25 Most Affordable Ph.D. in Psychology (Psy.D.) Grad School Programs

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Psychology is one of the most fulfilling and interesting fields. However, it can also be one of the most expensive. 

With affordable online doctoral programs in Psychology, many professionals will now have opportunities to return to school without compromising their personal and professional obligations. In terms of learning format, completing a doctorate in Psychology doesn’t have to be complicated and daunting. 

With numerous affordable online programs available, completing an online doctoral program in Psychology is now convenient and easy!

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After successfully completing a Master’s in Psychology from top-rated graduate schools, a doctoral program is the next usual route. Doctorate programs are typically costly, and finding the best, least expensive programs that meet your requirements can be a lot of work! 

Our writers and research team at GradSchoolCenter.com scoured our sources to bring you the definitive list of the 25 Most Affordable Ph.D. in Psychology Grad School Programs. In random order, this list features the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program types.

Most Affordable PsyD - Where Psychologists Work

These features characterize our Most Affordable Ph.D. in Psychology Grad School Programs:

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Most Affordable Ph.D. in Psychology (Psy.D.) Grad School Programs

Regent University

Ph.D. in psychology

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Online Ph.D. in International Psychology

Regent University offers an online Ph.D. in Counseling & Psychological Studies that has received accreditation from the APA. The program offers several concentrations, each taught by award-winning faculty.

$695 per credit hour* Addictions Counseling
* Biblical Counseling
* Grief Counseling
* Human Services Counseling
* Human Services for Student Affairs
* International
* Life Coaching
* Marriage & Family Ministry
* Pastoral Counseling
* Trauma & Crisis Counseling

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Ph.D. in psychology

Chicago, Illinois

Online Ph.D. in International Psychology

The Chicago School’s International Psychology Ph.D.  takes approximately three to four years to earn. Aside from coursework completion, students participate in hands-on learning. As a result, they will accomplish two mandatory 9-day international Field Experiences at an international venue chosen by the program. 

$1,703 per credit hour* Organizations and Systems
* Trauma Services

Capella University

Ph.D. in psychology

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Online Ph.D. in Psychology

Capella University is completed through the university GuidedPath program, which requires students to complete a more structured learning in a cohort-based model. The instructors will set the schedule, and students will meet their deadlines accordingly.

$555 – $825/credit hour
(depending on specialization)
* General Psychology
* Developmental Psychology
* Educational Psychology
* Industrial/Organizational

Touro University Worldwide

Ph.D. in psychology

Los Alamitos, California

Online Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology

TUW’s PhD in Human and Organizational Psychology is a unique program that can be completed within three years. Some of the unique aspects of this program include no residency requirements for graduation and no GRE for admission. The program doesn’t have the educational credentials that lead to licensure.

$700 per credit hourHuman and Organizational Psychology

Grand Canyon University

Ph.D. in psychology

Phoenix, Arizona

Online Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology

GCU’s online PhD in Psychology programs offers a General Psychology track with various qualitative and quantitative research concentrations. The courses for this program generally have an 8-week duration except for dissertation courses. GCU’s coursework completion is primarily aimed toward non-traditional learners. The online doctorate program doesn’t lead to licensure.

$740 per credit* Cognition and Instruction (Qualitative / Quantitative)
* Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Qualitative / Quantitative)

Meridian University

Ph.D. in psychology

Petaluma, California

Online/Hybrid Ph.D. in Psychology

Meridian’s Ph.D. in Psychology degree program offers an online/hybrid learning format that is perfect for students who want to accomplish the academic requirements for licensure in the state of California, specifically for psychologists, MFT licenses, and the state of California’s licensed professional clinical Counselors. In addition to online coursework, students must complete a total of six residencies are required to graduate from the program. 

$21,632 per year* Organizational Development
* Somatic Psychology
* Yoga and Psychology
* Integral Psychology
* Transpersonal Psychology
* Depth Psychology
* Clinical Psychology
* Expressive and Movement Arts
* Social Artistry
* Transformative Learning
* Health Coaching
* Developmental Coaching
* Transformative Leadership

Walden University

Ph.D. in psychology

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Online Ph.D. in Psychology

Walden’s online PhD in Psychology may require students to 4 Ph.D. residencies on top of their online coursework and other doctorate requirements. This is one of the top choices for applicants who want to pursue a doctorate in Psychology without a master’s degree in Psychology. Students can choose either the bachelor’s or master’s level entry.

Tuition FeeConcentrations
$620 per credit hour* Educational Psychology
* Health Psychology
* Social Psychology
* Self-Designed
* Teaching in Psychology
* Research in Psychology

University of South Dakota

Ph.D. in psychology

Vermillion, South Dakota

Ph.D. in Psychology – Clinical Psychology

USD’s APA-approved Ph.D. in Psychology is not offered entirely online. However, it does give students enough flexibility, allowing them to graduate in as long as eight years. Students in the Clinical Psychology program have a mandatory one-year pre-doctoral clinical Psychology internship at an approved clinical facility or site.

