5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Project Management

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There is a great demand for project managers across industries. Every business or organization’s objectives are met when the leader or person in charge is well-organized and knowledgeable of effective project management flows and strategies.

With a doctorate in Project Management, professionals rise above their competition. They acquire strategic management competency and become better qualified for leadership roles in the field, with opportunities expected to grow by 6 percent in the next decade. 


The Project Management Institute predicts that by 2027, roughly 87.7 million project management jobs will need to be filled. Make it to the top of the career ladder with a doctorate!

Project Management students can complete their doctoral program online even when working full-time. The online Project Management degree curriculum at the doctoral level is typically as rigorous as one of a brick-and-mortar program, which means students have similar opportunities for advancement upon graduation.

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We help you find the best Project Management online doctoral program for you! Each doctorate and graduate school is ranked based on the following factors:

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Project Management

National University

National University

PhD BA in Project Management

An online PhD BA in Project Management degree is available at National University. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, project management is critical to the success of 97% of organizations. This PhD in Project Management specialization enhances your knowledge, skills, and understanding of how organizational effectiveness and project success are achieved.

After this doctorate, you’ll be well-versed in anything project-related. This course covers managing and overseeing business projects, managing budgets, controlling costs, assessing risks, negotiating contracts, and reporting performance.

Project Management Institute recognizes this program as a Global Provider Enrollment Registered Education Provider. Approximately 16 courses make up National’s 48-credit DBA program, and this Doctor of Business Administration with a Project Management concentration can be completed online in 390 months.

Some of the courses that you need to take before graduation are the following:

LIGS University

LIGS University

PhD in Project Management

What sets this PhD apart from the rest is that it is internationally recognized. A Hawaiian-based university, LIGS University offers a PhD in Project Management online. In this degree, research and theses are required. Students will develop expert hypotheses by diversifying business risks, innovating, and reshaping key processes. A triple imperative approach is used to evaluate scientific theories.

Every day, managers, entrepreneurs, and specialists in various fields work on projects. A doctorate in project management is enough for you to elevate your skills and get updated knowledge to make workflows more systematic.

Whether a project is successful depends heavily on its team. Hence, project managers should develop people management skills and ensure they lead the team well for success. LIGS University encourages students to understand team dynamics, team building phases, and team members’ roles. Managing risks and changes in a realistic setting allows students to gain excellent experience.

Students at LIGS University have the option to study independently and at their own pace. There won’t be pressure as you finally graduate with an online Ph.D. in Project Management. You do not have to meet any deadlines for completing your study obligations. You will be guided through difficult times and moved forward throughout your studies by study advisors and experienced lecturers.  

Capella University

Capella University

PhD in Project Management

Capella’s online Ph.D. in Business Management with a concentration in Project Management prepares you to lead complex projects worldwide. By learning leadership theories, practices, and contemporary project management methodologies, this module will help you develop your leadership skills. Take your project management career to the next level as you become a research leader, culminating in a dissertation that advances the field of project management. 

Project Management is a concentration offered by Capella University’s PhD in Business Management program to promote the development of the research skills and business knowledge necessary to lead projects successfully. The program will provide you with the skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects in various global business settings. Get ready to start drafting your portfolio and use it to land leadership and executive roles in your current organization. 

During and after this online doctorate in project management, you’ll be able to master and practice the different project management theories that you learned. You’ll be adept at communicating effectively, researching effectively, writing clearly, and critically thinking to ensure project management success. You should also be able to integrate research and practice to contribute new knowledge to the field. Finally, you can employ ethical leadership strategies in a variety of contexts.

Liberty University

Liberty University

Doctor of Business Administration in Project Management

Get ready to gain skills and knowledge related to project management while preparing for success in the top tiers of business with Liberty University’s online Doctor of Business Administration – Project Management degree. A biblical worldview informs the teaching of marketing strategies and management practices in this online terminal degree. If you want to strengthen your Christian faith while elevating your project management skills, enrolling at Liberty is best. 

They offer a DBA in Project Management degree that can prepare you for assessing projects, strategizing, and executing successful projects that consider client relationships, time management, and quality control. The Liberty University Business School can prepare you to become a Champion for Christ in the business world. Even their professors have a wealth of business experience and can provide real-world advice and applicable tips in various settings. 

Liberty offers a flexible format for our DBA degree program and an excellent academic education. Even better, you don’t have to log in for fixed-schedule classes. This is why many working professionals prefer this online PhD program. With their doctoral degree in project management program, you will learn about how politics, culture, and geography affect business and the development of human resource management programs. 

