30 Great Apps for Psychology Students

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If you’ve always been fascinated with how people think and behave, becoming a Psychology major is a great decision. You will learn human behavior and mental processes that manifest in how people think, act, and feel by studying this branch of science.

The study of Psychology is rooted in philosophies relevant to the central aspects of consciousness, and it has evolved over centuries. It is expected to provide useful insights in the future as well as in the present.

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Whether you are pursuing an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in Psychology, you need to rely on some indispensable resources such as psychology applications and toolkits. At your disposal are many apps that aid any would-be psychology professional with their school and learning journeys! 

Make use of the specialized tools and interactive exercises offered by the apps for Psychology students below: 

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An app that offers all things psychology, PsychExplorer allows students to explore anything related to this social science field. PsycExplorer is an application that contains information for everyone interested in psychology, regardless of whether they are presently working in the area, pursuing a career in psychology as a student, or are simply naturally curious. 

This app is compatible with all Apple users and was developed by the experts behind The Psych Files podcast. PsychExplorer features research papers, interviews with prominent figures in the field, and an extensive collection of reliable blogs.

You may have one of the greatest psychological resources on your phone or tablet by combining those resources with responses to some of the most frequently asked topics by psychology majors. You can explore different viewpoints and topics related to your psychology dissertations, research, and thesis with this app.

Happify App

The Happify app allows you to build skills and nurture positivity and happiness in your life. Psychology students can benefit from using this app as they explore how mental wellness is impacted through the use of games and exercises incorporated into the app.

It supports you in gaining mastery of your emotions and ideas. You complete a brief questionnaire to find out how happy you are. You perform weekly tasks meant to increase your level of happiness. 

Happify claims that you should start to notice improvements within a few weeks. For college students looking for a personalized way to gauge their emotions and feelings, this Happify app is a great complement to your studies in psychology.

Once you spend a few minutes each week completing surveys, there will be colorful graphs that show your progress. There are also free articles and guides about self-care techniques and mental well-being that can benefit psychology students in studying a wide range of topics.

PsycTest Hero

PsycTest Hero

Unfortunately, like any other science major, psychology requires you to memorize a lot of terms and scientific names. Rest assured, learning psychology might frequently need a great deal of memory. The development of PsycTest Hero is based on this reason. This app helps students in getting ready for psychology exams. 

By combining the concept map concept with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the software simplifies psychology test preparation. Due to the thorough and varied content, students can gain all the information they need about various psychological subcategories.

This app can be a great alternative compared to storing long PowerPoint presentations that will only take up space in your drive. 

Headspace App

Headspace app can be beneficial not only to Psychology majors but basically any college student who needs to practice mindfulness. Headspace is among the most well-known meditation apps available today. You can use the app’s features to meditate and become more mindful of your environment.

Students use Headspace to watch videos that provide advice on staying asleep or concentrating. They provide a plethora of meditation books, which allows psychology students to use them as resources for research about meditation. 

This app is valuable in your daily life, not only as a student but as a person dealing with everyday struggles and mental stresses. Headspace can be used in conjunction with standard therapy by college students struggling with negative thoughts. This app can be used while attending classes. Anxiety can be conquered and focus improved with guided meditations.



There has never been an app specifically designed for psychology students until Spike. You can use it to record your practical experience or learn the fundamentals, as it provides a full productivity platform. What makes this app very useful is its communication feature.

With the stroke of a button, psychology students can communicate with classmates using Conversational Email, which is akin to instant messaging. Professors can use more formal layouts thanks to Spike’s contemporary email platform. 

Furthermore, Spike provides Online Notes that students can use to write, brainstorm, and collaborate on assignments or study sessions. It is possible to add not only text but also images and videos. Through Spike’s powerful To-Do Lists and interactive Tasks, psychology students can stay on top of their studies and collaborate effectively with others.

It also features a voice message feature if you prefer to record your voice rather than send out messages and emails to everyone. This can be time-saving if you want to send out multiple messages to everyone in the team.

MoodTools App

MoodTools is compatible with both Android and Apple users. It’s among the top psychological apps available for free. The free app is popular among college students since it’s simple to use. Psychology students can benefit from using this app by understanding how it works and how the moods of users vary.

You begin by answering a brief questionnaire meant to establish a baseline for your mood. You can then monitor your depression levels from there. Through the output, you can use it as a reference when speaking or consulting with a psychologist. 

