20 Graduate Programs Where Women Are Leading The Way

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When you look around modern society today, you can’t help but realize how proactive women have become—with many of them becoming trailblazers in their fields!

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Over the last 30 years, the number of female college presidents has been on a steady rise, according to a 2017 report by the American Council on Education. Roughly 78% of women served as presidents for the first time. Similarly, the number of degrees earned by women in higher education increased substantially.

A majority of the 2016-17 graduating class were women who held bachelor’s degrees. The Pew Research Foundation indicated that women now account for half of the workforce with college degrees!

Let’s take a closer look at how women are leading the way in grad school!

Graduate Enrollment Statistics
Master’s Degree and Women
The Issue Of Gender Pay Gap
Success Tips for Female Grad Students

20 Graduate Programs Where Women are Leading The Way

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Graduate Enrollment Statistics

American Enterprise Institute said that women earned more doctorates than men in 2017 for the 9th straight year and outnumbered men 137 to 100 in grad school.

The 2017 Graduate School Enrollment and Degrees Report by The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) indicated that:

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Master’s Degree and Women

The difficulties women have faced in attending college, let alone graduate school, are well-known. In the past, men had better access to all forms of education than women. The National Center for Education Statistics or NCES reported that women in the United States earned only 1.3% of master’s degrees during 1880.

The number of master’s degrees earned by women has changed dramatically: in 1910, more than a quarter of all degree holders were female, and by 1980, nearly half were. The number of women completing master’s degrees increased rapidly from then on. By 2010, roughly 50% more women had earned master’s degrees than their male counterparts.

In the same way that more women are attending college today and pursuing more advanced degrees, many of those trends are also pushing employers and industries to prefer and sometimes even demand master’s degrees.

The education system, foundations, employers, and governments actively recruit women and provide them with better training. Fortunately, the gap between men’s and women’s working capabilities and qualifications is getting thinner gradually. Yet this might still depend on specific industries and skill requirements.

Education among women is also affected by society and its changing view of women. 

There has been a positive feedback loop created by the increasing number of women earning master’s degrees: women with these degrees are paving the way for a whole new generation of successful women, not just in the classroom but also in the workplace. Gender discrimination is also improving, and inclusivity is enhanced in many workplaces.

These trends will continue to grow as more and more women serve as role models and mentors to young women considering graduate study, further encouraging and inspiring them to follow suit. There is no indication that women are making comparable gains across all graduate schools.

The number of women pursuing master’s degrees is much higher in some fields but remains low in others.

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The Issue Of Gender Pay Gap

Adult women earned bachelor’s degrees or attended graduate schools about as often as men during the early 1990s. By the middle of the decade, however, women had begun to surpass men in obtaining degrees. 

Almost half of the students in graduate programs in law, medicine, and business administration are women. In those programs in the 1960s, only about 10% of students were women. Perhaps the STEM industry still comprises more men than women, but female counterparts have increased in those fields. 

In the workplace today, more women have a bachelor’s degree than those who don’t. Furthermore, women are gaining ground in traditionally male-dominated careers, such as medicine, law, science, and academia. Today, women in their early 30s have just as much chance of becoming doctors or lawyers as they do of becoming teachers

However, the reality in the workforce is that women haven’t reached equality yet. Women still dominate occupations with lower wages despite a growing tendency to work in traditionally male-dominated fields – many of which have higher salaries. More than half of the majority of the lowest-paying jobs are still women.

Despite the gender pay gap narrowing in recent decades, working full-time, women still earn 78 percent of what men do. The gap is also apparent based on race and job positions. This gap may persist for some time, given the tendency of past disparities in education, experience, and job choice to persist.

Over time, men tend to earn more than women, even when their educational levels are the same. In the long run, however, there could be an increase in participation and experience if policies like paid family leave and flexible schedules are implemented. 

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Success Tips for Female Grad Students

Obtaining a master’s degree benefits everyone, not just women. Higher and more advanced education usually translates to more earnings, a sustainable lifestyle, and a faster career path. According to the National Women’s Law Center, female workers are more likely to have better health care that extends to their children and spouses. Hiring more women, especially in management positions, will benefit companies since they bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Many women are authorities in their fields of expertise, and overall, workers are happier with management in organizations led by more women!

