10 Best Grad Schools with Online Master’s in Information Systems Security in 2023

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Earning an online Master’s in Information Systems Security program is an ideal step for those who want to advance their career in technology. This online program equips students with advanced knowledge on management information systems, covering identity and access management, management information systems, information security concepts, and strategies to implement access control procedures. This can potentially boost their salary and take their career in a new direction, preparing prospective students to become leaders in the IT industry.

The country’s Labor Statistics Bureau confirms that information security analysts make a median of $102,600 per year. This field is also increasingly growing, with projected growth of 35% between 2021 to 2031.

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Students who want to pursue an online Master’s in Information Systems Security degree will find the flexible learning format advantageous, allowing them to earn the degree at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. If you are passionate about helping businesses and organizations keep their IT systems and critical data safe, then the online master’s degree in information systems security degree is for you.


The field of data protection & information systems security is set to remain in demand. With industries relying ever more on digital infrastructure for their core operations, there is a constant need to protect potentially sensitive data. Success in this highly technical and specialized field hinges on getting the best graduate-level educational preparation.

We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of 10 graduate schools that offer online master’s in Information Systems Security degree programs, selected based on the following characteristics:

  • Offers their degree programs primarily online, ideal for working professionals who need to make room for both education and career commitments,
  • Features a well-designed online education curriculum that covers the fundamentals and key skills in data security, secure network development, mobile and cloud security, and similar concepts,
  • Sharpens students’ soft skills, including attention to detail, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership,
  • Features an Information Systems Security curriculum that is developed, taught, and constantly kept up to date by faculty who are experts in the field with relevant industry experience,
  • Offers competitive tuition rates, federal aid programs, and financial aid options, including grants and scholarships,
  • Holds the relevant accreditation credentials for online Information Systems Security instruction at the master’s level.

Read our Methodology for details.

Best Online Master’s in Information Systems Security Programs

University of Denver

University of Denver - University College

Denver, Colorado

Master of Science in Information & Communications Technology, concentration in Information Systems Security

The University of Denver is a private research university located in Denver, Florida. It was established on 1864, making it the oldest independent private university in the country’s Mountain States region. The University of Denver is composed of 11 colleges and schools, which together host over 13,700 students. The University of Denver is also classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity”.

  • The University of Denver offers a Master of Science in Information & Communications Technology program, with a Concentration in Information Systems Security. This concentration area is designed to prepare students to be technically proficient in a number of key security areas and processes.
  • This program covers skills in evaluating encryption standards, developing & implementing information security policies & procedures, and designing secure network applications and solutions.
  • This master’s degree program consists of a total of 48 credit hours (12 courses), and has a completion time of as little as 18 months.
Standout Features of the University of Denver’s Master of Science in Information & Communications Technology, concentration in Information Systems Security Program:

This program’s concentration area in Information Systems Security features a curriculum that emphasizes key technical skills, along with a wide range of electives that let students concentrate on specific areas of interest. Likewise, the program also aligns with the Common Body of Knowledge for CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Certification.

Did You Know?

This MS in Information & Communications Technology program is also offered with a concentration in Cybersecurity Management, a leadership-oriented concentration area that builds on students’ expertise in cybersecurity with insights on governance, compliance, and regulatory aspects of the field. Information Systems Security is also offered as a Graduate Certificate.

Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University

Conway, South Carolina

Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Concentration in Security

Coastal Carolina University (CCU) is a public university in the city of Conway, South Carolina, part of the greater metropolitan area of Myrtle Beach. It was founded as late as 1954 as a junior college, eventually becoming part of the University of South Carolina System. Coastal Carolina currently has over 10,400 students enrolled.

Standout Features of Coastal Carolina University’s Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Concentration in Security Program:

This information security degree is designed to cover both academic and practical application aspects of the fields of information security and data analytics. The program is also aimed at developing well-rounded cybersecurity professionals capable of taking on leadership roles by focusing on their analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Did You Know?

Coastal Carolina University is one of the 34 universities that are part of the National Sea Grant College Program, a consortium dedicated to coastal and marine research.

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Florida

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Florida - College of Computing and Engineering logo

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Master of Science in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is a private research university located in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was founded in 1964 as the Nova University of Advanced Technology and merged in 1994  with the Southeastern University of the Health Sciences to form the current NSU. At present, NSU Florida is composed of 14 colleges, hosting a population of over 20,500 students. It is also classified among “R2: Doctoral Universities – High Research Activity”.

  • Nova Southeastern University offers the MS in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity degree program, which emphasizes skills in data protection, and has applicability in numerous industries in the public and private sectors.
  • This master’s degree program is necessarily technical by nature, and the program is ideal for those who have a strong mathematical aptitude, as well as an interest in data structures and algorithms.
  • The program is offered both online and on-campus and consists of 10 courses for a total of 30 credit hours. The program can be earned within 1 year.
Standout Features of Nova Southeastern University’s Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Program:

This is a STEM-designated program, and its curriculum is constantly kept up-to-date to respond to industry trends. It also features an interdisciplinary design that includes coverage of the areas of cybersecurity, computer science, UX, and more.  

