25 Most Affordable Online Master’s In Business Administration (MBA)

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A graduate program in any business-related field, such as a Master’s in Business Administration provides students with the essential skills in management, effective communication, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Full-time online MBA programs generally take an average of two years to complete. An affordable graduate program provides the flexibility of schedules for busy adults, and students typically prefer online MBA programs due to their affordability compared to most on-campus MBA programs.

An online MBA program helps prepare prospective graduates for the succeeding steps in their graduate education or profession. A master’s degree offers numerous opportunities for career advancement within different business industries. In numerous cases, a more advanced graduate program in business earns a higher wage, even for workers in a similar industry or profession.

With education costs rising, however, earning a Master’s in Business Administration may not always be the academic pathway for everyone! According to the National Center for Education Statistics, post-secondary education across the U.S. has the rising cost of tuition and other related fees.

During the academic year 2006 to 2007 until 2016 to 2017 academic year, tuition fees rose to 11%. As a result, looking for an affordable graduate program helps prospective students start the next step of their personal and professional lives with minimal to zero debt.

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To round up the 25 most affordable online grad schools for an MBA program, our GradSchoolCenter.com writers explored not only the cheapest but also the most reputable academic institutions. After all, finding the best online MBA program isn’t only about cost!

We used these criteria in developing our list to highlight the unique strengths and features of each of the online Master’s of Business Administration programs and schools.

The 25 Most Affordable Online Grad Schools for an MBA Program

Andrews University

Andrews University

Berrien Springs, Michigan

Tuition Fee: $615 Per Credit

Andrews University’s Master’s of Business Administration Program is an affordable business-related program delivered entirely online. The final courses of this program are offered on-campus during three weeks’ worth of intensive coursework.

Graduates complete 33 credit hours of coursework if they are a bachelor’s degree program holder, while 13 credit hours of additional pre-requisites are mandatory for non-business degree holders. Full-time students of the MBA program may complete the inexpensive business program within one year of learning.

The curriculum combines Christian ethical virtues with business studies to prepare prospective graduates for lucrative roles in the government, non-profit organizations, international and local business, and leadership.

Types of Aid: Andrews Partnership Scholarship, Internal, External, and Graduate Student Scholarship Programs, Graduate Student PLUS Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans

Admission Requirements:


Prospective students who require assistance in the cost of education may apply for Andrews University’s wide range of scholarship programs. They can also apply for private or federal loans through the university’s comprehensive 4-step process for loan application.

Find more information on Andrews University’s Online MBA Program.

Auburn University

Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

Tuition Fee: $577 Per Hour (In-State) | $1,731 Per Hour (Out-Of-State)

Auburn University provides students with the opportunity the advantage they need to become successful in highly competitive business industries. Distance students utilize CANVAS, Auburn’s online learning management system to view lecture notes, collaborate with colleagues on group projects/assignments, ask relevant questions with instructors and classmates, submit assignments, and access course materials.

They complete 13 classes, including nine core business courses and four elective courses. Through this affordable online MBA program, prospective graduates can complete their degree according to their pace for as long as they complete it within six years.

MBA students who complete two courses per semester may obtain their online degree quickly within two to three years.

Some of the areas of the study discussed by Auburn’s online MBA program are:

Students may also pursue a dual graduate degree program available in finance, industrial and systems engineering, and information systems.

Types of Aid: Awards, Grants, Fellowship Programs, Private and Federal Loans, Federal Work-Study Program, Scholarship Programs, Americorps, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Cooperative Education Program, and V.A. Education Benefits

Admission Requirements:


Prospective graduates who require financial assistance must accomplish the FAFSA requirement. Through this, it is a one-way portal to some of Auburn’s wide range of financial aid programs such as loans, scholarships, fellowship programs, grants, and other external financial aid sponsorships.

Know more about Auburn University’s Online Master’s of Business Administration Program.