Tuition FeeConcentrations
$470.45 per credit hourClinical/Disaster Psychology

Fielding Graduate University

Ph.D. in psychology

Santa Barbara, California

Online Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Fielding’s affordable 179-semester credits online Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology can be earned in five to six years. Depending on the student’s preference, they can either complete the program in a synchronous or asynchronous format. 

Tuition FeeConcentrations
$9,890 per term* Forensic Psychology
* Health Psychology
* NeuroPsychology
* Social Justice and Diversity

California Coast University

Ph.D. in psychology

Santa Ana, California

Online Doctor of Education in Educational Psychology

Just ranging below $500 per credit tuition, it’s more affordable and easier to earn doctorate studies at California Coast University. For students who are working, they can ask their respective employers if they offer tuition reimbursements. Also, CCU offers affordable, interest-free payment plans that are suitable for every student’s budget and preference.

Tuition FeeConcentrations
$320 per credit hourN/A

Adler University

Ph.D. in psychology

Chicago, Illinois

Online Doctor of Philosophy – Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Adler’s 100% online PhD in Psychology is a 100% online program completed in a cohort-based model. The 90-credit-hour program comes without a residency requirement, and Ph.D. applicants may accomplish a set of prerequisite coursework before enrolling in the full program.

$924 per credit hourIndustrial and Organizational Psychology

Liberty University

Ph.D. in psychology

Lynchburg, Virginia

Online Ph.D. in Psychology

Liberty’s online doctoral program in Psychology offers 8-week online courses that allow students to accelerate their degree and earn it in four years. The courses of this program are taught from a Christian worldview. Students will be able to master psychiatric research and writing techniques for human behavior study by completing dissertation research.

$595 per credit hour* Behavioral Health Leadership
* Developmental Psychology
* General Psychology
* Industrial/Organizational Psychology
* Social Psychology
* Theology

Central Michigan University

Ph.D. in psychology

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Ph.D. in School Psychology

The APA-approved Ph.D. in School Psychology at CMU is designed on a scientist-practitioner model and focuses on the application of behavioral science. Students can complete their doctorate degrees in five years of rigorous academic preparation as well as field experience. It also includes a one-year full-time internship program.

$858 per credit hourSchool Psychology

Keiser University

Ph.D. in psychology

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Online Ph.D. in Psychology

The 60 credit hours online Psychology doctorate at Keiser is offered is offered in two paths in prerequisites for major courses. For Path One, students can enroll in the program with a master’s degree, while Path Two is for students who only have a bachelor’s degree before enrollment.

$31,712 per academic year* Industrial and Organizational Psychology
* Research-based Psychology

Loyola University of Chicago

Ph.D. in psychology

Chicago, Illinois

Online Ed.D. in School Psychology

LUC’s affordable online School Psychology Ed.D. is open for applicants with a valid Professional Educator License in Illinois or a school Psychology license from another state. The online doctorate program requires 72 credit hours for degree completion. 

 $818 per credit hour* Advanced Practitioner Track
* District Administrator Track
* Combined Track

Sofia University

Ph.D. in psychology

Palo Alto, California

Online Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology

This online doctorate program is a low-residency program that allows students to tailor their learning experience by choosing a field of interest. The 75-credit-hour online doctorate program requires off-campus seminars in Northern California held two times per year. Students must take note that this doctorate program isn’t a clinical degree program.

$71,450 total program cost* Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience
* Whole Systems Approach to Health and Wellbeing
* Consciousness and Creativity Studies
* Applied Transpersonal Psychology in Business and Organizations

The University of Arizona Global Campus

The University of Arizona Global Campus

San Diego, California

Online Doctor of Psychology

UAGC’s online 62-credit hour Doctor of Psychology consists of ten core required courses, seven specialization courses, and a capstone requirement. As a culminating requirement, students must complete the Applied Doctoral Project. UAGC offers a 3 Week Trial without any financial risk.

$812.00 per credit hour* Criminal Justice
* Mediation and Conflict Resolution
* Sport and Performance Psychology
* Industrial Organizational Psychology

National University

San Diego, California

Online Ph.D. in Psychology

National University has a web-based 60-credit hour online PhD-PSY program that equips students with critical thinking, knowledge, and research methods, preparing them for leadership roles in the field. However, this program doesn’t train and prepare students to become licensed professional counselors. 

$7,974 per term* Addictions
* General Psychology
* Health Psychology
* Mental Health Policy and Practice
* Counseling Psychology
* Psychology of Gender and Sexual Fluidity
* Gerontology
* Industrial-Organizational Psychology
* Trauma and Disaster Relief
* Counseling Psychology

California Southern University

Ph.D. in psychology

Costa Mesa, California

Online Doctor of Psychology

CSU’s affordable online Doctor of Psychology program is designed for those who want to become a professional licensed clinical psychologist. This is a 66-credit-hour program that can be completed entirely online. For an internship, the program offers an optional course since it will depend on the student’s state requirements.