Did You Know?

Since 2005, Nova Southeastern University has been a National Security Agency (NSA)-designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) – Cyber Defense.

Augusta University

Augusta University

Augusta, Georgia

Master of Science in Information Security Management

Augusta University is a public research university located in and named after the city of Augusta, Georgia. It is part of the University System of Georgia and is the result of the 2013 consolidation of Augusta State University (established in 1783) and Georgia Health Sciences University (established in 1828). Augusta University currently has over 9,300 students and is Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)-approved.

  • Augusta University offers a Master of Science in Information Security Management (MSISM) degree program, a program that covers advanced skills in enterprise information security, IT Governance, and risk management.
  • The program contains a total of 30 credit hours, with 6 core courses and four electives. Coursework is delivered 100% online and asynchronously.
  • Core and elective courses in the program include human factors, information security policy development, risk management, cloud computing security, system & network administration, incident response and disaster recovery, the global cyber threat environment, and more.
Standout Features of Augusta University’s Online Master of Science in Information Security Management Program:

Augusta University’s MSISM program serves as good preparation for certification. Its design covers the major information security domains that are articulated by the Certified Information Security Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certifications.

Did You Know?

Augusta University is a part of the National Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program, which is a continuing education program that caters to veterans, transitioning military members, and first responders. As such, Augusta University also offers a number of Cyber Defender certificate programs.

University of the Cumberlands


Williamsburg, Kentucky

MS in Information Systems Security

The University of the Cumberlands is a private Christian university in the city of Williamsburg, Kentucky. It was first established as the Williamsburg Institute in 1889, changing its name to Cumberland College in 1913, and finally becoming a university in 2005.

  • The University of the Cumberlands offers an online MS in Information Systems Security program, a nationally-recognized program that prepares students with skills in cybersecurity and information assurance.
  • The program contains a total of 31 credit hours and includes topics such as access control, cryptography, application security, operations security, and more.
  • This degree program is intended for those who have a computer science/information technology-related bachelor’s degree and is already working in the field.
Standout Features of the University of the Cumberlands’ MS in Information Systems Security Program:

This program is designed to align with the set of cyber security education standards set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Agency (NSA). It also aligns with the Common Body of Knowledge standards for the CISSP certification.

The University of the Cumberlands was named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) by the NSA and DHS.

Did You Know?

The university is named after a set of nearby prominent geographic features: the Cumberland River, which runs along the campus, Cumberland Falls, and the Cumberland Gap, a historically important passage for pioneers and settlers going west.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Newark, New Jersey

MS in Information Technology Administration and Security

As the state’s public polytechnic university, the New Jersey Institute of Technology is committed to providing an exceptional teaching and learning environment. It currently has 125 undergraduate and graduate degree programs on offer, spread out across six specialized schools. Its total enrollment number is around 12,000.

  • For students interested in taking leadership roles in organizations, a Master of Science in Information Technology Administration and Security degree program is an ideal choice.
  • Students are equipped with technical and managerial skills that can help them succeed in this field.
  • They need to complete a total of 33 credits, encompassing online courses such as Systems Administration, Wireless Network Security and Administration, Database Administration, and Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols, among others.
Standout Features of New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online MS in Information Technology Administration & Security Program:

The online master’s in information systems security requires completing a graduate capstone project. This gives graduate students the opportunity to work with industry or faculty-sponsored problems where they can encounter real-world examples of system administration and management. The capstone project can be completed as a team. Options range from game programming, virtual reality, application or web development, and multimedia or web and network security.

Did You Know?

The New Jersey Institute of Technology has achieved the Carnegie Classification R1 status, making it one of the leading research universities in the country. It is home to more than 140 research institutes, centers, and specialized labs. In the financial year 2021, the university’s research expenditure amounted to $166 million.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology is officially a Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools (MSA)-accredited school.

University of Maryland

University of Maryland - Global Campus

College Park, Maryland

Master’s in Information Technology, Specialization in Information Assurance

The University of Maryland is home to the Global Campus which offers online programs designed for relevant careers with its flexible and convenient learning format. To date, the university offers more than 125 degrees and certificates that provide students with real-world skills. Many of their programs are available all over the world, including at military installations.

  • The University of Maryland’s Master’s in Information Technology, Specialization in Information Assurance degree program is designed to help students build relevant advanced skills in information assurance and cybersecurity.
  • The information assurance specialization provides students with a practical understanding of the principles of data protection, computer forensics, and cybersecurity.
  • This online degree is most suitable for mid-career professionals who want to strengthen their IT knowledge and project management abilities along with competencies in intrusion detection and prevention, network and internet security, and cryptology.
Standout Features of the University of Maryland’s Online Master’s in Information Technology, Specialization in Information Assurance Program:

Students who successfully earned this master’s degree program will be prepared to take on certification exams such as CompTIA Security, Systems Security Certified Practitioner, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Did You Know?

