30 Great Apps for Psychology Students

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Becoming a Psychology major opens doors to understanding human behavior and mental processes that manifest in how people think, act, and feel. Rooted in centuries-old philosophies, the study of Psychology continues to evolve, offering valuable insights into consciousness and behavior, both now and in the future.

Whatever degree in Psychology you are pursuing, checking out Psychology resources such as books, apps, and toolkits isn’t such a bad idea!

There are many apps that support any soon-to-be Psychology professionals on their learning journeys. Utilize the specific tools and interactive exercises provided by the apps for Psychology students below:

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.


PsycExplorer, from the creators of The Psych Files podcast, provides extensive knowledge about Psychology, compatible with Apple devices, offering research papers, expert interviews, and a reliable blog collection. Users can evaluate Psychology papers and thesis ideas from various perspectives, making it an excellent resource for learning.

Happify App

The app explores how mental well-being is influenced by its games in the app, aiding emotional and cognitive control through questionnaires and tasks aimed at increasing happiness. Progress is displayed through colorful graphs, while free articles and self-care instructions help students explore mental health topics.

PsycTest Hero

PsycTest Hero was developed by Michael A. Britt, a Ph.D. Psychology teacher and podcast host to assist students in preparing for Psychology exams and simplify test preparation by combining concept maps with an intuitive interface. With its thorough content, students can gain all the information they need about various psychological subcategories conveniently. This app serves as a practical alternative to storing lengthy PowerPoint presentations, offering an efficient way to study and save storage space. 

Headspace App

Headspace, a top meditation app, aids college students in mindfulness practices, including meditation and sleep improvement. Its resources also serve as valuable research tools for Psychology students, helping manage stress and drive negative thoughts away.


Spike’s standout feature is Conversational Email, enabling instant messaging among classmates, while Online Notes support collaborative assignments with text, images, and videos. The app’s To-Do Lists and Tasks enhance organization and collaboration, while voice messaging saves time for group communication. Spike streamlines communication and enhances productivity for Psychology students.

MoodTools App

MoodTools, available for both Android and Apple users, is particularly popular among college students for its user-friendly interface. It helps Psychology students understand mood variations and depression levels through a baseline questionnaire, offering coping mechanisms and support for mental health challenges

APA Monitor

Psychology students may keep up with the most recent developments in Psychology news by using this official app developed by the American Psychological Association (APA). The Psychology app offers APA information, such as discoveries and studies that are discussed in APA news, their podcast, and The Monitor on Psychology magazine

Sanvello App

Through short courses, journaling tools, and mindfulness exercises, users can learn and practice cognitive behavioral therapy skills. The app offers coping tools and symptom management to mitigate negative thoughts and feelings, providing valuable insights into coping mechanisms for Psychology students.

What’s My M3 App

The app provides mental assessments, M3 scores, and recommendations for online treatments, including guidance for symptoms of eating disorders or bipolar disorder. Users can download reports to share with mental health professionals for treatment strategies. However, it’s not a substitute for professional diagnosis, and its findings should guide treatment under a psychologist’s supervision.

Psych Guide

The Psych Guide, developed by an elite group of psychiatrists, aids mental health doctors in delivering services, following updated international guidelines in Psychology. Psychology students can rely on this app for valuable research concepts during their education.

Intro to Psychology Mastery

Ideal for undergraduates and college preparatory students, Intro to Psychology Mastery is an iOS app offering a comprehensive overview of Psychology 101 material with 2,500+ practice questions, quizzes, and exam strategies. 

iCouch CBT

iCouch CBT

iCouch increases therapy accessibility and reduces costs by offering online appointments, which studies have shown to be as effective as in-person counseling using cutting-edge video technology. Psychology students can explore the app to understand its benefits for clients and patients. Through Internet technology, iCouch connects clients with certified counselors securely and confidentially. 

Live Happy

The Live Happy app, created by the Signal Patterns research team, empowers users to boost their happiness through various activities. By gathering information about your personality and lifestyle, the app improves your quality of life. It’s a valuable tool for finding daily happiness, allowing Psychology experts and students to understand its measurement of happiness levels and influential factors.

SymTrend ADL

The SymTrend ADL app records daily living activities and behaviors, aiding Psychology students in case studies and research. Users report behaviors accurately for children or patients, and the app includes personal health records. Data syncs with for deeper insights and reports based on the findings can be easily generated and presented.