The finest aspect of the app is a safety plan for those moments when you feel truly depressed. The free version of this program provides a comprehensive manual with coping mechanisms, warning signs, and contact details. All these techniques can be handy for a psychology major student.

The app will also show reasons why it’s worthy to live, and there’s a feature to store contact details of your loved ones so you can easily speak to someone when in distress. 

Psyc Test Hero

Psychology students will need the help of some test preparation apps, and Psyc Test Hero is one key tool. This app is a unique test preparation tool that was created by Michael A. Britt, a Ph.D. psychology teacher and podcast host. From years of experience teaching, Dr. Britt knows what terms you are likely to be tested on and how to prepare you for these questions. 

This app comes with all the terminologies used in Psychology, concept maps, review quizzes, and audio definitions. Every terminology is clearly defined to help you become a well-rounded future psychology professional. This can help any psychology student, especially when they need to prepare for an exam. 

APA Monitor

Psychology students may keep up with the most recent developments in psychology news by using this official app developed by the American Psychological Association. The psychology app offers APA information, such as discoveries and studies that are discussed in APA news, their podcast, and The Monitor on Psychology magazine. 

Keeping up-to-date with psychology news and debates is easy with this free psychology app that does not require in-app purchases. This application is compatible no matter what operating system you use.

Sanvello App

Sanvello App

For college students, Sanvello is a popular psychology app. It was originally invented to help people deal with mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Users can learn and practice cognitive behavioral therapy skills by taking short courses, using journaling tools, and engaging in mindfulness exercises.

No matter where you are, this app can help you feel better and more relaxed. It provides coping tools and symptom management in order to mediate negative feelings and thoughts. Psychology students can learn a great deal about coping mechanisms and techniques through this app.

It is not completely free, but its premium features can be unlocked for a small fee. Going premium is more than worth it, as you can access a lot of resources, activities, and tips for mental wellness. 

What’s My M3 App

What’s My M3 is one of the top psychology learning apps for college students because of its useful features. There are mental assessments that first-time users have to go through after downloading the app. These short assessments generate your M3 score.

Using this score, you can determine how well you are doing mentally. You will receive recommendations based on your score. Psychology students can use and understand human behaviors and gather findings for their research through the use of this app.

The app will suggest online treatment or offer guidance on your next course of action if you exhibit symptoms of eating disorders or bipolar disorder. You may download your reports from applications like What’s My M3 and send them to your mental health professional, which is an additional advantage.

They can create a strategy for your cognitive behavioral treatment using these reports. This app is not intended to be the sole basis for diagnosing any mental disorder, and it’s important to seek a psychologist who can use the findings from this app as guidance for treatment. 

Psych Guide

Psych Guide

Check out the Psych Guide App if you are starting in the world of psychology or in the middle of your education. The Psych Guide is intended for doctors in the psychology field. Mental health doctors can use this application to provide services. An elite group of psychiatrists in the Department of Psychiatry developed this app in order to help everyone practicing the profession. 

In order to improve the quality of services given to patients, this protocol was developed after reviewing the most updated international guidelines in psychology. Psychology students can depend on this app as they discover research concepts that can be valuable during their education.

Intro to Psychology Mastery

Perfect for undergrads or those preparing for college, this psychology app for students, available on iOS devices, provides an overview of the material included in a psychology 101 course. With over 2,500 practice questions, quizzes, terminology assistance, and exam methods, Intro to Psychology Mastery is an excellent app for learning psychology. 

This app comes with a free version, but you can always subscribe to a premium package in order to access more resources that can aid you in your overall psychology career journey. You’ll find this app to be very helpful whether you’re still in college or the beginning phase of your profession. 

iCouch CBT

iCouch CBT

Thanks to its straightforward yet practical concept, as well as the skills and background of its developers, the startup iCouch CBT, has swiftly emerged as one of the psychological community’s most successful mobile platforms.

iCouch uses cutting-edge video technology to try to lower the cost and increase accessibility to therapy. Psychology students can explore this app and understand how people and patients can benefit from it.

Essentially, the app uses Internet technology to link clients in need of treatment with credentialed and certified counselors. The software is really easy to use, completely protected, and confidential. The best aspect is that regular therapy appointments no longer need travel or money because studies have shown that Internet counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling. 

Live Happy

Psychology students can explore and discover behavioral patterns by downloading and studying the Live Happy app. This was created by the Signal Patterns research team, and it gives people the power to boost and encourage their happiness through a series of activities. Your quality of life will be improved after the app gathers information about your personality and lifestyle.

