10 Best Online Master of Mass Communication Graduate Schools

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Mass communication is the process of creating, receiving, analyzing, and disseminating information to large audiences through verbal, written, or digital media. It is a broad field that takes care of creating and managing messages and the medium through which they are delivered.

People who have an unquestionable understanding of mass communications and their impact on society, government, and culture can use this knowledge to foster change in organizations, the government, and society in general.

A Master of Mass Communication degree is a highly sought-after program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a career related to media, technology, and journalism. It provides a focused base of knowledge and relevant practical experience that allows graduates to pursue their professional goals in a variety of industries.

The demand for mass communication professionals inspires not only students who need entry-level jobs after graduation but other talented individuals who aspire to make a career in the media. The advent and availability of online programs in mass communication is welcome news for working professionals who want to change or level up their careers. They now have an opportunity to learn mass communications without leaving their existing jobs.

Quick audio summary:

If you have an interest, passion, and talent in researching, writing, and publishing or broadcasting, enrolling in a master’s in mass communications program would be a good bet as it will allow you to pursue a career in journalism, public relations, and advertising or corporate communications. Completing this graduate degree will expose you to several opportunities in the public and private sectors. Aside from giving you a brighter professional future, a master’s in mass communication will also give you many opportunities to grow as a person. 

If you are a working professional, having a bachelor’s degree, good performance, and a pleasing attitude at work does help to improve your career, but it could take time. Completing an online master’s in mass communications degree strengthens your qualifications and enhances your opportunities for professional growth in less time. It can also put you ahead of other candidates who don’t have a graduate degree.

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Choosing an online graduate school is a daunting task, and you need to ensure that all the information you gather about the school is factual and reliable. Once you have enrolled, it would not be easy to undo once you realize that the school doesn’t have an attractive reputation for employers. That said, one of the things you can do to identify the best online schools with lesser effort and time is to read articles like this.

We researched the best online Master’s in Mass Communication and came up with a shortlist based on these factors:

The 10 Best Online Master of Mass Communication Graduate Schools

Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Master of Science in Corporate & Organizational Communication

The Master of Science in Corporate & Organizational Communications program at Northeastern University aims to equip you with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience to face complex real-world communication challenges. The program focuses on the impact of social technologies on ways modern society and people in business are committed to giving you an edge in the market. 

Northeastern University manifests its commitment to providing students with a rewarding learning experience by providing outstanding instructors with real-world experience in corporate communications and related fields.

Northeastern University’s master of science in corporate communication features three major areas: These are public media relations, cross-cultural communication, and social media strategies.

Did You Know?

The student body at Northeastern University consists of students from 135 different countries around the world.

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

Master of Communication Management

The online Master of Communication Management program of the University of California is designed for working professionals with a desire to lead, drive innovation, and revolutionize the business communication environment. 

This mass communication program aims to strengthen your skills in managing global communications. It focuses on applied research and communication theory. The program uses these two major subjects to sharpen your knowledge and abilities in integrated global marketing and strategic corporate communication. 

USC’s online master of the communication management program is manned by top-caliber faculty and experts in marketing communication, market research, market analytics, and strategic or organizational communication. They will share with you their strategies and skills in adapting to real-world business situations.

Did You Know?

In 2020, USC suspended all its traditional classes and shifted online to keep its students, faculty, and staff safe from the COVID-19 global pandemic.       

American University

Washington DC

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication offered at American University is designed to provide you with knowledge and skills in planned and tactical communication. It aims to develop you into a strategic communicator in the media, government, corporate and other settings. 

The university’s MA in Strategic Communications program includes cutting-edge tools and ideas you can use to execute strategic communication campaigns. Its faculty of experts are committed to providing you with the ability you need to formulate effective strategies to address communication challenges. This mass communication program allows you to learn innovative ways to use the information to influence people and create the impact you want. 

AU’s MA in Strategic Communications is manned by a faculty of expert writers, PR professionals, documentarians, journalists, and social change advocates. It aims to impart to students the latest trends in strategic communications and provide them with knowledge and tools that allow them to make a difference. 

Did You Know?

AU’s online courses are as rigorous as the courses in traditional classes. The same professors and lecturers also teach them. AU is home to some of the world’s most acclaimed scholars and thought leaders. 

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

Master’s in Global Strategic Communication

The online Master’s in Global Strategic Communication at the University of Florida is designed to provide you with knowledge, skills, and tools to solve real-world problems through respectable communication. It aims to provide effective communication skills that you can use across cultures. This will give you the confidence to speak about or offer solutions to global problems like human rights, climate change, business ethics, poverty, etc. The online program aims to equip graduates with the ability to apply strategic interpersonal communication to help solve global problems with utmost and due consideration to cultural differences.

The University of Florida’s online Master’s in Strategic Communication program is intended for working students who aspire to grow personally and professionally. It offers a flexible curriculum that allows them to attend their classes wherever they may be.  

