Five Reasons to Pursue Veterinary School

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Going to a veterinary school is a huge undertaking! Veterinarians generally diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate animals of all kinds, some of them furry, others feathered, and still others scaled creatures.

Whether inspired by a sincere passion for animals or a desire to improve animal health and well-being, the veterinary profession is anchored on scientific knowledge and commitment to a purpose.

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We Love Our Veterinarians! Here Are Some of the Many Reasons Why!

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What Veterinarians Do

Pets and animals are sent to veterinary clinics for vaccinations and standard treatment practices. Veterinarians diagnose diseases, injuries or conditions, administer medication, perform surgeries, and conduct treatment procedures—all to alleviate an animal’s suffering, lead it back to optimal health, and enhance its quality of life.

As a clinical practice, veterinary work contributes to public health by monitoring and controlling diseases from spreading and affecting humans. Veterinarians help ensure food safety by inspecting food production facilities, keeping the health of livestock in check, and eliminating the risk factors.

Did you know that veterinarians are also considered public health workers? They help solve environmental problems affecting domestic animals and humans.

Veterinarians blend empathy with diagnostic experience to help pets or animals and the people who cherish them. They teach the owners what to feed their pets as well as how often the animals should be fed. They educate them on proper preventative care and control of destructive behavior.

Becoming a Veterinarian: Education and Licensing

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Start by choosing an undergraduate that provides a strong grounding in the physical and biological sciences, with a focus on animal science or animal behavior. 

Upon earning your college degree, complete a Master’s in Veterinary Medicine that you can obtain online or on-campus from a veterinary school accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) thereafter.

Finally, ace the  North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (or NAVLE) to practice. You must also comply with the licensing requirements in your state.

Here are the top schools in Veterinary Medicine:

Five Reasons to Go to a Veterinary School

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Are you fit for a veterinary career? Let’s explore the five ways a Veterinary Medicine degree program and career is right up your alley:

1. You have a love for animals.

A veterinarian exhibits a deep concern and affection for animals. It is the true desire to make good in our furry, feathered, or scaled friends’ lives that drives veterinarians to this medical path.

2. You value lifelong learning.

Veterinary schools, online or on-campus, deliver the education required to learn the sciences behind animal treatment and care. These institutions also enable you to shape the future of the profession. As a veterinarian, you will be exposed to lifelong learning opportunities to stay on top of the innovations in the field and perhaps contribute to it.

3. Different job prospects excite you.

You can have your veterinary journey uniquely tailored to your aspirations! Whether you find yourself in a remote jungle studying exotic species or in a bustling laboratory pioneering new treatments, each path offers its own set of challenges and rewards. As a veterinarian, you are more than a healer; you can be a trailblazer in animal care and conservation.

The most popular specializations in Veterinary Medicine lead to these professions:

4. You work hard and want to be paid well.

Veterinarians earn well! On average, they make $124,502 annually, according to the latest data. The profession presents a lucrative earning opportunity, which is why many aspire to join the field. Veterinary Medicine presents a fulfilling and financially rewarding job.

5. You welcome global work opportunities.

As a veterinarian, you treat animals and develop a connection with them! For someone who enjoys veterinary work, working with animals across all corners of the globe makes for an exciting prospect! It is also an excellent opportunity to work with interdisciplinary experts on animal science, animal health, and animal welfare.

Indeed, the veterinary profession is your passport to meaningful work on an international scale! Here are some global opportunities in Veterinary Medicine:

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Before You Go…

Deciding to go to veterinary school isn’t just about landing a specialized job that’s in high demand. It’s about heeding a special call that can bring you fulfillment and make a real impact on society! Becoming a veterinarian means investing in lifelong learning in the sciences and establishing yourself as an advocate of animal health and well-being.

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