Ball State University

Ball State University

Muncie, Indiana

Tuition Fee: $438 per credit hour (In-State) | $656 per credit hour (Out-Of-State)

Ball State University delivers a 100% online Master’s of Business Administration program that requires part-time or full-time attendance. Students may customize their graduate program by choosing a general MBA program or selecting a specialization from one of five options, namely:

If you are a business degree holder, you will only need to complete 30 to 33 credit hours of coursework while non-business degree holders will take 51 credit hours to graduate from the program. Elective courses will cover an in-depth understanding of business-related fundamentals such as:

Types of Aid: Graduate Assistantship Programs, Federal Work-Study Programs, Employer Assistance Programs, U.S. Military Veteran Benefits, 50% Reduction for Students 60+ Years of Age, Aid for Student-Athletes, Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, Grants, Merit-Based, Need-Based and External Scholarship Programs, Federal Loans, and Veteran Benefits

Admission Requirements:


Prospective graduates who are interested in applying for an online MBA program at BSU can take advantage of the university’s diverse range of financial aid opportunities. The university offers numerous graduate assistantship programs to finance their graduate education. They may also enjoy BSU’s affordable tuition fees and inexpensive pricing plans.

Here’s all you need to know about Ball State University’s Online MBA.

Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, New Mexico

Tuition Fee: $303 per credit hour (In-State) | $303 per credit hour (Out-Of-State)

The inexpensive MBA program of Eastern New Mexico University focuses on the development of leadership generalists instead of specialists and requires education in all major components of business-related fundamentals. The affordable graduate program consists of seven components, including skill competency, undergraduate standard professional courses, and core business courses.

Prospective graduates must complete 30 credit hours of coursework on topics such as:

A concentration in accounting is available and requires three additional courses in financial accounting, federal taxation, and attestation services. The university requires a comprehensive integrative experience to be taken during the last term of the graduate program.

Types of Aid: Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Campus-Aid Programs, Federal Perkins Loans, New Mexico Work-Study Programs, Federal Work-Study, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Research Grants, Military and Veteran Benefits, Graduate Assistantship Programs, and Scholarships

Admission Requirements:


ENMU offers numerous financial aid programs for prospective graduate students through the university’s financial aid office. They can apply for need-based and merit-based scholarships, and federal and private loans, or choose from a variety of graduate assistantship programs to ease the burden of the costs of their graduate program.

Here’s all about Eastern New Mexico University’s Master’s of Business Administration Online Program.

Emporia State University

Emporia State University

Emporia, Kansas

$363 per credit hour

Emporia State University offers an AACSB-accredited online MBA program in an accelerated eight-week format. The affordable online Master’s of Business Administration program offers students a comprehensive understanding of best practices in business studies and management as well as a case study-driven set of coursework that enables students to immediately apply what they have learned after completion of their graduate program.

Courses cover the essentials of managerial economics, financial management, and fundamentals of marketing, as well as the use of systems and information technology in business management. The program has three specializations to choose from, namely:

Each specialization consists of 36 credit hours and can be completed as quickly as one year. Elective courses include:

Types of Aid: Federal and Private Loans, Scholarship Programs, Work-Study Programs, Veteran Educational Benefits, and Tax Benefits

Admission Requirements:


Emporia State University provides a list of financial aid opportunities through its official financial aid portal. As soon as students accomplish their FAFSA requirements, they will access a range of financial aid programs to finance their graduate education. Emporia also provides opportunities for tuition reduction through tax benefits for eligible cases.

Emporia State University’s Online MBA program might just be for you! Check it out here.

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Tuition Fee: $191 per credit hour (In-State) | $197 per credit hour (Out-Of-State)

Fayetteville State University has an affordable online Master’s of Business Administration program that is suitable for busy working professionals who need flexibility and convenience in completing a graduate program.

With 100% recorded discussions, industry-based software programs, and live classroom discussions, students are consistently connected to Fayetteville’s business community.

The MBA program’s core curriculum has 27 credit hours. Up to 12 elective credit hours can be utilized to complete a specialization in one of 10 major areas, namely:

MBA graduates typically complete two classes each semester and can complete the graduate program within two years. Depending on their pace, completing a degree can either be one year to six years.

Types of Aid: Federal and State Aid, Private and Federal Loans, Grants, Military Student Tuition Assistance Programs, Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, Employer Assistance, and Federal Work-Study Programs

Admission Requirements:


Aside from an affordable online MBA program, Fayetteville State University also provides MBA students with the opportunity to ease their financial burden in completing a graduate program. The university offers numerous scholarship programs and a variety of graduate assistantships for eligible graduate students.

