10 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Entrepreneurship

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As the business sector is constantly changing, entrepreneurs and business people today should be familiar and well-versed with the new advancements, growth, and policies to keep up with the demands of change. Hence, obtaining a doctorate degree in business is a sound decision.

No matter your entrepreneurial dreams, an online Doctor of Business and Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship degree can prepare graduate students for business development, establishment, and expansion.

Your academic credentials can be refined, and your career can be enhanced by completing Business Management specialization courses in a Doctor of Entrepreneurship program. The online Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship curriculum focuses on financial best practices, strategic management, organizational leadership, and ethical business principles.

There are many core entrepreneurship courses and even electives that deal with every aspect of running a business. As a result of their doctoral education in entrepreneurship, many doctoral graduates launch their own business ventures or acquire high positions in diverse industries. 

With a doctorate in entrepreneurship, you will gain a deeper understanding of the business world, hone your vocational abilities, and hone your vision. After all, 96% of self-employed people never want to work again after they launch their businesses successfully. A fifth of entrepreneurs own or manage their businesses with family members.

However, you can pave a career pathway in business and financial occupations since according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in financial and business sectors are projected to grow 8 percent in the next decade. 

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The study of entrepreneurship seems diverse and advanced. Some of the topics covered are statistical analysis, marketing, categorical data analysis, and venture capital. There may also be a requirement for business foundations in economics and finance in most programs. After completing an online Ph.D. in entrepreneurship, students will have honed their entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, business management, communication, and strategic thinking skills.

A Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship will require dissertation research, as is the case with most Ph.D. programs. Finally, there are many job positions that you can possibly acquire after graduation, depending on your personal and professional goals. 

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Our list of the best online Doctor of Business and Management with an Entrepreneurship focus was developed based on specific factors. Each doctorate school or program stands out with these excellent academic features:

Want to learn more about our ranking criteria and selection process? Visit our Methodology page.

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Online Doctors of Entrepreneurship

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

Doctorate in Business Administration Option in Entrepreneurship

What sets Oklahoma State University’s offerings apart from other doctoral Entrepreneurship programs is that they can be personalized based on students’ intellectual interests and faculty strengths. Research opportunities with faculty mentors are available to students, and they have the resources to work alongside each other, even in online formats. This online doctorate degree mixes both the importance of Entrepreneurship theory and practice. There will be a limited number of students admitted to each OSU program.

While they are primarily interested in innovative, growth-oriented ventures, they don’t fail to attract candidates who are interested in entrepreneurial behavior in all its forms. Students from startup businesses, large corporations, SMEs, and public agencies attend their online program. 

Some of the courses in this doctoral program are the following:

Students who qualify for a stipend through the School of Entrepreneurship and Spears School of Business can attend major national conferences in entrepreneurship with support from the School. Doctoral students can apply for competitive summer research grants.

Walden University

Walden University

Doctor of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

The Walden University Doctor of Business Administration with Entrepreneurship specialization provides insights into entrepreneurship processes and strategies used in companies and start-ups. Get a hands-on learning experience by combining theory with real-life strategies. Learn from actual experiences and relatable advice from your expert teachers. Develop your leadership skills by identifying market opportunities, managing risk and change, encouraging innovation, and raising capital. 

In this Ph.D., you’ll be able to examine how entrepreneurship can positively impact communities. A Walden student may petition for an extension of up to eight years to complete his or her doctoral program. However, there’s always the option to expedite and finish your degree faster. The doctoral study course is generally taken continuously until the capstone project has been approved. 

The University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma - Price College of Business

PhD in Entrepreneurship

There is nothing like a Ph.D. experience at the University of Oklahoma. Their prestigious Michael F. Price College of Business offers the Doctor of Business Administration, and prospective students can specialize in Entrepreneurship. In this program, you can work on cutting-edge entrepreneurship research from day one, and you have the opportunity to form a business network as early as the first day of your online education. 

A number of graduates from this program have moved on to become professors at some of the world’s most prestigious research universities. And this has become a strength for the University of Oklahoma. From the very beginning, students will work closely with faculty in order to publish in top entrepreneurship journals.

