10 Best Online MS in Engineering Graduate Schools

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Qualified professionals for engineering jobs in America are highly sought after. Federal data show that engineering occupations, along with architecture jobs, are projected to grow 6% in the next decade. Adding a master’s degree to your engineering credentials lets you stay ahead of the game.

By completing an online Master of Science in Engineering, you thrive in the tough engineering job market that is riddled with issues like a skills gap or a lack of qualifying skills among graduates and applicants.

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Engineers hold one of the most important professions that contribute to the growth of the economy.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in science, mathematics, computer science, or any related field, pursuing online graduate Engineering programs qualifies for in high-level engineering roles. With a Master of Science track, you obtain the qualifications for research-intensive learning and become prepared for a Ph.D. education.


We’ve listed various MS programs leading to various engineering specializations. While each program has its curriculum, we’ve ensured that all online programs have the following features: 

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The 10 Best Online MS in Engineering Graduate Schools

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University
Online Master of Science in Engineering
Tuition:$525.50 per credit (resident)
$1,635.17 per credit (non-resident
Credit Hours:30-31
Time-to-Degree:2-3 years

NCSU’s online MS in Engineering program has 18 specialization options, including Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, civil engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Materials Science. Students can also pursue a general program by selecting courses from two engineering disciplines. 

Due to its competitive nature, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, or related sciences with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Online Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Tuition:$9,804 per term (resident)
$17,512 per term (non-resident)
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:2 years

TTU’s online MS in Industrial Engineering is a research-intensive program that has gained recognition as one of the best programs for international students. It is known to produce graduates capable of extensive research work.

The program’s core courses include Operations Research, Systems and Engineering Management, Statistics, Manufacturing, and Human Factors/Ergonomics. 

University of West Florida

University of West Florida

Online Master of Science in Engineering

Tuition:$377.60 per credit (resident)
 $1,037.2 per credit (non-resident)
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:2 years

UWF’s online MS in Engineering degree is known for its flexible schedule and one-on-one faculty interaction features. The program comes with three concentrations: robotics, power, and advanced materials.

To qualify for this online master’s, you need to have a bachelor’s degree from an ABET-accredited program in electrical, mechanical, computer engineering, or other related studies. Graduate students with excellent qualifications have the opportunity to apply for a limited number of assistantships in research and teaching.

University Of Arkansas

Online Master of Science in Engineering

Tuition:$303.88 per credit
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:1.5 to 2 years

In addition to being a research-intensive MS in Engineering program, UofA’s program is popular for integrating an interdisciplinary curriculum. It has embedded various engineering topics like Biological, Operations Management, Computer Systems, Industrial, Mechanical, and more. 

Kansas State University

Online Master of Science in Engineering – Chemical Engineering

Tuition:$825.83 per credit
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:1-2 years

K-State’s online MS in Chemical Engineering is its most research-focused engineering program. The program’s required courses include Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering and a Master’s Report. Students can also customize their MS degrees by choosing electives that best align with their interests, such as Bioseparations, Polymer Science and Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, and more.

University of Florida

Online Master of Science in Engineering

Tuition:$448.73 per credit (resident)
$690 per credit (non-resident)
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:24 months

UFL, through its EDGE (Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering) Program, offers a hybrid delivery format for its MS degrees in Engineering. As a student, you can choose from several of the department’s majors, including:

Purdue University

Online Master of Science in Engineering – Microelectronics & Semiconductors

Tuition:$1,139 per credit (in-state)
$1,459 per credit (out-of-state)
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:2 years

Purdue’s online MSE in Microelectronics & Advanced Semiconductors is ideal for working professionals who want to focus on the microelectronics field. The curriculum, which takes an interdisciplinary approach, prepares students for research opportunities.

At the program’s start, you will receive specialized attention from an academic advisor to plan a degree that best aligns with your goals. 

Mississippi State University

Online Master of Science in Engineering

Tuition:$537 per credit
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:1-2 years

In addition to its outstanding practical MEng programs, MS State also features research-intensive MS in Engineering with concentration options. You can choose from eleven concentrations:

In addition to research opportunities, some majors, like Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, provide highly qualified undergraduates with accelerated learning opportunities.

San Diego State University

Online Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Tuition:$911 total cost per unit
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:1.5 years

SDSU offers a research-based online MS in Computer Engineering program for those who want to pursue high positions in hardware engineering and software engineering. The curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach, combining electrical engineering and computer science topics. 

Oklahoma State University

Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Tuition:$489 per credit (in-state)
$530 per credit (out-of-state)
Credit Hours:30
Time-to-Degree:2 years

OSU’s MS in Electrical Engineering is popular for its research-based curriculum and flexible learning format. This program is designed for students who aim to make significant contributions to engineering science and techniques and prepares them for the PhD program.

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Skills That Make An Excellent Engineer

To impress the hiring professional who reads your resume, you must showcase your relevant engineering skills. Ensure your resume highlights your most relevant engineering skills and prior work experience. Here are some must-have skills for engineers like you:

Technical Skills

In terms of skill set, recruiters are most interested in technical knowledge and skills. Find innovative ways to expand your technical skills in the engineering industry.

Project Management Skills

The project management certification is a popular choice among engineers seeking to gain project management skills. Look for online resources that can help you ace this skill set. Many companies offer project management certification to their engineers. It is often possible to find low-cost graduate programs that help you pass the PMI exam if you have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking employment as an engineer.

Problem Solving Skills

Strong problem-solving skills are crucial for engineers. Engineers spend a lot of time assessing situations, identifying problems, and then developing solutions. It will be necessary for employers to see that you can handle obstacles on a daily basis.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are necessary for engineers to take hold of the steering wheel when hurdles are present. Leadership is a critical quality in today’s engineering world, which is why businesses strive to hire people who work their way up and add value to their organization.


Engineers rarely work alone on a project without the assistance of their coworkers or outside professionals. Therefore, you need to have teamwork skills. This allows you to work seamlessly with others.


Ultimately, engineering is all about solving problems and multi-tasking, which means applying existing knowledge in new and creative ways. Maximize your creative juices and use them as you work as an engineer.


Things will always need to be improved, faster or stronger. Engineers are the ones who are responsible for delivering this day after day. For engineers to succeed, they should be passionate about innovation and problem-solving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top careers that online MS in Engineering graduates qualify for?

You can qualify for leadership roles in your discipline with an online MS degree. A few of the highest-paying engineering jobs, according to the information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, are held by computer hardware engineers, aerospace engineers, and petroleum engineers.

Here’s the fact: Online engineering master’s programs are just as rigorous as their on-campus counterparts. These web-based and hybrid graduate programs in Engineering produce the most competent professionals.

Can non-engineers be admitted to a Master’s in Engineering program?

A bachelor’s degree in Engineering is typically required for a master’s program. However, some universities offer specialized graduate programs for non-engineering degree holders, known as bridge programs.

These programs include a pre-master’s sub-program, allowing students to develop foundational knowledge while obtaining advanced education. Accelerated master’s programs are also available, accepting graduates from diverse disciplines.

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