree are infinite, making it more and more attractive to those who would not otherwise pursue a graduate school education. 

What is the different Master of Laws degree specializations?

Having the freedom to choose a specialization sets online Master of Laws degree programs apart from the constraints of the traditional curriculum. The flexibility of online LL.M. programs gives students a greater chance of securing a future that aligns with their chosen specialization. 

Here are the most popular specializations:

What are the primary requirements you need to study Master of Laws?

Gathering the requirements to apply to a Master of Laws program can be tedious. You need to complete a checklist for the documents you need to gather, but this is arguably the most important step in getting that graduate degree. 

Take note of the following checklist:

Key Takeaways

If you desire a legal career, a law degree in a Master of Laws program will help you achieve your goals.

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