FAQs Commonly Asked By Grad Students

grad school faqs

Have you got any questions? We’ve got the answers! Check out our list of “Frequently Asked Questions” that we have found are common concerns of students seeking a Master’s or Doctoral degree. Don’t be left in the dark about these matters, let us help you stay informed with the most up-to-date information available today.

Can I Obtain A Master’s Degree Online?

Can I Obtain a Doctorate Online?

Consider This: Why Go To Graduate School?

How Is Grad School Different From College?

Is Graduate School Worth The Cost?

How Long Does Graduate School Take?

What Are The General Fields of Graduate Studies?

What Are The Levels of Graduate School?

What Are The Best Paying Graduate School Degrees?

How Do I Choose A Field in Graduate School?

Are Certain Fields More Suited To Online Graduate Degrees?

What Does It Take To Get Into Graduate School?

What Questions Should I Ask About Grad School?

What Does a Grad School Look For in an Applicant?

Are Internships/Volunteer Work Important When Applying to Grad School?

Do Grad Schools Look at Grades or Overall GPA?

Can Grad Schools Tell If You Are Lying On Your Application?

What Do Grad Schools Think About Where You Received Your Undergrad Degree?

What Makes You a Good Candidate For a Grad School Program?

How do I Prepare for a Grad School Interview?

What Does It Take To Succeed in Grad School?

How Do I Balance Family and Grad School?

How Do I Pay For Graduate School?

What Are The Costs Associated with an Online Grad School Degree?

What Kinds of Fellowships and Awards are Available in Grad School?

Can I Change My Major Field in Graduate School?

Can My Graduate Degree Be in a Different Field Than My Undergraduate Major?

GMAT or GRE: What To Take? What Are The Differences?

MBA Accreditation: What’s Legit?

How Does The COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Graduate School?

Dr. Jared Goff
Chief Editor