5 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Negotiation & Conflict Management in 2023

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Once you’ve earned a undergraduate degree or master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management, you may have already started paving your career and aiming for secure jobs and titles. The good news is there’s an even more effective way to acquire leadership roles in your field of expertise when you consider enrolling in an online Doctor of Negotiation and Conflict Management. 

This online terminal degree can help you advance your career in management, human resources, finance, and labor relations. In many cases, you can secure a job as a mediator. The demand for arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators will grow by 6 percent in the next decade, says the Labor Statistics Bureau. Therefore, it’s a great step towards achieving job security. Other than this, PhD graduates always have the option to land teaching positions at universities and colleges.

You can maximize your career options with a PhD in Negotiation and Conflict Management earned online. It will also make you earn better. Career paths in this field are not straightforward or universal; it would need you to plan and tailor fit every core course and elective to design the outcomes.

Conflict Management degree programs at the doctoral level attract applicants from diverse bachelor’s degree and master’s degree studies. Use an online doctoral program in conflict management to attain your goals.

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Online Negotiation and Conflict Management doctoral programs prepare you to work with individuals or global organizations. You will also have the credentials to become a professor at a prestigious university. Since this gears toward a professional career track, you will gain access to the most prestigious and high-paying top positions in many organizations. This is because conflict management teaches soft skills, preparing you for private, public, and nonprofit careers. 


Our list of online doctoral programs in Negotiation and Conflict Management is chosen based on the criteria below: 

  • Offered as an online or hybrid doctorate program of the same academic quality as on-campus PhD programs,
  • Features the core courses of a Negotiation and Conflict Management doctorate program while also developing the critical thinking, communication, research, and leadership abilities of students,
  • Delivered thru state-of-the-art synchronous and asynchronous online learning formats,
  • Results to different career pathway possibilities, specifically in leadership and top management roles,
  • Taught by doctoral degree holders who are also well-versed in Business Administration and leadership principles as they pertain to the Conflict Management program,
  • Obtained regional accreditation from academic organizations and agencies that set the standards of instruction at the doctoral level. 

More information can be found on our Methodology page.

Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Negotiation & Conflict Management

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University - Halmos College of Arts and Sciences

PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

This online PhD program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution equips you with a solid theoretical and practical foundation. Students in this program can expect to study interdisciplinary research, develop policy and program proposals, engage in historical criticism, analyze culture, and develop theoretical foundations.

The purpose of this PhD program is to give one an in-depth understanding of conflict resolution and develop viable resolutions through a combination of theory, research, and practice. 

Your doctoral studies will equip you with skills that will allow you to publish quality and substance publications relevant to your areas of interest. Online students are grateful for the faculty and their online classmates’ support. In Nova Southeastern University’s PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, you will experience project-based learning and fieldwork throughout your program.

There are four specializations for you to choose from:

  • Global Conflict
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Conflict in Organizations
  • Community-based Conflict

Developing communication skills is a critical competency for today’s professionals that will help them solve problems and improve their environments so they can thrive. Nova Southeastern University has graduates who have achieved great things after completing a degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. 

George Mason University

George Mason University

PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

A doctoral program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University provides students with advanced study in conflict analysis and conflict resolution. After graduation from this online doctoral program, you can land jobs as a theoretician, professor, policy administrator, researcher, and conflict management analyst. 

Knowledge of theory and process is closely connected in the program to resolving conflict. For this purpose, training in research and analysis methods is provided. Also, students are expected to have basic knowledge about conflicts and issues related to their dissertation topic. The number of credits required will automatically be reduced by 15 because master’s degrees or equivalent are required for admission.

Once a student is admitted to the program, a review of courses taken is conducted with the advisor and the Graduate Programs Director to determine the actual number of credits applied. The coursework, comprehensive paper, advancement to candidacy, and dissertation must be completed within nine years of admission to the program. It is said that within six years of admission to the program, students should have advanced to candidacy.

Tufts University

Tufts University - Fletcher

Online PhD in International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

The International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution online doctorate is available at Tufts University. This online doctorate examines conflict issues both in domestic and international settings. A wide range of approaches to international conflict resolution are covered, enabling you to learn different approaches toward resolution and negotiation. 

