7 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Organizational Psychology

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Organizational or Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologists navigate workplace issues and optimize workplace culture, relationships, talent development, and business outcomes. The demand for I/O psychologists is increasing, and one of the best ways to participate in this field is by obtaining a Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology. 

An affordable online master’s is a worthwhile educational investment for those seeking to drive organizational and leadership success. I/O psychology is one of the most popular fields, with an estimated growth of 6 percent from 2022 to 2032 and a median annual salary of $144,610.

An online master’s degree in I/O psychology will upskill your abilities while balancing work and life demands and will open doors to fulfilling and welll-paying careers in diverse industries. Here are our top recommendations for the most affordable online Master’s in Organizational Psychology.

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Most Affordable Online Master’s in Organizational Psychology

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Austin Peay State University

Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

The MS in I/O Psychology at Austin Peay is fully online and adheres to the SIOP Guidelines, preparing students to design and implement psychological science-based interventions in organizations. Students gain a balanced understanding of both the theoretical underpinnings and the practical applications of I-O psychology. 

* Comprehensive, affordable, and research-oriented curriculum
* Cater to various learning styles and career goals.
* Prepares graduates for roles in industry, government, and healthcare sectors.
* Experienced faculty and small class sizes.
* Limited national recognition, potentially affecting the perceived value of its degree in specific job markets outside the region.
* Career support services focus on the southern US only.
* Might offer a smaller selection of electives and specialized tracks within Organizational Psychology.
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Purdue University Global

MS in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Concentration

Purdue Global’s online MS in Psychology offers an I/O concentration that helps students develop the principles of I-O psychology in business settings. With their acquired skills, graduates can drive positive organizational change. 

A notable feature of this program is the flexibility it offers. Students can choose between two tracks:

* Strong reputation and network of experienced faculty with real-world industry experience.
* Emphasizes career preparation through its Career Success Coaching service and various internship opportunities.
* Offers student support resources, including online tutoring, academic advisors, and a dedicated graduate resource center.
* May offer limited research projects within Organizational Psychology.
* It is a relatively young institution and may not hold the same prestige as some established universities.
* Might offer a broader overview of Organizational
* Psychology rather than deep specialization in specific areas.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

MST offers a distinctive online master’s program in I/O Psychology focusing on the technology-centered workplace, a critical aspect in today’s rapidly evolving work environments. The STEM-integrated curriculum allows students to learn to manage human resources effectively, understand the role of human factors in motivating and retaining employees, and use research and scientific methods to influence organizational decision-making. 

* Emphasizes applying I-O psychology principles in STEM-related organizations. 
* Offers a choice between thesis and non-thesis tracks
* Equip students with skills that are highly applicable in modern/STEM organizational settings.
* Might not cater to students seeking a broader or different area of specialization in I-O psychology.
* Requires consistent access to reliable technology. 
* The self-paced learning can be difficult for students who lack self-motivation and discipline.
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Eastern Kentucky University

Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology

EKU’s online master’s degree in industrial-Organizational Psychology uniquely emphasizes practical application. It aims to equip graduates with the ability to analyze behavior within businesses and develop strategies to improve both performance and productivity. It’s a versatile choice for those looking to make a significant impact in various business sectors​​. 

* Affordable online master’s in Organizational Psychology programs nationwide.
* Generous scholarships and grant opportunities. 
* Emphasizes real-world application of knowledge through a required practicum experience
* May not be as prominent as some larger or older universities.
* Smaller selection of electives and specialized tracks compared to other programs.
* Student reviews mention occasional technical difficulties with the online learning platform.
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Colorado State University

Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The MAIOP at CSU strongly focuses on the practical application of psychological principles in organizational settings. The course structure and content are tailored to impart knowledge and skills directly applicable in the workplace, making graduates of this program well-equipped to address and solve practical organizational issues.

* Well-respected university with a strong reputation for its psychology programs.
* Designed for working professionals and offers 100% online asynchronous coursework. 
* Emphasizes real-world application of knowledge through a required internship experience.
* May not be the most affordable option compared to other online programs. 
* May limit opportunities for in-person networking with classmates and faculty. 
* Offers a broader curriculum and may not cater to specific concentrations within the field.

Bellevue University

MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The MS in I/O psychology at Bellevue, unlike many other institutions, focuses on delivering a curriculum that is deeply intertwined with current industry practices. The curriculum ensures that students are not just learning theoretical aspects of Organizational Psychology but are also equipped to apply these concepts in practical scenarios.

* Designed to mirror current workplace challenges.
* Blends of asynchronous and synchronous learning tailored to fit busy schedules.
* Offers direct access to faculty with extensive industry experience.
* May restrict opportunities for face-to-face networking and relationship-building with peers and industry contacts.
* Requires a high level of self-motivation and discipline. 
* May have limited accessibility and consistent learning experiences.
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Touro University Worldwide

MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology

The MA in I/O Psychology at TUW is a flexible and comprehensive program notable for allowing students to pursue a concentration in Coaching and Consulting, Human Resource Management, or Occupational Health Psychology. The curriculum is designed to apply psychological science to help individuals in organizations function more effectively, focusing on theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

* Tuition is significantly lower than in many other competitive programs. 
* Accelerated admissions processes with six start dates throughout the year.
* Offers accelerated 8-week course format allows for accelerated graduation time. 
* No GRE requirement.
* It is a relatively new institution and may not have the same established reputation as some of the other universities.
* May limit the size and strength of the alumni network and career support services compared to older, established universities. 
* Might not offer the same depth and breadth of coursework as some other programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

Industrial-Organizational Psychology focuses on enhancing employee performance, motivation, job satisfaction, and well-being through research on employee selection, training, leadership, organizational culture, work teams, and work-life balance.

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What to expect in the program?

An online master’s program in industrial-Organizational Psychology covers statistics, research design, psychological testing, organizational development, training, and human factors. Students develop skills in applying psychology to human resources, change initiatives, survey design, and data analysis.

Career Opportunities

With a master’s in I-O psychology, graduates are equipped for careers including:

You may find employment in various settings like corporations, consulting firms, government agencies, nonprofits, hospitals, and other large organizations. Emphasizing strong research, data analysis, critical thinking, and people skills, IO Psychology master’s programs build expertise in organizational efficiency by driving employee motivation and leadership, and optimizing workplace environment.

Is a Master’s in Organizational Psychology worth it?

Yes, a master’s in Organizational Psychology is worth it for those seeking to apply psychological principles to improve workplace and workplace dynamics, employee performance, leadership ability, and overall business outcomes.

Is there a demand for Organizational Psychologists?

There is a strong demand for organizational psychologists as corporations, government agencies, hospitals, nonprofits, and other large organizations seek experts to enhance productivity, efficiency, work environments, and employee retention.

Is it hard to find a job as an Organizational Psychologist?

No, finding an entry-level job as an organizational psychologist is generally not difficult. To give yourself more career opportunities, though, consider a doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology. Not only will this open up more doors for you, but you’ll also be able to earn more. 

Key Takeaways

Each of the affordable programs on our list offers a unique approach to Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Prospective students should consider these factors carefully to choose the program that best fits their goals and circumstances. With a master’s degree in this field of Psychology, you get access to greater opportunities in the job market and better suited for high-level occupations.

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