10 Best Grad Schools with Online Master’s in Reading & Literacy

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Developing a good reading ability is an essential skill in today’s society. No matter what field or industry you belong to, you need good reading and literacy skills. This ability is essential for finishing school, performing job roles, achieving professional success, carrying out daily duties, or getting up to date on news. If you want to pursue a profession that supports students in their reading journey, enroll in an online Master’s in Reading and Literacy. 

An online master’s degree in Reading & Literacy may teach you a wide variety of skills. Your degree will prepare you to handle the literary issues that pupils may encounter in the future and the present. Numerous programs offer information on topics, including new technology-based literacy programs and tactics, as well as tools and techniques for addressing issues in literature. The courses taught in master’s programs in literacy are often relevant to the teaching of literacy to students in grades K-12.

After graduation with a Master’s in Reading and Literacy, you will be equipped to pursue a profession in the academe or research field. 

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Whether you’re looking to upskill or get promoted to your current position in the education sector, an online Master’s in Reading or Literacy can help you advance your knowledge and abilities. This master’s degree can help you increase your salary and even transition to a different field related to literacy. 

These online master’s programs are popular among current teachers. In master’s in literacy programs, topics including children’s literature, literacy evaluation and intervention, and reading challenges are frequently offered. As part of these programs, learners are prepared to meet students where they are in terms of their reading and communication abilities.


Let us help you decide on the best online master’s degree to pursue! Each online graduate program in Reading & Literacy on our list was selected because of these outstanding features:

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Grad Schools with Online Master’s in Reading & Literacy

California State University San Marcos

California State University San Marcos

San Marcos, CA

Online Master of Arts – Reading and Literacy

California State University San Marcos offers a 100% online MA in Reading, Language, and Literacy program that focuses on assessment and instruction in reading and language arts. You will be prepared to work in a variety of settings and maximize student learning in diverse settings.

Standout Features of California State University San Marcos’ Online MA in Reading & Literacy Program:

The curriculum in this master’s program in reading and literacy will help you prepare for jobs in literacy, such as a literacy coach, reading expert, department chair,  school principal, curriculum specialist, or professor. In this master’s program, you can expect to receive quick peer support, academic assistance and advising, and specialized care.

Did You Know?

To provide the maximum degree of contact with instructors, class sizes are limited to 25 students. The curriculum focuses on K–12 educational leaders who use a culturally competent perspective. Candidates also engage in fruitful fieldwork in educational settings.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - Online

Baton Rouge, LA

Online Master in Reading and Literacy

Louisiana State University Shreveport provides an online Master of Education – Curriculum and Instruction: Reading & Literacy program. A combination of engaging course material and the obligatory hands-on fieldwork in classrooms and schools allows students to learn more about the latest theories, models, and methods for teaching reading.

Standout Features of Louisiana State University’s Online Master in Reading and Literacy Program:

With this online Master’s in Reading and Literacy, students can anticipate receiving in-depth instruction in both teaching and evaluating reading abilities. Leadership and administration courses will also be offered to students. 

At the end of this two-year program, you can build knowledge of linguistics and how languages are learned. You will also be exposed to the techniques used to strengthen English language learners’ reading, writing, and listening skills. 

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The University of Kansas

University of Kansas - School of Education and Human Sciences

Lawrence, KS

Online Master’s in Reading Education

A Master’s In Reading Education is available at the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences. Graduates can become equipped with the skills they need if they are passionate about literacy if they are looking for knowledge to build a school-wide literacy plan.

This online master’s degree can facilitate the understanding of literacy development at every level, from pre-kindergarten to adolescence and adulthood. You can learn how to support populations with different reading challenges by earning a master’s degree in reading education.

Standout Features of the University of Kansas’ Online Master’s in Reading Education Program: 

Respected academics who mix their well-regarded academic research with practical classroom experience teach the online master’s in reading education here at the University of Kansas. You will learn how to use pedagogical theory in your teaching while earning a master’s degree in reading education. 

The Reading Room, a virtual area that records progress and makes it simpler for you to exchange assignments with other students, will enhance online education. Also, hands-on teaching approaches are emphasized in this online master’s program.

Did You Know?

This master’s program will increase your career options as a professor, reading specialist, reading coach, or program creator. As part of the practicum experience, you’ll create and assess a program and coach struggling readers in order to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University - Education and Human Development

College Station, TX

Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction Online: Reading & Literacy

Texas A&M University offers a master of education in curriculum and instruction with reading and literacy specialization, which can be taken both online and in person. As part of the Curriculum and Instruction program, students will take a core curriculum as well as courses specific to Reading and Literacy. 

Standout Features of Texas A&M University’s Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Online: Reading & Literacy Program:

This master’s program online curriculum offers both synchronous and asynchronous online lessons for learners. Six courses are provided synchronously, which means that they have predetermined times and dates for both the online and in-person portions of the course. Through a video conference, students registered in those classes will join the in-person class.

