5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Business Intelligence

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Businesses need to constantly update their processes in order to increase efficiency and productivity. With Business Intelligence, organizations are able to control their workflow and systems. Hence, as technology and globalization transform the way organizations do business, the demand for Business Intelligence experts grows.

Business Intelligence analysts and professionals, also experts in business analytics programs, are actively sought by large and multinational organizations.

Organizations need skilled analysts to remain competitive as businesses grow and become more globalized. Federal data forecast a growth of 10 percent in employment opportunities for management analysts, which is one of the numerous careers you can pursue after graduating from an online Doctor of Business Intelligence.

Whether you’re already in the Business Intelligence sector or looking to switch expertise, enrolling in an online Doctor of Business, a Ph.D. in Business intelligence online program is a great option for data analytics professionals who analyze market trends through research.


Doctorates in Business Intelligence prepare graduates for careers in some of the most prestigious and high-paying fields. Not only do they gain technical skills advancement pertaining to machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and data science programs; but they also enhance their critical thinking, research skills, and collaboration skills.

A Ph.D. in business analytics is closely linked to a Business Intelligence doctorate.

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Doctors of Business Intelligence are expected to possess valuable knowledge of the industry, having obtained education or training from top-rated graduate schools! To help you decide, we put together the best graduate schools and programs.

These factors were taken into consideration for the list of recommended PhD in Business Intelligence online degree programs:

You can refer to our Methodology page for more information.

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Business Intelligence

American Public University

American Public University

Doctor of Strategic Intelligence

A Doctorate in Strategic Intelligence is offered at the American Public University. This Intelligence-focused PhD addresses the realistic societal challenges of the field. As a doctoral student, you will conduct advanced research in the field, and be prepared to lead and serve in the technology-related organizations and communities.

With instructors who hold key positions in government agencies and business intelligence organizations, this doctoral degree is structured in an excellent academic quality form of teaching.

Admission to the online Doctor of Strategic Intelligence is selective. In selecting students for APU, the university focuses on intellectual ability, a commitment to research and practice, and the ability to succeed in post-baccalaureate studies. Final admission decisions will be based on interviews with selected students.

Capella University

Capella University

Doctor of Business Administration in Strategy and Innovation

At Capella University, you can enroll in an online Doctor of Business Administration with a Strategy and Innovation specialization. Through this PhD, students learn how visionary leaders transform their organizations using strategic and innovative methods. Business Intelligence is one of the main topics and core courses in this doctoral program. The Capella School of Business, Technology, and Health Administration Advisory Board developed the curriculum.

Ph.D. students and candidates stay on top of the latest in strategic digital transformations, innovation management, and design thinking. They learn how organizations can enhance their competitive advantages.

This program prepares candidates for assessing information needs, identifying and gaining access to appropriate sources, and collaborating on those sources.  Moreover, emerging trends and scholarly literature will be covered in the course.

Throughout the program, faculty mentors will guide students through the capstone, giving them a real-world experience they can apply to today’s workplace. The doctoral journey can be made easier with the assistance of faculty and academic coaches.

A student’s skill set as a scholar-practitioner in general management will be enhanced by successfully completing this Ph.D. specialization. At the same time, students develop their critical thinking skills, qualitative and quantitative research techniques, and knowledge of theories, frameworks, and models to address current or future business challenges.

Liberty University

Liberty University

Doctor of Business Administration – Strategic Management

Business managers need to think creatively and lead with confidence. A Doctor of Business Administration with a Strategic Management focus earns them helpful Business Intelligence skills and knowledge, preparing them for leadership positions.

At Liberty University, students attend the Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Management program online. This DBA in Strategic Management promotes advanced business knowledge, develops leadership skills, and improves an organization’s strategic planning methods. This online doctoral degree also offers advanced courses in Professional Management, Business Intelligence, Human Resources Development, and Quality Management. 

Liberty University is more than ready to offer the Strategic Management distance learning program tailored to the student’s specific educational needs, giving them top-quality academic experience, network, and flexibility.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University

Ph.D. in Technology Management

Those interested in leadership positions in the public or private sectors can earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management at Indiana State University. Offered by ISU’s Bailey College of Engineering and Technology, this program is delivered in collaboration with three other universities that helped design the doctorate program online.