Social issues about culture, race, business, religion, and gender are dissected in conflict and resolution discussions. Tufts graduate students gain deep knowledge, practical experience, and professional resources to achieve their goals. The graduate programs and degrees the university offers combine the academic excellence of a top-rated research university with the collaborative spirit and commitment to helping online students succeed.

Throughout the program, you will develop lasting relationships, build a network of experts, and explore and address realistic issues in many industries today. Whatever your studies or goals, you’ll gain skills and knowledge that will enable you to build a meaningful career and be surrounded by people and ideas that inspire and motivate you.

University of Massachusetts, Boston

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Online PhD in Global Governance and Human Security

To become a creative global problem solver, you must combine interdisciplinary knowledge and hands-on research experience. Fortunately, this is the approach of the University of Massachusetts Boston for their online PhD in Global Governance and Human Security program. Issues brought upon about peace, human rights, public health, environment, economics, and politics are discussed and addressed in this online doctorate.

As you learn this online PhD degree, you’ll be able to develop transdisciplinary research design and methods skills. You can also utilize creative and interdisciplinary approaches to understand critical issues. Get ready to build a solid theoretical global governance and human security foundation.

Researchers and practitioners who complete the interdisciplinary PhD Program become ready for careers in academia, media, research, private organizations, and national governments. Across the globe, UMass provides comprehensive environmental, development, and sustainability governance training and cutting-edge research that link analytical rigor to policy action. Through this, you’ll be able to assess, identify, and respond to issues related to human security in geopolitical and governance contexts.

Sullivan University

Sullivan University

PhD in Management – Conflict Management

It is widely recognized that the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is the most prestigious research doctorate in the world. Sullivan University proudly offers a PhD in management with a concentration in conflict management, which can be taken 100% online. The program includes a solid foundation in individual and group behavior, management theory, strategy, innovation management, and human capital. This program teaches students how to conduct quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method studies.

The mission of this online Doctorate in Conflict Management degree program is to prepare students for leadership and scholarship in their organizations by providing opportunities for them to be practitioners, researchers, and apply scholars. Additionally, the institution offers training and teaching options for you if you wish to enhance your career.

A dedicated and talented faculty guides and mentors students through coursework and research projects. The faculty and students have collaborated on numerous scholarly articles and presentations at professional conferences. They emphasize developing and maintaining relationships with faculty and fellow students through a cohort model.

This curriculum is designed to teach you how to conduct research and develop research professionals. To earn this degree, you will have to work hard and sacrifice. 

It is about reaching a new level intellectually, personally, and professionally with a PhD in management. In addition to providing valuable experience, there are teaching and research assistant positions for you to practice your educational skills. This is helpful if you want to become a professor after graduation.

It’s crucial for the advancement of any field that new, compelling ideas are presented. A Doctoral Degree is a perfect example of this. The goal of their dissertation research program is to help you master quantitative and qualitative research methods and analysis that will ultimately yield subject expertise in your field.

Sample Courses for Online Programs in Negotiation and Conflict Management Doctorate


It is common for doctoral candidates to complete their dissertations near the end of their studies. Research is conducted by the students themselves or by evaluating previous research; then the committee reviews the findings.

Intercultural Communication

It is common for people with different cultural backgrounds to come into conflict due to cultural differences. A course like this teaches students how to translate and mediate conflicts between different groups of people.

Global Conflict

Conflict resolution specialists and diplomats are responsible for high-stake situations of conflicts between governments and resolving such conflicts.

Leadership Psychology

Effective leadership is taught in these classes. Students learn how to handle the various personalities of the leaders they will meet throughout their careers.

Skills Needed for Conflict Managers

It is imperative to have conflict management skills in order to unlock and resolve complex issues in societies and communities. Here is a guide to acquiring the necessary skills through Conflict Management programs for helping you manage conflicts within your team, no matter how small or big.

Emotional Intelligence

Your team members and you may be experiencing conflict if there are miscommunications and misunderstandings. But before coming up with compromises, it’s important to have the capacity to learn and understand where each person is coming from. After all, conflict management skills will be useless if you do not know why someone is frustrated and agitated. 