Alumni from the entrepreneurship program currently hold positions at OU, Texas Christian University, Virginia Tech, and Old Dominion. You’ll have plenty of employment opportunities waving at you after graduation. In addition to gaining competitive academic jobs, such training prepares students for research careers in the fields of entrepreneurship and business in general.

This online doctor of entrepreneurship can be finished in 4 years which is more time-saving than other programs requiring 5 to 6 years. As long as you study full-time and commit to your courses, you can finish this Ph.D. degree online on time. They also encourage close, mentor-driven relationships between doctoral students and faculty members in order to foster and develop scholarship and expertise. Rigorous training in statistics and research methodologies is also provided to all students.

For the Ph.D. in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship, doctoral coursework is required, as well as a general examination, dissertation, and research. Even non-MBA degree holders can pursue this doctoral degree as long as they have foundational knowledge in management, finance, economics, and accounting.

Baylor University

Baylor University - Hankamer School of Business

PhD in Entrepreneurship

To develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, Baylor offers a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship. Their online doctorate degree is an intensive and rigorous program that covers the history and theory of entrepreneurship. This also puts emphasis on preparing prospective students to become instructors and researchers in the field of business. 

Education, research, and outreach related to entrepreneurship have grown in importance since entrepreneurship fosters innovation, economic growth, and quality of life improvements. Due to this increasing growth and demand, many students would like to master their entrepreneurial skills through an online doctor’s degree.

In response to this demand, Baylor established a Ph.D. program in entrepreneurship. By leveraging Baylor’s reputation as a leader in this field, it trains the next generation of scholars that will guide this rapidly expanding field.

The Baylor Ph.D. will prepare you for leadership roles in academia. Apprenticeship is an important part of Baylor’s culture. Aside from formal classroom instruction, you’ll also learn research and teaching skills from faculty members. As part of their Ph.D. training, students are expected to work with faculty as they curate and publish their journals.

Regent University

Regent University

Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Entrepreneurial Leadership

You will gain the skills necessary to transform systems and teams by completing this executive doctoral program. What sets Regent apart from the rest is its Christian perspective towards higher education. You will learn theories and practical aspects of communication, team building, and organization from Regent’s Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) in the Entrepreneurial Leadership program.

You can expect to establish these outcomes after finishing this Doctor of Entrepreneurial Leadership program:

The School of Business & Leadership is composed of a sea of scholars and business experts in their respective sectors of business. They utilize a variety of interactive discussion modes as a choice of teaching.

California Intercontinental University

California Intercontinental University

Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management

An advanced degree from California Intercontinental University can help you move into a leadership position, expand your knowledge, or have an impact on the world. Whatever your academic and professional goals are, California Intercontinental University will be with you every step of the way. After all, their entrepreneurship and Business Management (DBA-EBM) is a doctorate that prepares students to conduct applied research and to become leaders. 

Doctorate candidates hone their research and writing skills in an academic or business environment while also learning advanced decision-making skills and techniques. Beyond industry applications, these foundational courses improve students’ analytical skills, strategic thinking, and process implementation.

Some of the outcomes that await you in this online doctorate are to develop your critical thinking skills as you lead local and global business ventures. You will also brush up on your written and oral communication skills. 

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University - College of Business

PhD in Entrepreneurship

As a Ph.D. concentration in Entrepreneurship at FAU, the program is designed to prepare nascent entrepreneurs for vital roles in research and teaching. Students pair up with a faculty mentor early in the doctoral program for executive coaching. This is a unique feature of Florida Atlantic University’s Ph.D. in the Entrepreneurship program. You will have to go through exams and a dissertation before finally graduating. 

Throughout the Ph.D. program, students are encouraged to develop independent inquiry skills and competency in research methodology and prepare them to become a well-versed business instructor. A vital part of the research process in the program is the interaction between faculty members and students. Coursework and research activities of faculty and students are introduced to students at the beginning of the program. 

Some of the business core courses in entrepreneurship that you’ll study are the following:

FAU is happy to boast that they have some of the world’s renowned instructors and faculty. Hence, every day is definitely a worthy day to learn from experts. It is a selective program with a relatively small class size, which enables students to work closely with faculty members. Many of their students have academic journal publications before graduation and regularly present their research at prestigious conferences. All these experiences contribute to landing a secure and high job position after graduation.