Developed by Doctors, Stroke aids medical professionals in assessing and monitoring stroke patients effectively. Psychology students can gain insights from the app’s behavioral patterns, as stroke risk is influenced by psychological factors. Utilizing respected evaluation scales, Stroke offers user-friendly tools for rapid patient progress monitoring. While it doesn’t treat strokes or provide therapy, it simplifies the monitoring process for doctors, improving patient care.

Healing Hypnosis

The National Institutes of Health states that hypnosis can reduce psychological distress and pain experiences. While not a therapy itself, it can facilitate therapy delivery. Psychology students can explore this healing hypnosis app, focusing on hypnotherapy and calming visuals, which are claimed to reduce mental and physical suffering. 

3D Brain

This app provides detailed insights into brain regions and their interactions, shedding light on behavior-influencing functions. Its engaging interface and research links enrich the learning experience, making it essential for understanding brain anatomy and function in Psychology studies.

PTSD Coach

Developed by the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the National Telehealth Assessment Resource Center, provides credible tools, information, treatments, and coping strategies for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Its free availability enhances its appeal, making it a valuable resource for Psychology students studying PTSD.

Psychology for Students

Ideal for Psychology students, this app offers quizzes to test their knowledge and allows users to share concepts via social media or email for homework. It’s beneficial for beginners in Psychology programs.

The Questions

The Questions app by Night and Day Studios helps users build healthier relationships through 76 questions supported by additional facts, encouraging deeper understanding. Psychology students can relate these questions to their studies of human relationships.

APA Journals

The American Psychological Association’s free app compiles papers, studies, and research from the APA database, offering a user-friendly interface and efficient style. Essential for staying current with industry news, trends, and research, the app continuously updates Psychology professionals and provides tips and techniques to improve in the field. 


The iCounselor app offers insights into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and teaches techniques to combat compulsions, making it a valuable tool for Psychology students. While it’s easy to use, it shouldn’t replace professional therapy and could emphasize obsessions more.


Momento, tailored for Psychology majors, stands out by integrating fully with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. It merges your activities and posts to help recall emotions without sharing private thoughts publicly, offering psych students insights into people’s feelings and thoughts.


Bonfire Development Advisors created an app to support the regular application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for stress management, empowering individuals to take charge of their stress reduction efforts. Students can gain insights into CBT’s effectiveness in treating worries and anxieties through the app.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app that offers music tracks, guided meditations, and discussions, serving as a useful tool for Psychology students studying the fundamentals. With over 100,000 guided meditations, timers, statistics, milestones, and discussion groups in the free version, available on iOS and Android smartphones, the app’s monthly subscription fee is worthwhile.


As a busy Psychology student, it can be overwhelming to prioritize and organize academic tasks. Luckily, the TraxItAll app offers a fantastic tool for setting priorities, identifying goals, and tracking progress with an intuitive UI, perfect for students aiming to monitor their goals efficiently.


Popplet is a user-friendly app ideal for Psychology students to organize projects, capture ideas, and prepare for exams. Similar to Pinterest, it allows you to create specialty boards, making it easy to organize Popplet projects and ideas.

EPPP Flash Cards

The EPPP Flash Cards app, developed by a professional psychologist, aids users in focusing on difficult areas and offers a user-friendly interface for tracking progress. StudyPsych claims the software aids in exam preparation, serving as a comprehensive mobile Psychology study platform. While it requires a subscription fee, its one-time purchase includes helpful resources.

Study Sets

The Psychology app from Study Sets compiles comprehensive knowledge offline, offering connections to relevant Wikipedia articles in key areas like Neuroscience, Conditioning, Memory, and Personality. It’s a convenient study aid for Psychology majors when internet access is unavailable.

Personality Types

Personality Types utilizes the 16 Myers and Briggs Types to help users understand their personalities and those of others around them. Developed by UCLA professor Dario Nardi, this app provides quick access to in-depth information, allowing users to determine their personality type and compare themselves to others.

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The evolving technology landscape within Psychology continues to offer new applications to enhance your chances of success as a Psychology student. Utilizing these apps accurately, whether for studying or productivity, can greatly contribute to student success in learning Psychology.

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