Learn more about Fayetteville State University’s Online MBA.

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

$347 per credit hour

To complete an MBA program from Fitchburg State University, prospective graduates must complete 30 credit hours or ten courses of study, including 18 hours of advanced core requirements, nine credit hours of management specialization courses, and three-hour elective coursework.

This affordable MBA program is offered and taught by the same on-campus instructors; several of them are already working in the business-related sectors. The program emphasizes participation through virtual discussions and collaborative learning groups.

Organizational Behavior and Development, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, Accounting Practices, and Strategic Management

Some of the major components covered in this program are:

Types of Aid: Need-based and Merit-Based Scholarship Programs, Parent PLUS Loans, Graduate Student Loans, Alternative Student Loans, and Graduate Assistantship Programs

Admission Requirements:


Fitchburg State provides graduate students with numerous opportunities to finance their graduate education. After accomplishing their FAFSA requirement, they opened numerous opportunities for reducing the cost of their graduate program expenses.

Master’s of Business Administration students can choose from Fitchburg’s graduate assistantship programs that provide them with the opportunity to be paid $10,500 per academic year.

Want information on Fitchburg State University’s Online MBA Program? Visit this page.

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Hays, Kansas

Tuition Fee: $350 per credit hour

Designed for busy professionals, Fort Hays State University offers an online MBA program that requires 34 credit hours for graduation. It is integrated with a core MBA set of courses and a specialization. Students who are non-business degree holders may be required to take an additional 12 hours of pre-requisite courses.

They may choose from one out of 13 specializations, including:

Throughout this affordable graduate program, prospective graduates strengthen their skills and knowledge to attain organizational goals in a global business setting.

Graduates of this inexpensive online MBA program have landed fulfilling careers in well-known and reputable organizations such as the Department of Agriculture, the Kansas Department of Commerce, IBM, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Types of Aid: Grants, Loans, Military Education Benefits, Scholarship Programs, Federal Work-Study Program, Departmental Job Program, and Kansas Career Work-Study Program

Admission Requirements:


FHSU also helps graduate students reduce the cost of their online MBA program by providing numerous scholarship programs designed for MBA students. The university also has a diverse range of work-study programs for students who are interested in working while completing their MBA degree.

To qualify for financial aid, FHSU requires the accomplishment of FAFSA as the first step to access financial aid programs at the university.

Access the latest information on Fort Hays State University’s Online Master’s of Business Administration here.

Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University

Frostburg, Maryland

Tuition Fee: $456 Per Credit Hour (In-State) | $588 Per Credit Hour (Out-Of-State)

The MBA Program offered by Frostburg State University is developed in a seven-week course format that provides students with the flexibility to juggle professional, personal, and academic obligations. MBA students pursuing the 36- to 42-credit hour program complete eight core business courses.

Also, they are required to choose among three specializations that consist of four additional courses emphasizing the development of skills and expertise.

Some of these specializations include:

Prospective graduates may quickly complete their affordable Master’s of Business Administration program in as little as 12 months on a full-time basis.

Types of Aid: Federal Loans, Internal, and External Scholarship Programs, Graduate Assistantships, Military Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, Graduate International Fellowships, Federal Work-Study Programs, and State Work-Study Programs

Admission Requirements:


Frostburg State University’s wide range of financial aid opportunities attracts graduate students to complete their MBA programs at a reduced cost. They can apply for fellowship and assistant programs, which provide them with a specific amount that is good enough to supplement the cost of their graduate education.

It is one of the universities around Maryland that offers numerous scholarship opportunities for graduate students.

Find out more about Frostburg State University’s Online MBA Program.

Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville, Alabama

Tuition Fee: $410 Per Credit Hour (In-State) | $820 Per Credit Hour (Out-Of-State)

Jacksonville State University offers a Master’s of Business Administration program consisting of 30 credit hours for the general MBA program and 33 credit hours of courses for the accounting specialization.

All MBA students are required to complete 24 credit hours of core courses in:

The requirement, however, may be waived if the candidate has completed an undergraduate program in business administration.

