3 Best Online Master of Landscape Architecture Graduate Schools

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With the rise of modern technology, the average person’s ability to receive a higher education degree has greatly increased. With online graduate programs, higher education is possible for those who desire to obtain a master’s degree easily and cheaply.

In fact, without online schools, many who would like to get a master’s degree might not have been able to get one at all. 

To advance in your landscaping career, earning an online Master’s degree to become a Landscape Architect should be your next step! With the advanced technology of today, these schools offer innovative ways to help you excel. In addition, online Master’s programs keep it simple and convenient to learn your graduate degree.

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Get The Job Promotion You Deserve…

Having a master’s degree can help put you ahead in the race for career and employment opportunities. Landscape architects can have careers in environmental reconstruction, historical preservation, and urban planning. Landscape architects most importantly, have very crucial roles in helping to make the world a more pleasing place to live.

Read on to explore what this online master’s program has in store for you!

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Learn Landscape Architecture Online

Several master’s degree programs to become a landscape architect have one or two classes that are available online. But since this field of study is hands-on, it’s impossible to find an accredited degree program that’s offered 100% online. Once you decide to pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture, you should expect some on-campus sessions to comply with all the requirements of the program.

Holders of a master’s degree in landscape architecture should expect a great career. A master’s degree to become a landscape architect will make you stand out professionally among your peers and co-workers in today’s competitive job market.    

Skills You Will Learn with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture

To become a landscape architect, here are the knowledge and skills you will develop when you enroll in a Master of Landscape Architecture degree program:

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A crucial step in obtaining a Landscape Architecture master’s degree is to pick the most suitable online program for you!

To assist you in making a sound decision for your graduate study, the Best Online Master’s of Landscape Architecture Graduate Schools were indexed with these features in mind:

To learn more, see our Methodology page.

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Best Online Master of Landscape Architecture Grad Schools

Best Online Master of Landscape Architecture Grad Schools

University of Virginia

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Charlottesville, VA

Master of Landscape Architecture

Standout Features:

The University of Virginia – Master of Landscape Architecture program is a source of inspiration to students who aspire to become leaders in landscape architecture of the future. It consistently challenges students to do thorough research, conceptualize designs, and apply new technologies to realize new landscape systems.

It is committed to honing its MLA students to become critical thinkers – to give them the ability to shape the future of landscape architecture practice and make the world a more adaptable place to live.   

The University of Virginia encourages students to integrate their undergraduate design and non-design background and intellectual interests into their landscape architecture studies. This will allow them to plan and create their educational trajectories.

One of its main objectives is to mold and hone its students’ passions and equip them with conceptual and technical tools to make them ready to work in an interdisciplinary work environment – to make this world a better place for human and non-human communities.

The graduate landscape architecture program of the University of Virginia is ranked No. 2 in Design Intelligence’s 2019-2020 list of “Most Hired from Landscape Architecture Schools” among peer schools with 20 – 34 graduates. The university is also ranked No. 5 in Design Intelligence’s latest list of “Most admired” landscape architecture schools.

Ball State University

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Muncie, IN

Master of Landscape Architecture

Ball State University offers aspiring Landscape Architects three paths leading to a degree in Master of Landscape Architecture. 

Standout Features:

The Master in Landscape Architecture degree at Ball State University is a hands-on, interdisciplinary program that prepares students for exciting job tracks in landscape and outdoor space design and planning. 

Ball State University is home to several research centers and resources that certainly help to enrich your study. 

Students who enroll at Ball State University’s Master of Landscape Architecture degree programs can expect personalized instruction, small classes, and travel opportunities to help them gain an insightful and meaningful graduate study experience.  

Ball State University’s Master of Landscape Architecture ranks 12th in Design Intelligence’s 2019-20 best architecture and design schools in America.

