5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Supply Chain & Logistics

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As part of Supply Chain Management, goods are procured, sales forecasts are made, schedules are made, and goods are distributed.

Enrolling in an online Doctorate in Supply Chain and Logistics makes sense if you’re currently in the logistics sector and aiming for higher positions. It’s also a decision that professionals make when they want to pursue a career in the academe or facilities requiring research and analysis skills.

An obvious career pathway for Supply Chain and Logistics doctorate is the supply chain manager role, which involves overseeing the entire process of gathering raw materials, delivering the finished product, and everything in between. Companies rely on them for consumer needs and to streamline their supply chains.

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The online PhD in Supply Chain Management and Logistics program combines sourcing, procurement, logistics management, and research. With its advanced courses, intensive research, and numerous internship opportunities, this program equips students with the knowledge and expertise to perform professionally in the logistics industry.

As part of their doctoral program, students also acquire skills in inventory management, customer interaction, supply chain management, and logistics strategies.

It is an online doctorate program for professionals pursuing executive careers in Business Administration or top-level management in Supply Chain and Logistics. 


The following are the factors that are taken into consideration when choosing the best online doctoral programs in supply chain and logistics:

Further details about our ranking can be found on our Methodology page. 

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Supply Chain & Logistics

Liberty University

Liberty University

Doctor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In Liberty University’s online supply chain management and logistics degree program, up to half of the required 60 credits can be transferred, which makes it convenient for existing learners. This online Doctor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management and Logistics may be the right choice for you! The supply-side operations, materials, and finance processes are covered in this business program. Businesses can meet consumers’ needs by utilizing this knowledge.

Here are some of the advanced courses covered in this PhD program online:

As a business leader, Liberty can help you manage the many aspects of the Supply Chain and handle communications between your organization and its suppliers. Attain your top management position by equipping yourself with an online logistics and supply chain management PhD.

At Liberty’s School of Business, they prepare students for leadership roles in the workplace with excellence and integrity. They offer a variety of Biblically-based courses as part of our mission of Training Champions for Christ. The faculty at our school is firmly rooted in the Christian faith, and they can guide you in putting your skills to work for God and others.

Students in this program can learn from professors with real-world business experience. Their guidance will help you develop marketable skills that will make you stand out.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University - Broad College of Business

PhD in Logistics

Students in this Logistics and Supply Chain online doctorate program are prepared to excel in research facilities and academic industries worldwide. An academic doctorate online signifies that the student has demonstrated the necessary scholarly abilities to succeed in an academic career at the university level.

A comprehensive logistics exam is required at the end of the coursework, followed by a dissertation demonstrating the students’ research skills. The coursework covers topics like research methods and theory development. 

The department and all the faculty and staff are available to assist with any concerns related to the curriculum and financial aid support. Student progress in the program must be satisfactory to receive financial assistance. They also offer assistantships and fellowship opportunities. Several logistics doctoral students are assigned teaching and research positions during their studies. 

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

PhD in Business Administration – Supply Chain Management

An online PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management is a famous online doctorate at Arizona State University. The courses taught in this program are logistics management, supply chain, operations, and other business-related subjects.

A doctoral degree involves full-time residential study for those who seek a career in university research and teaching after completing the program. In the Supply chain management program, doctorate students are taught to recognize issues in the supply chain industry and create solutions as they participate in research and dissertations.

By participating in active research projects and taking doctoral seminars, students are better equipped for executive roles. Through teaching assistantships and instructorships, students also develop their teaching skills. After two years into the program, students will have the opportunity to practice teaching. Eighty-four semester hours are required for a PhD, 60 of which are formal graduate work at ASU, 12 of which are dissertation hours.

Hempster Shire University

Hempster Shire University

Doctorate in Logistics Management

HSU’s Business and Management School offers a Doctorate Degree specializing in Logistics Management, which surpasses similar programs available at other universities worldwide. If you factor in variables such as academic quality, accessibility, and affordability, their online doctorate in logistics management won’t ever be left behind.

After graduation from this online doctoral program, you can be globally accepted in diverse industries. The School of Business and Management at Hempster Shire University is dedicated to instilling business and management perspectives to enable students to excel in today’s challenging business environment. 

Marketing and finance are no longer the only fields in business that have evolved in recent years. The fields of logistics, retail, entrepreneurship, and quality management are among the fields that are now available. The growth of these fields calls for a more comprehensive understanding of them, so students can broaden their horizons of knowledge and enter them into newer avenues. Hence, it’s crucial to include an online doctorate in logistics management in your CV and credentials.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nebraska Lincoln

PhD in Business – Supply Chain Management and Analytics

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers an online supply chain management and analytics doctoral program for those interested in becoming academic researchers and professors. As a student in this program, you can work closely with faculty to develop your research skills in various application areas. 

As a first-year student at Nebraska, you will learn about the foundational courses in Supply Chain Management and Analytics (SCMA). You can also choose a concentration for your supply chain management and analytics online doctoral degree, which would help you tailor your coursework and research to your interests.

The faculty at our school conducts rigorous research on problems of high practical relevance and significant societal impact, no matter which concentration you choose. 