Jacksonville’s affordable MBA program covers significant topics such as:

They also complete six credit hours of elective courses.

The university offers research opportunities to MBA students under the supervision of a faculty member. Internship programs help prospective graduates earn on-the-job work experience, and real-world case studies are offered through the university’s Small Business Development Center.

Types of Aid: Scholarship Programs, Grants, Loans, State Aid, Alternative/Private Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, University Aid, Federal Work-Study Programs, and Veterans and Military Education Benefits

Admission Requirements:


Jacksonville State University holds to its commitment to providing affordable and top-quality graduation education. As a result, the university has numerous scholarship programs suitable for graduate students.

MBA students with special status such as military and veterans have the opportunity to reduce their educational expenses by completing an MBA degree.

Here’s all you need to know about Jacksonville State University’s Online MBA Program.

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, Georgia

Tuition Fee: $964 per credit hour (In State) | $1,734 per credit hour (Out-Of-State)

Kennesaw State University offers an online Master’s of Business Administration through its Coles College of Business. Through this program, MBA students are prepared for lucrative professions in business-related industries and sectors.

Known as WebMBA, this graduate program has a cohort structure that advocates effective student collaborations, peer-to-peer learning, and long-lasting relationships.

Prospective graduates complete courses in a lock-step format for five succeeding semesters, and they can complete the MBA degree in as little as 20 months. Courses integrated into the WebMBA program have similar outcomes and learning objectives with on-campus classes, discussing similar concepts, and utilizing the same textbooks and course materials.

Some of the courses covered in this program are:

Types of Aid: Graduate Research Assistantship Programs, Scholarships, Stafford Unsubsidized Loans, and Grad PLUS Loans

Admission Requirements:


To provide quality and affordable graduate programs to students, Kennesaw State University provides simple and straightforward comprehensive information for diverse financial aid programs. MBA students can find suitable graduate research assistantships to help them supplement the cost of their graduate studies.

Check out Kennesaw State University’s MBA Program.

Longwood University

Longwood University

Farmville, Virginia

Tuition Fee: $426 per credit hour

The College of Business and Economics of Longwood University offers an online Master of Business program. The accessible and flexible learning format enables short-term and on-campus residency programs during the summer months developed to fit MBA students’ personal and professional lifestyles.

They are required to fulfill 36 credit hours for program completion. It already includes 24 credit hours in the core program in major business-related topics such as accounting, economics, finance, information technology, management, statistics, and marketing.

The university has two tracks for its Master’s of Business Administration program, namely the:

Students complete an additional 12 credit hours for these tracks. The courses are developed and taught by full-time and tenured doctorate professors.

Types of Aid: Grants, Performance-Based and Need-Based Scholarship Programs, Loans, Federal Work-Study, College Work-Study, and Community Service Program

Admission Requirements:


Longwood University provides unique employment programs as part of its wide range of financial aid assistance for graduate students. The university also helps graduate students reduce the cost of their MBA program through different need-based and performance-based scholarships.

Learn more about Longwood University’s Online MBA Program.

Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest Nazarene University

Nampa, Idaho

Tuition Fee: $695 Per Credit

Northwest Nazarene University’s MBA is an inexpensive program delivered 100% online. A General track in Business Administration is designed for busy adults looking for a flexible and intensive way of completing a graduate program. Prospective graduates can complete two eight-week sessions simultaneously and earn their MBA degree in as little as 16 months.

They are expected to spend 12 to 16 hours weekly per course. They can choose a concentration in healthcare that requires an additional nine credit hours or a concentration in accounting that requires an additional 12 credit hours and can be earned within 1.5 years.

Students who enroll in the accounting concentration are prepared to take on the CPA licensure examinations. A face-to-face review format may be provided aside from the inexpensive program.

Types of Aid: Academic Scholarships, Need-Based Grants, Yellow Ribbon Program, and Other Internal and External Scholarship Programs

Admission Requirements:


NNU upholds its Christian values and learning in its program offerings. One way to advocate for this initiative is to provide opportunities for graduate programs to reduce the cost of their graduate degree studies. They can choose from NNU’s financial aid programs as a way to supplement their chances of reducing their tuition expense.

