The 10 Most Unique Criminal Justice Careers in 2023

most unique criminal justice careers

Criminal Justice careers are traditionally found in security departments, law enforcement agencies, courtrooms, and the FBI/CIA. However, there are unique and not commonly known criminal justice careers that you might find exciting to work!

The majority of these professions required additional extensive training to be qualified, but earning a criminal justice degree is a stepping stone towards a fulfilling career in this exciting field.

Arson Investigator Supervisor

Arson Investigators are partly detectives and partly fire investigators. They are people who arrive at the scene after a fire incident to identify the cause of the fire and identify whether criminal activity is involved.

Blood Spatter Analyst

Blood Spatter Analysts are people who locate and collect blood samples and study blood patterns to provide insights and investigative reports related to the crime. They take photographs, handle biohazardous content, write documentation, and testify in the trial procedures.

Polygraph Examiner

Polygraph Examiners operate lie detector examinations that hook criminals before asking that person a series of questions related to the crime. They conduct lie detector tests that measure the subject’s heart rate and other physical indicators of them telling the truth or otherwise.

Criminal Profiler

Criminal Profilers are detective workers who use their knowledge of psychology and criminology to help resolve crimes. They develop a list of traits and characteristics that suspects will likely have, enabling investigators to narrow down their search in the resolution of crimes.

Forensic Ballistics Expert

Forensic Ballistics Experts gather essential information and clues regarding how weapons such as guns were used during the crime. They provide details regarding bullet trajectory and penetration, describing how far the shooter was and on the exact location when the trigger was pulled.

Background Screening Expert

Background Screening Experts use research skills and methodologies to discover court records and find any crimes facilitated by the individual. They perform a more serious investigation on the background of the criminals.

Crime Prevention Specialist

Crime Prevention Specialists are responsible for developing crime prevention campaigns. They organize events that spread awareness about the safety of the target audience. For example, they go to communities and provide talks with children and the youth about staying safe and being vigilant against suspicious activities around their area.

Crime Scene Fingerprint Analyst

Crime Scene Fingerprint Analysts work in forensic laboratories using technologies to preserve, evaluate, and examine fingerprints.

Forensic Entomologist

Forensic Entomologists are equipped with the knowledge and training to examine the insects found in a crime scene and uncover clues. These insects provide relevant information about the time of death and whether the corpse was moved or not from a specific location.

Digital Forensics Expert

Digital Forensics Experts are highly-skilled and knowledgeable in extracting evidence from different digital devices.

Dr. Jared Goff
Chief Editor