5 Best Online Masters of Military Art and Science Graduate Schools

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The military history of the world tells us that for a country to be able to defend itself from internal and external aggression, it needs to have a well-trained, loyal, and disciplined military force. It is for this reason that online masters of military art and science were conceived. It’s a branch of study and a process that aims to develop and hone the military understanding and skills of an individual and use it to enforce the law and promote peace and order.

Masters of Military Art and Science (MMAS) graduate programs offer a unique opportunity for military professionals to gain advanced education and training to help them achieve their professional goals. The educational outreach program provides in-depth coursework and hands-on experience in a range of disciplines, allowing students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the field of military science.

Holders of a master’s degree in Military Art and Science show hard evidence of their ability to understand strategic studies on war, defense, national security, and intelligence. It qualifies them to either proceed with a doctorate program or be promoted to higher positions.

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Breaking It Down

Getting a master’s degree, whether a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Science (MS) in Military Art and Science is a great way to level up your qualifications. It can provide you with mastery of your chosen field or course – an essential employability skill that gets you noticed for hiring or promotion.

A Master of Arts in Military Science degree program helps to build your self-confidence, assertiveness, human relations, military leadership, critical thinking, and analytical skills. These are valuable leadership traits needed to strengthen established norms of society and uphold the country’s sovereign rights.

Attending an American military university also enriches your understanding of national history, military history, joint warfare, conflict resolution, operational art, or any other field or course you choose to specialize in. Completing the master’s degree in your chosen course makes your dream job a reality.

Taking an on-campus master of arts in military strategies course is no easy feat especially if you’re on active duty as military personnel. Personal conflicts may occur during your tour of duty because you can be assigned from one place to another.

But with the introduction of online military arts curricula, things have changed in your favor. You only need to have a reliable internet connection and the ability to use computer-assisted tools to attend online classes without compromising your military affairs – wherever you may be in the world.

With your Master of Military Art & Science degree, consider a career in Forensic Science:


Undergraduate Military Art and Science degree holders get outstanding opportunities to supplement their knowledge, enhance their skills, and expand their connections through their master’s degree programs.

Our list of the 5 Online Masters of Military Art and Science graduate schools set the benchmark in graduate program excellence:

The 5 Best Online Military Art and Science Graduate Schools

Purdue University Global

West Lafayette, IN

Online Master’s Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management

The online master’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management program at Purdue University focuses on national security and emergency management as its major course. It is designed to develop your military leadership skills and allow you to gain comprehensive knowledge of security management. Once the program is completed, you will learn how private and government institutions find and implement feasible solutions to security management crises and practical business situations.

The program also enables graduates to discover factors that affect national defense and security. This includes knowledge in military history, interrelationships of businesses and industries, politics, ideology, culture, psychology, and economics. It is a hands-on program that requires 55 credits and considers homeland security policies and principles as its core course. It consists of a set of courses that can equip you with knowledge and skills that stakeholders in private and government sectors would want their leaders to possess.

Did You Know?

Purdue University is known for being one of the most prestigious research universities in the world, as ranked by The Wall Street Journal.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis, MO

MS in Strategic Intelligence

Saint Louis University’s Master in Strategic Intelligence degree program is centered on intelligence as its major course. It covers the areas of surveillance, espionage, and military operations including war. The curriculum intends to teach students to apply the lessons from their ground learning experiences. The program is suited for students already working in intelligence and related fields.

Graduates of SLU’s master of Strategic intelligence degree program will be able to manage information, determine its relevance, and act on that information to attain actionable outcomes. Its hybrid and online courses are designed for technology-driven professionals. The curriculum has multiple start terms that allow you to begin your journey to a master’s degree in summer, spring, or fall.

Did You Know?
 Thirteen graduate academic curriculums at Saint Louis University are currently ranked in the top 50 by US News & World Report.

Walden University

Minneapolis, MN

MS in Forensic Psychology – Military

Walden University’s Master’s in Forensic Psychology degree program is a study of human behavior and its link to the criminal mind. It also prepares you for non-clinical roles in modern military operations, anti-terrorism, and criminal investigative analysis. With crime psychology as its core course, the program focuses on conducting assessments and formulating research methods to explore psychological theories and principles associated with criminal behavior. It allows you to identify behavioral patterns and understand the psychosocial factors that make law enforcement more effective.     