Get the details on Northwest Nazarene University’s Master’s of Business Administration online program here.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Tuition Fee: $481 per credit hour (In-State) | $611 per credit hour (Out-Of-State)

The Spears School of Business of Oklahoma State University has a 33-credit hour online MBA program that can be earned in as fast as 12 months. The difference between the traditional and the online MBA program delivered by OSU is that the online equivalent doesn’t have a three-hour professional development and case competition.

Prospective graduates complete core business courses in:

Under this graduate program, there are eight concentrations to choose from:

  1. Non-Profit Management
  2. Marketing Analytics
  3. Information Assurance
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Energy Business
  7. Data Science
  8. Business Sustainability

Types of Aid: Graduate Scholarship Programs, Student Employment or Work-Study Programs, Loans, and Federal and State Grants

Admission Requirements:


Aside from top-quality graduate programs, OSU has been recognized by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the most affordable and reputable universities in the country. The university provides numerous graduate scholarship programs as one of the opportunities for MBA students to finance their graduate school expenses.

After the accomplishment of the FAFSA requirement, they opened numerous financial aid programs offered by OSU.

More information about Oklahoma State University’s Online MBA Program is here.

Park University

Park University

Parkville, Missouri

Tuition Fee: $615 Per Credit

Park University has an affordable Master’s of Business Administration program that is ultimately delivered online. The university delivers the program in an accelerated, eight-week format that enables students to complete their MBA degree in as little as 15 months.

They may pursue a general MBA program or choose a program integrated with elective courses to customize their MBA degree according to their professional needs and interest

Students can select a formal area of specialization such as:

Types of Aid: Institutional Scholarships, Endowed Scholarship Programs, External Scholarships, Veterans Benefits, and Loan Programs

Admission Requirements:


Park University is one of the most inexpensive universities in Missouri that offers a wide range of financial aid programs. The university provides numerous scholarship opportunities in different areas of coverage. Park University also offers a discounted rate for military and veterans as well as other military benefits.

Learn more about Park University’s Online MBA program here.

Shippensburg University

Shippensburg University

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Tuition Fee: $516 Per Credit (In-State) | $626 (Out-Of-State)

Shippensburg University’s online Master’s of Business Administration program is an affordable 30-credit hour program that consists of two elective courses and eight core business courses.

Designed for working professionals who prefer flexibility, this affordable MBA program is delivered entirely online using an integration of asynchronous and synchronous lectures, discussions, and exercises.

Courses are delivered in accelerated eight-week sessions with non-mandatory opportunities to collaborate with other students and instructors through live video conferencing.

Some examinations may be supervised, which might require prospective graduates to be flexible in scheduling for on-campus testing at specific locations. They can complete two courses per semester and finish the MBA program within 24 months.

Types of Aid: Scholarships, Federal and State Grants, Alternative and Federal Loans, Work-Study Programs, and Veterans’ Benefits

Admission Requirements:


Shippensburg University offers one of the most inexpensive MBA programs in the country. It is best known for its tuition reduction programs delivered through financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, and grants.

Shippensburg also recognizes the service and dedication of the military and veterans by providing them with opportunities to reduce the cost of their graduate programs through discounted tuition rates.

Does the Shippensburg University’s Online MBA Program sound interesting to you? Learn more here.

State University of New York at Oswego

The State University of New York at Oswego

Oswego, New York

Tuition Fee: $625 per credit

The State University of New York at Oswego offers an affordable MBA program, providing prospective graduates with the expertise, skills, and confidence to lead and manage in today’s diverse and competitive business environments.

The team of world-class faculty teaches and discusses problem-solving scenarios through classes that are consistently transforming with the most up-to-date AACSB-accredited guidelines.

Students will complete 36 credit hours of electives, core courses, and directed elective study that comprises a 21-credit hour foundation of accepted management skills, concepts, and principles.

The set of coursework covers essential areas of business-related studies, including:

A three-credit capstone requirement in Management Policy is required for program completion.