All aspects of project management must be understood on all levels with this online doctorate program. Some courses allow you to achieve excellence in your career and become a valuable asset. Students in this online Doctor of Business Administration in Project Management program will have the opportunity to develop relationships with classmates and professors alike. Through these interactions, you can build important business and personal relationships.

Atlantic International University

Atlantic International University

Doctor of Project Management

A doctorate in project management from Atlantic International University benefits professionals already working in their field by advancing their credentials, promotional opportunities, and income. The curriculum will extend online students’ knowledge into important areas of research and management and expand their knowledge of the field.

Furthermore, students can study and research many areas of computer science within this program, which gives them a unique interdisciplinary perspective that makes them more prepared for a wide variety of careers in the field. In this program, students can create their course of study and have flexibility and autonomy.

Some of the courses you’ll take in this online Doctor of Project Management are:

Through AIU’s online library, Ph.D. online students can access all the necessary sources and research information. The online curricula at AIU are similar to those offered online, and students should be prepared for rigorous and self-paced studying. Students will graduate with a doctorate in project management, allowing them to assume strategic leadership roles in leading projects using theory and practice. 

This online PhD program aims to develop the professional development of management graduates and project managers by enhancing their knowledge and giving them broad research and project management skills. After graduation, graduates can contribute to their chosen fields as project managers, professors, or business leaders. 

Skills Expected of Online Doctorate in Project Management Graduates

Skills Expected of Online Doctorate in Project Management Graduates


All Project Management skills are based on collaboration. Getting work done quickly and efficiently is made possible by collaboration in project management. Through team coordination, you can gain insights into your project that your team might not be able to provide. As a project manager, you must have good collaboration skills.


It is more effective for your team to work together than alone since everyone has something to contribute. Equally, as a leader, you must have high teamwork skills to be a role model for everyone to work effectively as a team. After all, teamwork makes everyone feel welcomed, valued, and supported to contribute.


Project managers are often bombarded with too many things on their plates. Sometimes, multiple projects overlap deadlines and tasks. People generally think organizational skills are either something they have or don’t have. However, you can develop and grow your organizational skills to be an effective project manager. 


Certain aspects of your plan will change at some point, whether it’s this project or the one after it. Unprecedented situations arise here and there. To keep up and stay focused on the goal, project managers should be adaptable to changes and circumstances. The best project managers can pivot and adapt to new situations to keep their teams on course.

Possible Careers for Online Doctorate in Project Management Graduates

Online doctorates in project management can prepare you for various leadership roles. The graduates of these programs are capable of supervising any size project. It’s time to grow your confidence and land a high-paying job like the following: 

Architecture Project Manager

Architectural project managers supervise the design process within architectural firms. Their job is to ensure that materials and methods adhere to safety and structural standards and meet regulatory requirements. Architecture project managers are prepared to lead teams or run their businesses.

Engineering Project Managers

An engineering project manager must have an engineering or advanced project management degree. It is required that they have at least seven years of experience. They are responsible for leading engineering teams and adhering to project schedules. In addition, they make sure safety standards are met. There are many industries to participate in this field.

Marketing Project Managers

A marketing project manager designs and implements strategic marketing campaigns. They must provide excellent customer service and maintain good client relations while managing tight deadlines.

Software Development Project Managers

They are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in software development. They are responsible for facilitating the development and implementation of new software programs. Their expertise in multiple programming languages allows them to supervise teams of programmers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to earn an online Project Management PhD?

It usually takes four to six years to complete a traditional PhD program, while online doctoral programs take about three to five years. Several factors, however, affect the time it takes to complete a project. Completion time is affected by enrollment status. You must also consider whether you want to study part-time or full-time.

As expected, the course load is heavier for full-time students than for part-time students. The average time it takes part-time students to complete program requirements is shorter than the average time for full-time students. Therefore, a full-time student will likely earn their degree faster than a part-time student.

Are there professional organizations for individuals with an online PhD in Project Management to join?

PhD students who earn their degrees online in project management can become members of professional organizations. The opportunities and resources provided by these organizations are beneficial to students. There may be opportunities to participate in additional training programs and seminars or receive certifications. Students interested in project management should consider joining the following professional organizations.

Some of the associations to join are the following:

What classes do students take in an online PhD in Project Management?

There is no distinct difference between online and on-campus PhD project management programs. Students develop project management skills during coursework and learn to perform research and write effectively. However, there are differences in the course offerings and curriculum structures between universities. Despite their differences in content, these online courses share the same business and management principles.

Some of the common courses offered in Ph.D. programs in project management online are:

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