Today, women have numerous mentoring, scholarships, and networking opportunities at their disposal! Here are ways to succeed and make a mark in your grad school journey as a female student:

Don’t shy away from asking for support from your community.

Use the resources available to you. You can find information regarding pursuing graduate study tailored to the degree you are seeking and your unique experience through alumni support and departmental support.

The advantage of attending a college that also offers graduate-level study is that you can receive direct referrals to those who make decisions regarding graduate students every day. They are most likely to support your journey since you belong in their institution.

Contact the person in charge of providing opportunities and services to students within the program you are interested in. Do thorough research, and don’t be afraid to ask. First-generation graduate students usually have a dedicated community or student-assisting center that supports them.

Find your passion.

Joining grad school is never easy, so choose to study something that you’re passionate about. While you enjoy the convenience of distance learning in grad school, focusing on the rigorous coursework can be mentally and emotionally challenging. It requires commitment, but you’ll reap the rewards in the end!

Be patient and proactive when seeking financial aid.

There are numerous scholarships for first-generation undergraduates and a lot less for graduate students, but don’t give up just yet.

The American Association of University Women, a group that encourages gender and education equality, offers women funding opportunities at the graduate level. Women at this organization are dedicated to advocating for equity for all women in education, the workplace, and beyond. If you are a woman with the same goals and priorities, you could relate to their vision.

Likewise, be on the lookout for diversity-related scholarships. Among the funding opportunities, you may discover that some are available specifically to students from underrepresented groups. You could try to apply as you may be an underrepresented student at your school.

The secret is to conduct a thorough financial aid program research for grad studies, and you’ll be able to find some. 

Invest in your academic and career development.

If you’re pursuing academic or career advancement, a grad program is a step in the right direction! You will make the most of your time in a program if you add experiences to your resume, attend networking events, or use career-specific resources such as paid internships.

It is common for companies or organizations to encourage and assist their employees’ grad study plans through possible sponsorships or scholarships. Grab distance learning opportunities that allow you to study without disrupting your work.

Dress appropriately.

As a graduate student, you should concentrate on getting the most out of your grad program. Do not overlook comfort when in grad school; dress comfortably and confidently. For networking events, professional presentations, and job interviews, you’ll need a few staple items to be added to your closet. Invest in the right clothes!

20 Graduate Programs Where Women are Leading The Way

Grad Certificate in Empowering Women: South Asian Women and Girls (Online)

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago

St. Ignatius College, founded in 1870 and is now called Loyola University Chicago, is America’s largest Jesuit, Catholic university and the only one of its kind in the Chicago area.

Offering a unique educational experience, Loyola University Chicago draws its inspiration from both the city and its Jesuit traditions. Students who attend the institution represent all faiths and backgrounds. But what unites all is their common goal to make society better.

Students from a wide range of fields can apply for this certificate. Whatever significant you’re taking, like Nursing, Education, Women, and Gender Studies, Law, or Social Work, this certificate can be taken by any professional or student.

Each program handles applications for admission differently, so contact the admissions coordinator if you have further questions.

How Loyola’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

South Asian women and girls, a population who are underserved and have a high need for empowerment, are targeted by this program. Students will understand how poverty, gender, politics, and culture intersect and practice global sensitivity as they work with this specific population of women. 

Whether you share the same race or underrepresented group or simply want to raise awareness and become an active facilitator for women’s empowerment in different industries, this graduate program is definitely in line with your personal and professional goals.

All it takes is just one full year to complete, as it can be taken online. Taking courses begins in the Fall semester and continues throughout the Spring and Summer semesters.

Master of Science in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (on-campus)

Dartmouth College

There were almost 2,000 students enrolled in graduate programs at Dartmouth. The tuition fee to study in this graduate program is around $53,496. This tuition makes getting a master’s degree relatively cheap, at #11 in the ranking for most affordable education for grad programs.

The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department oversees the programs, and with the Chair’s approval, the student designs their course plans.

How Dartmouth’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

The photo presented by this program is a shot taken in the Taj Mahal, with young females from diverse nationalities wearing colorful clothes.