Types of Aid: Federal Work-Study Programs, Non-Work Study Programs, Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships, Loans, CARES Act, and Grants

Admission Requirements:


SUNY at Oswego provides both undergraduates and graduates with opportunities to lessen the cost of their educational expenses. For graduate students, the university has a wide range of graduate assistantships as well as graduate scholarships to help them ease their financial burdens related to completing their MBA program.

Learn more about State University of New York at Oswego’s Online MBA Program.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas

Tuition Fee: $1,306 per credit hour

The online MBA program is one of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s affordable graduate programs that can be earned within one year of full-time dedication. MBA students can choose the general MBA track, or they can pursue a concentration in:

If they already have a baccalaureate degree in business administration, they are required to take ten courses only. In comparison, an extra four courses are needed for non-business undergraduate degree holders.

Some of the areas covered in this affordable Master’s of Business Administration program include:

Elective courses include a seminar in either leadership or social media marketing, or a course in entrepreneurship.

Types of Aid: Veterans Benefits, Scholarship Programs, and Loans

Admission Requirements:


TAMUCC not only offers one of the best MBA programs in the U.S. but also provides graduate students with numerous opportunities to ease the cost of their educational expenses.

To support its graduate students, TAMUCC has several scholarship programs as well as a Distance Fee Waiver Eligibility to help them lessen their academic expenses by cutting off fees that aren’t essential for distance learners.

Get the latest information on Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Online MBA Program.

University of Mary

University of Mary

Bismarck, North Dakota

Tuition Fee: $598 Per Credit

Prospective graduates pursuing the University of Mary’s online Master’s of Business Administration program can earn their degree within 20 months. The inexpensive program offers students with the expertise and skills they need for management and leadership roles in diverse business professions.

MBA students can select from seven specializations to customize their MBA program according to their respective career goals and aspirations. These specializations include:

Human Resources, Project Management, Ethics, Marketing, Statistics and Research, Finance, and Economic Analysis are some of the required business courses included in this affordable MBA program. A graduate business capstone is a culminating requirement for earning an MBA degree at UMary.

Types of Aid: Military and Veteran Benefits, Scholarships for Employees of UMary’s Business Partners, Scholarships for Catholic Educators, Scholarships for FOCUS Alumni, Next Step Scholarships, and Yellow Ribbon Program

Admission Requirements:


UMary’s different scholarship programs allow graduates to shrink their tuition fees and other educational costs. As a mission-based and military-friendly university, UMary has several opportunities for military and veterans as well as their military families to maximize the use of tuition assistance and educational benefits through the university’s dedicated military services team.

Here’s all you need to know about the University of Mary’s Online MBA Program.

University of North Alabama

University of North Alabama

Florence, Alabama

Tuition Fee: $525 Per Credit + $50 Distance Learning Fee/Hour

University of North Alabama’s online Master’s of Business Administration program is one of the most reputable MBA degrees offered around Alabama! The team of instructors shares real-world expertise and experience in their classes that serve as the foundation for this affordable MBA program.

MBA students can benefit from professors’ knowledge sharing and discussion as well as research by solving business-related issues using case studies and developing business skills, knowledge, and practical strategies.

They may choose to pursue the standard online 34-credit hour MBA program and choose a concentration in:

Students who already have five years of business experience can pursue an Executive MBA if they desire to improve their leadership and management skills and expertise.

Types of Aid: Federal Direct Student Loans, Subsidized Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Scholarships, Work-Study Programs, Student Employment Programs, Grants, PLUS Loans, and Alternative/Private Loans

Admission Requirements:


UNA’s graduate students can take advantage of its diverse opportunities to finance their graduate studies. It is one of the universities around Alabama that doesn’t only provide affordable tuition rates but also more chances of reducing tuition expenses once its students have already accomplished the FAFSA requirement.

Learn more about the University of North Alabama’s Master’s of Business Administration Online Program.

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Bismarck, North Dakota

Tuition Fee: $511 Per Credit

University of North Dakota’s affordable AACSB-accredited MBA program is considered one of the top-quality MBA programs in the United States. It is a 43-credit hour online MBA program that can be completed in two years after finishing the required core courses categorized into four modules:

Students also complete nine credits in a particular MBA concentration they wish to pursue, namely, General, Government and Business, International Business, Social Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics.

