The 10 Best Online Master’s of Chemistry Graduate Schools in 2023

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Do you have a passion for experimenting with a diverse range of substances in the laboratory? Are you wondering what comprises the products you’re consuming, utilizing, and applying? If yes, then the field of Chemistry is the perfect option for you.

Although an undergraduate program in Chemistry can be a good stepping stone, students can strengthen their credentials and transform their natural curiosity into a fulfilling profession with an online Master of Chemistry degree.

The topic of “Chemistry” sounds rather daunting and complex, but for graduate students interested in the dynamics of chemistry, it’s a very cool and diverse degree to have. Through an online Master’s of Chemistry graduate degree program, you can sharpen your existing knowledge and learn new ways to perfect your skills.

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Pursuing an online Master of Chemistry will train graduate students to investigate the matter and the changes it will undertake. Properties, structure, and composition are some of the topics that chemists will have to study. The study of Chemistry isn’t only meant for researchers and scientists.

An online Master’s of Chemistry degree will help graduates find career opportunities in military systems, engineering, technical writing, and law. In the Chemistry industry itself, there are different types of sub-disciplines. In an online Master of Chemistry program, students can learn Physical Chemistry, Neurochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.


The Online Chemistry Option

Due to the online Master’s of Chemistry program’s hands-on nature, very few schools offer a 100% online program. As a result, graduate students often have to complete laboratory requirements and other laboratory coursework that must be done on-campus or in authorized facilities by a college or university.

If you prefer a 100% online Master of Chemistry program, you’ve stumbled to the right place. As a start, here is a list of the Ten Best Online Masters of Chemistry programs in the pursuit of an online Master’s in Chemistry degree. We also include all the essential information to help you find the appropriate graduate program for you. So whether you’re an aspiring teacher, chemist, or paralegal expert, there is one for you on this list!



A handful of top-rated universities across the United States offer the Master of Chemistry program online! Our compilation of the country’s 10 Best Online Masters of Chemistry Grad Schools was created with these grad program characteristics in mind:

  • Fully online or hybrid instruction to make learning convenient for adult students,
  • Rigorous web-based coursework that matches those of brick-and-mortar programs,
  • Top-of-the-line online learning platform for holding real-time classes remotely in the most efficient manner,
  • Chemistry professionals and influential field experts as online instructors,
  • Financial assistance to qualified graduate students,
  • Accreditation from academic agencies and/or membership in relevant professional Chemistry associations.

To learn more, see our Methodology page.


10 Best Online Master’s of Chemistry Grad Schools

Ohio University

: 1 Ohio University, Athens OH 45701
: 740 593 1000


Online Master of Science in Chemistry

Ohio University is a high-activity research institution of higher learning. It is a nationally recognized university that has consistently produced Nobel Prize-winning alum, award-winning authors, and a student community with recognitions from a diverse range of organizations and programs. Ohio University receives accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. 

  • Ohio University’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry is a program designed for science teachers and professionals.
  • Students can earn the 30 required credits in three semesters.
  • To enroll, students must have an undergraduate degree in science, three letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, transcripts, a resume, and a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • No GRE is required for enrollment.
  • Although a thesis isn’t required, students must write a research literature review article with a topic assigned by a faculty mentor.

Standout Features of Ohio University’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Programs:

Ohio University partners with Leipzig University in Germany to offer a double major program in Chemistry. Students can earn two degrees simultaneously within 16 to 18 months, such as an International Master of Science in Chemistry & Biotechnology from Leipzig University and a Master of Science from Ohio University.

Students will start in the summer/fall term in Ohio, and then they travel to Germany during spring. For students’ thesis work, they can either complete it in Leipzig or Ohio.

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Ohio University’s College of Arts & Sciences is central to the university’s transformative learning experience. The college is responsible for providing foundational instruction for the whole university through the liberal arts and general education curriculum.

University of North Carolina Wilmington

: 601 S. College Road, Wilmington NC 28403
: 910 962 3000


Online Master of Science in Chemistry

A member of the University of North Carolina System, UNCW is home to numerous doctorate programs, with Nursing Practice, Psychology, Marine Biology, and Educational Leadership being the most popular.

  • The online Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry program offered at the University of North Carolina Wilmington requires 36 credit hours for completion.
  • 21 out of 36 credit hours will only be for the core chemistry courses, including a comprehensive literature review.
  • Students can select a 9-credit hour second concentration, namely Education or Business. 
  • A 3-credit hour Clinical Research option consisting of three 3-credit hour courses is mandatory for degree completion.
  • To enroll, students must submit GRE scores and three professional references.

