5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Management

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In these modern times, it’s crucial to future-proof yourself through education and skills. And nothing compares to earning further education like an online Doctor of Business and Management with a concentration in Management.

All industries can benefit from your theoretical and practical education earned in this online doctorate. The move into teaching is a popular career pathway among Ph.D. graduates in Management. But this is not the only job opportunity you’ll have. There are many management occupations to explore. 

Typically, Management degrees focus on developing businessmen and women who understand today’s economy and the qualifications to succeed in all market conditions. The course of study may prepare online doctoral students for careers in accounting, finance, economics, research, project management, education, and website development.

A Management online program at the doctorate level may equip individuals with valuable skills, such as managing and mitigating risks, solving complex business problems, and communicating effectively.


The doctorate in Business and Management with a concentration in Management develops advanced leadership or research skills for those currently in or aspiring to be leaders or researchers.

Like a Doctor of Business Administration program, this also enables you to compete in saturated job markets, allowing you to land executive, director, and managerial positions. Doctoral degrees in Management prepare business professionals, educators, and government officials to put their soft and technical skills into practice. 

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As we selected the best online Doctor of Business and Management with a concentration in Management, these factors influenced our list of online programs:

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Doctors of Management

Anaheim University

Anaheim University

Doctor of Business Administration – Management

Typically, an online doctor of business administration (DBA) program with a concentration in management programs enables working professionals to obtain their doctorate even while committed to their current employment. With Anaheim University’s cutting-edge online infrastructure, students enjoy an interactive and intercultural learning environment unmatched anywhere else. 

There are major options for you in this online DBA program:

Sixty credit hours are needed to complete this online doctorate, including a dissertation. Expect to have world-class experts in each field provide live online webcam seminars. A doctoral degree in business administration can be earned in three years with a full-time commitment without paying hefty tuition costs.

Students enjoy a highly interactive online program with live online webcam seminars. The program also features highly qualified professors and guest speakers with doctoral degrees and extensive business experience. Another bonus is that you can network with individuals worldwide, providing a rich and culturally diverse environment to study.

Atlantic International University

Atlantic International University

Doctor in Business Management

The Doctor of Business Management program offered by Atlantic International University aims to help students pursue higher education and land faculty positions in business leadership, or consulting positions. Graduate students research areas such as finance, information technology, business management, marketing, operations, economics, human resource management, and leadership. This Doctorate in Business Management will benefit individuals committed to elevating themselves and contributing to society.

Some of the topics and core courses in this online doctorate are:

As a Ph.D. in management degree student, you’ll learn to maximize the limited resources available in many settings. Students may be able to develop and enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills through their studies.

Many busy professionals worldwide can now access distance learning through the School of Business and Economics. 

The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas - Naveen Jindal School of Management

Management Science PhD

University of Texas at Dallas’ Ph.D. in Management Science is carried through the Naveen Jindal School of Management. This online Ph.D. program focuses on rigorous scientific research using economics, math, behavioral science, and statistics. The program combines theory with empirical analysis and has a high faculty-to-student ratio. 

As a graduate student enrolled in a Management Science PhD, you can concentrate on the following areas of study:

Students comprehensively understand management principles through core and elective courses taught by research faculty. In addition to participating in PhD seminars, students also take part in faculty research projects while in graduate school. Students develop their research agenda and identify and develop research ideas quickly. Moreover, faculty mentorship is available for all online students to take advantage of.

Liberty University

Liberty University

Doctorate in Management and Organization

Liberty University’s 100% online PhD in Organization and Management program provides a comprehensive understanding of business theory and practice, giving you real-life opportunities to practice what you learned. This graduate program will help you prepare for your next career step, whether it is teaching college students or managing a team.

The doctoral program in organizational and Management allows you to develop research skills in this field. If you do not have a master’s degree in business, you can still apply to this program and gain a solid foundation in business that can help you pursue consulting and executive roles. 

Because Liberty University understands what it takes to create online programs, they have structured this online doctoral degree to become accessible, affordable, and high-quality. The organization and management doctorate is taught entirely online; most courses are only eight weeks long. The flexible format of our program allows you to earn your management degree from home while keeping your other commitments.

Walden University

Walden University

PhD in Management

This online PhD in Management program at Walden University offers a pathway to greater credibility, influence, and impact. This is best for online doctorate seekers looking to enter the education industry or business consulting firms. Walden’s Management PhD program has five distinct phases each preparing candidates for their dissertation.

PhD degrees in Management enable working professionals to excel as researchers, leaders, and changemakers in business and higher education. Upon completing the required courses, you can obtain a Master of Philosophy in Management as a second credential. Identify your interests and passions and tailor your exploration and research accordingly.

One of the best features of Walden University is its Doctoral Degree Coach, where you can find support and help on your doctor’s degree journey. In Walden’s PhD in Management program, you will learn how to create and consume knowledge effectively. This online degree will make learning more active when you develop critical thinking and leadership skills. 

Courses to Take in a Doctorate Degree in Business Management

Research Methods

This online Doctor of Management course aims to prepare students for coursework and capstone research projects. In this course, participants learn research methods related to Management, including surveys, interviews, and experiences. Scholarly journals publish the participants’ research and teach them how to conduct empirical research.

