10 Business & Accounting Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2022

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Once applicants have obtained the essential certifications, licenses, and other important credentials, many career opportunities are waiting for business and accounting graduates. From small businesses to big corporations to solo entrepreneurship, business and accounting professionals are always in-demand. Today, however, numerous companies say accountants don’t have to be available on-site, driving a significant shift towards business and accounting jobs you can do from home.

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Pursuing remote business and accounting jobs is easier nowadays compared to previous decades. Gone are when these jobs are only available in traditional office setups. With various accounting and business-related careers available on the market nowadays, individuals will find the best option that allows for a work-from-home arrangement. 

Why Are Remote Business and Accounting Jobs on the Rise?

Many workplace trends over the previous decade have revolutionized the way for remote work. Like other industries, the business and accounting sectors have adopted remote work as the standard nowadays instead of a “nice-to-have” benefit. With the rise of cloud accounting software, innovation, and advanced equipment, many organizations are hiring either partial or fully remote finance, accounting, or business teams. 

Thanks to the increasing accessibility of high-speed internet connections, many accounting professionals have the opportunity to work anytime, anywhere. More and more businesses have also switched to state-of-the-art accounting programs and cloud software, allowing them to gain more clients.

According to GoRemotely, businesses utilizing cloud accounting systems will gain more customers five times compared to traditional methods. Due to the rise of automation and digitization in the accounting and business sectors, companies have provided cost-reducing solutions to a diverse range of clients.

With many businesses hiring remote accounting, finance, and business-related career opportunities, many applicants are jumping into the trend of finding jobs where they can work from home. If you are pursuing a high-paying, flexible and rewarding profession, professions in the business and accounting fields can be the right career path for you.

Also, if you’re currently working and have relevant experience in the industry, you can already switch from the traditional workplace to a location-independent environment. Regardless of professional experience, here are the ten business and accounting jobs you can do from home.

10 Business & Accounting Jobs You Can Do From Home

Accounts Payable Specialist/Bookkeeper

Average Pay: $42,410 per year
Job Decline Projection: -3%

accounts payable specialist

Bookkeeper, sometimes called Accounts Payable Specialist, is one of the most popular accounting jobs you can do from home. If you don’t have any accounting background but want to pursue the field, working as a bookkeeper is one of the best ways to jumpstart your accounting career.

A bookkeeper’s primary responsibility is to manage and track a company’s financial data. Other tasks may include maintaining a comprehensive system for organizing clients’ documents, tracking payments and invoices, and checking the accuracy of financial records and statements. Unlike accountants, bookkeepers focus less on in-depth analysis or the more technical aspects.

Due to the nature of work, some companies will hire bookkeepers to become their virtual assistants. As remote bookkeepers, clients will provide access to their online bookkeeping apps, including Xero or QuickBooks, and allow you to open a variety of financial statements or records.

With online accounting programs, it’s easier for business owners and bookkeepers to access invoices, receipts, and other financial data anytime, anywhere to create monthly reports and daily statements. In some companies, remote bookkeepers are responsible for issuing payments to employees and settling monthly bills.

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Average Pay: $73,560 per year
Job Growth Projection: 7%


Accountants can find work across a diverse range of government and private sectors. Depending on applicants’ preferences, they can pursue a career as a Certified Public Accountant, forensic accountant, government accountant, budget examiner, auditor, or financial accountant. Unlike bookkeepers, accountants are responsible for handling the more complex and technical aspects of financial documents.

The main responsibility of every accountant is to review the completeness and accuracy of financial statements and documents. After review, they will make the necessary recommendations based on the individual’s or organization’s financial status. Other responsibilities include preparing loss statements, profit statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports for the company. They also maintain the confidentiality of financial information by performing database backups and other contingency plans.

Since accountants are primarily responsible for the accuracy of financial information, they must have a strong quantitative and numerical aptitude. To perform their duties, accountants must be proficient in particular accounting software. With various accounting apps and teleconferencing software available, working as a remote accountant is easier nowadays. They can perform their daily responsibilities and communicate with their clients and management from home.