Standout Features of the UNCW Online Master of Science in Chemistry Programs:

Completing an online Master of Science in Chemistry program at UNCW is one of the most flexible options in North Carolina. Students aren’t required to participate at a fixed time for completing their courses. In addition, the program entails 100% coursework completion only; hence, students aren’t required to visit on-campus for laboratory requirements.

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The University of North Carolina Wilmington The Fiske Guide To Colleges recognizes The University of North Carolina Wilmington as the #1 university in the UNC System. The university also ranks 5th among peer institutions in the number of learners studying overseas.

University of Saint Joseph

: 1678 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06117
: 860 231 5219


Online Master of Science in Chemistry

In 1932, the Sisters of Mercy founded the University of Saint Joseph. This independent, non-profit organization is the premier private institution of higher learning in Connecticut, producing future world-class professionals in sciences, digital media, education, social services, and healthcare. It is accredited regionally by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

  • Enrollment in the University of Saint Joseph’s online Master of Science in Chemistry program requires a set of prerequisites for all graduate-level courses, such as two semesters of Calculus, two semesters of Physics including laboratory requirements, and two semesters of Organic Chemistry.
  • The graduate program is designed specifically for working professionals.
  • Students will have the option to pursue a thesis or non-thesis program. 
  • Students require a total of 30 credit hours to earn their Master of Science in Chemistry degree.
  • The non-thesis program requires students to pass a written comprehensive exam after accomplishing 24 credits in the curriculum, including all required core courses.

Standout Features of the University of Saint Joseph’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Programs:

The University of Saint Joseph’s online Master of Science in Chemistry program caters to working professionals. The anticipated course load per semester is one to two courses.

Students interested in completing more than two courses per semester must contact the Department of Chemistry Chair to discuss workload exemptions and considerations.

USJ’s online Chemistry program will offer students the educational foundation required to advance their studies or career advancement further.

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The University of Saint Joseph is the #1 university in Connecticut for Best Social Mobility, according to the US News & World Report. It is also the #2 and #3 university in Connecticut for Best Value and National University from the same publication.

Grand Canyon University

: 3300 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017
: 855 428 5673


Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education

Chartered in 1949, Grand Canyon University began with 100 students and 16 faculty. It was founded as a Baptist-affiliated institution with a primary focus on religious studies. Despite the financial challenges, GCU has managed to self-sustain its projects and investments with minimal tuition increases for its non-traditional learners while having a tuition freeze for traditional learners for a decade already.

  • Grand Canyon University’s online Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry Education program requires 34 credit hours for graduation.
  • Each course has an 8-week duration except for the Introduction To Graduate Studies in CSET.
  • The 34-credit graduate Chemistry program is offered through GCU’s College of Science, Engineering & Technology.
  • Students may transfer up to 12 credits or 1/3 of the overall program required upon enrollment.
  • The Higher Learning Commission has fully accredited GCU since 1968.

Standout Features of Grand Canyon’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education Program:

GCU’s online Master of Science in Chemistry Education program helps candidates with a background in chemistry fill job vacancies at post-secondary institutions. They will be prepared to educate and train undergraduate chemistry courses while demonstrating scientific proficiencies in advanced chemistry concepts, therapeutics, and mechanisms of diseases.

In addition, students receive the same type of comprehensive support from faculty and other services as they would on campus.

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In the early 2000s, Grand Canyon University struggled with keeping its operations due to challenging financial concerns, almost on the verge of bankruptcy. However, a small group of investors acquired GCU and primarily focused on distance learning for working adults.

Today, GCU is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Arizona and continues to evolve as a premier distance learning school for working adults and traditional students.

Western Governors University

: 4001 S 700 East, #700, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
: 866 225 5948


Online Master of Arts in Science Education – Secondary Chemistry

Western Governors University meets the Western Governors’ Association’s goal of a college-educated community and workforce. As a not-for-profit online university established by governors, the university has revolutionized the way students gain skill advancement for top-level competency in chemistry. 

  • WGU’s online Master of Arts in Science Education in Secondary Chemistry program consists of 14 courses.
  • The graduate program is developed for certified teachers who already have a baccalaureate degree and want to pursue a secondary chemistry credential to their existing licenses.
  • Aspiring teachers without certification or licensure are not qualified to enroll in the program.
  • Students will be provided with a self-contained laboratory kit, including chemicals, specimens, and science equipment, to accomplish laboratory experiments at home.
  • As a final requirement, students will write an original, comprehensive research paper.