Did You Know?

The mission of this master’s program in curriculum and instruction is to develop and prepare quality educators through the application of knowledge to create experiences that advance teaching, research, and service. The program values collaborative skills, global leadership, diversity, critical thinking, and creativity. You can expect to develop all these skills in this master’s program.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, OK

Master of Science in Teaching, Learning & Leadership Online: Reading and Literacy

Oklahoma State University comes with an online  Master of Science in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership with an option in the Reading and Literacy degree program. This online degree is perfect for full-time K–12 educators who want to become proficient in literacy teaching.

The curriculum produces school and district literacy leaders while also preparing graduates with a greater grasp of reading and writing processes and pedagogy. It also leads to certification as a reading or literacy expert.

Standout Features of Oklahoma State University’s Online Master of Science in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership: Reading and Literacy Program:

The online learning platform used by OSU, Canvas, is used to offer this curriculum, which is entirely online. Students can complete the degree in two years by taking two courses per semester in an accelerated cohort-style completion schedule.

The rate of completion may be changed as necessary. Synchronous video conferencing is used in a creative and engaging online format to create powerful virtual communities that link networks of educators throughout the state and beyond.

Did You Know?

This online master’s program requires practicums that involve working one-on-one and in small groups with elementary and middle school kids. In turn, this will give you a solid grounding in the mutually reinforcing processes of assessment and teaching. 

East Carolina University

East Carolina University - College of Education

Greenville, NC

Online Master’s in Reading and Literacy

One of the most crucial foundational skills for kids is to develop reading skills. As a result of reading, students improve their social skills, boost their intellectual growth, and improve their comprehension skills. By earning a Master of Arts in Reading and Literacy online, you’ll be prepared to support the literacy development of K-12 students.  

Standout Features of East Carolina University’s Online Master’s in Reading and Literacy Program: 

With an East Carolina University master’s in literacy education, you may advise teachers on the best ways to teach reading and work as a K–12 reading expert. Additionally, you’ll discover methods for addressing the various requirements of kids.

Students also took part in a practicum during your master’s program in Reading and Literacy last semester. Assessments and evaluations can be performed by working closely with K-12 students. When you are hired, you can finish your practicum experiences in your classroom. For job placements, ECU comes with job assistance to ensure your future. 

Did You Know?

Award-winning faculty from the ECU College of Education creates, instructs, and guides students in their coursework. Each professor is dedicated to improving literacy teaching techniques and is actively engaged in research and publishing. They have an unequaled grasp of what it takes to become a certified reading specialist.

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND

Online Master’s in Reading Education

The University of North Dakota offers an online Master’s in Reading Education where you can create efficient methods for teaching young people the reading and writing skills they need to succeed. In this online degree, you will gain hands-on experience teaching literacy, conducting instructional practices, and evaluating programs.

UND’s Reading Education master’s degree program prepares graduates to provide customized reading instruction. All K–12 educators interested in improving their literacy skills should take the online course.

Standout Features of the University of North Dakota’s Online Master’s in Reading Education Program: 

Did You Know?

North Dakota, Minnesota, and other states offer reading specialist positions to graduates with a master’s in Reading Education. Furthermore, you can be qualified to create and structure other literacy programs.

University of West Florida

University of West Florida - Online

Pensacola, FL

Online Master of Education in Reading Online

The Master of Education in Reading program at the University of West Florida addresses Florida’s critical shortage of reading specialists. It combines scientific reading research with classroom applications to generate ground-breaking educational initiatives. 

Standout Features of the University of West Florida’s Online Master of Education in Reading Online Program: 

A master’s degree in Reading Education is intended to equip instructors for careers as reading teachers, reading coaches, literacy experts at the district level, and consultants to the publishing sector. The rigorous, high-impact techniques utilized in the online courses can be used for a future job.

The online courses also offer opportunities for working teachers and literacy specialists to put theory into practice via practical work in real-world classroom settings. Full-time UWF faculty members who are professionals and specialists in their professions teach the courses.

Did You Know?

You can be qualified for financial help while just being enrolled part-time. However, every financial aid option comes with its designated requirements. 

Eastern Washington University


Cheney, WA

Online Master of Education: Literacy

Learn how to improve student literacy in a supportive learning environment by enrolling in Eastern Washington University’s online Master of Education in Literacy program. You can acquire the knowledge you need to manage the diverse learning requirements of a P-12 school with this curriculum. Because it is based on the latest research and best practices, it is suitable for both practicing teachers as well as those who wish to become reading specialists in schools.

Standout Features of Eastern Washington University’s Online Master of Education in Literacy Program:

This online master’s degree can help you plan and evaluate evidence-based literacy instruction using a variety of assessment tools and practices. You will be trained to understand a wide range of literacy instruction methods, approaches, and materials. Creating a literate environment through instruction, materials, and assessments can promote literacy development in this master’s program.

