10 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in International Business

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Every entrepreneur and business person knows how crucial lifelong learning is. Innovations and technologies evolve rapidly, as does the need to keep up with advanced systems and business tools.

With the rate of globalization increasing, many businesses and companies would venture more internationally. Earning the best online Doctorate in International Business will teach you negotiation skills, managerial techniques, and a global mindset. This program sets graduates up for higher professional roles.

With this online Ph.D. in international business, you’ll learn how to use global financial systems, among other accounting tools. Working in various fields with a Doctorate in International Business is possible. Unlike a specialized degree, this enables you to become a jack of all trades and allows expert practice in diverse fields.

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Graduates of a Doctor of International Business program gain the competency for elite academic and consulting professions in business and finance roles. Courses include Business Theory, Professional Development, Economics, and International Business, as well as independent study as part of an online Doctor of International Business degree.

One sector that actively hires international business experts is the business and financial industries. In the next decade, business and financial occupations will grow by 7%, according to federal data. With a Doctor of International Business degree, professionals attain career growth, stability, and higher pay in leadership roles.

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We’re here to help you find the best graduate school and Online Doctorate in International Business program! Each doctorate program that we recommend was picked based on these factors:

Explore our ranking process by visiting our Methodology page. 

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

10 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in International Business

Liberty University

Liberty University

Doctor of Business Administration in International Business

With Liberty, you can earn a doctor of business administration in international business from the convenience of your home. You can earn a DBA at Liberty University, focusing on International Business online. Students completing the International Business doctorate become prepared for leadership positions and are expected to tackle the nuts and bolts of doing business globally.

As you strategize and spearhead global projects and initiatives, you will easily become a company’s asset. At Liberty, students are their main focus. Wherever your career takes you, they will help you lead with excellence and integrity, balancing it with Christian values. An online DBA in International Business from Liberty University may be the right choice for working professionals seeking a regionally accredited degree.

To ensure your success, this online DBA in International Business degree program is designed for you. With its 60 credit hours, the DBA program in International Business is equipped with all the technologies and tools to make online learning fun and efficient. For instance, using WebEx, you can have meetings with professors and classmates. 

Anaheim University

Anaheim University

Doctor of Business Administration in International Business

Working professionals can earn a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree online while working full-time, regardless of where they live. This DBA concentrates on international business. Unlike any other institution, Anaheim University provides an interactive online learning system. You can practice and learn alongside other international students worldwide. 

Once you concentrate on International Business, you must take nine foundational courses with dissertations equal to 60 credit hours. You must also partake in webinars with experts in each field from around the globe through live webcams. The Anaheim University DBA program prepares students to excel as managers or entrepreneurs in management, marketing, human resources, accounting, finance, or IT. 

This online Doctor of International Business offers online students reasonable tuition fees, financial aid, and tuition assistance. You can complete it in three years as long as you study full-time. 

Florida International University

Florida International University - Business

PhD in Business Administration – International Business

Florida International University offers a PhD in Business Administration program with a concentration in International Business. After completing this online doctorate, graduates become qualified to work in strategic management, entrepreneurship, and international business.

Many of the graduates and alumni of this doctoral program landed jobs as professors in different universities and colleges. Some have also received awards for outstanding dissertations from major professional associations. Additionally, they have published papers in reputable journals.

The international business faculty are reputable scholars who actively contribute to business journals. They also hold leadership positions in major professional organizations and serve as editors or on the editorial boards of top journals.

Because of these credentials, this Doctor of International Business program prepares you for a successful academic career by connecting you with world-class faculty. They emphasize both methodological and theoretical training in their online PhD program. By conducting and presenting quality research, students work collaboratively with faculty.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business

PhD in Management and Human Resources – International Business

PhD programs in Management and Human Resources aim to develop top-quality management researchers ready to take on diverse roles such as international business, human resource management, and strategic management.  A core characteristic of a PhD in international business is its multidisciplinary approach, which covers psychology, math, economics, political science, and sociology courses.

IB students will greatly benefit from being exposed to these principles. Although these disciplines are motivated by similar questions, approaches, and domains, IB is driven by its own questions, approaches, and domains. IB studies how and why businesses conduct their business activities differently across national contexts and how these differences impact multinational and domestic companies.