University of Louisville

University of Louisville - College of Business

PhD in Entrepreneurship

Doctoral programs in entrepreneurship are offered by the UofL College of Business, preparing and training graduates for careers in entrepreneurship research and education. Consider this online doctorate program if you would like to develop and disseminate new knowledge as part of your academic career.

They have world-class faculty members in the College of Business delivering seminars on entrepreneurship-related topics. During the second year of the doctoral program, doctoral students study entrepreneurship-focused topics and work on their dissertations. Overall, you can finish this doctor’s degree in four years if you study full time. 

This curriculum at the University of Louisville aims to produce academic scholars capable of presenting papers at conferences, publishing papers in journals, and teaching at universities. They expect students to succeed academically at leading universities. Hence, students can train as research and teacher assistants while enrolled in a doctorate curriculum. You’ll have a chance to practice teaching in an actual class.

Finally, the remaining three years of the program are spent writing doctoral dissertations after students have passed qualifying exams, taken the required courses, and written required papers.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - E.J Ourso College of Business

Ph.D. in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

Ph.D. graduates from LSU’s SDEIS program are prepared to pursue successful careers in entrepreneurship, education, and research. It is their main objective to produce contributors who can make societies and entrepreneurial environments better through their research and development.

To leverage opportunities, entrepreneurs gather and combine resources in a unique way, creating value. Students can gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship processes and outcomes by pursuing this track. In order to reflect individual intellectual interests, the program is highly personalized. 

Nonetheless, it involves internationally recognized faculty working in a top-tier academic institution to advance your career. You will have countless opportunities to work and collaborate with your professors online. 

In addition to developing analytical and technical abilities, you will learn research design, project management, and teamwork skills through coursework and independent research. A significant component of the program is also the ability to effectively communicate research findings to academic audiences and managers in the field. Aside from being a researcher and professor after graduation, you can potentially land a job as a data scientist.

The online coursework of this program will allow you to finish everything in four years. After completing the required core coursework, students will sit for the Comprehensive Exam. There is a full year to go before positions become available for doctoral students seeking academic careers.

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

Doctoral Studies in Management – Entrepreneurship

Wharton’s Management program prepares students for current management and leadership challenges in the public and private sectors. They focus on theory and research techniques for this doctoral curriculum. Their faculty members have diverse skills and interests, which allow you to learn from them.

With its Ph.D. in Management program, Wharton offers a flexible, interdisciplinary approach that applies theory, practice, and research methods. There are many specializations available, one of which is Entrepreneurship. Students develop individualized programs based on their own strengths, professors’ guidance, and their diverse interests.

In an effort to prepare for their entry into the job market in year four or five, students gain research experience while gaining multiple research papers under the direction of several faculty members.

Courses to Take in an Online Doctorate in Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the innovation and entrepreneurship course, students learn to examine how entrepreneurs perceive opportunities, manage risks, and maximize the resources available. This also involves planning entrepreneurial activities in a globalized, competitive environment while keeping in mind social, ethical, and cultural concerns.

Venture Capitalization

Students will be prepared to deal with various issues entrepreneurs face while seeking financial support for their ideas. The venture capitalization course is intended for this purpose. You’ll also learn how to negotiate effectively with capital providers and understand the pros and cons of each financing method.

Organizational Leadership

This course aims to give students a deeper understanding of how to define and determine staffing needs. As a student of this entrepreneurship class, you’ll be trained to supervise and manage staff. You can help resolve issues and evaluate coaching and supervision strategies that will work on employees and organizations.

Business Strategy

The Business Strategy course provides learners with the tools to think strategically and act accordingly. A framework for creating value and achieving outstanding financial performance will be taught, as well as an easy-to-grasp way for you to apply it.

Performance Management

An effective Performance Management System should be designed and implemented comprehensively in any organization. This course is a must for entrepreneurs. You’ll develop the leadership skills that are essential for effective Performance Management across all levels. You’ll be trained to work in global fields. 

Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Students will explore the many aspects of creating and growing new ventures, as well as learning to foster innovation and new business formation in the corporate and independent sectors.

Social Entrepreneurship

As part of the social entrepreneurship course, students will dissect all the modern entrepreneurial approaches to solving social problems today. You will have case studies that tackle social issues such as human rights, healthcare, education, and economic development all over the US and other nations. 

