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30 Highest Paying Computing Jobs and Salaries

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highest paying computing jobs

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If you are interested in this field, you should consider earning a degree for career advancement, and furthermore, check out our picks for the best 30 highest paying computing jobs and salaries guaranteed to pique your interest.

Computers are here to stay, right? Think about every aspect of life that literally runs on the premise of computer technology. If you want job security and a career full of opportunities and benefits, computing jobs are for you!

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

30 Highest Paying Computing Jobs and Salaries

computing jobs

Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Artificial Intelligence Engineers specialize in building developing software for robots and systems. They test smart systems hypotheses and create processes that enhance organizational operations.

The responsibilities of these AI engineers include setting up AI development and production infrastructure. They also educate managers and stakeholders about the potential and limitations of AI, deploy AI models into production, and stay up to date with the latest AI research and trends.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary: $180,358 per year

Chief Information Security Officers

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) is the highest position in an IT security department. This job provides leadership for all assurance activities in compliance with an organization’s information security policies. They work with top executives in identifying outstanding issues and risks the organization has.

They also appoint and guide a team of experts. Developing and enhancing the information security management framework is an essential duty of CISO. They also partner with stakeholders within the organization to improve their understanding of risk management processes.

Chief Information Security Officer Salary: $243,096 per year

Chief Information Officers

Chief Information Officers (CIO) hold an executive position in an organization. They are in charge of the information technology strategy and computer systems necessary to support the organization’s goals. They usually work for large companies/organizations that need CIO to create business value through technology. This means working on the company’s service analysis, market reach, and data security.

They delegate tasks to teams in customer service, IT management, supplier management, and information risk management.

Chief Information Officer Salary: $333,660 per year

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer and Information Systems Managers determine the computing and technology needs of the organization and identify and suggest the upgrades required. They must stay up-to-date with the latest advances and trends in computer systems and technology. They also have to possess basic business knowledge so they can assess the cost of computer system upgrades and needs.

It takes several years of experience to reach this position. Computer and Information Systems managers negotiate with technology vendors, oversee the safety and use of the organization’s network security and electronic data, and direct the work of other IT professionals.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary: $122,000 per year

Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Developers deal with the many facets of computing such as algorithms, data structures, computer networking, and cryptography. This job has been in demand since the rise of cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a specialized database for cryptocurrencies that uses an extensive, public database that is highly secured without having to shell out large amounts of resources.

They design, implement and support a distributed blockchain-based network. Most blockchain developers are expected to be involved with the blockchain community to work on integrating the latest proposals.

Blockchain Developer Salary: $111,845 per year

Applications Development Managers

Applications Development Managers, or sometimes called software engineers, have the primary responsibility of managing a team of analysts and developers who work for the organization’s software applications.

These existing applications are evaluated to determine technical changes and monitor project timelines. These professionals also supervise the development and use of applications and upgrade them throughout their task. They have to do research and feasibility studies for software and system products planned for purchase.

Applications Development Managers Salary: $134,498 per year

Software Product Managers

Software Product Managers work with multifunctional teams (in manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, quality assurance, and customer service) in the organization. Working with these teams ensures that the product goals are met on time and budget.

They lead and manage the vision and profitability of a product line, build and enhance one or several products, conduct market research, and help form new concepts based on the evaluation. As such, a software product manager must possess the excellent communication skills needed to work with teams and clients.

Software Product Managers Salary: $80,000 per year

Data Scientists

Data Scientists fulfill their jobs through data analytics, automation, and machine learning. Their main goal is to organize and analyze a significant amount of data with the use of software intended for a particular task.

They also create machine-learning based tools, perform statistical analysis, continually stay on top of the trends, advise management on the potential of data, and evaluate advanced mathematical models and methods for application in solving an organization’s complicated issues.

Data Scientist Salary: $119,532 per year

Full Stack Developers

Full Stack Developers focus on the overall database and infrastructure management. This task identifies them from web developers who specialize in either front-end or back-end development. Their responsibilities may include creating servers for functionality, designing and developing APIs, designing interactions on web pages, ensuring stack is built for speed and deployment of databases.