The representation speaks volumes about diversity and ethnicities. Students will explore the fundamental concepts of sex, gender, and sexual identity related to race, class, ethnicity, family, religion, and age. The course discusses all these components of involvement in the workforce, politics, and artistic expression.

In an increasingly global society, Asian American Studies focuses on the study of diasporic movements within Asia. The diverse origins of Asian Americans go back to different communities belonging to multiple different continents.

Students also study Asian-American backgrounds, religions, literature, politics, and history.

Master’s in Arts in English and Literary Arts (on-campus)

University of Denver

University of Denver

You’ll get a broad overview of literature while having the ability to tailor the program to fit your interests and talents. Reading texts from diverse backgrounds, you’ll appreciate narratives and perspectives from across the centuries and cultures. This program covers different interdisciplinary subjects relating to cultural and gender studies, too. 

In addition, you can participate in small group tutorials where you can study topics of interest. The course can be taken by groups of three or four students, a professor, or even whole classes discussing pedagogical concepts or profession-specific themes.

At least one transcript must be submitted by graduate students that shows an accredited college or university has conferred a bachelor’s degree. A 2.5 GPA is required for applicants.

How the University of Denver’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

So why do you need to choose the University of Denver? One primary reason is their Women’s Coalition. It supports an empowering campus community for all women by hosting educational programs, campus outreach, and collaborative projects.

Its goal is to promote a more inclusive and representative environment for women by connecting various women’s groups at the University of Denver.

With the Coalition, the university seeks to become a leader in higher education for women, educating women from underrepresented or marginalized backgrounds and sharing resources and information.   

They seek to empower all women on campus through educational programming, events, and collaborative projects the Women’s Coalition provides. So, join the program and become one of the Women’s Coalition members.

Master of Business Administration (On-campus)

Meredith College

Meredith College

Choose Meredith College and earn a master’s in Business Administration if you’re driven to advance your career. Your MBA should be as unique as you are. And with this program, you can attain your personalized goals.

Every student has unique strengths that Meredith can help them apply to their MBA program. Expect to belong in a smaller class with just 18 students. You will identify your strengths and enhance them to become an even stronger leader and professional. 

The Association accredits this College to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB.) This MBA degree can be taken on campus and can be completed within two years. It is offered to men and women, but most of the students are females. As a grad student, you can also have full access to Raleigh Founded, an entrepreneur-focused coworking space in the school.

How Meredith College’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Meridith College’s School of Business is accredited by the AACSB and offers numerous majors, minors, graduate, and pre-professional programs. More than 75% of the students at Meredith are women. Women are in the minority at most business schools, which makes this number quite remarkable and impressive. Society nowadays has an increasing number of entrepreneurs and business-related staff. 

As part of the College’s commitment to supporting women, they have an abundance of female faculty educators, mentors, advisors, etc. Study in one of four Master of Business Administration concentrations: Entrepreneurship and Family Business, HR Management, Innovation Management, or Project Management.

Students can also achieve their undergraduate and graduate degrees in just five years with the accelerated MBA program. There is an emphasis on communication, ethical decision-making, leadership, and teamwork in all programs.

Master of Science in Educational Leadership (Online and On-campus)

California State University, East Bay

California State University, East Bay

You will receive theoretical knowledge and practical education through Cal State East Bay’s Master of Science in Educational Leadership program. The program can be completed online.

The MS in Educational Leadership program provides students with hands-on training on successful strategies to improve their performance. In the program, you will acquire expertise in a variety of topics, such as:

How Cal State’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Founded in 1957, the College of Business and Economics at CSU, East Bay, is one of the oldest. AACSB now accredits the company, and they offer convenient locations and online services in the East San Francisco Bay Area.

For any female wanting to pursue leadership in the business areas related to Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, this graduate program is an excellent addition to your credentials. 

MBAs are available in both traditional and online formats. Students enrolled in the CBE are more than 65% women. College hosts an initiative aimed at developing female leaders.

With over 20 guest speakers and two courses, the program is entering its second year and aims to connect 20 female fellows with mentors. This step is crucial in building successful women leaders in society.