The University of Maryland Global Campus is known for its affordable tuition rates. Financial aid options, including military tuition assistance and benefits are available to eligible students. Plus, the university has replaced every textbook with free digital course materials to allow students to complete their coursework anywhere. It is also meant to help keep their education costs down.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, Colorado

MS in Management – Information Systems Security

Founded in 1965, Colorado Technical University has grown from its roots as a technical training school to a respected university with graduate-level programs designed for technologically demanding fields. This means students learn to embrace new technology and utilize it in innovative ways, providing them with an enhanced learning experience in the process.

  • The MS in Management with a concentration in Information Systems Security is offered at Colorado Technical University.
  • The online master’s in information security program equips students with management and leadership skills, allowing them to explore software information assurance, network security, security management, and cybersecurity threats.
  • It is also part of the program’s curriculum to examine security technologies, cryptographic services, incident reporting, and more.
  • Students who wish to earn this master’s degree must complete a total of 48 credits, covering core courses such as Contacting and Procurement in Project Management and Information Systems Auditing.
Standout Features of Colorado Technical University’s Online MS in Management – Concentration in Information Systems Security Program:

While the program does not have accreditation from ACBSP, the online MS in Management with an Information Systems Security Concentration gained the approval of the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs.

Did You Know?

Accredited by the HLC, Colorado Technical University has consistently ranked among universities that offer online degree programs. The university has a strong military commitment, making it a military-centric school. It was founded by Air Force Lt Colonel Robert Turkisher. It has since awarded millions worth of scholarships to active duty members and veterans since 2008.

Purdue University

Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana

MS in Information and Cybersecurity

Established in 1871, Purdue University began with six instructors and 39 students. It has now grown into a large university with several campuses. In the fall of 2022, Purdue has enrolled a total of 50,884 students, from the undergraduate to the graduate level.

  • Purdue University offers the online Master of Science in Information and Cybersecurity to help advance information security professionals’ career in a dynamic and in-demand field.
  • The program is designed for those with experience in programming and computer systems, especially for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related major.
  • Prospective students can expect to gain competencies and skills that will help them build, evaluate, and maintain secure systems.
  • The information security curriculum features assignments and projects that utilize cutting-edge security techniques and software along with many real-world examples.
Standout Features of Purdue University’s Online Master of Science in Information and Cybersecurity Program:

This online master’s program has a comprehensive curriculum, covering cryptography, network security, security analytics, economic and legal components of cybersecurity, and data security and privacy, among others. It is also possible for students to tailor their degree according to their career needs and goal by selecting elective courses. Their options include database systems, algorithm design, data mining, and analysis and implementation.

Did You Know?

In 2013, Purdue’s president, Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., revealed the university’s Purdue Moves initiatives. This was aimed to help the university deliver higher education at the highest proven value. It has a demonstrated commitment to research, too, having reached a record year of sponsored research funding of $418.3 million in 2017 alone.

Boston University

Boston University

Boston, Massachusetts

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems – Emphasis on Security

Housing more than 36,000 students, Boston University is a huge operation. It offers more than 300 programs across 17 schools and colleges. It is considered one of the largest independent universities in the country. Boston University is a prestigious research university, one of the invited members of the Association of American Universities.

  • The MA in Computer Information Systems offered by Boston University has a concentration in Security.
  • This online master’s program provides students with in-depth knowledge of security threats and solutions, allowing them to identify and develop secure systems and networks for organizations.
  • Students in this program are expected to be proficient in risk management, including architectural solutions, asset assessments, and network security and cryptography.
  • To earn the program, students need to complete a total of 40 credits, which can be done in 18 to 24 months.
Standout Features of Boston University’s Online MS in Computer Information Systems – Concentration in Security:

The program curriculum is designed to equip students with competence in security policies, technology, processes, and operations. The online MS in Computer Information Systems program is certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS).

Did You Know?

Boston University has an award-winning faculty. The prestigious faculty includes Fulbright scholars, National Academies members, poet laureate and leading scientists and researchers, among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Information Systems Security graduates who earned the online master of information security programs can be well-prepared in taking on managerial and leadership positions in the field. They can also increase their earning potential. The most popular career options include information security analysts, networking security consultants, chief information security officers, information security managers, security architects, and more.

Does this master’s program require a practicum course?

Some universities offering online master’s in information systems security programs require the completion of a practicum course. This is where they can take on an applied learning experience, usually arranged by the program director. Others have the capstone project requirement, giving students the chance to apply the core concepts and concentration area courses. Students may need to choose a topic to focus on, proving them the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills.

Summary Points

  • Businesses and industries are overwhelmingly reliant on digital technology, particularly data storage, and the projected growth in this regard also means a rise in demand for experts that cater to various data security needs.
  • The field of Information Systems Security is concerned with safeguarding data from external security threats and vulnerabilities, including natural and human factors. Major skills include designing & testing particular security architectures, analyzing security issues, developing specific security measures & data recovery plans, conducting data analysis, risk management, and more.
  • Well-designed online master’s degree in information systems security programs are typically aligned with the standards set by a number of industry certifications such as CISSP and help prepare students to earn these. Some government agencies also designate a number of universities as national centers of excellence in cyber security. 

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