They are expected to collaborate with external technology vendors and suppliers and conduct meetings with other departments to discuss product requirements and design.

Full Stack Developer Salary: $69,632 per year

Computer Network Architects

Computer Network Architects prioritize data communication networks and extension networks. They design and build these networks, then direct the implementation of the designs. Network modeling is also one of their responsibilities, which involves insights on existing network traffic and evaluate network growth.

They have to keep track of the latest upgrades on hardware and software technology and test them to see how these can improve the organization’s network performance. They often work on the field together with engineers and workers who build the network they have designed.

Computer Network Architect Salary: $121,140 per year

Software Developers

Software Developers help businesses provide better product and services by maintaining software systems. They gather and analyze system requirements, create application models, and respond to outages. Some of their responsibilities may include facilitating root cause analysis of system issues, resolving technical design issues, communicating with management and technical support colleagues regularly, and providing comprehensive support to internal customers in achieving a resolution to organizational matters.

To function as such, they should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They are also expected to multi-task without being distracted.

Software Developers Salary: $149,970 per year

Systems Architects

Systems Architects work on networking and computer systems. They build the architecture of computerized systems. They design, configure, operate, and perform maintenance of these systems. These systems include hardware, software, web portals, internet and intranet connections, firewalls, servers, and security.

They have to ensure that all in-place system architecture is aligned with an organization’s goals. To do these, they coordinate with software teams, system engineers, and analysts.

Systems Architects Salary: $139,033 per year

Hardware Engineers

Hardware Engineers’ primary responsibilities are designing, testing, and updating computer hardware. They evaluate existing computer systems and models. Designing hardware involves computer components such as circuit boards, routers, and memory devices.

They test and update the processes and oversee if modifications are required.  Hardware engineers need to collaborate with other IT and computing professionals to improve products and ensure better results. They work full time in high-tech offices, research labs, and manufacturing firms.

Hardware Engineers Salary: $114,610 per year

Information Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts have the primary objective of protecting an organization’s data, digital assets, and information from cyber-attacks. They develop ways to deter hackers who steal information and gain unauthorized access to terminal networks. They design and implement security systems and set security standards by coordinating with IT professionals or administrators of the organization.

Other responsibilities of information security analysts include performing external and internal audits, analyzing breaches and identify their root cause, updating the organization’s response and recovery plans, and monitoring security access. These professionals are hired by IT service providers, banks, government agencies, and healthcare companies.

Information Security Analyst Salary: $91,278 per year

Cloud Engineers

Cloud Engineers are in charge of several technological responsibilities under cloud computing. This includes cloud computing design, implementation, management, and support. Cloud engineers may take the role of a cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer, and cloud network engineer.

It is crucial for a cloud engineer to have the best knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and Ruby. Maintenance and support of cloud applications, selecting appropriate cloud services for cloud applications, and implementing cost-control strategies are some of the other responsibilities cloud engineers have.

Cloud Engineer Salary: $102,702 per year

Database Administrators

Database Administrators have the primary goal of storing and organizing the company’s data by using specialized software programs. This means planning and developing of the database as well as troubleshooting any issues, ensuring that data is clearly defined and is retrievable in an emergency.

Duties and responsibilities of data administrators include evaluation of database software purchases, establishing users and monitoring their access and security, regularly communicating with technical and operational staff about database and security, and adhering to the standards set by the Data Protection Law. They usually work in organizations and institutions with large databases like universities and insurance companies.

Database Administrator Salary: $101,582 per year

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts are responsible for optimizing an organization’s use of technology. They must have a solid understanding of the needs and limitations of business and technology since they have to evaluate the company’s current systems. After evaluating, they have to suggest changes to increase productivity in the organization.

They advise and direct IT professionals in creating new designs for hardware and software when necessary. The use of system models, diagram, and charts are vital in directing and coordinating with system developers and engineers in making changes. Computer system analysts work in offices or computer labs, and some may work remotely.

