What Jobs Can You Get With a Graduate Degree in Forensic Psychology?

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Among the most exciting and popular fields of psychology is Forensic Psychology, partly due to the growing number of crime scene investigation shows. Many people who love watching CSI have come to love the field and decided to make it their career.

Forensic Psychology is a major commonly found at the master’s degree level, a two-year advanced program that leads to various career opportunities. Here’s a list of what you can do with a Master’s in Forensic Psychology degree.

Is Forensic Psychology a Good Career?

Forensic Psychology will be a promising career if you’re interested in mental health care and the law. Closely related to Forensic Science, this discipline offers an exciting career path that beats the typical 9-5 hours. It is also a field of study and work that offers excellent job flexibility and high pay!

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees fast job growth for life, physical, and social science occupations. The average annual salary is $74,330. Roughly 136,800 job openings are expected annually.

Best Graduate Degree Careers in Forensic Psychology

Did you know that you can earn a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology for a lot less?

According to PayScale, this graduate degree opens numerous career options! Graduates earn an average of $50,000 annually, but this can vary significantly depending on your location, experience, and specific job role.

Forensic Psychology Graduate CareersProgram Features/Professional DutiesAverage Annual Pay
Correctional Counselor– Reintegrates incarcerated inmates back into society.
– Understands inmate backgrounds, assess their needs, and develop treatment and rehabilitation plans
Forensic Psychology Researcher– Helps forensic psychologists and other researchers analyze statistics and data to spot patterns, make discoveries, and detect trends.
– Works closely with professionals to apply psychological principles within the criminal justice system
– Conducts literary reviews, data collection, statistical analysis, and research design or implementation assistance
Forensic Social Worker– Combines social work and the law to address legal matters in civil, criminal, and administrative contexts
– Works with individuals going through court proceedings and those needing professional guidance during a legal case.
Investigative Journalist– Conduct fact-finding tasks to expose anomalies in various contexts$48,090
Jail Supervisor– Manages and supervises jail/correctional facility operations
– Requires a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology
– Entails additional training on the criminal justice system and ACOA standards and practices
Jury Consultant– Delivers effective strategy during the jury selection process
– Identifies the tendencies and biases of potential jurors
– Requires mentorship or internship in large law firms
– Requires adherence to the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC) guidelines
Police Consultant– Works closely with law enforcement agencies to identify blind weaknesses, implement best practices, and develop tailored solutions to enhance overall performance and efficiency
– Carries out investigative tasks associated with resolving or pursuing a criminal case
Probation Officer– Focuses on monitoring individuals placed on probation by the court system rather than those currently incarcerated
– Influences policy, trains new probation officers, or spearheads initiatives that reduce recidivism rates in the community
– Requires a Master’s in Forensic Psychology
Victim Advocate– Provides information, support, and resources to crime victim
– May choose to specialize in survivors of traumatic events or victims of financial crime, property crime and other criminal activities. 
– May need to get certified by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)
Federal Government Employee– Explores career opportunities in the CIA, FBI, DEA, and other state and local government agencies
– Entails additional certifications in international relations, political science, computer science, languages, or cybersecurity

MA in Forensic Psychology vs. MS in Forensic Psychology

There are two types of master’s degrees in Forensic Psychology: Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS). The decision on which of these two is “the best degree” will depend on your personal and professional goals. 

The MA degree is best if you want to focus on counseling skills and developing psychological profiles. On the other hand, an MS degree will allow you to concentrate on scientific aspects of the field, leading to careers in analysis, consulting, and research. Both types require internship that boosts your knowledge and exposes you to the realities of the field!

Nevertheless, both MA and MS degrees will qualify you for a doctorate program. The doctorate will be your key to officially becoming a licensed forensic psychologist, with an average annual salary of $115,833.

Valuable Certifications for Forensic Psychology Graduates

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