Standout Features of Western Governors University’s Online Master of Arts in Science Education – Secondary Chemistry Program:

WGU’s online Master of Arts in Science Education is offered through the Teachers College, formerly recognized as the best value program in teacher education in the US by the National Council on Teacher Quality. The program will ensure students’ proficiencies in biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

With WGU’s Competency-Based Education, students can save money and time by focusing their efforts where they matter the most. Students can quickly progress through the material they already know and proceed to the next as soon as they’re ready. 79% of graduates at WGU can finish the online program within 24 months.

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Western Governors University is the only institution in the US that pioneered competency-based studies, making them a frontrunner for a unique learning format.

With competency-based education, students’ skills and knowledge will be the basis for progress rather than class time. They will progress through a set of coursework once they can prove their mastery over course materials.

Illinois State University

: Normal, IL 61790
: 309 438 2181


Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education | Online Master of Chemistry Education

Illinois State University is home to more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students across different program offerings. A student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1at Illinois State receives a holistic learning experience with comprehensive online learning support and faculty mentoring. In addition, approximately 79.3% of the university receives financial support for their educational journey.

  • Illinois State University’s online Master of Science in Chemistry Education can be accomplished 100% online or as a hybrid program, depending on the students’ preference.
  • The online Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry Education program is suitable for students with a baccalaureate degree in Chemistry, while the online Master of Chemistry Education program is for students without an undergraduate degree in Chemistry.
  • All programs require 33 credit hours for the completion of the degree.
  • The online MSCE and online MCE programs require coursework in two main components: Chemistry Content and Chemistry Education & Science Education. In addition, a 2-semester capstone project will serve as a culminating experience for both degrees.
  • Both graduate programs in Chemistry don’t lead to teacher licensure or certification.

Standout Features of Illinois State University’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry Education Program:

Illinois State University’s online graduate program is one of Chicago’s first online Master of Chemistry programs for non-Chemistry and Chemistry baccalaureate students. Illinois State’s Department of Chemistry is also one of the largest chemistry professors/teachers in Illinois.

The university also offers a Master of Science in Chemistry program that allows students to specialize in a specific area of sub-disciplines, including chemical education, biochemistry, analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Overall, Illinois State has three graduate programs in Chemistry available to all types of students.

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Illinois State University consists of a student community that graduates on time. The university’s retention rate remains among the highest in the US at 84.2%, and its high graduation rate at 68.1% is above-average compared to the national average. It is also recognized as a Voter Friendly Campus and a School of National Service by the Elective Classification for Community Engagement.

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Indiana University-Bloomington

: 107 S. Indiana Avenue, Bloomington IN 47405-7000
: 812 855 4848


Online Master of Arts for Teachers in Chemistry

In 1820, Indiana University was one of the first public institutions of higher learning west of the Allegheny Mountains. It started its first class with ten men in 1825. Today, IU is one of the best public universities worldwide. In addition, the university became one of the pioneering state universities to enroll women in 1867.

  • Indiana University-Bloomington’s 30-credit hour online Master of Arts for Teachers in Chemistry program consists of three major components: capstone, electives, and Education components.
  • The graduate program includes seven areas of emphasis: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organic Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Nuclear Chemistry.
  • IU’s online MAT program has a stackable structure ideal for students who want to teach dual-credit courses and meet HLC dual-credit qualification guidelines.
  • To apply, students must complete two courses from the Graduate Certificate in Chemistry program.
  • A baccalaureate degree is mandatory for matriculation.

Standout Features of Indiana University-Bloomington’s Online MA for Teachers in Chemistry Program:

The online Master of Arts (MA) for Teachers in Chemistry program at Indiana University-Bloomington integrates coursework in chemistry and education to prepare students to become dual-credit instructors at the community college or high school levels.

The 100% online, consortial program is taught by IU Southeast, IU South Bend, IU Northwest, IU Kokomo, IU East, and IU Bloomington. Through this method, students can complete courses from different campuses and learn from various faculty.

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Indiana University is ranked among the Best Online Programs by the US News and World Report. As part of the IU System, IU Online has over 180 online graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificate programs.

In addition, the university’s alumni and faculty are responsible for uncovering DNA structure, pioneering cord blood stem cell transplants, and becoming Africa’s first appointed woman head of state.

South Dakota State University

: 1451 Stadium Rd, Brookings, SD 57007
: 605 688 4154


Online Master’s in Chemistry-Chemical Education Program

South Dakota State University started as a college founded in 1881, originating from the national and local legislation dating back to the 1860s. With an excellent faculty teaching across 97 minors and 80 majors, SD State provides a rich educational experience in an environment of diversity and inclusion. It is a premier land-grant university recognized for innovation and affordability of education.

