What Can You Do With a Masters in Marketing?

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Updated: February 22, 2024, Reading time: 8 minutes

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Continuous technological innovations have created many employment opportunities for individuals with high-level marketing qualifications. However, choosing a rewarding marketing position with a wide range of career choices can be confusing.

We have made a list of the best-paying jobs for marketers. It will help you know what you can do with a master’s in marketing degree and how to advance in your career.

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Marketing?

The demand for professionals with master’s in marketing degrees is increasing in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Here are some career options that can help you build a successful career as a marketer with a master’s degree.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing managers hold special importance in any company. They monitor marketing campaigns and the performance of the marketing team. As a marketing manager, you must identify the latest trends and create strategies and campaigns accordingly. The average annual salary of a marketing manager is $118,867.

Your main objective as a manager is to increase revenue by increasing your customer base. Data-driven marketing campaigns are key to success in the current digital landscape. Therefore, managers must provide valuable data insights and make decisions accordingly to create successful campaigns. 

Some valuable skills that marketing managers must have are: 

Social Media Expert

Social media platforms have evolved a lot in the recent past. All businesses want to gain cutting-edge over their competitors on social media platforms. So, it increases the demand for social media marketing specialists. With around 5.04 billion social media users worldwide, you can expect a continuous rise in social media marketing.

While working as a social media marketing expert in a company, you have to oversee their social media accounts. You have to plan and create results-driven social media campaigns to increase engagement, leads, and sales. The average annual salary of a social media specialist is $54,455.

Social media experts must develop the following skills and qualities:

Digital Marketing Executive

In today’s digital marketing landscape, many opportunities are available for digital marketing graduates. However, the competition is also tough, so you must harness relevant skills to qualify for rewarding employment opportunities.

Digital marketers must properly understand multiple online channels to create marketing strategies accordingly. For example, you have to strategize differently for SEO and social media marketing to attain your desired results. 

Passionate individuals who are willing to learn continuously and work in a fast-paced position should opt for this position. The average annual salary of a digital marketing executive is $75,400. Here are some skills that you must develop as a digital marketer:

Product Marketing Manager

The primary responsibility of a product marketing manager is to advertise the specific product or service by leveraging the latest research and analytics tools. While working in this position, you need to understand the value proposition of products and convey that information compellingly to a specific target market.  

E-commerce companies require product managers who can help them promote their products on a large scale. The average annual salary of a product marketing manager is $139,723. You must acquire the following skills to become eligible for relevant high-paying positions:

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Brand Manager

Brand managers have to oversee different marketing-related aspects of the company’s brand. They ensure that a brand message and branding decisions can generate good sales.

As a brand manager, you are supposed to work with the marketing and content creation team to ensure the company’s marketing campaigns align with brand values. Earning a master’s degree in marketing will help you better understand the significance of brand building for good financial performance and business growth. 

You have to increase brand awareness by making a brand distinguishable from others and making it last forever in people’s memories. Furthermore, you have to shape a good brand image that can help businesses get the trust of their target audience. The average annual salary of the brand manager is $107,375. You must harness the following skills as a brand manager:

Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant’s primary responsibility is to advise clients on how they can improve marketing strategies to scale business growth. Nowadays, top marketing firms hire consultants who can manage their clients by providing effective advertising strategies to boost sales.

Earning a master’s degree in marketing will help you learn the latest AI marketing strategies and methods. It will help you nurture the skills that are required to succeed in today’s competitive marketing arena. Additionally, it will make you aware of consumer psychology, which will significantly impact your career growth.

The average annual salary of the marketing consultant is $86,933. You have to focus on the following skills and qualities to become a competent marketing consultant:

Market Research Analyst

Market research analyst is one of the most demanding positions that provides lucrative opportunities to individuals with high-level marketing qualifications. The primary duty of research analysts is to track and forecast sales and marketing trends. They also have to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Also, they gather relevant data by conducting online surveys and opinion polls that help to create ROI-driven marketing campaigns. Research analysts must be proficient in using statistical software to assess data. One of the most integral parts of this position is research that helps marketers add more value to their marketing methods. 

During your master’s program, you will study different courses that involve considerable strategy planning and research. It will prepare you to determine marketing information systems better and improve your decision-making. The annual average salary of a market research analyst is $70,142. You must acquire the following skills to become eligible for this position:

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Reasons to Study a Master’s Degree in Marketing

There are a number of reasons that you must opt for a master’s degree in marketing. 

To Become Eligible for High Paying Positions

Earning a master’s degree in marketing can increase your earning potential and make you eligible for lucrative jobs. Individuals with master’s degrees have higher salaries than professionals with bachelor’s degrees, which is why you must earn a master’s degree.

A master’s in marketing will create multiple avenues for salary growth for you. It will help you learn the relevant technological skills and increase your professional worth, making you eligible for top-level positions.

To Formalize the Skill Set

Earning high-level qualifications in marketing can help you improve your practical skill set. It makes you aware of the latest practices and techniques that can be really helpful for your professional development. 

The academic experience of a master’s program empowers you with expertise in digital marketing, strategic vision, and other relevant technological developments. Once you graduate, you will be able to overcome the challenges of the marketing world. 

To Stay Ahead of Others

Another reason to opt for a master’s in marketing degree is to gain a competitive edge over others. The marketing industry is constantly evolving due to ongoing technological innovations. Therefore, companies prefer hiring individuals who are familiar with relevant applications and tools and who can be valuable assets for them. 

A master’s degree provides you the opportunity to nurture analytical and critical thinking skills that set you apart from others. It will make you a forward-thinking marketer.

Let’s find out the most common questions that students who are opting for a master’s in marketing degree have. 

Is a Master’s in Marketing Useful?

Yes, earning a master’s in marketing can be valuable and help you develop a competitive edge in the marketing field. It enables you to build foundational skills like data analysis, problem-solving, and market research. More importantly, it helps you boost your earning potential. 

Which Is Better, an MS in Marketing or an MBA?

As a fresh graduate, a master’s in marketing can be the right choice for you. It takes around two years to earn a master’s in marketing and requires less than two years of work experience. You can opt for the MBA if you have four to five years of experience. Both these programs offer good career opportunities, so decide what suits you better.

Is Marketing a Successful Degree?

Yes, marketing is a successful degree and is in huge demand. Every business requires highly qualified marketing professionals who can play a crucial role in increasing its brand awareness and business growth. Therefore, earning a master’s degree can open the gate to golden career opportunities for you.


Earning a master’s degree in marketing can make you eligible for plenty of career options. According to your interest and passion, you have to decide which marketing job is the right fit for you. A degree without a skill is useless, so focus on developing relevant marketing skills and qualities.

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