5 Best Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Grad School Programs

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If you want to enter the higher level of school administrative jobs, the best addition to your qualifications that you can have is an online Master’s in Education Leadership. In this role, you’ll be in charge of planning curricula and programs, guiding teachers, and developing educational policies. 

An Educational Leadership program at the master’s degree level can prepare you for a range of positions in the field. Jobs like principal, school administrator, or post-secondary teacher manager are all available for you.

In fact, according to US Labor Statistics data, the job growth for post-secondary education administrators is foreseen to grow by 4% in the next decade. Many education careers require a master’s degree, and pursuing one online is an excellent choice for working professionals.


An online Master’s in Educational Leadership is focused on assisting educators in their efforts to help students excel. Leadership in educational settings has a profound and extensive impact. Leaders in the education sector have a profound impact on every aspect of the classroom, from interacting every day with their students to making important decisions in the boardroom.


Professionals with an online Master’s in Educational Leadership track can improve academic performance and the learning environment for students by developing strategic visions and ensuring the best curriculum and programs.

To help you select the best master’s program, we compiled the top online graduate programs in Educational Leadership. Each such program stands out with these criteria:

Check out our Methodology section for details.

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

5 Best Master’s in Educational Leadership

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University

St. Leo, FL 

Online Master’s in Educational Leadership

Accelerate your skills as an educator through an online Master’s in Educational Leadership offered at Saint Leo University. With this master’s degree, you can improve your classroom effectiveness and make a greater impact on youth by taking on a new leadership role in your school and community.

Standout Features:

Saint Leo University’s online Master’s in Educational Leadership equips teachers with the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to fully participate in educational governance both in the public and private sectors.

This online master Educational Leadership degree program is designed for educators who currently hold a valid teaching certificate. A state-mandated certification exam for educational leadership in Florida is required for candidates to be eligible for degree conferral through the Florida State-approved program. 

Did You Know?

Saint Leo University commits to making higher education more accessible to everyone. One of the top institutions in the country offering higher education to the American military is Saint Leo University.

Penn State University World Campus

Penn State University World Campus

University Park, PA 

Online Master’s in Educational Leadership

It’s time to meet your professional goals and enroll in this online Master’s in Educational Leadership offered by Penn State University World Campus. Individuals looking for higher education outside of the typical campus setting can meet their goals with Penn State World Campus, which offers an affordable, high-quality Penn State education online.

Standout Features:

This online Master’s in Educational Leadership degree prepares educators and teachers to take on leadership roles in their schools in the future. You will cover all courses and subjects that will prepare you for administration tasks and teacher leadership. At the conclusion of the course, master’s students must complete an internship. Online courses are taught by on-campus professors.

Did You Know?

Prior to completing your degree, demonstrate mastery of specific subjects. Often, students can earn both a certificate and a degree together in a shorter amount of time due to shared courses across programs. This can be available here at Penn State World Campus.

Florida State University

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL 

Online Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration

Florida State University offers a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration online that is geared toward transforming educational systems through dynamic, high-performing leadership. You will gain professional and theoretical knowledge in the online master’s program in educational leadership and demonstrate leadership skills in applied research.

Standout Features:

Education professionals can develop their jobs by enrolling in Florida State University’s authorized online Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration program. They can provide leadership for future teaching and learning thanks to the master’s program that is entirely online.

This master’s program requires 33 credits and offers classes on preparing effective lessons, data-driven school improvement, teacher leadership development, and resource management for educational leaders. 

Did You Know?

The disciplines of education, health, and human sciences are advanced every day by faculty and students working diligently at Florida State University. From using cutting-edge teaching techniques to comprehending how the human body works, their professors and research are focused on preparing people for the future.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University - Online

Baton Rouge, LA 

Online Master of Education: Educational Leadership

Louisiana State University designed this online master’s degree for busy and working professionals. It can be completed within 15 months and fits into the personal and professional schedules of teachers and educators.

Standout Features:

The program fits perfectly with teachers’ and educators’ personal and professional schedules and can be finished in as little as 15 months. All facets of education are covered by the coursework at LSU, which offers courses on subjects including leadership in education, administration of school employees, and the use of research in education.

This extensive curriculum enables educators to land more difficult and sought-after teaching positions and to create inviting and rewarding learning environments for both teachers and students.

Did You Know?

Their objective at Louisiana State University Online is to provide you with quality, adaptable, and cost-effective online certificate and degree programs to help you further your career goals. 

Minnesota State University

Minnesota State University - Moorhead

Moorhead, MN

Online Master’s in Educational Leadership

Minnesota State University promotes its Master’s in Educational Leadership online which prepares students for administrative and leadership positions in K-12 and higher education.

Standout Features:

This online master’s degree adopts a pragmatic application of study. Developing, implementing, and stewarding a school or district will be taught through active participation in interactive forums, assignments, and social interactions with community members.

Finally, this online master’s degree will give you the skills to become a visionary leader of educational organizations, capable of responding to the needs of communities and the education sector.

Did You Know?

Minnesota State University offers competitive prices in their tuition compared to other programs in the state. They offer value at affordable prices.

Reasons to Get an Online Master’s in Educational Leadership

Teachers who desire to move into leadership positions can prepare for principal certification and superintendent certification by earning a master’s degree in educational leadership. If you’re still on the fence about deciding to study this higher education, here are some reasons why it’s beneficial for your professional development:

Increasing Leadership Capabilities

Having leadership abilities is essential for developing a career in school leadership. It also applies to other professions because strong leadership qualities enable you to take the initiative and set an excellent example for those who report to you.

Help Future-Proof Societies

It’s common knowledge that the youth is the future generation and hope of society. A top-performing teacher produces a top-performing student. Young people need a strong educational foundation in order to develop into effective, successful adults. As a leader in the field of education, you may lay the groundwork for children to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. 

Career Advancement

Gaining job advancement is one of the main goals of earning a master’s degree in Education programs, particularly in the area of Educational Leadership. You can acquire great leadership skills and other soft skills necessary in administration roles. 

Embrace Diversity

Educational leaders will have to train teachers to learn how to teach students no matter what their background. Selecting a master’s program will teach you how to value variety. With peers from all backgrounds, you will have the opportunity to collaborate in groups on projects and tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership?

A Master’s in Educational Leadership is a specialized graduate degree for Teaching Professionals that equips graduates with the skills necessary to assume leadership responsibilities in administrative and policy-related settings.

It is multidisciplinary and introduces students to administrative and policymaking best practices as well as educational and leadership philosophies. Students are groomed to become school administrators, principals, and education leaders.

Are Educational Leadership Master’s degree online programs worthwhile?

For individuals wishing to work in supportive educational roles, earning a Master’s in Educational Leadership may be time and money well spent. This is the best step towards advancing the teaching profession.

While allowing them to assume more responsibility in schools and districts, educational leadership roles retain educators close to teachers, students, and instruction.

Are there any prerequisites for students to enroll in a Master’s program in Educational Leadership?

Most programs are designed specifically for teaching professionals taking on leadership roles within the educational system. Hence, most schools require students to have teaching licenses. However, if you lack professional experience but would like to enroll in an Educational Leadership master’s degree, some universities offer this option for non-licensed teachers. 

What positions may be obtained with a degree in Educational Leadership?

Careers as instructional coordinators, school administrators, and teacher leads are possible with a master’s degree in educational leadership. Degree holders can also pursue positions as higher education administrators or school principals. In comparison to many occupations in education, these positions pay more.

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