Statistical Analysis

In statistical analysis, large amounts of data are collected and analyzed to identify trends. Business people need to learn to analyze statistics for many business settings. A professional analyst determines correlations between variables to identify patterns and trends in raw data.


DBA programs often require econometrics as a core course because the subject helps students understand economic systems by studying statistical methods. Econometrics will require you to tackle both statistics and mathematics. 

Strategic Management

Through a strategic management course, you can step back and examine your leadership style and effectiveness. In this course, you’ll apply your leadership and strategic thinking skills. This is structured as an executive leadership coaching class. 

Human Resource Management

This core course in online Doctor of Management teaches students how to integrate HR strategies throughout the employee career life cycle. They also learn how to recruit, manage, and handle employees and keep them happy and content in organizations.  

Conflict Management

The course explores various topics and tools, including the types of conflict, the benefits of conflict, the sources of disagreement, the roles involved in conflict, and models and processes for managing conflict, which usually fall within Industrial and Organizational Psychology courses.

Management Theory

Students will learn how to recognize and solve organizational problems throughout this course. Students are exposed to traditional and contemporary approaches and writings in the curriculum to provide a well-rounded understanding of management theory.

Organization Innovation

Scenario-based learning is used here to teach students a course in organizational innovation. This management technique involves developing stories based on practical situations and other methods to promote organizational innovation. Predictive analysis is used to develop future business plans, and a study of innovation models and dissemination methods are also studied.

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Career Pathways You Can Take After Earning a Doctorate in Management

Researching the types of jobs you can hold with a doctorate in management degree is a great step in preparing yourself for the future after graduation. Check out the following career pathways that you can acquire:

Education Administrator

Student affairs workers, registrars, and college admissions counselors are some positions available when you enter education administrator jobs. Assessing information about students, advising students on academic matters, working closely with students as they pursue degrees, and maintaining detailed records are some of the things they do.

They manage budgets, implement educational policies, and work with faculty and academic departments. Deans and provosts are also considered postsecondary education administrators.

Chief Executive Officer

A chief operating officer is one of the most important positions in a company. They perform critical tasks that make or break businesses. They are in charge of ensuring all vision and mission of the company are retained and maintained in all departments and operations. They also work with the top management workers. 

Market Researcher Analyst

The role of market research analysts is to monitor and forecast market trends. They hold one of the most crucial roles in any business. They study and project sales and marketing trends in most fields of the industry so their employers can make more data-driven, strategic decisions about their products and services.

With their professional experience and a doctorate of business administration degree, marketing assistants and account representatives will be strong candidates for a career as a market research analyst.

Business Consultant

If you have a keen eye for details and an online Doctorate in Management in your belt, you can work as a business consultant. Companies usually hire a consultant to work on a specific project for a company, including reorganization and expansion. Consultants request and review data and information about the organization and suggest best practices based on their observations. 


Economists study a large volume of data, studying trends and issues. Using various technological tools and software programs, they analyze, report, measure, and suggest strategies to make businesses react better in economies.

Human Resources Director

A Director of Human Resources develops policies and implements them, plans and coordinates activities, and oversees various aspects of organizational staffing. They manage the entire human resource department. 

Strategic Planner

The role of a strategic planner is to propose and implement projects and business strategies. The plans may include steps to take along the way and a projection for the company’s future. Strategic planners are vital positions for many organizations today.


Logisticians can work in many businesses or companies. They can be particularly helpful in supply chains by analyzing data and checking where to improve. Managing the product life cycle, allocating materials, and working with suppliers and customers are all part of their responsibilities. 

What can graduates expect, career-wise, from a Doctorate in Management?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can graduates expect, career-wise, from a Doctorate in Management?

The Ph.D. in business management is usually intended for researchers or academics, but you can use it to acquire many other job positions. This graduate degree is often pursued by executives for specialization and advancement in their careers. This online doctorate should be part of your arsenal if you want to lead and get promoted. 

A typical doctor in Management comes with 60 credits in total. They may include courses such as econometrics, strategic planning, financial management, and research methods concerning global business transactions. Many online graduate students would finish it in four years, although applicants with transferrable master’s credits may be able to finish sooner. 

Many students also benefit from advanced analysis, problem-solving, and communication skills. Most programs expect enrollees to specialize in their course of study through a curriculum concentration. You should also expect to experience internships, dissertations, research, and capstone projects related to your specialization. 

How much does enrolling in an online doctorate in Business and Management cost?

Several factors influence the cost of an online management doctorate. For instance, residency can influence the cost. In some schools, prospective students from out of state usually pay higher tuition. Online students may, however, pay a flat fee regardless of where they live.

You should also consider the cost of books, technology fees, and other fees required for online learners. More or less, you can expect to pay for a doctoral program in Management with a tuition of $450 to $850 per credit. 

What is the job outlook for Doctorate in Management graduates?

As mentioned, higher job positions are expected when completing online Doctor of Management degree programs You can become a CEO, government agent, business leader, market research analyst, and policy decision-maker. Those with a Ph.D. in Management degree online can also become management professionals with careers in postsecondary administration and teaching management or business administration.

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