Some of UND’s MBA program discipline areas include:

The university also has a JD/MBA dual or joint degree program for interested students.

Types of Aid: Scholarships, Waivers, Graduate Assistantship Programs, Grants, Loans, Military and Veterans Benefits, and Fellowship Programs

Admission Requirements:


Aside from a reputable MBA program, UND offers graduate students to help reduce graduation tuition fees and other expenses through different types of financial aid. The university also has waiver eligibility for some fees for qualified students.

Want to know more about the University of North Dakota’s Online MBA Program? Check it out here.

University of North Texas

University of North Texas

Denton, Texas

Tuition Fee: $415 per credit hour

The University of North Texas has an inexpensive accelerated MBA program that is delivered entirely online. Students can complete their MBA degree in as quickly as 14 months.

They can choose one from seven specializations, namely:

UNT’s AACSB-accredited Master’s of Business Administration program is available 100% online. Prospective graduates can choose from start dates in January, March, June, August, and October for the eight-week course format.

They can also choose the pace that is suitable for them by enrolling in one or two courses at a time and scheduling their studies around their professional and personal obligations.

Types of Aid: Short-Term Loans, the UNT Installment Plan, Emergency Loans, Scholarships, Work-Study Programs, and Grants

Admission Requirements:


UNT provides students with numerous options to lessen the expenses related to their graduate program. The university also automatically qualifies students in its UNT Installment Plan provided that they demonstrate good standing.

Also, they can opt for different kinds of loans if needed, such as emergency loan programs. UNT is known to have one of the most inexpensive universities in Texas.

Is the University of North Texas’ Online MBA Program for you? Learn about it here.

University of South Florida

University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida

Tuition Fee: $750 Per Credit Hour

University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business has an online MBA program delivered entirely online. The affordable program has 32 credit hours of study, which full-time MBA students can complete quickly in just four semesters if they are a bachelor’s degree holder in business administration and are exempted from completing foundation courses.

Students who will take the program on a part-time basis may complete their MBA degree within 36 months. At the start of students’ first semester, they will attend a required two-day on-campus orientation that enables them to network with their colleagues, meet the university’s world-class faculty, and collaborate and learn from industry leaders.

University of South Florida’s affordable MBA program has four concentrations:

Social, Ethical, and Legal Systems, Data Analytics, Leadership and Management, and Financial Analysis are some of the required courses covered under this MBA program. Students can replace three of the five core MBA electives with one practicum program. A capstone requirement is needed for program completion.

Types of Aid: Grants, Scholarships, Loans, and Work-Study Programs

Admission Requirements:


Hailed as a top college for veterans, USF covers a vast amount of the tuition and related fees for the MBA program of active duty military and veteran personnel as well as their dependents. To also help support its students’ academic aspirations and goals during unprecedented times, USF is offering qualified students the We Got U-SF Scholarship and Waiver.

Students may choose some of the financial aid opportunities offered by USF to reduce their academic expenses.

Want more information on University of South Florida’s Online MBA Program? Learn more here.

The University of Tennessee Martin

The University of Tennessee Martin

Martin, Tennessee

Tuition Fee: $631 per credit hour (In-State) | $688 per credit hour (Out-Of-State)

The University of Tennessee Martin has an online MBA that requires applicants to have a minimum of one year of professional experience after completing a baccalaureate degree unless they meet UTM’s set standards. It is a cohort-based program with 20 MBA students enrolled per cohort.

The majority of students will complete UMT’s AACSB-accredited program in 1 to 1.5 years. Each class has a duration of 6- to 8-week learning format. All courses are taught entirely online, and there is no mandatory residency or on-campus attendance requirement for program completion.

Prospective graduates utilize discussion boards, email, virtual classrooms, and virtual group meeting rooms to collaborate with faculty and colleagues. Classes are delivered sequentially and include areas of discipline, namely:

Types of Aid: Graduate Assistantships, Gift Aid, Self-Help Aid, Scholarships, Grants, Loans, and Federal Work-Study Programs

Admission Requirements:


The University of Tennessee Martin isn’t only considered one of the best universities that provide reputable MBA programs but also one of the cheapest of its kind. Students who are looking for ways to reduce their educational expenses may take advantage of UTM’s vast array of financial aid programs. The university also has scholarship programs intended for graduate students.