Master of Social Work (Online and On-campus)

Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington

Individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, and society demand that social workers adapt to changing needs. The field of social work offers a broad range of career options, from community mental health agencies to nursing homes to hospitals to schools to employee assistance programs to child care centers. 

You can choose where to apply your vocation. Professional social workers also administer various social service agencies.

Many social workers have also assumed political or legislative positions and worked in all levels of government and education. Master of Social Work (MSW) programs equip students with the skills necessary to pursue careers in the broad area of social work. Council on Social Work Education or CSWE accreditation is awarded to the School of Social Work Graduate Program.

How Indiana University Bloomington’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

When you graduate from the nation’s oldest school of social work with an association with a university, you’ll have a positive impact on communities and the economy. As a person representing the female counterparts, your impact matters to the social work initiatives in different agencies. This grad program is a practical starting point for you,

Residential life at Indiana University Bloomington is among the best in the country. The social work profession helps people. As a woman pursuing this profession, you can give hope and change the lives of fellow females in your community.

In its primary mission, the social work profession aims to enhance the well-being of individuals and meet their basic and complex needs, concentrating on those who are most vulnerable, oppressed, and disadvantaged.

MBA in Accounting (Online and On-campus)

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University

Business professionals must stay current with local and global changes and continue to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills. If you’re interested in the Accounting field, this grad program is for you. As a future accounting manager, company owners and employers expect you to: 

MBA students at Southeast Missouri State University will be guided through all aspects of business and equipped with the knowledge to succeed in today’s business world, so choose to enroll in this grad program to make yourself competitive in the ever-changing business industry.

How Southeast Missouri State University’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

There are over 20,000 alumni connections across the globe at Southeastern Missouri State University’s Harrison College of Business and Computing. This means your network is fully diverse all over the world.

Sixty percent of the students are women, so most of their connections abroad are successful female business entrepreneurs. Whatever specific field of expertise, you can join these females and help contribute to making businesses prosper. 

Almost all graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school within a year of their graduation. Their corporate internship program and partnerships with leading corporations help support students’ search for a career. Students can choose from Accounting, Economics, & Finance, Computer Science, Management, and Marketing departments.

Women from different professional backgrounds make up an essential part of each department’s faculty. A wide range of high-demand majors is available for you to select from. 

Master’s of Science in Finance (Online and On-campus)

University of North Texas

University of North Texas

Students who earn an MS in Finance are prepared to work in the upper echelons of the financial sector. Besides the master’s, some courses can be applied toward obtaining a doctorate in Finance or an MBA with a Finance concentration.

A variety of academic and industrial backgrounds are represented in the faculty. Research is conducted to stay current with trends and to enhance classroom learning. The school program’s faculty and staff have written renowned published articles, so when you join this grad program, you’ll be engaging with prestigious business and financial experts.

The College of Business will need the following materials from you to complete the admission process:

How UNT-College of Business’ Grad Program Empowers Women:

More than 5,800 business students at UNT are female. Join the community of female business students, and together, your gender will continue to be significant contributors in the business and financial sectors.

An AACSB school for 59 consecutive years, the Ryan College partners with more than 700 companies to offer paid internships. Ryan College’s graduates are now executives and presidents of companies and organizations. 

The MBA program at UNT has several areas of specialization. You can consider joining women business people who are successful in Information Systems, Business Analytics, Health Service Management, or Finance.

In addition to traditional options, many online options are ideal for women who have busy lives outside the classroom.

Master of Arts in Psychology (Gender Diversity) (Online)

National University

Higher education is offered 100% online at National University. Studying Women’s Studies through a multicultural, social, and biological lens, the Department of Psychology at National University approaches the subject uniquely.

Graduates of the program can complete their Master of Arts in Psychology with a Gender Diversity Specialization in two years or less. The program needs a total of 30 credit hours for completion. Ten courses result in a rewarding career after graduation. 

How National University’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Psychology is another industry that has a growing number of females.

With this Master of Arts in a Psychology degree program, you can gain valuable insight into human behavior while developing your critical thinking, writing, and research skills to apply psychological principles to your personal, social, and organizational endeavors. Practice helping people live better lives through psychological support to patients. 