  • South Dakota State University’s online Master’s in Chemistry-Chemical Education program is designed for in-service science educators with a valid teacher’s license.
  • The graduate program requires 32 credit hours for the completion of the student’s graduate studies.
  • Although the courses are completed 100% online, students will have to participate in an on-campus summer program that offers them the opportunity to work with the university’s biochemistry and chemistry teachers.
  • SDSU will accept applications for its online Master’s in Chemistry program in the fall semester only.
  • To apply, students must submit a 1- or 2-page personal statement. No GRE is required for matriculation.

Standout Features of South Dakota State University’s Online Master’s In Chemistry-Chemical Education Program:

Completing an online Master’s in Chemistry-Chemical Education program at South Dakota State University will provide students with comprehensive training and knowledge of the Advanced Placement curriculum in Chemistry.

The program also offers an opportunity to participate in various laboratory development exercises with proactive faculty from SDSU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is headquartered in the Avera Health and Science Center, providing 100,000 sq. ft. of instructional and research support.

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South Dakota State University is SD’s biggest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning. In 2016, it was also recognized by Safewise as the safest college town in the US Students from communities in Iowa, North Dakota, and Nebraska can find SD State within an easy day’s trip.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

: 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609-2280
: 508 831 5000


Online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Established in 1865, Worcester Polytechnic Institute develops and delivers the latest in state-of-the-art engineering and scientific knowledge in the most convenient way for its student and faculty communities. It was among the first universities in the country to integrate project-based learning into the undergraduate curriculum.

Today, WPI is helping other schools to implement an experiential study on their locations through the Center for Project-Based Learning.

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry program is a unique, non-thesis program that offers students the option to create an individualized study plan.
  • To enroll, students must have a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry or chemistry. For BA graduates, they will only be considered given they have the appropriate science and mathematics coursework.
  • Other application requirements include a resume, a statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation, and official college transcripts.
  • The graduate program of WPI is offered through the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.
  • A total of 30 graduate-level credits will be required for the completion of the program.

Standout Features of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry Program:

Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s online Master of Science in Chemistry-Medicinal Plant Chemistry program is one of the rare graduate programs in the US where students can complete a degree specializing in plant-based chemistry.

In addition, the curriculum’s integration of business and science and non-mandatory on-campus laboratory courses will provide graduates with a diverse range of entrepreneurial and management roles in the private sectors, such as cosmetics, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute was recognized by The Princeton Review as 5th in the US for Best Career Services. In addition, according to The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education, WPI lands in the #1 spot for its faculty that best combines teaching and research.

University of Florida

: Gainesville, FL 32611
: 352 273 8691


Online Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry

The University of Florida was founded more than 160 years ago. Today, UFL continues to progress in the world of distance learning. It has pursued greater heights of innovation and research for the betterment of Florida and worldwide.

  • The University of Florida’s online Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry program is suitable for individuals interested in or currently working in pharmaceutical companies, military services, and law enforcement agencies.
  • After completing the program, graduates will have a Master of Science in Pharmacy  – Pharmaceutical Sciences and a concentration in Forensic Drug Chemistry. 
  • The program comprises two major sections, namely Core-Required and Required.
  • All Core-Required courses must be taken before the final semester and should be accomplished before the Required courses.
  • Students can take the required courses in any semester and in no specific order. However, the Literature Survey of Drug Chemistry and Special Topics in Drug Chemistry must be completed in the final semester.

Standout Features of UF Online’s Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry Program:

Completing an online Master’s Degree in Forensic Drug Chemistry program at the University of Florida provides distance learners with comprehensive support. Students are supplemented with online resources, such as case studies, animations, images, and detailed instructions for accessing UF e-journals and library materials.

They also interact with course instructors, teachings assistants, and colleagues using live chat platforms, virtual discussion boards, and course email. The Forensic Drug Chemistry program is a rare program of its kind in Florida.

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In 1985, UFL became a member of the AAU or the Association of American Universities, an association consisting of the top 62 private and public research universities in the US dedicated to using research to revolutionize the world of education.

The university is also home to the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, the biggest university art museum in the South, with 8,000+ works in a diverse range of traveling exhibitions and permanent collections.

Careers for the Chemist

If you recently graduated with a Master of Chemistry degree, there is a diverse range of career opportunities available for you. Whether it is an outdoor, laboratory, school, or office setting, the chemistry field is a booming sector with numerous growth opportunities. These are the common career tracks for graduates of online Master’s degrees in Chemistry:

Materials Scientist and Chemist

Materials Scientists and Chemists examine and learn different atomic levels to develop new and custom materials and test them. Since it is a broad field, most materials scientists focus on a particular material type while chemists can also concentrate on one area of disciplines, such as forensic chemistry, physical chemistry, or analytical chemistry.

