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Updated: February 29, 2024, Reading time: 8 minutes

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Earning a master’s degree is getting increasingly expensive, especially for a unique subject such as philosophy. A few years ago, I was determined to join a master’s program in philosophy, yet having a limited budget, it was no easy task. This is when I discovered an online master’s in philosophy.

If you are searching for an affordable master’s in philosophy, keep reading as I will tell you everything I discovered about the cheapest online master’s in philosophy.

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Exploring the Cheapest Online Master’s in Philosophy

Exploring accessible options for an online Philosophy degree opens doors to academic endeavors free of charge. With the flexibility of online learning, students can handle their professional and personal obligations more efficiently since they may study at their own speed. Furthermore, these programs frequently have lower tuition costs, which removes the need for costs like housing and transportation.

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Online philosophy degrees offer various courses, guaranteeing a thorough educational experience. Aspiring philosophers can obtain a plethora of knowledge without breaking the bank by selecting reasonably priced online resources, making their scholastic journey both useful and illuminating.

Now, let’s explore the five best options for pursuing the cheapest Master’s in Philosophy programs. In no particular order, we have:

Biola University Masters Program

Tuition: Biola University offers competitive tuition rates, making it a top choice for budget-conscious students. The annual tuition ranges from $18,000 to $33,000.

Course Highlights:

Holy Apostles University’s Online Philosophy Program

Tuition: Holy Apostles University’s online degree is known for its simplistic and holistic Christian standpoint. 

The course boasts a faculty of renowned philosophers, offering a high-quality education at a lower cost. The annual tuition ranges from $7,000 to $14,500

Notable Faculty: 

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California State University (CSUN)

Tuition:  The California State University online philosophy course also stands out for its budget-friendly tuition and expenses, beginning at $7,500 annually.

Standout points: 

Rutger University 

Tuition: Rutgers University offers an online philosophy degree with an annual tuition of $900 per credit, with an additional $300 program fee per course or $22,000.

Standout points: 

Loyola University 

Tuition: Loyola University offers an accessible philosophy education without the hefty price tag. Their tuition typically begins at $1,140 per credit unit or an estimate of $30,000 per year.

University Features: 

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The Advantages of Online Learning in Philosophy

As we have seen, several different alternatives for learning philosophy online exist. However, you may still be puzzled about pursuing your studies online or sticking to the traditional brick-and-mortar method.

However, the new way of online learning has been taking the university by storm due to its many significant benefits that we will now analyze.

Flexibility and Convenience

The flexibility and convenience of running an online program cannot be overemphasized. Students benefit greatly from the ease of online Master of Philosophy degrees. 

These online courses are designed to fit a variety of schedules and responsibilities, as students can access coursework at any time and from any location. Students can easily integrate their education into their lives by organizing their coursework around their obligations to their families, jobs, and other commitments.

Cost Savings

Savings on costs in online degrees for master of philosophy are the outcome of lower overhead. These initiatives save money on housing costs by eliminating the need for relocation or commuting. Additionally, compared to traditional textbooks, digital course materials and resources may be less expensive. 

Diverse Course Offerings

Many universities offer a wide range of philosophy courses online, providing access to diverse philosophical perspectives and areas of study. This further enhances the quality of learning and specialization.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Online Master’s in Philosophy Course

Finally, after you are convinced to move forward with your online master’s degree in philosophy, there are still a couple of factors to consider before pulling the trigger.


Ensure the program is accredited by a recognized accrediting body to guarantee the quality of education you receive. Accredited master’s degrees will provide more accurate and valuable information and be more well-accepted by workplaces or other universities when presenting your CV.

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Tuition and Fees

Compare tuition costs and fees across online degrees to find the most affordable option. However, when comparing fees, it is also crucial to consider the university’s content and quality. Sometimes, it is better to pay a little extra for better tuition.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Explore available financial aid options, scholarships, and grants to alleviate the financial burden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Duration of an Online Master’s in Philosophy?

The duration of a college degree in Philosophy can vary. However, it typically takes around one and a half to two years to complete. However, the duration may depend on the degree’s credit requirements, course load, and whether you choose to study full-time or part-time. 

Are There Any Financial Aid Options Available for Online Philosophy Degrees?

Yes, many online Master’s in Philosophy programs offer financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and student loans. Exploring the financial assistance opportunities provided by the specific university or college offering the lectures is advisable. 

Can I Pursue an Online Master’s in Philosophy Without a Background in Philosophy?

Yes, it is possible to pursue an online Master’s in Philosophy without a prior background in the field. Some programs accept students from diverse academic backgrounds, although you may be required to complete foundational coursework to catch up on the essential philosophical concepts. 

Cheapest Online Masters in Philosophy - fact


The pursuit of an online Master’s in Philosophy is not only an intellectually enriching endeavor, but it can also be a financially accessible one. We’ve explored five outstanding options that offer affordable pathways to this academic achievement, providing opportunities for flexible learning, diverse course offerings, and robust support services. 

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that you can start pursuing your academic dreams at an accessible price in the exceptional field of philosophy.

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