Computer Systems Analyst Salary: $111,078 per year

Java Developers

Java Developers design and develop applications and software using the programming language known as Java. Java is the preferred programming language by millions of developers. They analyze user requirements, determine application features, and endorse changes and to existing applications. 

They take part in architectural development activities, identify production and non-production application problems, develop and test software, debug technical issues, and ensure designs comply with client’s specifications.

Java Developer Salary: $103,054 per year

Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers write and develop code for various programs. After software developers design and create software programs, computer programmers convert the design into instructions computer can follow. Their responsibilities include developing and maintaining an organization’s computing infrastructure and systems software, analyzing and evaluating errors on programs, developing new computer programming methods, and preparing software specification and requirements.

Computer programmers spend an enormous amount of time at offices with computer terminals. Some may work from home since technology allows them to work and communicate with the team from remote locations.

Computer Programmer Salary: $76,343 per year

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computer and Information Research Scientists develop solutions to problems in the field of computer hardware and software. They invent and design new approaches to technology for business, science, medicine, and in many areas. Some of the computer tasks take a lot of time to accomplish and require complicated algorithms.

Computer and information research scientist find ways to simplify these algorithms and provide an improved system. The result of their jobs come in faster technology speed, better networking systems, or improved information security.

Computer and Information Research Scientist: $123,979 per year

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Network and Computer Systems Administrators oversee an organization’s day-to-day network operations and keeping networks up to date. They organize and install computer systems like local area networks (LAN), extensive area networks (WANs), network segments, and intranets.

Duties and responsibilities include consulting with clients to identify specific system requirements and solutions, budgeting for equipment cost, assisting network architects with design and models, managing cloud and physical network storage. They usually work in offices or computer laboratories.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators Salary: $72,933 per year

Senior IT Auditors

Senior IT Auditors examine and evaluate an organization’s physical security, business, and financial controls involving information technology systems. They identify risks to an organization’s information assets and help determine ways to reduce these risks.

Other responsibilities may include planning complex audits, assist IT audit managers in the execution of plans, and perform operations audits to determine compliance with policies and procedures in the internal systems. This is a fast-paced job that demands full-time positions.

Senior IT Auditor Salary: $109,311 per year

Ethical Hackers

Ethical Hackers, also called white-hat hackers, are computer security experts who use their skills in identifying problems with computer networks. They are capable of breaching security systems and are allowed by the company to do so. This is to test computer networks to access without authorization. This process identifies the weaknesses in the security system and helps IT security team improve.

They may work with clients, communicate with upper management, and collaborate with other teams to reach their objectives. Most employers require certifications for this kind of job.        

Ethical Hacker Salary: $108,416 per year

Software Quality Assurance Engineers

Software Quality Assurance Engineers work with software quality assurance analysts and management to ensure that the design and software comply with the organization’s standards and procedures. These engineers break up the development process into attainable goals for the teams, and leaders meet deadlines.

Some of the general duties of SQA engineers may include creating test plans, documenting test cases, coding tests, and developing standards and procedures to test products and analyze their features. They work in various fields from airport control systems, to pharmaceutical labs, to video game companies.

Software Quality Assurance Engineers Salary: $87,917 per year

Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers execute manual and automated tests to ensure the superior quality of products. The manual quality test means evaluating a product by relying on careful observation. The automated analysis conducts a series of repetitive tests to gather data. Their responsibilities may include estimating, planning and coordinating testing activities, creating comprehensive test plans, and reviewing specifications and designs of documents.

Reviewing is an essential process in tracking quality assurance metrics. QA engineers conduct tests before a product is launched to ensure that the software runs smoothly and fulfills the client’s requests or needs.

QA Engineer Salary: $74,090 per year

Web Developers

Web Developers have become one of the most in-demand careers. Employment is set to grow 15% in the next seven years. They build and shape user’s and visitor’s website experience. Web developers do these jobs by possessing a combination of graphic design skills and technical computer skills. They create particular web designs and code websites according to client’s requirements.

This job requires regular communication with colleagues, profound expertise in Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and APIs, in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience with security principles and their application to E-commerce apps. Skills in cross-browser compatibility, Web User Interface Design (UI), Multimedia Content Development, CSS, CSS3, and more are advantages of getting the job.

