The 10 Best Online MS in Engineering Graduate Schools in 2023

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Qualified professionals for engineering jobs in America are highly sought after. Federal data show that engineering occupations, along with architecture jobs, are projected to grow 6% in the next decade. Adding a master’s degree to your engineering credentials lets you stay ahead of the game. By completing an online Master of Science in Engineering, you thrive in the tough engineering job market that is riddled with issues like skills gap or a lack of qualifying skills among graduates and applicants.

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Engineers hold one of the most important professions that contribute to the growth of the economy.

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If you hold a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics, computer science, or any related field, pursuing online graduate Engineering programs qualifies for in high-level engineering roles. With a Master of Science track, you obtain the qualifications for research-intensive learning and become prepared for a Ph.D. education.

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There is an ideal online Master of Science in Engineering program that matches your specialization! Explore how MS in Engineering graduate schools on our list impress with these program features:

  • Graduates are awarded the Master of Science (MS) in Engineering degree, with concentrations in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, and more,
  • Offered as a 100% online distance learning graduate education or in a blended format, making it particularly ideal for adult learners,
  • Emphasis on student preparedness for careers in the corporate, non-profit and government sectors with interpersonal attributes,
  • Rigorous research-based online Engineering program coursework featuring the laws, ethics, state-of-the-art technologies, and modern practices in the specific Engineering specializations,
  • Financial Aid programs for qualified Engineering graduate students,
  • Easy-to-use virtual platform or Learning Management Systems
  • Student Help Centers run by academic personnel and engineering professionals who assist students in their graduate study and provide networking opportunities,
  • Faculty members who hold terminal degrees in Engineering, and are professionals in the field,
  • Nationally or regionally accredited by academic agencies to prove compliance with the standards of online teaching particularly in the field of Engineering,
  • Membership with Engineering associations that promote the field

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The 10 Best Online MS in Engineering Graduate Schools

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University
Online Master of Science in Engineering

Bachelor’s degree holders on the research-based engineering track can enroll in North Carolina State University.

  • The program entails 30 credit hours for completion.
  • No thesis or on-campus residency is required.
  • To create a general degree program, students must select courses from two engineering disciplines.
Standout Features of NC State University – Online Master of science in Engineering:

The NC State faculty uses Moodle as the primary Learning Management System to facilitate their online programs. Students use the WolfWare tools to access course materials and resources throughout the semester.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University
Online Master of Science in Engineering

Engineering professionals can pursue an interdisciplinary online Master’s in Engineering online through Texas Tech University. As the courses are offered entirely online, students can work and attend school at the same time.

  • 36 minimum hours are required for completion
  • A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite to qualify for the program.
Standout Features of Texas Tech University – Online Master of science in Engineering:

Online Master of Engineering degree programs at Texas Tech University is designed for working engineers. Students can choose from several tracks within the various disciplines or create their own program of study by combining credits from multiple engineering programs.

University of West Florida

University of West Florida
Online Master of Science in Engineering

Offered by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Mechanical Engineering Department, the MS in Engineering degree is offered online featuring a flexible schedule and one-on-one faculty interaction.

  • To qualify for this online master’s, you need to have a bachelor’s degree from an ABET-accredited program in electrical, mechanical, computer engineering, or other related studies.
  • There’s a GPA undergraduate requirement.
  • The program comes with three concentrations: robotics, power, and advanced materials.
Standout Features of University of West Florida – Online Master of science in Engineering:

Students must complete at least courses in their field of Engineering specialization, culminating in an engineering project or thesis. Graduate students with excellent qualifications have the opportunity to apply for a limited number of assistantships in research and teaching.

University Of Arkansas

Arkansas State University Logo
Online Master of Science in Engineering

University of Arkansas’ MS in Engineering program covers these disciplines:

  • Biological Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Operations Management Engineering

The core courses include maintenance management, engineering applications, and operations management. This MS program is GRE-exempt.