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Financial Manager

Average Pay: $134,180 per year
Job Growth Projection: 17%

financial manager

If you have five years of relevant professional experience in the finance sector, pursuing a career as a financial manager is one of the best remote accounting jobs.

Similar to the role of accountants, financial managers oversee an organization’s financial operations but from a more technical and high-level perspective. These professionals oversee various financial activities for the organization, including financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and resource planning.

With the increasing implementation of innovation in the business and accounting industries, financial managers must be proficient in using accounting apps, tools, and other programs to perform their responsibilities. Using a set of tools and apps, these professionals can perform insightful reporting and analysis on financial results to evaluate risks, opportunities, and trends.

Financial managers also mediate between investors, shareholders, stakeholders, employees, and organizations on financial challenges for amicable recommendations. All duties can be performed with the help of computers and accounting apps, making it feasible for financial managers to work from home.

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Management Consultant

Average Pay: $87,660 per year
Job Growth Projection: 14%

Also called Management Analyst, Management Consultants often work with the organization’s leadership team to evaluate itself. These professionals identify challenges, collect data or information, and implement effective solutions. They help organizations and execute their strategies to help them achieve their outcome of becoming more competitive and profitable in the industry.

To provide more effective strategies and recommendations, management consultants use various software and tools for productivity management, forecasting, analytics, or time-tracking. 

These professionals have the option to specialize in a particular sector, including education, healthcare, and manufacturing. However, management consultants can also pursue a more functional role in inventory, finance, I.T., or human resource management.

Management Consultants work as part of an organization. However, some of them can also find work in consulting firms or work independently. As most of their tasks are done on a computer, a management consultant is a popular business and accounting job done from home. They can utilize a variety of productivity and document-processing apps, access their emails and facilitate client and organizational meetings or training sessions in the comforts of their homes.

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Financial Analyst

Average Pay: $83,660 per year
Job Growth Projection: 6%

Financial Analysts analyze financial statements and forecast the performance of an organization. They analyze pieces of information gathered from different resources and historical data to predict the future of an organization. Like accountants, these professionals manage financial information.

However, the main difference is that financial analysts don’t prepare financial statements for their companies. Financial analysts provide accounting insights to the company’s leadership team, helping the management make a variety of business decisions.

Financial Analysts deal with the microeconomic and macroeconomic components to forecast businesses’ performance and financial health. These professionals gain an overall perspective of the business regarding its financial aspects. They often pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst certification to become more proficient and diversify their career prospects.

Financial Analysts primarily work in front of a computer. A day in the life of financial analysts includes a particular financial or accounting software to gain a comprehensive understanding and insights to perform their duties. With the help of accounting apps and productivity software, these professionals can work remotely, providing holistic accounting information to the leadership team. Although financial analysts work for big firms, some can find multiple clients online.

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Accounting Professor

Average Pay: $89,000 per year
Job Growth Projection: 12%

accounting professor

Another business and accounting job that can be done from home is to become an accounting professor. With distance learning becoming more prevalent, many colleges and universities are hiring accounting professors.

These professionals will teach courses in the accounting or finance area of discipline. They develop and design programs with a curriculum that initiates student engagement, facilitate online discussions and advocates student learning.

As accounting professors, other responsibilities include offering academic counseling and tutoring services to students, evaluating students’ coursework and performance, and maintaining class records.

Unlike other accounting jobs, an accounting professor requires a master’s degree as the minimum requirement. In some cases, a terminal degree is required appropriate to the field of study. They must have relevant professional experience, making them eligible to teach at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

As part of working conditions, accounting professors have routines that involve standard office equipment, including mobile phones, printers, and computers. Nowadays, many learning management platforms are accessible online, making it easier for both students and professors to complete the set of coursework anytime, anywhere. To work as a remote accounting professor, effective communication and facilitating online discussions are essential.