As a student of the National University’s Master of Arts in Psychology program, you will learn how psychological principles can be applied in your area of expertise and the field of psychology at large.

With NU’s online psychology master’s degrees, you will be expected to focus on critical thinking, solve problems creatively, and maintain ethical standards. Apply all your learnings and reach out to social issues, helping women suffering from discrimination, self-worth, intimidation, and other mental problems.

Master of Arts in Women’s History

Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College

Taking a new look at the role of women and gender in society, this MA will encourage you to rethink one of the most exciting areas of history through intersectional, theoretical, and methodological approaches.

As one of the few MA universities allowing individualized research at the MA level, this program was founded on political activism and social justice tradition. Students gain skills in closely reading historical texts, cogent analysis of historical evidence, and strong writing, enabling them to address some of today’s most pressing issues.

How Sarah Lawrence College’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Women’s History is a unique master’s degree offered only at Sarah Lawrence College. The College offers online graduate courses and provides study-abroad opportunities to its students. The faculty-to-student ratio is nine to one.

Students can choose courses within the program that offer an in-depth exploration of women’s issues at a national and global level. A dual degree program is also available at Sarah Lawrence College.

As a female student at Sarah Lawrence College, you can do individualized research and have a chance to collaborate with recognized faculty members. In addition, you can study women, races, classes, sexual orientations, religions, disabilities, and gender from an intersectional perspective.

The course teaches analytical skills, skilled writing in all disciplines, oral presentations, a close reading of work, and macro and microanalyses of historical phenomena and current issues. It enables a student to enter top Ph.D. programs and expand their career options.

Be one of the many female graduates with meaningful and successful careers in different agencies like education, nonprofits, private companies, and academia.

Graduate Program in History of Art

Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr College

Students design their study load according to their goals and interests, and the program is flexible. This grad program in History of Art covers various historical topics ranging from ancient China to textiles found in South Asia. Postmodern critical theory courses, such as gender theory, psychoanalytic theory, and reception, are offered.

A variety of researchers interested in visual culture attend a weekly colloquium organized by the Center for Visual Culture. Besides supporting research and exhibitions, the Center puts on conferences and other extracurricular events. If you’re in such circumstances, this grad program is your cup of tea.

How Bryn Mawr College’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Their founder, Joseph W. Taylor, envisioned the College as a place where women could pursue academic scholarship and original research. As an intellectual center for many outstanding women scholars, the university continues to provide such opportunities.

Leadership at the university cultivates self-awareness and professional growth through a liberal arts approach, and experiential learning tools foster self-awareness. In addition to classes on the development and structures of cities, Bryn Mawr also offers courses on peace and conflict resolution, as well as social justice.

With five focuses, Bryn Mawr’s arts program emphasizes analytical and cognitive skills in creating visual art and the fine arts degree in conjunction with Haverford College.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College

The Mount Holyoke College – Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program offers more than 25 licensure options for aspiring educators in a one-year and two-year program. You get to choose which path to take to pursue being a teacher.

In addition to obtaining a Master of Education, students can receive specialized licensures in critical areas, such as teaching English to language learners and moderate disabilities. Student learning networks and alumni relationships are key components of the program’s innovation and engagement.

A standout aspect of this curriculum is its affiliation with EL Education, which contributes to a solid commitment to social justice. If you are part of this program, you’ll find that 90% of their students have found jobs right after graduation. Hopefully, you can take advantage of the same opportunity as their student.

How Mount Holyoke College’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

A Women’s College with a global orientation, Mount Holyoke College is rooted in the tradition of academic excellence and individualized learning. There are nine students for every teacher, and most classes have fewer than 20 students.

With a wide range of majors, the university is a leader among women’s colleges, with 39 percent of its current students pursuing programs in social sciences. Several resources, such as internships and recruitment programs, are available to Mount Holyoke College graduates through the alumnae network.

If you become a graduate of this institution, you’ll most likely be part of a stable all-female alumni network.

A science program at Mount Holyoke College generates more research funding than the research programs at other top liberal arts colleges in the country. An atomic force microscope is available at the university’s cutting-edge science center.

Transgender students are welcome at Mount Holyoke College, which is committed to fostering a diverse academic environment that celebrates diversity. Transgender students can quickly feel at home and accepted in this College.