In the event of feeling down, the app can be a great tool for finding happiness on a daily basis. Psychology experts and students can learn how the app works as it measures the level of happiness and the influential factors of such emotions. 

SymTrend ADL

SymTrend ADL

Psychology students need to study a great deal of topics about activities of daily living or ADLs. In this app, psychology students can use this app for their case studies and research with their teams. The SymTrend ADL software lets you easily record information about daily living activities and behaviors. You can observe and focus on one ADL skill at a time. 

If you’re observing a child or a patient, you can report all the behaviors and activities in this app, and it offers accuracy in managing all information input for you. Also included in the personal health record are therapies, diets, suggested activities, medications, and supplements.

Finally, you can connect the data to the website to get a better understanding of your subject’s ADLs and behaviors. You can present the report based on the findings presented on this app. 


Stroke is an app that is the result of the diligent effort of the excellent people at Doctot, an Irish-based health informatics firm. Their goal is to become the go-to source for interactive software tools and iPhone applications in the medical field.

Stroke, which is intended to give medical professionals an effective and user-friendly tool to assess the condition and advancement of Stroke patients, was developed with assistance from the firm due to its medical background and experience. 

While this is a medical app that is more helpful for doctors, psychology students can learn from the behavioral patterns and results indicated in the app. After all, the risk of stroke is triggered by some psychology-related behaviors.

Using some of the most well-respected evaluation scales available, the app makes them user-friendly so that doctors can rapidly monitor how well a patient is managing their condition. Naturally, it won’t treat a stroke or offer the necessary therapy, but it will give the attending doctor an efficient and successful means to monitor a patient’s development, which should make their jobs simpler.

Healing Hypnosis

Healing Hypnosis

The National Institutes of Health discloses that hypnosis can reduce psychological distress, as well as affect the patient’s experience of pain. Although hypnosis is not a therapy in its own right, it can facilitate the delivery of therapy. Psychology students can explore and study this healing hypnosis app.

While studies and research may not back it, it is said to really reduce or eliminate mental and physical suffering, even in patients who do not respond to conventional treatments. Hypnotherapy is focused on this application, combined with calming visuals.

3D Brain

The 3D Brain app can be invaluable for psychology students as they study and learn about the different parts of the brain and their interactions.

Each brain function is discussed and shown thoroughly, making it a reliable study resource for students. It also detects what activities the brain can perform and how it interacts with other brain regions, all of which can influence behavior and actions. 

One striking feature of this scientific app is that it comes with an interesting and engaging interface so students can enjoy using the software. There are also links to some research sources that are valuable for content. Finally, the app comes for free, but if you want high-resolution graphics, you will need to pay a fee. 

PTSD Coach

PTSD Coach

The credibility of the source is crucial when evaluating iPhone applications. The good news is PTSD Coach app is backed by the most credible app innovators in the field of psychology. It was created by the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

With tools to help check for symptoms, PTSD Coach provides reliable information on the disease and its successful treatments, as well as guidance and recommendations for coping with those systems. Like the others, this app isn’t meant to take the place of expert assistance, but it’s still a great tool to have on hand when you need it, and the fact that it’s free only serves to further its appeal.

Psychology students can make use of this app as a primary resource when studying PTSD. 

Psychology for Students

Psychology students will have to keep studying different concepts and contexts of psychology, which is what this app offers. This is ideal for anyone enrolled in any Psychology program. Users can take a quiz that tests their knowledge. You can share the concepts via social media or email to do your homework. Beginners in psychology can find this app very useful. 

The Questions

An integral study of psychology is about building good and healthy relationships with others. The Questions is an app created by Night and Day Studios that is expected to assist users in creating longer-lasting, more fruitful partnerships. This app was developed to provide individuals with a better knowledge of their relationships and how to ensure they are making the proper decisions about their relationships. 

This user-friendly software helps individuals assess and comprehend their relationships in ways they may not have considered previously through 76 questions supported by extra facts. Psychology students can observe these questions and relate them to studying human relationships. 

APA Journals

Without a doubt, this is the list’s most basic app for psychology students and professionals. The American Psychological Association created this free application, which is essentially a compiled list of the papers, studies, and research that are available in the APA database.

Its user-friendly interface and straightforward yet efficient style make it an indispensable tool for anybody studying psychology, conducting research, or simply interested in the field. 