Graduates of Walden University’s MS in Forensic Psychology degree can make things happen for their personal and professional goals. It allows them to learn from a faculty of forensic experts and enables them to tailor their degrees to suit their professional interests. Once they have completed their specialized courses, they will be required to undergo a capstone course to consolidate their acquired knowledge and skills into a practical project or engage in 60 hours of practical field experience.  

Did You Know?

Walden University is offering a $3,000 Grant to prospective students who are residents of the US and can start their program on May 30, 2022.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Orlando, FL

MS in Human Security and Resilience

Embry-Riddle’s Master in Human Security and Resilience is a 30-credit hour fully online cutting-edge master’s degree program designed for working professionals. Its focus on security and resilience as a major course signifies that the program intends to support individuals who aspire to join military forces and meet security challenges head-on.

As a student of Embry-Riddle’s online master in human security and resilience program, you will learn many things and gain comprehensive knowledge about military history, modern military operations, and human security and resilience. These include:

You are required to undergo a capstone course after your specialization courses are completed.

Did you Know?

Embry-Riddle University’s aerospace engineering program is the largest of its kind in the United States.

Michigan State University Online

East Lansing, MI

Michigan State University
MS in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis

Michigan State University Online’s Master’s in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis degree program considers criminal justice research and analysis as the core course of the curriculum. It aims to develop students into subject-matter specialists in the law enforcement and intelligence aspects of military operations. It also intends to provide you with the tactical skills to perform law enforcement with the use of intel data.

MSU’s master’s in law enforcement intelligence and analysis program is informed by the US Department of Justice. It allows you to learn from highly respected faculty who helped to establish the university’s law enforcement department. This particular curriculum has a vast criminal justice network. Once completed, it can be your key to more job opportunities and room for career growth.

Graduates of MSU’s law enforcement intelligence degree are known for mastering military history, ethical reasoning, and using data to bust crimes. The department has a faculty of experts with practical experience in anti-terrorism, physical security, and SWAT operations. Working with them can be considered a course in itself. It’s an opportunity many students can only dream about.

MSU’s master’s in law enforcement intelligence and analysis qualifies you for positions in corrections crime analysis, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering, and many more.

Did You Know?

MSU is the first institution of learning in the United States that focuses entirely on criminal justice education.

Military Art and Science – An Overview

Military art and science refer to the study, research, development, and application of military operations to assert a nation’s land, sea, and air and space power in times of peace or war. It is an approach used by the armed forces to gauge the economic, political, geographic, and psychosocial aspects of its relationship with its citizens and other countries to assert its defense policies. It combines two different yet closely related areas of military strategy to create a unified academic and professional institution – the Master of Arts or MS in Military Art and Science degree.

Military art refers to the human aspects of war and military activities. Military science on the other hand refers to the technical aspects of war and military operations.

Both branches require adeptness in logic and critical thinking. They are considered a source of the theoretical and intellectual substance that military professionals use to instill peace, win a war, and uphold the sovereignty and security of a country. It requires intensive academic and field research to ensure the integrity of its knowledge base and warrant the effectiveness of its domestic and international operations.

As a whole, the profession requires competencies in organizational structure, leadership, and expertise in specific military and civilian subjects including military history, joint warfare, and operational art.

If you’re not familiar with operational art, it is a military term that refers to the use of the country’s armed forces to accomplish operational or strategic objectives. It accomplishes this feat by designing, organizing, and conducting battles and major military operations. Operational art determines the time, place, and purpose a major military force will engage in war. It’s a major course in military training.

Being an interdisciplinary field, modern military curriculums require students to study several academic disciplines. Apart from military training courses that include joint warfare, gunnery, ballistics, material technology, and operational art, the program also focuses on several academic disciplines. It involves a variety of military and civilian undergraduate and graduate courses:

What types of students are well-suited for the Master's in Military Art and Science program?

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of students are well-suited for the Master’s in Military Art and Science program?

Graduate degree programs in military disciplines attract students interested in military history and who want to pursue a career in military operations. Their interest and concern about local and national political affairs and international relations fuel their desire to play management or leadership roles in a team-based organization.

Does choosing an online graduate school for Military Sciences matter?

Yes. While the quality of today’s online education has become very evident and acceptable to most employers, it is still prudent and imperative for students to choose a good online college or university to enroll in. There are three factors most employers, including the government, consider when looking at the college or university where you graduated from. These are the school’s reputation, accreditation, and quality of graduates.

With so many job candidates with master’s degrees entering the workforce, competition is tough. History tells us that the quality of education you get from a respectable graduate college or university will give you an edge over other job contenders. Choosing a reputable online institution for your graduate education is a good way to prepare for a great career.