Master’s of Arts in Interior Design (online and on-campus)

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design

The online master’s degree in interior design at SCAD enables students to gain the technical, research, and communication skills they need to succeed as upper-level professionals. The core curriculum covers these topics: Internal Design Theory, Research Methods, Material Development, and Environmental Psychology.

Students in contemporary issues in interior design courses apply various techniques and issues to their critical thinking and practical design concepts. Furthermore, each student completes a final project relevant to their field of study.

Prospective students are required to submit their college transcripts, a portfolio, a resume, a statement of purpose, and two recommendations to be considered for the Master of Interior Design online program.

An applicant must hold an accredited bachelor’s degree in interior design or a field related to it. Apart from distance courses, attending classes on school campuses in Atlanta or Savannah is also an option.

How SCAD’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Tuition at SCAD is the same, no matter where students reside. In addition to these resources, the school offers writers’ studios, peer tutoring, thesis support, and graduate mentor programs tailored to the needs of online students. A job board and career development services are available to alumni.

There is no set login time for SCAD online classes. Students can do so by viewing lectures, completing assignments, and contributing to discussions on their own time.

Other international locations where students may study abroad include France, Hong Kong, and other countries. 69% of the full-time undergraduate population at SCAD is female, and 31% is male.

Master of Science in Dental Hygiene (Online)

Idaho State University

Idaho State University

The Master of Science (MS) in Dental Hygiene students at Idaho State University earn their degree online. The Online Readiness Survey will help applicants determine whether they can enroll in a fully online program.

A minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA) is required in upper-division dental hygiene coursework and a Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene or an equivalent field of study. A current license in good standing is required for dental hygiene students.

The Department of Dental Hygiene must receive a copy of this license with the application.

Students need to have taken a statistics or biostatistics course in College or university. Grades of “C” or better are required. Students can take a statistics course at their choice of institution, either online or in person. Students in the MSDH Program may elect a statistical system at the graduate level.

How Idaho State University’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

The dental hygienists produced by Idaho State University are composed of many women alumni. They have made outstanding contributions to the MSDH program and have helped the dental hygiene industry significantly. Some of the alumni who made enormous contributions are the following:

Master’s in Education (On-campus)

University of California Berkeley

University of California Berkeley

A diverse group of students and faculty belong to the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Education, who strive to understand and improve education in its complex form.

They are proud to welcome students with a wealth of academic talent and professional experience who want to make an impact as researchers, educators, leaders, and innovators. If this profession is your calling, you are more than welcome to join this institution. 

Faculty and students examine how children, youth, and adults learn inside and outside classes and how schools, communities, and societies can improve the academic and career opportunities for all members of their communities. Students gain the skills and experiences to cope with those challenges.

How UC Berkeley’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Providing leadership, innovation, and educational scholarship is the mission of this program. Female educators are trained to excel in the many Education specializations, including Educational Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, and Special Education.

Master of Science (MS) in Human Resource Management – Online

Purdue University

Purdue University

Would you like to enhance your HR knowledge with an analytical edge? You may be interested in Purdue University’s online master’s degree program in human resource management (MSHRM). This 30-credit hour 100% online degree program offers you the flexibility needed for working professionals.

In addition to learning from their top-ranked in-residence Master of Science in Human Resource Management faculty, you will also work with their outstanding student services departments. They have faculty and staff who are dedicated to training you to work effectively within and across disciplines.

You can pursue various career paths with an online master’s degree in HRM from Krannert, such as Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Design, Change Management, and other HR fields.

How Purdue University’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

This field is ideal for women with a flair for corporate work and interacting with others to resolve organizational issues.

In this role, employees interact with candidates, interview them, hire them, train them, set their pay, benefits, and perks, design appraisal systems, establish policies and leave structures, and resolve issues with employees.

HR professionals are needed in every large firm, and they are well-paid, as well. In recent years, an increasing number of women have joined human resources management positions, so there are more than enough job opportunities. 

Master of Arts in Media Design (On-campus and Online)

Emmerson College

Emmerson College

Embrace life and a career focused on media, technology, and civic engagement with Emerson’s Media Design (MA) program. Media Design MAs are offered one-year or two-year sequential programs through Emerson’s Engagement Lab.