This university’s doctoral program offers a unique educational experience unlike any other. This online Doctor of International Business program teaches students how to independently develop ideas, theories, and concepts and contribute important new insights to current knowledge.

To gain these capabilities, PhD students must devote much time and mental energy to their studies. Consequently, Ohio State University seeks applicants with excellent educational backgrounds, high motivation for completing the program’s rigorous requirements, and aptitude for research.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University - Chaifetz School of Business

PhD in International Business and Marketing

The PhD in International Business and Marketing at Saint Louis University is a scholarly and research-based program. The program prepares students to work in higher education institutions and is equipped to contribute to multiple industries worldwide. Students can contribute to the marketing and international business strategies through the program’s development, integration, and dissemination of knowledge. 

SLU’s international business and marketing doctoral program equips learners with the theoretical and practical knowledge to succeed in rigorous academic disciplines. There are 54 credits required for SLU’s PhD in international business and marketing. The curricular objective is to develop students’ intellectual potential by advancing research skills and acquiring and applying knowledge. 

Students will gain a solid foundation for productive careers in business school academia through coursework, teaching, research seminars, and dissertation experience. As well as participating in academic and professional conferences, SLU’s international business and marketing PhD students work closely with faculty to enhance their research and teaching abilities.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

PhD in International Business

With a PhD in International Business from Southern New Hampshire University, you can pursue executive-level careers in applied business or opt for a teaching career in higher education. You will acquire extensive theoretical knowledge and independent thinking skills in this research-oriented program. You’ll attend international business seminars and methodology courses for hands-on, interactive education.

Your doctoral work will be focused on a particular area of professional and personal interest if you pursue a PhD in International Business. All students enrolled in the program at SNHU are expected to succeed. Scholars and scholarship are developed through one-on-one interactions.

SNHU’s PhD in International Business program offers flexible scheduling and career support to meet the needs of all students. Participants in the program are pursuing future academic and professional goals by developing their scholarly knowledge. Through positional or non-positional leadership opportunities, this program graduates can influence others’ ideas and actions.

Research courses, doctoral conferences, and dissertation completion are significant parts of the educational experience. All these opportunities and experiences will help prepare you to become a master in education and other international business positions.

University of North Carolina Greensboro

University of North Carolina Greensboro

PhD in Business Administration – International Business

Get ready to enroll at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and participate in an original research project as you learn conceptual and empirical research methodologies. As a result of your research, you can contribute to the academic, government, and private sectors.

There are no face-to-face classes in this PhD in International Business program. Only orientation and proposal defenses will be required on campus.

You can complete this entire doctorate in 5 years. And you can choose to specialize in organizational behavior and strategy aside from international business.  Students will select a focus through the course work, independent study, and dissertation they complete as part of their degree program.

National University

National University

Doctor of Business Administration in International Business

Business leaders and managers in the private and public sectors may apply for the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program if they’re aiming to sharpen their business and leadership skills. This online Doctor of Business Administration program offers a concentration in international business and is a research-based degree. While the PhD program emphasizes theoretical knowledge, the DBA program emphasizes the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

To obtain a professional degree, a doctoral thesis can be based on a practical problem or a proposed innovation rather than an original contribution to the body of knowledge. International business and management schools increasingly recognize the DBA as a post-MBA (or equivalent master’s degree) alternative combining academic research and business and management.

California Miramar University

California Miramar University

Doctor of Business Administration – International Business Administration

An online Doctor of Business Administration in international business administration is available at California Miramar University. In this online doctoral program, your knowledge of business trends, research, and theories will help you compete for senior-level positions in business.

A DBA degree shouldn’t prevent you from advancing your career because of your busy working schedule. Because of this, CMU offers several affordable and flexible online DBA degree programs, ideal for individuals juggling work and family obligations. Using their online DBA degree program, you can confidently pursue a career by enhancing your skills and knowledge gained from your acquired degrees, the workplace, and life.

In international business settings, modern companies require domestic and foreign managers to understand the cultural, economic, political, and legal contexts in which their companies operate, as well as the ability to make management decisions in international settings. Nevertheless, understanding and managing international organizations is the focus of this specialization.