Rhode Island School of Design

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Providence, RI

Master of Landscape Architecture

The requirements for Admission into Rhode Island School of Design’s Master of Landscape of Architecture degree include:

Rhode Island School of Design offers two paths leading to a Master of Landscape of Architecture degree. These are: 

Standout Features:

The Rhode Island School of Design is the only US-based school that offers an accredited Master of Landscape Architecture degree program. It encourages its faculty and students to work together to do hands-on research, create a link between intuitive and analytical thinking, and explore contingencies leading to cross-disciplinary experimentation.

RISD’s Master of Landscape Architecture program allows students to explore solutions that utilize design to address climate change and environmental degradation, and urbanization on the earth’s landscapes. 

RISD’s Master of Landscape Architecture students work closely with the school’s faculty to develop the design and critical thinking skills they need to address contemporary spatial, social, and environmental issues.

The Rhode Island School of Design was founded in 1877 and is one of the US’s oldest art and design schools!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture is the planning, designing, managing, and nurturing of built and natural structures and landmarks. It aims to achieve positive environmental, aesthetic, or social-behavioral results.

It consists of many factors, such as the design, engineering, and construction of structures, the investigation of existing conditions that affect the landscape, and the design of structures and equipment needed to produce desired outcomes.

As a profession, landscape architecture covers a wide range of categories that can be reclassified into sub-categories. These are:

Landscape architecture – It’s a profession that the government regulates. These professionals are experts in designing several landforms and structures for human use.   

Landscape design – It’s a profession that doesn’t require a license. It encompasses these work processes:

What is an online Master of Landscape Architecture Degree?

Online Master of Landscape Architecture degree programs are degrees in landscape architecture obtained through remote or online learning. This means its classes are offered over the Internet instead of in a traditional classroom setting. 

But then again, because a landscape architecture program is a hands-on thing, finding a 100% online Master of Architecture degree program may not be possible. However, most schools that offer this course offer hybrid classes, which are a combination of remote and on-campus or on-site classes.

What’s an online Master of Landscape Architecture Program like?

An online Master of Landscape Architecture program is easy to identify as its classes are offered remotely and don’t require students to attend classes in a traditional classroom setting.

The topics featured in an online Master of Landscape Architecture program can be studied and learned using computer applications combined with online discussions with professors and fellow students aspiring to be landscape architects as well.

An online program works well with working professionals who want to pursue a Master of Landscape Architecture degree. It gives students the capability to complete their coursework through distance learning.

However, since 100% of online classes for this degree aren’t available, working professionals may opt for another diploma program like landscaping technology. It’s a program that you can complete online in a matter of four months.

What are the types of Online Master of Landscape Architecture Programs?

As we’ve stated previously, it’s not possible to find an accredited Master of Landscape Architecture degree that’s offered 100% online. However, some schools do offer several required courses via distance learning.

Two types of Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) programs are offered in US colleges and universities. These are:

Master of Landscape Architecture I

The MLA I is intended for students whose bachelor’s degrees are not related to landscape architecture. This degree takes at least three years for full-time students to finish. It’s because they need to go through undergraduate landscape architecture coursework before they can proceed to graduate-level courses. 

It’s common for MLA I degree programs to require students to submit a thesis paper that includes their personal view or stance about a topic in any of the following coursework:  

Master of Landscape Architecture II

An MLA II is a Master of Landscape Architecture degree intended for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. For full-time students, an MLA II program takes about 18 months to complete. It’s significantly shorter than MLA I because it doesn’t require students to take undergraduate major subjects.

How does a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture Degree program work for online learners?

An online Master of Science in Landscape Architecture is a post-graduate degree program that’s supposed to be offered online. Unfortunately, none of such programs are available because of the hands-on nature of their coursework. Anyone interested in this degree program may enroll in traditional or hybrid classes. 

The MSc in Landscape Architecture degree program equips students with the knowledge and skills to design environments and create socially, ecologically, and aesthetically useful settings.

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Key Takeaways

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