You may wonder why your team’s motivation isn’t high if you don’t recognize that your management style is stressing them out. The thing is, you’re the problem in this case. In contrast, if you blame the employee instead due to a lack of emotional intelligence, the conflict has worsened.


Resolving some conflicts fairly easily is possible, while others can take time and make people pretty angry. The importance of patience in conflict management can’t be overstated. You should never get angry when a conflict tests your patience, regardless of how much or for how long. It is okay to be firm and stern, but the problem will always worsen if you show obvious frustration. You need to extend patience in dissecting the issue carefully, without being unfair to anyone. 

Positive Mindset

When you feel negative emotions, you will feel more negative emotions. As a conflict manager, you need to have a positive mindset. The majority of conflicts can be resolved while staying positive. And it’s also worth saying that you are what you attract. Hence, when you stay positive in an unlikely situation, you can attract positive emotions and responses from others.

It is important to keep all discussions neutral in tone if you want to resolve conflict in a positive manner. Encouraging participants to approach the conversation with an open mind and a calm spirit is important. Working from this mindset makes finding a meaningful solution far more likely.

Active Listening Skills

Not all leaders are blessed with good listening skills. While some are great speakers, they tend to neglect the importance of proactively listening to others. As a conflict management expert, you need to acquire this important skill. It’s crucial to follow through when someone is discussing something with you. Always listen to their reasons and opinions.

A person’s exact phrasing and points are more apparent when you listen actively. Your response might be similar, or you might ask a question to clarify. This way, the person with whom you’re speaking will know you’re on the same page as them. 

Open Mindedness

Leaders should be open-minded and broad-minded to many possible issues and conflicts. It’s important to stay grounded with judgment and not overreact too soon. Organizing a meeting with all the people involved is a great way to accomplish this.

Conflicting parties can openly communicate their views about the circumstances in this meeting. As a team leader, you can use this moment as a springboard for conflict resolution. Allow everyone to express their ideas and go through their reasoning with an open mind. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be taught in an online doctorate in Negotiation and Conflict Management?

PhD students pursuing conflict management and negotiation programs may study specific areas of interest as they relate to conflict resolution, negotiation strategies, social issues, and conflict understanding. Usually, an online PhD in Negotiation and Conflict Management comes with research, capstone projects, and dissertations. Developing solutions to real-world problems is emphasized heavily in many online doctoral programs.

What are the admission requirements for an online Doctor of Negotiation and Conflict Management?

Online doctorate in Negotiation and Conflict Management students should prepare for their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. They must submit their GRE or GMAT scores. Also, students should have previous experience in accounting and finance to gain a basic understanding of business principles. It’s a plus to have work experience as some online doctoral programs require this.

What skills do conflict managers need?

Communicating effectively in adversarial situations is an essential skill. A conflict resolution plan is as important as understanding its causes and how to resolve it. It is important to understand both the verbal and physical language used during negotiations and conflict management to prevent situations from deteriorating.

Successful conflict prevention means spotting a spark before it becomes a wildfire and dealing with it before it escalates. Hence, conflict managers and negotiation experts should be keen on observing everyone’s behavioral tendencies in advance.

Why is a PhD in Negotiation and Conflict Management important?

There are many reasons why an online PhD can help you land better jobs. But obviously, education is a major determinant of salary. Aside from seeking better-paying jobs, PhD holders in conflict management are considered to be experts in their field. Additionally, advanced degrees are regarded with prestige and authority. In turn, many businesses and organizations would love to hire you.

Key Takeaways

  • The highest qualification in the alternative dispute resolution field is a PhD in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Academic scholarship and professional mediation are both viable careers with doctoral degrees.
  • Relevant experience determines the career opportunities for PhD students and graduates. The Conflict Management industry offers many jobs as human resources managers, dispute resolution specialists, and conflict mediators and arbitrators.
  • Several online PhD programs in Negotiation and Conflict Management offer internship opportunities. It is an opportunity for you to put into practice what you have learned and experienced in the classroom.

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Chief Editor