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West Chester University

West Chester University

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Tuition Fee: $1,548 Per 3-Credit Course (In-State) | $1,578 Per 3-Credit Course (Out-Of-State)

West Chester University’s Master of Business Administration is considered one of the best MBA programs around the country due to its enrollment selectivity, excellence among peer groups, career support platforms, and academic services.

MBA students who complete one course at a time on a part-time dedication can earn their MBA degree within 24 months. On the contrary, full-time MBA students can complete the program within one year only.

Throughout the program, they are immersed in core business concepts significant to a global business setting. A set of coursework is delivered asynchronously, and prospective graduates must complete ten classes for program completion.

some of the core topics that will be discussed in this MBA program are:

Types of Aid: Graduate Assistantships, Internal and External Scholarships, Military-Specific Grants and Scholarships, Military and Veterans Benefits, Federal and State Grants, Federal Work-Study Programs, Graduate PLUS Loans, Alternative/Private Loans, and Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans

Admission Requirements:


WCU helps graduate students pursue graduate degrees at reduced tuition rates through different financial aid opportunities. The university has different kinds of loans that are suitable for both undergraduates and graduates. Once graduate students have accomplished the FAFSA requirement, they open themselves to qualify for financial aid programs at WCU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an MBA truly make a difference career-wise?

An MBA increases your potential to find and pursue lucrative and rewarding careers. Despite a baccalaureate degree already meeting the standard entry-level requirements for numerous positions, many employers and companies prefer applicants with MBA degrees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a 17% expansion rate in professions needing a master’s program between 2016 and 2026.

Master's of Business Administration

Prospective graduates enrolled in one of the best online MBA programs will join an ever-growing labor market for business professions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% growth for Computer and Information Systems Management and a 6% expansion rate for marketing management positions between 2022 to 2032.

An MBA program also helps prepare students for advanced studies. It acts as a stepping stone to a doctorate program that primarily focuses on case studies and research.

MBA graduates should also consider enrolling in doctorate studies if they want to pursue professions as executive officers, analysts, researchers, or post-secondary instructors. Candidates earning doctorate degrees also benefit from lucrative salaries than their colleagues.

Why should I earn a Master’s in Business degree online?

Significant advancements in education technology have allowed colleges and universities across the U.S. to provide students with affordable MBA programs and deliver them online.

Many MBA programs feature interactive learning experiences and are in no way inferior to location-based conventional education. Online MBA courses are also taught by professors who, in most cases, also teach the same in brick-and-mortar colleges and universities.

An online MBA allows students to fulfill their career obligations and academic requirements in parallel. These programs enable professionals to advance their careers and technical expertise and earn their MBAs from prestigious schools without having to attend physical classes.

Today, numerous schools offer MBA programs either 100% online or in a hybrid format. Depending on the credits that you acquire, you can choose to accelerate or extend your MBA track. You can speak with your administrators and consider a plan to pursue your online MBA at a pace that suits your lifestyle or schedule.

Do I get access to networking opportunities in an online MBA program?

Besides the obvious absence or reduction of physical interaction with fellow students, there is virtually no difference in the way online MBA students enjoy the prestige that comes with MBA networking opportunities. They earn the same MBA degree and build the same connections with their colleagues in the program.

Master's of Business Administration

Because the online MBA selection process is competitive and the candidates’ pool is widely diverse, students are advised to encourage collaborations with colleagues. Make conversations with alumni, seek out mentors, and engage in management to help facilitate ideal career progression.

In the MBA community—both online and on-campus—building a professional network is considered one of the most common student goals. Your classmates and alumni contacts are invaluable resources and keep you connected as you move forward with your career objectives.

How difficult is a Master’s in Business Administration degree program?

The difficulty of a Master’s in Business Administration can vary by institution, but typically MBA programs incorporate challenging coursework, such as accounting, finance, economics, and marketing. Some programs also require research projects or other forms of independent study, as well as an internship or other professional experience. In short, an MBA requires a great deal of hard work and dedication.

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