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Budget Analyst

Average Pay: $78,970 per year
Job Growth Projection: 5%

budget analysis

Working as a Budget Analyst is another common accounting-related career that allows work from home. Budget Analysts provide in-depth analysis of an organization’s budget and formulate effective strategies to allocate resources for maximizing profits.

They manage businesses and companies’ expenditures, ensuring that funds are allocated properly and utilized according to plan. These finance professionals can also re-evaluate program effectiveness, determining whether a reallocation of funds is essential.

The day in the life of budget analysts includes developing cost-benefit evaluations for organizations, monitoring organizational spending, preparing budget reports, and organizing the company’s budget. They also assist in creating and maintaining budget proposals and reports while analyzing historical data and recommending budget allocation for certain company programs. While financial analysts work with the leadership team, budget analysts work directly with the finance team.

To perform the daily responsibilities of budget analysts, accounting software, Microsoft Excel, and other essential suites are commonly required. Since their job often entails mental work and figures, there is no need for budget analysts to work on-site. Organizational meetings can also be done through videoconferencing platforms. With the help of technology, it’s easier and more accessible to accomplish their daily tasks from home. 

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Payroll Specialist

Average Pay: $48,290 per year
Job Growth Projection: 3%

payroll specialists

Payroll Specialists are professionals specializing in compensating an organization’s employees, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processes. They will collect each employee’s time data and make the necessary adjustments to prepare paychecks for every pay period. Payroll Specialists ensure that organizations must meet federal and state regulations.

If you want a career in the finance or accounting field, working as a payroll specialist is your way in. Although no formal academic credentials are required to become a payroll specialist, most employers hire applicants who have completed high school (at the minimum) and gained relevant professional experience. However, payroll specialists can either pursue the Fundamental Payroll Certification, Certified Payroll Professional, or the Certified Payroll Specialist to add to their credentials.

Regardless of educational attainment, applicants must be proficient in technology since most payroll data will require specific software for processing. Otherwise, they are encouraged to enroll in any computer-related courses before applying.

With a plethora of payroll processing apps available nowadays, a payroll specialist is one of the business and accounting jobs you can do from home. These professionals can accomplish most of their daily tasks through a computer, allowing them to work in a location-independent setup. 

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Finance Compliance Officer

Average Pay: $72,850 per year
Job Growth Projection: 7.7%

finance compliance officer

Finance Compliance Officers ensure that a company adheres to government regulations and laws, evaluating and reducing the risks of non-compliance.

As a finance compliance officer, your duties involve working with the organization’s leadership team to determine potential risks, designing and implementing procedures and policies to maintain regulations, and overseeing the company’s compliance with the said procedures and policies.

Finance Compliance Officers conduct monthly audits of approved plans from the previous month. As part of the audit process, they must audit payments related to financial proposals. These professionals must ensure that every payment’s timeliness, proper documentation, and accuracy are observed.

When necessary, finance compliance officers must ensure that an organization’s financial systems and processes are updated. They also collaborate with the organization’s compliance or audit division to ensure that each control, process, and policy are aligned.

Most companies hire finance compliance officers with a baccalaureate degree in business, accounting, or finance. They must have a minimum of five years of work experience, emphasizing audit processes. Since most of the duties of a finance compliance officer involve process review, audit, and meetings, it is one of the business and accounting jobs you can do from home.

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Project Manager

Average Pay: $84,290 per year
Job Growth Projection: Depending on the industry

project managers

Project Managers manage a diverse group of professionals in accomplishing projects and milestones by a set of target dates to achieve and maintain business objectives. Aspiring to become a project manager in business and accounting requires effective communication with clients and staff.

They develop short-term and long-term plans, including milestones and deadlines of each plan. Project managers monitor the implementation of the new finance system and help streamline new processes during post-implementation.

Depending on the industry, project managers often work using computers. With the advancement of technology, many project management-related software and tools are available nowadays. In accounting, project managers utilize a variety of accounting software, Microsoft apps, and office communicator to carry out their daily obligations. It is one of the many reasons why working as a project manager is a popular choice among business and accounting professionals wanting to work remotely. 

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