$545 per credit hourGeneral Psychology

Alliant International University

Ph.D. in psychology

San Diego, California

Online Doctor of Psychology in Educational Psychology

AIU’s Educational Psychology is a 50-credit hour program that spans 11 terms. The program is offered completely online and asynchronously, allowing students to tailor their degrees according to their schedules. The online doctorate program, available for Fall enrollment, offers an 8-week term course on School Psychology for certified or licensure students and School Counseling for master’s degree holders.

$1,267 per credit hour* School Counseling 
* School Psychology

Saybrook University

Ph.D. in psychology

Oakland, California

Online Ph.D. in Psychology

Saybrook’s Ph.D. in Psychology, which can be completed in five to six years, provides students with the opportunity to tailor their degrees according to their interests. Despite its 100% online doctorate program, students have mandatory residential conferences to participate in San Francisco.

$1,267 per credit hour* Psychophysiology
* Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology
* Creativity Studies
* Consciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative Health

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas

Online Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

TTU’s hybrid Educational Psychology doctorate is open for applicants with Psychology, health sciences, human sciences, sports sciences, and education backgrounds. The program prepares students for academic roles and teaching, with 91 credit hours required for graduation.

$460 per credit hour* Applied educational Psychology
* Cognition, motivation, and development
* Human development
* Institutional research
* Learning sciences
* Research, evaluation, measurement, and statistics
* Sports Psychology

William James College

Newton, Massachusetts

PsyD in Leadership Psychology

William James College offers an online Psy.D. in Leadership Psychology, a four- to six-year program that covers adult development, team and group development, Psychology of leadership, followership, and more. Students complete the program independently, with a four-day residency requirement.

$1,675 per credit hour* Educational Leadership
* Inclusive Leadership
* Leading Nonprofits and NGOs
* Neuroscience of Leadership Psychology

Felician University

Rutherford, New Jersey

Doctorate of Counseling Psychology

The 88 credits Psy.D. program at Felician focuses on developing competencies in professional Psychology, aiming to produce entry-level health service psychologists. Students must complete three years of APA internships and practicums. The program also includes a doctoral internship, which can be one-year full-time or two-year half-time. 

$1,115 per credit hourCounseling Psychology

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Santa Barbara, California

M.A./Ph.D. in Depth Psychology

This 90-credit hour doctorate in Psychology is designed for students who want to explore archetypes, universal principles, and psychological transformation. This program offers practical insights for personal and professional lives, fostering healing, transformation, self-expression, creativity, and consciousness development.

$31,300 per yearJungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to obtain an affordable online Doctoral degree in Psychology program?

Doctoral degrees in Psychology involve fieldwork, internships, research work, and residency. A dissertation is mandatory and often requires a full-time commitment. A doctorate is usually completed within six or seven years, depending on the student’s level of commitment and number of transfer credits. 

Cohort-based programs are faster and have shorter durations but heavier course loads. Some schools have longer timeframe limits, allowing students to complete their degrees up to eight years.
The same applies to master’s in Psychology programs that you need to earn to pursue a doctorate. Certain Master’s in Psychology programs can be completed at a faster duration than most, depending on the curriculum.

Most Affordable PsyD - Psychology Doctorates Who Are Practicing Psychologists

What are the specializations available in a Doctoral degree in Psychology program?

The specializations in a Psychology doctorate can depend on what type of degree you’re pursuing. 

Some of the concentrations available under the doctorate in Psychology program include:

Addiction PsychologyApplied Transpersonal PsychologyClinical PsychologyCognitive PsychologyConsciousness, Spirituality, and Integrative HealthCounselor Education and Supervision
Creativity StudiesCriminology and Justice StudiesDevelopmental PsychologyEducational PsychologyForensic PsychologyGender Diversity Studies
General PsychologyGerontologyHealth and Wellness PsychologyHealth PsychologyHuman and Organizational PsychologyIndustrial Psychology
Marriage and Family TherapyMedia PsychologyMediation and Conflict ResolutionMental Health Policy and PracticeMulticultural PsychologyNeuropsychology
NeuroscienceOrganizational PsychologyParent-Infant Mental HealthResearch in PsychologySchool PsychologySocial Justice and Diversity
Social PsychologySport and Performance PsychologyTranspersonal Education and ResearchTrauma and Disaster Relief

What professional organizations promote the field and profession of Psychology?

Yes, there are several professional organizations for Psychology doctorate holders. The following organizations offer specializations, networking and professional development opportunities, and access to various resources for Psychology education and mentorship.

Psy.D. - fact 2

Why is a Doctorate degree important in Psychology?

A doctorate degree is important in Psychology for multiple reasons. 

Key Takeaways

Affordable online Ph.D. programs in Psychology offer convenient, affordable options for those concerned about expenses. Many programs charge students a lot less than others, without compromising the quality of doctorate education they offer. Also, Psychology doctorate programs provide scholarship options to qualified candidates.
In terms of ROI, Psychology offers excellent career options! With your online doctoral degree and extensive experience, you are poised for top-shelf Psychology careers with exceptional earning opportunities.

Most Affordable PsyD - Master vs Doctorate Psychology Pay
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