For many research positions, an online Master’s in Engineering or Chemistry is mandatory.

Post-Secondary Chemistry Instructor

Post-Secondary Chemistry Instructors train and educate students on the academic fundamentals of chemistry. They work regular hours depending on the school’s agreement and after hours for creating lesson plans. While most schools require a Ph.D. degree, many community colleges will accept candidates with a master’s degree in chemistry to work as post-secondary chemistry teachers.


Geoscientists learn the chemical components and properties of the Earth by studying minerals and rocks and how they traverse through water and soil. It is one of the most important chemistry professions since geoscientists know how to theorize Earth’s changes over time.

These professionals also help oil and mining companies by decreasing environmental impact. They work both in the field setting for gathering samples and a laboratory setting for studying them. A career as a geoscientist often has irregular work hours since the profession involves traveling to remote locations whenever needed.

To become a Geoscientist, an online Master of Chemistry degree with a specialization in Geosciences is required.

Biophysicist or Biochemist

Biophysicists or Biochemists study the chemical processes and properties of living things. Biochemistry involves the study of both biological and chemical components. The majority of these professionals research in a laboratory setting. The research work can also extend to different species, such as animals and plants, and microscopic organisms.

Biochemists can alter the negative properties of a particular organism and retain its optimal characteristics. Although most biochemistry professions require a Ph.D. degree, a Master’s degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry will be adequate for entry-level careers.

Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric Scientists study weather and climate patterns. Some of them will venture into more specific areas of discipline, such as meteorology. An atmospheric scientist can work in a laboratory, office setting, or weather station with occasional field work.

These professionals often work regular hours; however, they can render overtime during a weather disturbance. For research positions, applicants must have a Master’s of Chemistry degree as a minimum requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students interested in pursuing an online Master of Chemistry degree must prioritize programs that have received approval from the American Chemical Society. If you pursue a general online Master’s of Chemistry program or one with a specialization, either must be approved by ACS.

Some online schools offer polymer science, nanomaterials, inorganic or organic chemistry, biochemistry, or analytical chemistry program specializations. Another crucial search factor is the learning format.

Some graduate programs in Chemistry have intensive laboratory requirements; hence, you should find an alternative option if you don’t have easy access to the university’s laboratory facilities.

Most online Master’s of Chemistry programs often take two years to accomplish, with 30 credit hours of coursework completion and independent research. Many graduates pursue a master’s degree in Chemistry as a stepping stone toward a doctorate study.

For some students, an essential component of completing a graduate program in Chemistry is accomplishing a thesis. However, some graduate schools offer an online Master of Chemistry program with non-thesis tracks.

Non-thesis options will provide students with the proficiencies and knowledge they need for management roles and culminate in a capstone/final project. In a non-thesis track, students will take more courses compared to the thesis-based online Master of Chemistry program.

Although it boils down to individual preferences, most chemists often work in engineering, architectural, scientific research and development, and pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing services.

Another significant employer is the government sector, such as the Federal Executive Branch. The majority of chemists work in highly industrial areas, such as California, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, as revealed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The numbers, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are optimistic. The growth outlook for chemistry scientists and professionals is 6% faster than average compared to other occupations in the US between 2020 to 2030.

However, competition is expected within chemistry-related positions. Those with more advanced degrees will have better prospects, with a Ph.D. degree leading to more lucrative income, especially at bigger pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities.

Around 92,400 chemists and materials scientists are employed in the US as of 2021.

Biotechnology companies are promoting some of the workforce demands for chemists. A major driving force is a rising interest in research related to the genome of humans, leading to the development of new pharmaceuticals. 

Due to new government regulations and environment-friendly initiatives, environmental research is another emerging sector that generates career opportunities for chemists. On the contrary, the manufacturing sector is anticipated to decline due to outsourcing to many development and research facilities.

However, the transition will provide employment opportunities at those targeted organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • An online Master’s of Chemistry degree program will allow you to combine your love of properties, structure, and composition to see how they work together. If you are searching for a leadership position, earning this degree is a great option.
  • You can expect advanced coursework in organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry,
  • A Master’s of Chemistry program can be found online; however, they are not very common. Graduate students should plan on completing some of their coursework on-campus in the lab.
  • This degree provides for many exciting career opportunities in engineering, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, and more. If you’ve completed your undergraduate chemistry courses, earning an online Master’s of Chemistry degree is your next step, no doubt!

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