What are the general admission requirements to enroll in a graduate military degree?

Enrolling in a graduate military degree program is not a complicated process. Most colleges and universities offering the program ask only for the minimum admission requirements, and they don’t require previous military experience. These eligibility requirements include:

What skills will students develop in a Military Art and Science graduate study?

As a student of an MS or MA in a military degree program, you will learn organizational theory and essential skills required in military leadership. These include:

A typical military curriculum covers applied communication courses to develop your writing and public speaking abilities. It is a fundamental building block of effective communication. It enables you to express your stand on social and political topics.

The interdisciplinary nature of the master’s in military strategy degrees will allow you to develop several skills, including leadership, time management, project management, and decision-making. Once completed, it provides you with a comprehensive understanding of military history, intelligence and law enforcement, operational art, and joint warfare operations.

Some military degrees even offer financial accounting courses to allow students to understand financial accounting records. This course enhances the students’ leadership capabilities and strengthens their potential to make reasonable business decisions. Knowledge of financial accounting is one of the essential eligibility requirements for promotion to administrative positions in the military. It makes students ready for future leadership positions.

How will earning a Master’s degree in Military Art and Science help my career?

Earning a Master’s degree in Military Art and Science can help advance your career by giving you the knowledge and skills needed to become a leader in the military. It can also help to bridge the gap between civilian and military pursuits by teaching you how to apply military-related theories and processes to the civilian job market.

This degree can also help to distinguish you from other non-commissioned military officers in the sector and can open up opportunities for higher-level promotions or other military career paths. Ultimately, a Master’s degree in Military Art and Science can provide you with the tools necessary to excel in the military and civilian life.

What factors come into play when selecting an outstanding Military Art and Science graduate school?

Several colleges and universities in the US are offering master in military arts and sciences degree programs. Many of these schools also offer these military studies online to meet the professional and educational goals of working students especially those who are on active duty in the US armed forces.

As a student, you want to pursue advanced military studies presumably to boost your career and enhance your understanding of national security and military operations. With that said, you need to consider certain factors in choosing an online college or university.


Each institution of advanced education has its own specializations. You should consider one that offers the concentration you want to specialize in. The most popular areas of specialization include:


There is no programmatic accreditation to current master’s in military strategies degree programs. However, you still need to check whether your chosen college or university is accredited by legitimate entities such as the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC), the Higher Learning Commission, or the US Department of Education.

Faculty Support

Faculty support is an essential aspect of quality education, whether it is conducted on-campus or delivered online. Professors are primarily responsible for optimizing the learning experience of each student.

Since face-to-face interactions between instructors and students are uncommon in online programs, you should be able to identify a school that encourages its faculty to support its students, especially in doing research. You’ll find this type of support in schools that conduct tutoring and mentoring programs for online students.


Flexibility is the true essence of online education. It allows working professionals and students with family responsibilities to pursue their educational and career objectives without quitting their jobs. The good thing about online programs is they offer asynchronous learning to allow students to access their learning materials at their convenient time.

Key Takeaways

Graduate curriculums in military arts and sciences degrees offer courses that allow you to learn several subjects applicable to business and military affairs. These courses have something to do with military doctrine, national defense, management principles, and law enforcement. This interdisciplinary degree will allow you to gain knowledge in different fields, including engineering, natural and applied sciences, military history, and humanities.

An online master’s degree in this field doesn’t require leaving a job or relocating to get closer to your chosen college or university. Instead, it offers flexibility to allow a working student like you to attend classes at your chosen time and place.

Several schools offering online master’s in military strategy degree programs allow you to learn from the same instructors who teach the same courses in an on-campus setting. Additionally, online programs are flexible, lower in cost, and have the same content quality as traditional master’s degree programs.

If you are a working professional with an ardent desire to take your career to higher levels, consider enrolling in an online master of arts in military arts degree program from a reputable college or university. It is a sublime goal, a dare challenging students to integrate business functions with their studies. It can open doors for you to a whole new world. It’s a world where students acquire the confidence to face real challenges – a world that acknowledges your love for your homeland, your desire to uphold peace, and your passion for serving.

Always consider a reputable college or university when enrolling in an online graduate curriculum or course. It is a part of good planning – an essential employability skill students with a big desire for professional success must possess. Finally, indicating a master’s degree from a respected university in your CV is a career-enhancing personal presentation that can help to brighten your career opportunities.

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