Entrepreneurial Finance

This course focuses on evaluating, financing, and capitalizing on new business opportunities. A more general definition of finance is that it studies resource allocation and valuation under uncertain circumstances.

Organizational Change and Development

The course looks at the forces that drive an organization’s change and development, explores the dimensions of change, and explores the methods of development.

Skills Needed for Doctorate in Entrepreneurship Graduates

Skills Needed for Doctorate in Entrepreneurship Graduates

Do you want to take your business career to the next level? Taking an online Doctor of Business and Management – Entrepreneurship concentration will help you develop the following skills:


There is nothing unusual about being pulled in multiple directions at the same time in business. You can easily get distracted and perform tasks in ineffective order. To accomplish anything meaningful, you need to have good focus and evaluate which tasks are most significant and critical. A doctoral degree program requires strong focus, and if you have mastered it, you will do well in actual business settings.

The goal of taking advanced business courses is to obtain new knowledge and research skills by concentrating for extended periods of time. In order to earn your doctorate in business, you will need to be able to focus intently on each stage of the capstone process.

Risk Tolerance

Uncertainty is a common experience for business owners. You will face a lot of struggles and challenges, and it can be confusing to make the best decision. There are times when you wonder between taking huge risks or playing safe and staying in your comfort zone to earn only a little. Additionally, you’ll also learn the risk of failure that comes with starting a new business is always present. You should grow your risk tolerance in order to be a fierce business owner in a competitive market. 


For most managerial positions, leadership is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. Motivating employees is essential in any business or company. In order to achieve your organization’s vision, you may need to develop a plan. And your employees and staff will have to follow your lead. In response to novel problems, entrepreneurs must make tough decisions, which is why leadership skills are a must for businessmen. 


You need to stay committed and work hard regularly in order to earn a Doctor of Business Administration or Entrepreneurship. To maintain a good balance between your education and all your obligations, you must dedicate enough time AND commitment to ALL of your obligations. It has never been easier to find that balance, thanks to online learning.

Commitment is an essential entrepreneurial character that’s easier to develop when learning an online doctoral program. With internet-based coursework, you can remain wherever you are. 

Writing Skills

Online learning can also help some people with academic writing. You can prepare for your capstone project’s ebbs and flows by scheduling your coursework flexibly. Since instructors and advisors are available to help, you can have them check your research and journal compilations. Real business settings require a lot of writing, and enrolling in a doctorate is a good ground for practicing your writing skills.

Time Management

As a full-fledged entrepreneur, you need to manage your time well. In addition to conscientiousness, project management experience can also improve skills such as time management. In order to keep every task at bay, you have to be organized and follow through with the sequence of important tasks. 

Online Doctor of Entrepreneurship - fact

Possible Careers after Graduating with an Online Doctor in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs play a valuable role in many fields, such as finance, marketing, sales, research, and development. A quick check on the Bureau of Labor Statistics would show you various career opportunities in business and finance fields. Furthermore, here are more possible careers that you can pursue after graduating with an online doctorate in entrepreneurship:

C-Suite Business Executive

A doctorate in business administration coupled with years of relevant experience allows professionals to reach C-level positions in your company’s hierarchy. Once you become the chief operating officer, you are usually responsible for overseeing employee teams, budgets, and projects for a company.

As the marketplace prioritizes data and metrics more heavily, executive leadership roles such as the C-suite are becoming increasingly technical. Hence, all the courses and skills you’ll learn in an online doctoral in entrepreneurship will help prepare you for such roles.

Organizational Manager

Employee programs and procedures are developed and implemented by an organizational manager. The programs they create should be aligned with the company’s vision and mission. Employee evaluations are also coordinated by organizational managers since they prioritize their employees’ well-being. Their goal is to increase employee satisfaction, boost productivity and improve employee experience.

Entrepreneurship Professor

It is common for professionals to become college professors after earning a doctorate. With a doctorate degree in entrepreneurship, you might teach business courses, finance, economics, and management classes. You can help other students acquire all the talents and knowledge needed for them to become effective businesspeople.