The Technology Management PhD program online consists of 66 hours of coursework, with a concentration in one of five areas. It’s possible for part-time students to go at their own pace and finish this doctorate in six years or more.

A Ph.D. program in technology management allows students to specialize in several topics like quality control, construction management,  human resource development, digital communication systems, and manufacturing.

PhD in Technology Management entails research in order to advance in business intelligence positions. Applicants for the PhD in Technology Management program must complete four required courses.

The program requires graduates to complete coursework in one Major Area of Specialization. Professional studies can support the major area of specialization, more specialized topics in technology management, or specialized career skills. 

Marymount University

Marymount University

Doctorate of Business Administration in Business Intelligence

Marymount University’s DBA in Business Intelligence concentration combines technology and data insights. This highly personalized online DBA program allows students to choose their core courses and electives.

A Marymount online DBA in Business Intelligence is for specialists seeking to improve their understanding of data and technology by utilizing professional experience. As such, most students have managerial experience and want to conduct applied research to solve real-world business problems.

After graduation, most PhD holders typically accept a teaching or research position at a university.

Career Possibilities for Online Doctors of Business Intelligence

One of the reasons many prospective students go for an online Doctor of Business Intelligence degree is to maximize diverse higher job positions in the market.

Rest assured, business intelligence professionals who hold a doctoral degree enjoy high salary opportunities. It is common for professionals to earn very well, depending on the company, job title, and previous professional experience.

Check out some of the most common jobs for online doctor of business intelligence graduates:

Business Intelligence Director and Specialist

Organizing data warehouses and database management are some of the roles of business intelligence analysts. They need to monitor and facilitate the share and use of such data.

Additionally, they prepare data reports and develop useful methods for designing databases. Analyzing reports is done using a variety of tools by a business intelligence analyst.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts are in charge of the organization or business’ finances. They review historical financial data, observe problems, understand supply chain management, and find solutions to enhance revenue generation and spending within an organization.

Their competitive advantage lies in their expertise in making and controlling budgets for businesses. 

Operations Research Analyst

The purpose of these professionals is to help companies streamline their operations procedures within industries such as business, health care, and logistics.

A team of analysts compiles data by conducting interviews with employees, reviewing sales and operations statistics, and interacting with customers before putting it into action.

Senior Financial Analyst

A senior financial analyst takes care of big financial decisions of companies. They tackle financial analysis and large data, and they also manage teams of other analysts in the finance department. The senior financial analyst prepares budget variances and actual expense reports each week, month, and quarter.

Business Intelligence Master Developer

Acquiring advanced business intelligence skills are the business intelligence master developers. They put their computer science skills to good use in this advanced position. These developers work with databases. The education and experience required by business intelligence developers are advanced.

Business Intelligence Head

Business intelligence directors develop and design enterprise data solutions to provide performance insights and finally come up with a wise decision for the company. They build their teams to offer effective technical solutions that are focused on data-driven decisions and effective data governance.

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is responsible for leading businesses and organizations. They spearhead the entire organization’s goals and aspirations as a brand. It is not necessary for these executives to have a doctorate degree in order to hold these positions, but they do need to be well-versed in handling people, be good role models, and make good decisions.


Faculty members of postsecondary business intelligence programs teach courses in their fields of expertise to college and university students. These professionals are in charge of creating a well-structured curriculum for their learners.  

Business Intelligence Researcher

A business intelligence researcher studies historical and current data. It is their goal to create new methods of analyzing data and mining information that may be helpful in these settings. As the results of their research are presented at professional conferences or published in trade journals, these professionals finally make a summary and report for it.

Reasons to Enroll in an Online Doctor of Business Intelligence

Doctoral degrees are pursued for a variety of reasons. This may have something to do with your personal and career goals. In some cases, employers would require their high-position staff to enroll in Doctor of Business Intelligence programs.

Prospective students often pursue a Ph.D. in business intelligence for the reasons listed below.