Keiser University

Keiser University

Doctor of Business Administration in Global Business

The Keiser University Doctor of Business Administration program prepares working professionals to adapt internationally to rapidly changing business models. Designed to develop practical approaches to new and emerging challenges, the program incorporates a rigorous curriculum that combines theory and applied research. 

This online doctoral program is facilitated by business professionals who are instructors. They teach online students to become effective leaders and decision-makers by analyzing literature and case studies about international fields. This online DBA degree is offered through the Keiser University Graduate campus. They boast a sturdy, supportive, and reliable student-support system, enabling students to complete their doctoral degrees online.

Benefits of Studying an Online Doctor of International Business

Gain Transferable Skills

Cultural awareness and curiosity are essential skills for international business graduates. But aside from these two, you will gain transferable skills during your degree, which can equip you better in real-life work settings.

Improve Market Conditions

A Doctorate in International Business online can lead to executive and leadership opportunities. As you become an expert in your field, you can improve market conditions in your industry. 

Enjoy Career Advancement Possibilities

Online PhD degrees can help international business students advance their careers. For instance, there is a need for researchers in global organizations, and PhD holders are best qualified.

Save Money

A top-notch degree can be attained online while saving thousands of dollars for graduates of an online program. Online Doctor of International Business programs are usually priced lower than their on-campus counterparts. Aside from being cheaper than brick-and-mortar programs, online programs also give students the flexibility and comfort of studying from home.

Work in Borderless Business Settings

A career in travel is a great choice if you wish to travel outside your country. And expertise in international business will complement your lifetime dream of traveling. After all, international business is all about making connections, so you’ll have the opportunity to travel and network abroad.

Gain a Broader Business Perspective

Understanding the international business environment will help you personally and professionally. You become more aware and ready to venture and have broader business perspectives. It gives you a valuable advantage to know about global business strategy, and international financial markets, learn global business trends, and understand how global supply chain management works.

Common Courses to Take in an Online Doctoral Degree in International Business

Survey Research

The PhD requires a significant amount of research, which an International Business student will find useful. They usually find jobs in research for large corporations or international organizations. Students learn how to develop theories from survey data through this online course. This course is for professionals working in a research-related field.

Industrial Organization

A company’s or organization’s business management strategy must be aligned with regulatory policies. Various organizations in various countries are discussed in detail in this course. 


The econometrics study heavily relies on statistics, which all PhD in international business students should be familiar with. The course discusses the theories about economic systems based on statistical data. This course focuses on market-based global operations. 

Management Accounting

Students studying international business at the PhD level need to understand management accounting. This business course integrates accounting with research, making students capable of analyzing financial data and finding new solutions to problems. Accounting skills are necessary in any multinational or international organization, especially in leadership positions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with an online Doctor of International Business?

A Doctor of International Business degree will open numerous opportunities for you. You can work for multinational corporations or in academic research with a PhD or Doctorate in International Business, and you may command a higher salary with your new degree.

Some careers to pursue are chief executive officer, head researcher, business development manager, strategic management director, university professor, and senior risk management expert. 

How much does enrolling in an online Doctor of International Business cost?

The courses in PhD international business programs can cost between $300 to $1,500 per credit. Prices would vary depending on the learning institution. Several factors can affect your tuition rate, such as where you go to school, how many credits you require to graduate, and how much financial aid you receive.

Also, you might consider schools that offer special pricing models. There are tuition discounts, payment plans, and other financial options that can reduce these online tuition. 

What will you learn in an online Doctor of International Business?

It is more common for PhD programs in international business to prepare students for academic careers at universities than to teach them how to manage people in multinational corporations. Several PhD candidates choose to become researchers at the United Nations as a career path.

It usually takes three to six years to complete a PhD degree program in International Business. The core courses include Information Systems, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, Management Accounting, Finance, and other related courses pertaining to international or multinational organizations.

Why choose to study Doctor of International Business online?

Doctors of International Business build strong foundations in finance, marketing, and management and gain a perspective of international markets. Additionally, you can complete your coursework faster by enrolling in an online program.

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