5 Best Master’s in Educational Technology Online Grad Schools

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Reviewed by David Krug David Krug is a seasoned expert with 20 years in educational technology (EdTech). His career spans the pivotal years of technology integration in education, where he has played a key role in advancing student-centric learning solutions. David's expertise lies in marrying technological innovation with pedagogical effectiveness, making him a valuable asset in transforming educational experiences. As an advisor for enrollment startups, David provides strategic guidance, helping these companies navigate the complexities of the education sector. His insights are crucial in developing impactful and sustainable enrollment strategies.

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The educational sector relies heavily on innovative tools and devices to better their delivery and teaching strategies. Learners’ engagement is enhanced through educational technology.

Similarly, with an online Master’s in Educational Technology, teachers or educators can gain enhanced competency in this regard, enabling them to keep up with the continuously evolving landscape of technology and education.

A Master’s in Educational Technology degree prepares graduates for rewarding management-level positions integrating technology into teaching methods and curriculum.

Should you want to be promoted in your current job in an educational institution, it is a must in your arsenal! The online Master of Arts in Education program, with a concentration in Educational Technology, prepares educational practitioners and leaders for cutting-edge fields like:


Upon completing online Master’s in Educational Technology programs, professionals qualify for advanced positions in educational institutions, public and private organizations, and research firms.

Their job includes recommending and implementing methods, tools, and technologies to enhance digital teaching and learning. Ultimately, this online master’s program aims to produce proactive, tech-savvy and globally competitive educational leaders.


With numerous Educational Technology graduate programs to choose from, finding the best graduate degree can be a challenge. Before enrolling, assess your graduate program of choice carefully!

We help you make the selection easy by giving you a hand-picked list. We picked each master’s degree in Educational Technology with these academic features in mind:

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Master’s in Educational Technology Degree Programs

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

Online Master’s in Instructional Design and Technology

The College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida offers this master’s degree in instructional design and technology to distance learners. You need to fulfill 36 credit hours to graduate with a master’s degree.

Standout Features:

A comprehensive final exam and an internship are requirements for a master’s degree in Educational Technology students. Learners have the option of completing this degree fully online or in a hybrid model that calls for one in-person campus meeting every other week. To meet your professional objectives, it provides a variety of paths, including e-learning and other instructional systems.

Did You Know?

According to the University of Central Florida Online, obtaining a college degree gives everyone the chance to realize their full potential and enhance their lives and communities. This is achieved by ensuring that all students have access to a high-quality education and by supporting them regardless of their geographic location.

The University of Central Florida’s ground-breaking digital learning team has over 25 years of experience in online teaching and learning, and they are revolutionizing how people across the world interact with education. 

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University - School of Education

Baltimore, MD

Online Master’s in Education: Digital Age Learning and Educational Technology

For those who are currently serving as pre-K-16 teachers, you can use this master’s degree in education with digital age learning and educational technology specialization. It can be completed part-time or full-time and can be completed within 2 to 5 years, depending on your pace.

The Johns Hopkins School of Education’s objective is to provide information to guide policy and practice and to inform society about how to tackle the most significant issues that affect people, schools, and communities.

Standout Features:

The master’s degree program in Digital Age Learning and Educational Technology is intended for pre-K–16 educators, administrators, student support staff, organizational leaders, nonprofit education professionals, and policymakers who want to use research from the learning sciences and the technology to guide and enhance professional practice in education.

Master’s degree students investigate the best practices and new technological developments in a variety of learning settings, including formal, informal, online, blended, and personalized. 

Did You Know?

Johns Hopkins University is a leader in the use of cutting-edge technologies, and the creation of highly effective procedures, approaches, tools, and programs that enhance education and benefit diverse communities. To achieve this, they aim to improve research rigor, applicability, and scalability. They also make use of technology and create accessible data platforms for research, application, and assessment.

The Johns Hopkins School of Education, which traces its roots to 1909 as the College Courses for Teachers, is now a well-known global leader in education research, policy, and practice.

Webster University

Webster University

St. Louis, MO

Online Master’s in Educational Technology

Webster University has a remarkable history that reflects a resolve to equalize higher education. As the world becomes more interconnected, Webster University has spent the last 40 years creating a network of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who establish strong links with one another and with their communities all around the world. One great degree that is appealing to many prospective students is their Master’s in Educational Technology.

Standout Features:

Emphasizing online education, this online master’s degree is perfect for business trainers, educators, and military instructors so they can improve their abilities to build different literacies and teaching methods

Online students create learning activities and assessments that are both learner- and content-centered. It also focuses on the process of planning the use of technology, including its selection, assessment, and integration for educational purposes. As a result, students develop diversified lesson plans, mobile apps, and technological badges.

Did You Know?

As a global university, Webster University guarantees excellent educational opportunities that prepare students for civic excellence and global citizenship. Headquartered in the St. Louis suburb of Webster Groves, it has satellite campuses across the country, including numerous Air Force bases.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Edinburg, TX 

Online Master of Education in Educational Technology

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, a part of the University of Texas System, offers a 30-credit Master of Education in Educational Technology online. It is an accelerated program perfect for working professionals. 

Standout Features:

This online master’s degree is intended to prepare people in K–12, higher education, business, and military contexts to acquire the skills and knowledge required for today’s classrooms and boardrooms.

Program graduates will have a better understanding of how technology can be used in instructional and training environments. In addition to five required core courses, students take five elective courses and complete an internship. 