With the College of Business Ph.D. student community’s low student-to-faculty ratio, you can establish close connections with the faculty and form collaborative relationships with them. The university’s student health insurance plan provides basic coverage and a competitive stipend if you are accepted. Graduate assistantships are included in all offers.

As a graduate assistant, you are compensated for both teaching and research. There is a tuition waiver, partial payment of health insurance costs, and a monthly cash stipend.

Courses in an Online Doctorate in Supply Chain and Logistics

Courses in an Online Doctorate in Supply Chain and Logistics

Most supply chain management PhD programs provide courses in theories and research, impartially evoking all soft skills. Here are some common courses for an online Supply Chain and Logistics doctorate. 

Supply Chain Management

By taking this course, students can apply management science concepts to supply chain planning and learn how to adapt to changing business needs. This study involves the supply chain as the value chain, a set of interconnected processes that facilitate the flow of products, business resources, and information.

Contracts and Negotiations

Students must learn the basics of negotiating and writing contracts that maximize the value of the contract for clients. It is about getting good business results and building strong relationships with clients and partners by negotiating contracts effectively. In this course, students also learn about resolving contractual performance issues and disputes.

Global Supply Chain Management

In this course, students will learn how different cultures and societies operate in foreign markets. You will learn the importance of coordinating and integrating your global logistics and going through each step of the process in the supply chain. Using the global supply chain management framework, you will explore industry globalization drivers for supply chains.


In this course, you will understand concepts, methods, and strategies that will reduce costs while maintaining value, thus giving you a competitive edge. The financial aspects and technological influences of various logistics information management systems and management and measurement methods are analyzed. A logistic management module, inventory management module, and warehouse and distribution module make up this course.

Statistical Analysis

Throughout this course, inferential and descriptive statistics will be discussed, and how they can be applied to solving problems. Students will study basic modeling, sampling distributions, probability, regression analysis, and confidence intervals in this course.

Computer Simulation

This Supply Chain & Logistics course is designed to teach you how to create computer models for researching and improving business processes. Using computers to solve scientific problems is the focus of this course. In addition to training in computational modeling, computer graphics are also used to represent scientific problems.

Careers for Online Doctorate in Supply Chain and Logistics Graduates

PhD in Supply Chain & Logistics programs qualify graduates for a wide range of leadership positions in the industry. The journey to achieving the PhD title with a Supply Chain Management specialization is rigorous but rewarding at the same time.

Here are some possible job occupations to pursue after graduating with an online doctorate in supply chain and logistics degree:

Logistics Director

Keeping operations running smoothly requires logistics directors to supervise product life cycles. Their responsibilities include supervising warehouses, analyzing transportation departures and arrivals, controlling labor, following trade regulations, and allocating production materials. They also ensure that the company’s bottom line is effective as logistics make an impact.

University Professor

Among the duties of college professors are drafting course syllabuses, organizing curriculum, teaching, facilitating class discussions, guiding students, assigning grades, and offering real-life tips and advice for supply chain students.

Storage and Distribution Manager

Holders of a Ph.D. in Supply Chain and Logistics are well-trained to set corporate transportation policies. One executive role that you can land in is a storage and distribution manager. You’ll monitor and check shipping clerks, develop warehouse safety protocols, and inspect cargo fleets. You should also create an inventory and storage system that’s easy to use and organized for everyone.

Logistics Analyst

The logistics analyst analyzes supply chain processes and makes recommendations for improving efficiency. A logistics analyst is responsible for invoicing, tracking shipments, knowing the basic transportation systems operation, and preparing electronic bills. They maintain information about logistics databases and identify inventory reduction opportunities.

Head of Supply Chain

Your ultimate decisions regarding inbound and outbound flows would be made in the boardroom as the head of supply management. In this executive position, supply chain managers take on heavier responsibilities pertaining the business-related supply chain management.

You will be responsible for setting manufacturing standards, deciding policies, reducing tactical risks, and maintaining a sustainable supply chain in domestic and global operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why enroll in Supply Chain & Logistics doctoral degree programs?

Online Ph.D. programs are designed for serious, ambitious scholars seeking sophisticated skills for strategic management and advanced leadership positions in the Supply Chain & Logistics sector. The flexibility of online study makes it the best way to learn expertise in the local and global supply chain design fronts and gain a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy.

As accredited online business schools don’t require extra expenses like commuting, housing, or meals, many online learners would prefer it over their on-campus counterparts. 

How much will PhD Supply Chain & Logistics online graduates make?

Logisticians can earn an average of $77,520 annually, as disclosed through federal data. With an online Supply Chain & Logistics PhD program, you can maximize your ROI by snagging well-paying leadership and top management roles. 

The mean pay for management jobs in the United States is $107,360. Transportation, distribution, and logistics managers earn an average salary of $97,630 annually, while top executives earn a yearly salary of $100,090

Are financial aid available for online doctorate in Supply Chain and Logistics degrees?

In good standing, PhD students can expect funding for four years. Stipends and tuition waivers are provided. Most financial assistance comes from graduate, teaching, and research assistantships. Additionally, the program supports and fully funds students for travel to approved presentations, conferences, and colloquia as part of their professional development.

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