What Jobs Can You Get With a Graduate Degree in Educational Psychology?

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Educational Psychology mainly focuses on children in an educational setting. It’s often found as a major in master’s programs where undergraduates will be equipped with various teaching and learning methods and insights into child development, cognitive processes, and behavioral theories. 

There are various job opportunities with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology. From counseling and teaching to research and policy development, you have a versatile skill set applicable to various sectors within the field of education.

The Job Market for Educational Psychology Graduates

The demand for education, mental health, and research experts is continually increasing and is not likely to decline anytime soon. Federal data has shown a projected 5% increase in job growth of school and career counselors and advisors. 

Academic institutions constantly hire professionals, including advisors and counselors, to improve their educational and developmental offerings. Moreover, many institutions now focus on providing their students with personalized learning and inclusive education, increasing the demands of professionals with expertise in addressing diverse learning needs

Best Educational Psychology Graduate Degree Careers

Educational Psychology Graduate CareersDegree Features/Professional RolesAverage Annual Salary
School Counselor– Raises awareness of important issues affecting student learning, such as bullying, drug abuse, peer pressure, mental health concerns, and academic stress
– Helps students create academic plans, address personal challenges, or navigate career paths
Program Evaluator– Supports people suffering from traumatic situations
– Conducts crisis assessments, evaluates the severity of a situation, and determine the appropriate course of action.
– Works in community mental health centers, crisis hotlines, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations
– Connects patients with other professionals who can provide ongoing therapy or support services.
Educational Researcher– Studies and generates new knowledge in the field of education
– Applies expertise in human development, learning theories, and research methods to educational settings
Curriculum Leader– Collaborates with school staff, teachers and administrators to design effective curriculum frameworks.
– Communicates the learning objectives, instructional strategies, and assessment methods across grade levels and subject areas
– Oversees the design and implementation of academic curriculum and instruction
– Offers professional development opportunities to ensure educators have the resources and assistance required to carry out the curriculum
Crisis Counselor– Facilitates access to healthcare, housing, education, and employment opportunities$49,735
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor– Helps people with disabilities prepare for, secure, and maintain employment
– Focuses on the vocational aspects of rehabilitation
$62,973 (can go as high as $99,500)
Social Worker– Facilitates access to as healthcare, housing, education, and employment opportunities$76,266

Educational Psychology Continuing Education

After earning a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, you have two options on how to use your degree. You can become part of the workforce immediately or pursue a terminal degree.

Although a terminal degree is not often required to pursue some careers in Educational Psychology, it can increase your job prospects and employability. A PsyD or Ph.D. in Educational Psychology provides opportunities for specialized research, advanced clinical practice, and leadership roles within educational institutions or governmental agencies.

A doctorate degree will allow you to take the state licensure exam for educational psychologists, which increases your credibility and authority in the field. With licensure, you can offer a wider range of services, including psychological assessment, therapy, and intervention, to individuals, families, and educational organizations. 

A Doctorate in Educational Psychology leads to higher-paying roles! These include:

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