Did You Know?

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley positions itself as a global leader in higher education, bilingualism, research, health education, and emerging technology.

Framingham State University

Framingham State University

Framingham, MA

Online Master of Education in Educational Technology

The Framingham State University offers its Master of Education in Educational Technology completely online. Through the use of education technology, students explore, evaluate, and design instruction based on research-based principles and practices. Whether you’re a practicing K-12 teacher, a curriculum specialist, a business trainer, or a post-secondary instructor, this master’s degree is the best fit for you.

Standout Features:

This Master of Education with a concentration in Educational Technology focuses on the integration of education technology into learning environments. In addition to researching, assessing, and creating educational technologies-based training, students will apply research concepts and techniques to their projects.

These courses are designed for professionals who work in the education field. Graduates can also teach mathematics using technology, introduce assistive technology, or utilize technology in second language training.

Did You Know?

When it comes to helping students envision their futures, Framingham State meets them where they are. Discover yourself, leave your mark, and get power. The course does not result in Massachusetts state endorsement or certification for teachers. However, graduates may find employment in areas related to K–12, higher education, or corporate training. 

Reasons to Get an Online Master’s in Educational Technology

Master’s degrees in education technology provide individuals with both the instructional expertise and the people skills to use technology in the classroom effectively. This is not only intended for people in the education industry.

You might be wondering whether an advanced degree is worthwhile and how it might assist you in developing your career if you are an educator, an aspiring educator, or a company trainer. Discover the reasons below as to why an online master’s in educational technology is a huge plus for your resume:

Excel in a specialization.

A master’s in Educational Technology is a specialized field of study that can help you become recognized as an expert in the field and give you the opportunity to hone your teaching abilities in a particular subject area. A graduate degree may allow teachers to establish a niche by combining two disciplines or teaching a specific age group.

Gain administrative skills.

The first step in becoming a school administrator is to earn a master’s degree in education. The greatest ways to incorporate parents and kids in the learning process are things that administrators should be informed about, along with leadership and curriculum creation. With a master’s degree in educational technology, you will be equipped to become a school administrator.

Improve your teaching skills.

All educators should invest in their professional growth. Even the best teachers can benefit from an online master’s in education by gaining new or improved abilities that will enable them to interact with students more effectively. A master’s in educational technology prepares you to adapt the different teaching techniques necessary to improve your job as an educator.

Consider entering the business, tech, and other sectors.

Teaching techniques are useful outside K–12 classrooms. And if, sometime in the future, you plan to change or switch to different careers, a master’s in educational technology has already solidified foundations for employee training. You can go into the business sector and other fields with this master’s degree. This is the best master’s program that will help you change your career in case you need or want to. 

Courses to Take in an Online Master’s in Educational Technology

Instructional Systems Design

This course equips the applicant with the knowledge and abilities required to develop and implement acceptable techniques for assessment based on appropriate instructional design concepts, evidence-based practices, and methodologies.

Foundations of Educational Technology

The Foundations of Educational Technology course discusses effective teaching and learning methods within these systems, as well as the theoretical, historical, and philosophical foundations of educational technology and online learning systems.

Educational Management

The educational management course is about planning, coordinating, and directing school activities while efficiently using both human and material resources. This falls under the school administration’s role.

Emerging Educational Technologies

The emerging educational technologies course explores a range of educational technologies that will play an increasingly important role in the future of learning systems in societies.

Learning in the Digital Age

Through the incorporation of developing digital pedagogies and technologies, students in this course investigate various methods to reinvent learning in the context of their professional lives. Critical understandings of the context of technological and pedagogical change and its effects on learning are covered in this coursework.

Research Design and Methods

To provide students with the information and abilities necessary to carry out an applied epidemiological research study, the Research Design and Methods course offers pertinent theories, ideas, tools, and methodologies in epidemiology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Master’s degree in Educational Technology?

Educational Technology majors pursuing the online master’s degree gain the expertise to employ new technologies in the classroom, run workshops, create and evaluate curricula, and manage classes and courses.

School administrators seeking new challenges, teachers and aiming for technology leadership, students fresh out of undergrad, and professionals from other industries looking for a change of career are typical candidates for online master’s programs in Educational Technology.

How valuable is a Master’s degree in Educational Technology?

A master’s degree in Educational Technology improves educators’ teaching skills and abilities, equipping them with knowledge of learning technologies. It involves educational technology integration, utilizing cutting-edge software and technology resources to inspire student success.

Instructional coordinators or instructional designers are also a possible career path for holders of this online master’s degree. 

Do graduates or professionals require a license to use technology in education?

A teaching license or a technology endorsement may be necessary for professionals to become instructional technology specialists or instructional design specialists in a public K–12 classroom. To find out what is needed in your area, check your state’s legislation.

Generally, however, you do not need a license to use instructional technology if your goal is to work as a trainer in the public sector, private sector, nonprofit sector, or healthcare.

How long does it take to complete an online program for Master’s in Educational Technology?

Online master’s degrees in Educational Technology can typically be obtained in 2 years. The accelerated program option can be completed in as short as one year. You can earn your degree in a year if you enroll full-time continuously throughout the year in higher education institutions with only 36 credits and no thesis requirement.

In terms of your graduate program completion timeline, many factors come into play. It is important to choose the master’s degree that aligns with your goals. 

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