Based on their academic and professional backgrounds, these professors offer valuable insight. A professor prepares lesson plans, writes tests, and grades students based on performance.

Government Agent

In order to support and serve the agency’s mission, government agents may work in many different government departments. Since a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship will train you in many settings and situations, you can contribute to government sectors efficiently. You can contribute to them through valuable research and effective people management.


In order to understand the production and distribution of resources, economists study data, trends, assess supply chain management processes, and analyze economic issues. Many companies and industries are in need of these experts. Economists evaluate economic trends using various technological tools and software programs, as well as conducting surveys and statistical analyses.

A Ph.D. degree in entrepreneurship enhances the ability of economics professionals to interpret market research trends and forecast them. Additionally, their degree program will enhance their other soft skills like leadership skills, strategic thinking, and critical thinking skills. All these factors allow them to share their forecasts and predictions with businesses, governments, and the general public to help them make informed economic decisions.


The role of an entrepreneur entails the establishment of new businesses and the pursuit of unique organizational duties. A company’s operations may be planned and implemented by them. In order to launch a new venture, an entrepreneur may interview and hire employees. They perform a lot of tasks that contribute to launching a business successfully. 

Business Administrator

The duties of an executive administrator include ensuring all tasks are done and handling office communications. The role of these professionals is to maintain organization within an office and establish clear lines of communication within the office. As an executive administrator, you will have heavier responsibilities, such as making business decisions and handling business risks.

Project Manager

If you enjoy empowering others and working together effectively, becoming a project manager might be a good choice for you after completing your business administration degree program. Project managers may work as consultants or full-time for companies overseeing a variety of projects. Often, these professionals oversee project goals and milestones, collaborate with teams to ensure progress and assess projects at various stages. The lead manages timelines and budgets, allocates resources, and keeps key stakeholders updated.

Organizational Development Manager

The organizational development manager determines which types of training and development will help the organization reach its goals. Making development plans can be done by both teams and individuals under the supervision of an organizational development manager. Graduates of doctoral programs in business administration or entrepreneurship are perfect candidates for this position. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online Doctorate programs in Entrepreneurship offer financial aid and scholarships?

Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship online programs are similar to online master’s programs in entrepreneurship in that tuition and fees vary based on the school. The good news is that qualified students can find a variety of funding resources to help them pay for their education.

For those who think a doctorate degree is a far-fetched idea due to financial constraints, there are many financial aid options available for online students today. Many grants and scholarships are available based on an applicant’s individual needs, including federal and state aid. Employers may even offer financial incentives or support to their employees seeking further education.

How long does it take to graduate with an online Doctorate in Entrepreneurship?

Several factors help determine the length of an online doctor’s degree in entrepreneurship. In addition to credit hours, research and dissertation requirements, and full-time or part-time attendance, the length of a graduate program is determined by the curriculum’s requirements.

To determine the time required for completing the program of your choice, review the specifics and details of the program. Generally, a Ph.D. takes four to five years to complete while enrolled full-time. In some cases, a program can be completed in as little as three years without the requirement of a dissertation.

How much should students invest in a Doctorate in Management, emphasizing Entrepreneurship?

Costs for online doctorates in entrepreneurship depend on certain factors. Out-of-state students are often charged higher tuition at many institutions, so residency is an important consideration. However, there are universities and colleges that charge flat rates, regardless of the student’s location and residency.

Another consideration is the costs of online learning platforms and other tools and technologies. Often, online students are subjected to technology fees that do not apply to brick-and-mortar students. In a rough estimate, most online entrepreneurship doctorate charges $250 to $1200 per credit. You will need to invest a total of $25,000 to $60,000 for the entire program.

How do students get admitted to an online Doctor’s in Entrepreneurship?

Contrary to what some online doctorate students expect, getting admitted to an online Ph.D. in entrepreneurship is not as difficult as you expect. In fact, just like enrolling in an undergraduate or master’s degree, assessors would require you to submit similar documents and records.

Usually, they would ask you to submit your undergraduate or graduate diploma, academic scores, an updated resume or CV, some letters of recommendation, and GRE or GMAT test scores. Some schools may add or disregard some requirements, so it’s best to ask them directly. Remember that it’s important to review each program’s admission requirements and deadlines after identifying the programs you’re interested in.

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