Standout Features of University of Arkansas – Online Master of Science in Engineering:

The program is taught by graduate faculty from the U of A College of Engineering.

Kansas State University

Kansas State University - Online
Online Master of Science in Engineering

The College of Engineering – Kansas State University offers an MS in Engineering online program in these subfields:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

Expect to learn core courses such as Engineering Entrepreneurship, Economics of Design and Construction, Methods of Operations Research, and Systems Engineering Fundamentals.

The program can be taken 100% online and requires 15 to 33 credits required for completion.

Standout Features of Kansas State University – Online Master of Science in Engineering:

With its world-class educational, research, and service programs, Kansas State University’s Carl R. Ice College of Engineering is a leader in the field.

University of Florida

University of Florida - Distance Learning
Online Master of Science in Engineering

Through its UF EDGE (Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering) Program, the University of Florida offers several different master’s degree programs in engineering online.

The entire engineering department comprises these sub-departments:

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil and Coastal Engineering,
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering

Throughout the country and worldwide, UF is committed to offering the same great programs and elite faculty that are available on their main campus. Individuals seeking an alternative to the on-campus experience can take advantage of their online and distance programs while receiving the same rigorous courses and prestigious degrees as those enrolled in on-campus courses.

Standout Features of UF – Online Master of Science in Engineering:

Ten three-credit hour classes in the UF Online MS in Engineering programcan be completed in as little as 24 months. The same diploma will be awarded to online engineering master’s degree graduates as those who graduate on campus.

Purdue University

Purdue University - College of Engineering
Online Master of Science in Engineering – MICROELECTRONICS & sEMICONDUCTORS

The MS in Engineering – major in Microelectronics & Advanced Semiconductors program is ideal for engineers focusing on the microelectronics field. It is delivered online or thru hybrid modalities, making it the perfect option for working professionals who seek practical and focused training for immediate application to actual engineering occupations.

An Engineering graduate program powerhouse, Purdue also offers these Master’s in Engineering concentrations:

  • Master of Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • Master of Civil Engineering
  • Master of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Master of Engineering Education
  • Master of Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
Standout Features of Purdue University – Online Master of Science in Engineering:

Purdue also features innovative study options, such as the Interdisciplinary MSE/MS program and Dual MSE-MBA program. The program utilizes video streaming and MPEG-4 downloading to efficiently deliver the programs.

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University - Online
Online Master of Science in Engineering

Graduate engineering degrees are available online through Mississippi State University’s James Worth Bagley College of Engineering. Online classes follow the same curriculum as on-campus classes.

The popular concentrations are Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, among others.

  • The MS in Engineering program requires 30 credit hours.
  • They apply a student-specific curriculum that requires three courses and allows the student to modify and personalize the other remaining classes.
  • Thesis and non-thesis options are offered.
  • Students preparing to write a thesis will be required to take a course on thesis formatting.
Standout Features of Mississippi State University – Online Master of Science in Engineering:

A variety of military engineering courses are also offered thru the university’s Military Engineering Studies, the only engineering degree program of its kind in the state.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University - Wm Michael Barnes '64 Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Online MS in Engineering Management

Texas A&M’s 30-credit, non-thesis MS in Engineering Management courses prepare engineers for management-focused work in the field, with emphasis on technical systems and organizations.

Students must choose from these 12-credit specializations that may be satisfied thru distance learning:

  • Business
  • Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering
  • Systems Development/Project Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing Systems Management and Control
  • Engineering Risk
  • Human Systems
Standout Features of Texas A&M University- Online Master of Science in Engineering:

Texas A&M University’s graduate engineering programs are highly regarded in the state. Considering their partnerships with the state’s engineering companies and the industry, coupled with adequate research funding and an award-winning research faculty, it’s little wonder why!