Research scientists, physicians, and students in the know know that staying current with industry news, trends, and research is essential to success. This app was developed to update psychology professionals about the updates in the industry continuously and shows tips and techniques that can help you become better in your psychology career. 



The iCounselor is an app helpful for psychology students to learn more about OCD. It provides information about obsessive-compulsive disorder and teaches users how to practice and acquire techniques that will help them fight their compulsions. Consider this app to be more of an in-depth and informative tool to support your efforts to reduce OCD. 

While some users wish it would place more emphasis on obsessions, it shouldn’t be used in place of professional therapy. They should be commended for this resource since it is straightforward, easy to use, and uses technology to address the problem.


This app’s style is more like journaling and is the best fit for psychology majors. Momento differentiates itself from other diary applications by fully integrating with social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Momento may merge your activities and postings to assist in remembering how you felt, but your private thoughts will never be visible to the public. This is a great platform for psych students to read and understand how people feel and think. 



The strain, worry, and anxiety that come with attempting to manage all the various facets of one’s life affect everyone. Due to these negative mental conditions, cognitive behavioral therapy is regarded as one of the most successful therapeutic approaches in the field of psychology.

Because of these, the Bonfire Development Advisors developed an app to support Dr. David Burns’ belief that CBT for stress management must be applied regularly.

The software is designed to enhance professional treatment rather than take its place. In this approach, people may take charge of their stress reduction and make an effort to maintain the highest level of comfort in their lives.

Students can observe and use this app in order to understand more about cognitive behavioral therapy and how it can treat worries and anxieties. 

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is an app that was made to be a helpful tool for people who want to meditate. It may also be beneficial for psychology students who are studying the fundamentals of the field. The Insight Timer includes music tracks from internationally renowned musicians as well as guided meditations and discussions from top experts.

There are over 100,000 guided meditations, timers, statistics, milestones, and discussion groups in the free version of this psychological software, which works on both iOS and Android smartphones. There’s a monthly subscription fee for this app, but it’s all worth it. 



As a busy psychology student, it can be overwhelming and difficult to prioritize and organize everything in your academic life. The good news is you can use the TraxItAll app. This software is a fantastic tool for setting priorities, identifying goals, and tracking your progress as you work to achieve your priorities. It also has an intuitive and creative UI. 

This is perfect for students who want to keep an eye on their goals. While there are other goal-setting tools available, TraxItAll cuts right through the nonsense to provide a clear, easy-to-use solution that makes goal-setting and tracking considerably less complicated and time-consuming.


One thing that some psychology students miss out on is this Popplet app. Their user-friendly design essentially functions as a location to save your ideas, making it simpler to organize projects, capture ideas, and prepare for exams. 

In several aspects, Popplet is similar to Pinterest in that it allows you to create specialty boards for your ideas, making it simpler to organize your ideas and Popplet projects. It’s an idea capturer, which is perfect for all your projects as a psychology major. 

EPPP Flash Cards

EPPP Flash Cards

If you’re preparing for the Professional Practice for Psychology examinations, it’s normal to download the best apps that can assist you with your exam preparations and reviews. The EPPP Flash Cards can help you big time.

The software, which a professional psychologist created, is clever enough to assist the user in concentrating on areas in which they are having difficulty. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and structure make it far simpler to keep track of your progress and remain organized while studying. 

StudyPsych claims to have been contacted by several individuals who have indicated that the software has assisted them in preparing for the test. It is conceivably the most comprehensive mobile psychology study platform available.

While this may not be the sole resource that will assure you of passing your board exam, it can definitely complement all your other review resources. Do note that this app comes with a subscription price, but its one-time purchase includes many helpful resources. 

Study Sets

The psychology app from Study Sets compiles a plethora of knowledge into a single offline software that may be used for study sessions when a network connection is not available. There are connections to pertinent Wikipedia articles in sections like Neuroscience, Conditioning, Memory, and Personality. This is the most convenient study aid that psychology majors can have when they don’t have access to the internet. 

Apps for Psychology Students - fact

Within the field of Psychology, the world of technology is constantly evolving and innovating. More applications are going to improve your journey as a psychology student. The key is to maximize these apps’ uses and make sure to use them accurately.

Whether it’s a study app or a comprehensive productivity platform, these apps for learning psychology can help any student succeed. And, if you enjoy a good book in hand, check out our selections for the best books to read for psychology students!

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