Career Mobility and Change

A Ph.D. in business intelligence online can change the course of a professional’s career after earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in another field. Business Administration Doctorates offer advanced career opportunities as one of the most immediate benefits.

Those who work full-time and wish to progress into C-suite leadership roles may pursue a Doctor of Business Intelligence degree. You can be a master in business intelligence and get promoted or transferred to better opportunities and work environments. 

Increased Earning Potential

This is one of the most obvious reasons why students would want to earn a doctorate in business intelligence. Doctorate holders typically earn more than those with a master’s degree.

Better Decision Making

In order for an organization to run efficiently and successfully, data-driven decision-making is essential. Therefore, businesses are investing more and more in business intelligence and data analytics. You can make well-thought-out ideas and solutions after completing a business intelligence PhD. 

Personal Growth

Aside from technical skills, you’ll gain soft skills that are integral to the personal growth of a person. Also, a PhD in business intelligence offers expert-level knowledge and skills that are unmatched in the field.

Cutting Edge Skills 

By earning an advanced degree, business intelligence professionals can gain new skills and explore theories. As the world changes, new skills are needed in the job market. And a PhD in business intelligence can fill you in on that aspect. 

Courses in an Online Doctorate in Business Intelligence

Courses in an Online Doctorate in Business Intelligence

Decision-Making in Finance

A business intelligence professional must be able to think critically and make good, quality decisions. Such skills can be mastered through the financial decision-making course. In order to make sound financial decisions, it is necessary to analyze the risks and calculate profits, as well as project potential outcomes.


Mathematical concepts are applied to real-life scenarios in doctoral statistics courses. Some of the topics discussed are how to display and describe data, probability, normal curves, regression, and statistical inference. This coursework also explores methods of determining probability and uses the data analysis method.

Enterprise Data Complexity

Students learn to integrate and analyze enterprise data effectively. Learners apply theoretical skills to practical business scenarios.

Research Foundation

A primary goal of this course is to prepare students for completing their dissertations. Learners gain research skills they can apply to nearly any business intelligence career.

Strategic Management

Through leadership exercises in the strategic management course, you can gain new perspectives and learn more about your leadership strengths.

Business Intelligence

Data mining tools and analytics are used in this course of study, in order to gain new insights into organizational operations, as well as operational data to create data warehouses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Doctorate in Business Intelligence graduates earn?

Online graduates of the Doctor of Business Intelligence degrees’ salaries can vary widely depending on whether they become academics or business professionals. If they choose to teach by profession, most university or college professors earn a salary of $80,840 per year. But this would depend on their tenure, subjects taught, and class size they’re handling.

As for researchers, computer and information research scientists can make a salary of $136,620 per year

At the start of a business intelligence career, a doctorate can earn no less than $71,000. At the entry level, managers make about $10,000 more than analysts; at the senior level, analysts make about $10,000 more.

Depending on a professional’s position, business intelligence wages can even reach $125,000. Although C-level executives can make a lot more money, they are extremely competitive, especially because there is such a wide range of professionals vying for these jobs.

Is an online Doctorate in Business Intelligence accepted and respected by employers and industries?

Online degrees won’t hurt any professional’s chances of working in business intelligence sectors. Due to the increasing number of online doctor degrees nowadays, many employers are accepting these degrees in general.

This community realizes that many working professionals enter the business intelligence field, so emphasizing a degree is not important. The only thing that matters is whether or not a student has a concentration in business intelligence.

Additionally, earning a degree online can be advantageous; students can continue to work full-time and implement the strategies and skills they learn in their classes in real time. It would be prudent for these professionals to ask their employers whether they will be able to assist with some of the costs of their degree.

The business sector will continue to be dependent on business intelligence. The demand for professional online programs will undoubtedly continue to rise, requiring higher education institutions to develop them. 

What is the program outcome for an online Doctor of Business Intelligence?

In business intelligence online programs, students learn how to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively, preparing them for successful careers in business. A graduate learns how to analyze data used in evidence-based decision-making and incorporate external and internal data.

You can expect to learn courses related to business, data science, business intelligence, strategic management, and computer science. 

Key Takeaways

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