Lastly, you can develop an understanding of literacy processes and apply qualitative and quantitative evidence-based literacy research to your instruction.

Did You Know?

With improved literacy teaching abilities, graduates are prepared to work as reading specialists, reading curriculum specialists, or classroom teachers. Additionally, this route gives you the chance to work as an adjunct professor at universities or community colleges, teaching undergraduate reading courses.

University of Utah

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

Online Master’s of Education in Literacy Education

A Master’s of Education in Literacy Education is made available at the University of Utah. As part of this research-based degree program, students are able to become exemplary practitioners and leaders in the field of reading and literacy. A strong emphasis is placed on integrating research-based theory with practical application.

Standout Features of the University of Utah’s Online Master’s of Education in Literacy Education Program:

Educators in this program are committed to ensuring all students achieve excellence in learning. They offer a curriculum that comes with knowledgeable teachers who use research-based methods to teach. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to assess and engage students in their literacy development. 

Did You Know?

After finishing all of the courses in the plan of study, students who are pursuing a master’s degree in literacy education take a comprehensive test. The exam’s objective is to show that candidates have a thorough understanding of the primary concepts, ideas, and applications related to the study of and instruction in literacy.

Careers for Online Master’s in Reading and Literacy Graduates

1. Program Developer

Curriculum development is an excellent career choice if you are more interested in creating instructional materials than in putting them into use. To develop the resources and teaching strategies that schools employ to teach pupils to read, you will collaborate with educators and administrators. You may also offer your services to non-profit organizations. These jobs frequently include possibilities for research, which is great if you like learning new things.

2. Editor or Publisher

If you wish to read and assist others in improving their published work, you can pursue a profession as an editor or publisher. Depending on your area of expertise, you may edit books of various genres, magazine and newspaper articles, blogs on the internet, or academic essays. This is a versatile option since you may work for an organization or provide your services as a freelancer.

3. Writer

You may excel as a writer if you can combine your literacy education with your writing skills. You can work for a media company or accept freelancing writing gigs. You can publish books or articles, whether they are factual or fictional. With a master’s degree, your message will be conveyed clearly to your target audience.

4. Educator or Professor

With a master’s degree in Reading & Literacy, one career option is to be an educator or professor. If you love teaching adults, this is a fantastic career path with many opportunities. Teaching reading can be done by college students who wish to assist others in learning the skill or by adults who are learning English or reading for the first time. It is also possible to research while working in higher education.

5. Reading Specialist

A reading specialist assists kids who are having trouble reading by developing programs that are tailored to their requirements. A reading specialist can also evaluate and diagnose pupils and collaborate with educators, parents, and other professionals to develop successful reading curricula. 

6. School Administrator

K–12 school administrators are responsible for managing the educational personnel. Moreover, they make sure the school complies with all requirements. Administrators who manage courses may benefit from a postgraduate degree in literacy and reading. In order to effectively teach kids who struggle with literacy, instructors need to understand the most efficient reading and literacy techniques.

7. Literacy Advocates

Literacy advocates from around the world promote education that is based on strong educational philosophies, careful curriculum selections, and the finest teaching approaches. You can be a literacy advocate when you finish a master’s degree in reading and literacy. 

Online Master's in Reading & Literacy - fact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Master’s in Reading degree?

Programs for online master’s degrees in Reading and Literacy examine principles and methods for teaching literacy. Candidates gain knowledge of effective teaching techniques and how to modify lesson plans for students with various learning requirements. To get ready for inclusive classrooms, programs could also cover special education and learners from different cultural backgrounds.

To effectively interact with parents, students, instructors, and administrators, degree candidates enhance their communication skills and learn how to work in teams. Students who participate in online reading programs also develop their leadership, planning, and analytical abilities. 

How long does it take to finish an online master’s degree in Reading and Literacy?

A master’s degree in Reading and Literacy can take anywhere between two and four years to complete, depending on the program, the nation or area where it is offered, and whether you are taking classes full- or part-time. 

A Master’s in Reading and Literacy may often be earned in one to two years of full-time study. Students in full-time programs are sometimes required to fulfill a given number of credit hours within a set amount of time, generally requiring two years to complete. Students who enroll in part-time programs intended for working adults or those with other responsibilities may be able to spread their education out over a longer length of time, typically 3 to 4 years or more.

What are some benefits of studying for an online Master’s in Reading and Literacy?

As you gain knowledge of the most recent research, pedagogical techniques, and educational technology, you become an authority in your subject! A Master’s in Reading & Literacy will allow you to focus on working with pupils who have reading or language-based learning challenges.

Working in specialized settings or institutions may allow you to have a big influence on the lives of struggling readers. In addition to keeping your teaching strategies current, continuing your education shows that you are dedicated to your professional growth. Employers and educational organizations may find this devotion appealing.

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