Web Developer Salary: $92,434 per year

Data Warehouse Managers

Data Warehouse Managers are responsible for evaluating an organization’s data metrics related to performance and usage. They also analyze data load and monitor data usage, and oversee data management projects. They also have to work with departments to ensure that the projects stay on time and are within the budget.

Managing all maintenance and development processes, train data warehouse staff in the maintenance and development of all data, and recommending changes for the increase in the productivity level of warehouse data are some of the duties and responsibilities expected from data warehouse managers.

Data Warehouse Managers Salary: $154,332 per year

IT Operations Analysts

IT Operations Analysts are responsible for the availability of server-based applications and services in an organization. They also have to check that the installation, maintenance, and support of operating systems and other infrastructure are in place. They have to verify that day-to-day tasks like regular maintenance activities are fulfilled.

These activities may be patches, service packs, or upgrades. They are expected to provide 24/7 support and services since they are considered lifesavers in case repairs are needed in the IT system. They have to proactively monitor system performance and work with the development team in building solutions.

IT Operations Analyst Salary: $83,662 per year

Computer Support Specialists

Computer Support Specialists make use of computer software and equipment to provide technical support for an organization’s customer or even employees. They are tasked to watch over computer systems daily and check for minor repairs and errors. They have to ensure networks operate smoothly and that system cables are function accordingly.

They are responsible for paying attention to the customer’s need and computer problems, walking customers through problem-solving steps, assisting the installation of software, responding to calls and email request for help from non-IT computer users, and training users on the proper use and operation of new computer hardware, software, and devices. When they aren’t on in-person visits to assist customers, customer support specialists usually spend their time at the office taking calls or at the computer labs.

Computer Support Specialist Salary: $62,498 per year

Web Content Editors

Web Content Editors are responsible for creating, editing, and publishing information, images, or content on websites. They have to be involved in producing new material and present it in an appealing manner, maintain websites by ensuring data is accurate, ensure web contents meet client’s goals and create enthusiasm for visitors of sites, establish a good working relationship with the clients and their team, and oversee layouts such as images, graphics, and artwork.

They are expected to comply with copyright and privacy regulations and work with web developers to improve presentation.

Web Editor Salary: $77,123 per year

Are you ready to get started? In general, the proper education will be key to your success when it comes to a career in a computer-related occupation. With that being said, earning your undergrad degree is a great stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. As you earn a master’s or doctorate degree, management positions (which typically pay more) will serve you very well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necessary skills for Computing professionals?

Computing professionals are required to have a diverse and constantly evolving set of skills in order to stay current in the constantly changing field of technology. These skills include technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and adaptability.

What is the hardest technology to learn?

The hardest technology to learn can vary depending on an individual’s learning style, background, and level of expertise. Some may find programming languages like C++, Java, and Python challenging to master, while others may struggle with configuring networking systems or learning complex data analysis and machine learning techniques.

Ultimately, the hardest technology to learn will depend on an individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

What degree level should I earn in the field of Computing to excel?

The level of degree needed for a career in computing-related industries depends on your career goals and the specific job requirements. Some entry-level positions may only require an associate’s degree or a relevant certification, while others may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

In general, a bachelor’s degree is often the minimum requirement for most computing-related jobs, while a master’s degree can help you advance to higher-level positions and command higher salaries.

Pursuing a doctoral degree can also open up opportunities for research and teaching positions in academia or industry. It is important to research the job market and specific job requirements.


The field of computing jobs is an ever-growing and dynamic industry that offers plenty of opportunities for individuals with a passion for technology. With constant advancements and developments in technology, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in various computing fields such as software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and more.

The job market in computing is highly competitive and requires individuals to continuously update their skills and knowledge in order to stay relevant.

Additionally, the field offers a wide range of career options, from entry-level positions to high-level managerial roles, making it a versatile and promising field for job seekers.

Overall, the field of computing jobs is a lucrative and exciting industry that is here to stay and will continue to shape the way we live and work in the future.

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