What Jobs Can You Get With a Graduate Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

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Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology is among the best fields in Psychology. While you might need to earn a master’s degree to unlock career advancement, you’ll find that it will all be worthwhile thanks to its high job stability, well-paying career options, and valuable transferable skills in different industries.

Whether you’re an undergraduate deliberating if you should pursue a graduate degree or a graduate student wondering about your future in the field, this article will be very helpful. It’s about time to learn what having an I/O Psychology graduate program entails!

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What are the Benefits of Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

While setting goals for organizational success like Organizational Leadership, I/O Psychology presents a distinct role on its own! 

I/O psychologists study how individuals and groups behave in an organization, usually a workplace, and they are among the highest-paid psychologists for several good reasons. These professionals serve several benefits in the workplace, including: 

All these benefits contribute to an organization’s overall success and efficiency, which explains why I/O psychologists are highly paid and sought-after professionals.

Best Industrial and Organizational Psychology Graduate Degree Careers

While it’s generally known to have several high-paying careers, you need to keep in mind that salary averages can change. Salaries will depend on various your position, level of experience, industry, and location.

A very important factor for professionals is their educational attainment. Generally, a Master’s in I/O Psychology is your gateway to top-earning positions! Master’s programs deliver in-depth training!

That said, however, Doctorate in I/O degree holders enjoy positions for which they exclusively qualify!

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Career and Salary Outlook

Graduate programs are a must for top I/O careers. If you think this degree program is expensive, you’re not wrong! However, you can apply to excellent Master’s in I/O programs that are affordable!

Psychologists have an expected growth rate of 6 percent from 2022 to 2032, demonstrating the increasing recognition and importance of these professionals in society and the workplace. I/O psychologists, in particular, are among the highest-paid psychologists.

The median annual salary of I/O psychologists is $144,610, surpassing all psychologists’ $85,330 average salary. 

To become an industrial and organizational psychologist, you need to secure the following:

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