You can take classes at night, online, or in person for each track. Once you graduate from the program, you will have employment opportunities in varying industries like media and news companies, government agencies, corporate businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

How Emmerson College’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

The Media Design MA program at Emerson’s Engagement Lab is research-driven. You’ll work directly with community organizations during thesis development, in contrast to traditional coursework. Nowadays, female in the media industry is also increasing. If you have the skills and talents, it’s a great idea to establish your profession in this industry. 

During the program, participants build prototypes, processes, and platforms to achieve the goals of their cohort. A distinctive civic spirit pervades media design at the Engagement Lab. It focuses on building more powerful ways of participation globally, from strengthening community infrastructure to solving some of the most significant social and civic issues with technology.

The field of social media management is growing because every company has (or should have) social media accounts it has to manage, aside from its marketing and PR departments. So when you graduate from this program, you’ll be able to work in many companies with diverse roles related to media.

Women who wish to pursue careers in media have many options to choose from: advertising, journalism, public relations, photography, and more.

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management (Online and On-campus)

University of Baltimore

University of Baltimore

A unique interdisciplinary program that incorporates business, psychology, and criminal justice will prepare you to meet the needs of cybersecurity leaders in the military, government, and other industries.

This graduate program is all about evaluating and mitigating risk, acquiring critical accounting and analytics skills, creating policy, and examining cybersecurity strategies. 

With a career-focused education provided by the University of Baltimore, the region gets highly qualified leaders who make significant contributions to society.

How the University of Baltimore’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Gone are the days when cybersecurity is only for males in society! Be a highly skilled and well-trained woman who can understand and manage data security threats and secure online data and assets.

Master of Arts in English (On-campus)

Georgetown University

Georgetown University

It emphasizes close student-faculty contact, where classes are limited to 18 students. Students take courses in the afternoon and the early evening. Students can complete their degree within three years after receiving admission, after finishing a multifaceted final thesis project.

With the advent of the MA program in Fall 2021, students will complete eight courses (24 credits) and a thesis within four semesters or two years. It is not uncommon for students in this program to finish their work within four semesters and become full-time students.

As a full-time student, you must take three courses (nine credits) during the fall and spring quarters of your first year and one course (3 credits) plus thesis research during the spring and fall quarters of your second year. 

How Georgetown University’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Students take advanced courses with nationally and internationally known scholars on early modern and long 18th-century literature at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC. The Folger Shakespeare Library is a treasure trove for students.

High school teachers and college instructors can receive specialized training about how to teach writing. There are opportunities for you to work in technical writing programs at Georgetown, including a writing program explicitly committed to serving minority and working-class students and participating in literacy and writing outreach programs in the community.

As a woman in this specific industry, step up and teach English to secondary students. If you would love to contribute as a writer and editor, this program is perfect for you, too. There are many areas of concentration in the MA program at Georgetown.

Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing Education Specialization (Online)

Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University

Become a Nurse Education specialist by combining clinical expertise with teaching skills and connecting with patients on a human level! The National League for Nursing will offer the Nurse Educator certification exam following the completion of your program. 

The program you need to propel your career to the next level will boost your success as a Registered Nurse. Sacred Heart University’s BS in Nursing and MS in Nursing online programs were specifically designed to allow working nurses to simultaneously earn their BSN and MSN.

Sacred Heart’s MS in Nursing Education Specialization Nurses is designed for nurses seeking accreditation from the Magnet Recognition Program. With a humanistic core philosophy, the university is also home to award-winning faculty that help shape the best professionals in the healthcare industry. 

How Sacred Heart University’s Grad Program Empowers Women:

Nursing Education helps you understand today’s challenges facing educators, discover methods for designing curricula, and evaluate student performance. Female nurses are already in large numbers today in health care.

This program will earn you more brownie points when aiming for higher nursing positions and rankings to establish a higher zeal for your profession.

During your Nursing Education class, you will apply the theories, competencies, and concepts you’ve learned in your studies to real-world situations. A nurse educator’s job is as fulfilling as it is lucrative!

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