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Due to the increasing cost of higher education, 55% of students struggle with educational expenses, resulting in dropout rates of 51%. So, to finance their degree in Psychology, many students pursue online learning formats where they can have a job while studying.

Here’s a quick overview of the rise of postsecondary online learning

Many institutes offering masters in Psychology are demanding loads of cash from students. In return, they are given average academic facilities. While some affordable graduate programs are in the market, most compromise on educational services. 

Why a Master’s in Psychology, you ask?

A master’s degree in Psychology equips you with advanced skills and opens doors to diverse career opportunities and a higher salary. Recent Labor Statistics data show that psychologists made $85,330 per year as of 2022.

The field is also growing, with a projected 6% increase in jobs from 2022 to 2032. This is faster than the average for all occupations, highlighting the vast importance of Psychology.

Choose the ones with the perfect mix of ideal academic services and budget-friendly graduate tuition. Let’s start with the first one!

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Top 10 Cheapest Online Master’s Degrees in Psychology

Union College – KY

Union College – KY is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the United Methodist Church that is known for its excellent academic curriculum and premium student facilitation services. Its most popular online Psychology program is its Master of Arts in General Psychology, which uses LMS Moodle, which is an ideal tool for online learning tasks.

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The curriculum involves advanced studies of quantitative and qualitative courses. Some are Research Methods, Community Psychology, Social Psychology, and Advanced Psychopathology. 

This program lets students excel in mid- and senior-level opportunities. Students can also apply in related fields such as marriage and family therapy, clinical Psychology, and applied behavioral analysis. 

Fort Hays State University

A public school that offers full-time enrollment, Fort Hays State University is well-known for its online/hybrid Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. During the online classes, students will use the Blackboard app, a relatively common learning management system (LMS) with an intuitive interface. 

This program can be completed in one year, making it a perfect choice for students who want 

to expedite their Psychology degree program without compromising on quality. Students dive deep into the concepts of Behavior Therapy, Appraisal of Children, and Methods in School Psychology. 

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a private Christian school offering a flexible, research-focused online Master of Science in Psychology. Students study topics such as cognitive and social Psychology and research methods, which together provide a complete learning experience.

A significant part of the program is how it teaches using Psychology in real life, preparing students for real job challenges. It also builds up essential skills like critical thinking and research, which are vital for doing well in Psychology.

University of Wisconsin

The 100% Online Master of Science in Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin integrates affordability with advanced psychological theories and academic practices. It focuses on applying psychological principles to educational settings, offering child and adolescent development courses, learning theories, and instructional design.

A vital part of this program is its focus on research and using what’s proven to work. Students get to do research projects, which helps them use Psychology ideas in real education problems. This improves students’ learning capabilities and prepares them for leading roles in education. 

Capella University

Capella University’s Online Master of Science in Psychology is known for its wide range of specializations, meeting different career needs in Psychology. In addition to being one of the cheapest, the curriculum gives a full view of Psychology theories and how they are used. 

It has two completion tracks: FlexPath (charges one set price per semester) and GuidedPath (pay per course). Its concentrations include Educational, I/O, Sports, and Child and Adolescent Development Psychology.

Capella University’s online learning is interactive and draws students in. It has forums, simulations, and case studies based on the real world. This method ensures students grasp and use the ideas in real life.

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Ottawa University

Ottawa University’s Online Master of Science in Applied Psychology focuses on applying scientific theories to solve real-world problems. The curriculum tackles clinical, forensic, inclusion, and diversity issues, develops hypotheses, and develops research protocols. 

It offers professional experiences and capstone courses to help them join a supervised internship or lead original research. Students can customize their Psychology degrees and choose forensic Psychology, culture, inclusion, diversity, or a generalist concentration.

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers an online Master’s degree in Psychology with a broad-based, general Psychology curriculum that enhances abilities in psychological science. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and practical skills in data analysis, research, and teaching. 

Students who want to pursue specialization have I/O, Health, and Teaching of Psychology concentration options. The curriculum of this cheapest master’s degree in Psychology is structured to impart a profound knowledge of psychological concepts.

Walden University

Walden University’s Online Master of Science in Clinical Psychology is crafted for those eager to delve into and address mental health issues. It’s a top pick for students wanting a complete education in clinical Psychology, with the added benefits of online flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

This program offers an in-depth look at clinical aspects. It covers areas like psychopathology, therapy methods, and assessing psychological health. This is ideal for students aiming for careers in mental health counseling, therapeutic roles, or clinical research.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University’s Online Master of Science in Psychology is particularly suited for those who wish to expand their understanding of psychological theories and practices without the need to specialize in a specific area.

The curriculum covers a broad range of psychological topics, including cognitive Psychology, social Psychology, research methods, and ethical practice in Psychology.

This wide-ranging approach ensures students receive a well-rounded education and prepares them for various research, education, and healthcare roles.

Due to flexible schedules, this course is also favorable for working professionals. These offer asynchronous learning options that allow students to balance their studies with other commitments. Additionally, SNHU is known for its supportive learning environment, with accessible faculty and resources to aid student success.

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Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University is a public institution that offers a cheap online Master of Arts in Psychology with a broad focus on helping students apply in various sectors. However, it does not result in clinical licensure eligibility. The curriculum mainly prepares students for doctoral studies.

Students can customize their Psychology degree by choosing between the Behavioral Research Certificate and the Professional Psychology Certificate

Take a quick look at your most affordable online Master’s in Psychology choices:

Psychology Grad SchoolOnline Master’s in Psychology ProgramTuition
Union College – KYMA in General Psychology$28,737
Fort Hays State UniversityMS in Clinical Psychology$19,805.90
Grand Canyon UniversityMS in Psychology$575 per credit hour
University of WisconsinMS in Educational Psychology$800 per credit
Capella UniversityMS in Psychology$14,750 (FlexPath)
510/credit hour (GuidedPath)
Ottawa UniversityMS in Applied Psychology$31,900 per year
Saint Leo UniversityMaster’s degree in Psychology$760 per credit hour
Walden UniversityMS in Clinical Psychology$22,535
Southern New Hampshire UniversityMS in Psychology$637 per credit hour
Fayetteville State UniversityMA in Psychology$191 per credit hour (resident)
$805.75 (non-resident)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an online Master’s in Psychology respected?

Yes, an online Master’s in Psychology can be worth an online program! You just need to ensure that your desired institution offers online classes and you’re compatible with the online learning format.

Is an online Master’s in Clinical Psychology worth it?

Yes, an online Clinical Psychology master’s degree is a reputed option for graduates, especially those interested in helping others. Overall, this online program combines rigorous theory-based learning with practical implementation.

Is it cheaper to get an online master’s degree in Psychology?

Compared to an in-person degree, an online master’s program in Psychology is usually cheaper. This is because you don’t need to relocate and can study at your own pace while being a professional. You can also complete your online Psychology graduate degree more quickly than you would in a traditional program!

Cheapest Online Masters Degree in Psychology - fact

Key Takeaways

Exploring the affordable online master’s degrees in Psychology is genuinely enlightening. These programs offer incredible value, blending affordability with quality education.

Whether advancing your career or shifting paths, these online options open doors to exciting opportunities in Psychology. What’s next? Earn your doctorate in Psychology!

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