University of Virginia

University of Virginia - Engineering
Online Master of Science in Engineering

The University of Virginia’s School of Science and Applied Engineering offers these MS programs:

  • Master of Science Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Science Civil Engineering
  • Master of Science Electrical Engineering

The UVA engineering departments offering the online master’s degrees appoint advisors who consult with graduate students who are working professionals regarding their curriculum. Each online MS in Engineering student’s Plan of Study must be approved by the advisors and the department heads.

Standout Features of University of Virginia – Online Master of Science in Engineering:

Providing accredited engineering courses electronically for over 35 years, UVA helps students advance their careers with a graduate degree. Non-degree and visiting students may enroll in the online classes and will not be charged an application fee.

Skills That Make An Excellent Engineer

To impress the hiring professional who reads your resume, you must showcase your relevant engineering skills. Ensure your resume highlights your most relevant engineering skills and prior work experience. Here are some must-have skills for engineers like you:

Technical Skills

In terms of skillset, recruiters are most interested in technical knowledge and skills. Find innovative ways to expand your technical skills in the engineering industry.

Project Management Skills

The project management certification is a popular choice among engineers seeking to gain project management skills. Look for online resources that can help you ace this skill set. Many companies offer project management certification to their engineers. It is often possible to find low-cost graduate programs that help you pass the PMI exam if you have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking employment as an engineer.

Problem Solving Skills

Strong problem-solving skills are crucial for engineers. Engineers spend a lot of time assessing situations, identifying problems, and then developing solutions. It will be necessary for employers to see that you can handle obstacles on a daily basis.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are necessary for engineers to take hold of the steering wheel when hurdles are present. Leadership is a critical quality in today’s engineering world, which is why businesses strive to hire people who work their way up and add value to their organization.


Engineer rarely works alone on a project without the assistance of their coworkers or outside professionals. Therefore, you need to have teamwork skills. This allows you to work seamlessly with others.


Ultimately, engineering is all about solving problems and multi-tasking, which means applying existing knowledge in new and creative ways. Maximize your creative juices and use them as you work as an engineer.


Things will always need to be improved, faster or stronger. Engineers are the ones who are responsible for delivering this day after day. For engineers to succeed, they should be passionate about innovation and problem-solving.

Online Master of Science in Engineering - fact
What are the top careers that online MS in Engineering graduate qualify for?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top careers that online MS in Engineering graduate qualify for?

You can qualify for leadership roles in your discipline with an online MS degree. A few of the highest paying engineering jobs, according to the information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, are held by computer hardware engineers, aerospace engineers, and petroleum engineers.

Here’s the fact: online Engineering master’s programs are just as rigorous as on-campus counterparts. These web-based and hybrid graduate programs in Engineering produce the most competent professionals.

Can non-engineers be admitted to a Master’s in Engineering program?

A bachelor’s degree in Engineering is typically required for a master’s program.

Today, however, certain universities offer specialized graduate programs designed for non-engineering degree holders. Sometimes referred to as a “bridge program,” it consists of a pre-master’s sub-program, you learn about the basics of the engineering field before moving on to the master’s.

Bridge programs admit undergraduate STEM majors. This means that students in the graduate program obtain advanced education while also continuing to develop their foundational knowledge.

Similarly, accelerated master’s in engineering programs are also offered by graduate schools across the country, giving graduates from diverse disciplines are accepted, including those who hold degrees in Business, Liberal Arts, or Education. Engineering advisors provide students with a non-GRE accelerated program of study in Engineering based on their academic background.

A master’s program in Engineering for non-engineers is expected to offer the same benefits as graduate programs for engineers.

Key Takeaways

Engineering careers can be pursued with only an undergraduate degree, but earning a master’s degree from top-rated engineering schools can increase your chances of landing better-paying occupations that match your interests. The advent of online engineering masters programs dramatically changed the way engineers advance their academic and career portfolio.

Online engineering degrees enable you to become adept in the latest engineering technology, while also earning the skills for global engineering leadership, and engineering and technology management.

Obtaining an online Master of Science in Engineering makes you better qualified for senior roles or leadership positions with emphasis on research-based work.

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Chief Editor