Did You Know?

As a state university, the University of Florida offers one of the most affordable and respected graduate degrees in the US. Its College of Journalism and Communications is considered one of the best journalism and mass communication programs in the country.

Syracuse University – Newhouse School of Public Communications

Syracuse, NY

Online Master of Science in Communications

The Online Master of Science in Communications at Syracuse University is designed to be at par with its on-campus program, yet it allows working students and professionals to complete their graduate degrees without giving up their jobs. As a student under the online program, you have the freedom to take your classes anytime, anywhere.

To give you a robust academic experience and prepare you for real-world challenges, the Newhouse School employs a faculty of renowned experts in broadcast, print, and digital media. They are your professors tasked to impart their expertise to you and provide you with academic attention and sound career guidance.

After completing your graduate degree, you’ll become part of the school’s strong alumni network. Newhouse has produced more than 280,000 graduates. Many of them have attained success and power in the communications profession. You could be one of them moving forward – if you enroll in its Online Master of Science in Communications program.

Did You Know?

After completing Syracuse University’s Master of Science in Communications degree, 50% of graduates received raises within 12 months. 

Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

Washington DC

Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication program at Johns Hopkins University is a cutting-edge curriculum that combines research, writing, technology, and strategy into one solid foundation for effective communication with people on the local and international scene. This mass communication program is designed to develop students into strong communicators and is committed to strengthening your writing, strategic thinking, and presentation skills. 

For JHU’s MA in Communication, your creativity, analysis, audience engagement skills, and digital platform knowledge are essential for success in the media profession. To achieve this objective, the university puts its MA in mass communication students under the tutelage and mentoring of top-caliber mass communication professionals with decades of experience in their specialized fields.

Did You Know?

JHU’s master of arts in mass communication allows you to build your specialized knowledge by choosing one or two of six optional concentrations, which are:

Florida International University

Miami, FL

MS in Mass Communication: Global Strategic Communications

The MS in Mass Communications program focusing on Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University aims to provide students with a global view of strategic communications. It’s a means that the school uses to prepare students for leadership roles in public relations, advertising, and integrated communications.  

Did You Know?

Florida International University is a pioneer in offering a fully online master’s degree program in global strategic communications.

University of Delaware

Newark, DE

University of Delaware
Online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

The Online Master of Arts – Strategic Communication at the University of Delaware is designed to provide you with advanced knowledge and skills to develop effective and convincing messages. The program can help you make this possible by developing your skills in digital content creation and enhancing your knowledge of communication theories. 

Completion of this graduate program makes you ready for several careers in communication. The program offers you two areas of specialization – Public Relations and Social Media – to choose from. It also allows you to customize your electives – a third option that you may take to complement your career goals. UD’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communication can equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for career advancement regardless of your length of stay in the industry.

Did You Know?

The University of Delaware has reduced its tuition rate per credit hour for the 2022 – 2023 MA in Strategic Communication program from $979 to $850.

Purdue University – Brian Lamb School of Communication

West Lafayette, IN

Online Master of Science in Communication

Taught by award-winning experts in the mass media industry, the Online Master of Science in Communication at Purdue University is designed for working professionals who want to make a difference in their profession or embark on a new career. It is a program committed to providing students with knowledge and skills that go beyond the textbook theory and promoting public relations and openness of communication.

The Master of Science in Communication and degree at Purdue University strengthens your messaging and branding abilities, deepens your critical thinking skills, and enhances your knowledge of research methods for gathering factual information. It enhances your tenacity and ability to adjust quickly to the changes in the volatile market. It fills you with vast knowledge in vital communications subjects, including marketing, politics, public relations, and organizational communications. Completing the program will give you the tenacity and flexibility to adapt quickly to rapid changes in business and society.

Did You Know?

At Purdue University, credits earned by students taking Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management or Graduate Certificate in Communication and Leadership can transfer their credits to the Master of Science in Communication degree.

West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications

The Master of Science – Integrated Marketing Communications online program at West Virginia University is offered exclusively online. It is an affordable, world-class program that offers 25 electives for you to choose from. These include specializations like digital communication and social media, healthcare communications, public relations leadership, and digital marketing communications. The program intends to equip you with knowledge and skills that will allow you to fill a void or prepare you for a leadership role in your company.

West Virginia’s master of integrated marketing communications program educates you about subjects relevant to marketing communications. These include public relations, advertising, social media, direct marketing, and sales promotion. It develops your ability to create and provide customers with a continuous flow of information using different forms of media.       

Aside from its being flexible, WVU’s master’s in integrated marketing communication courses are mentored by a faculty of industry leaders. They can deliver the real essence of marketing communications to you, wherever you may be in the world.  

Did You Know?

A recent survey reports that 41% of West Virginia University graduates have received at least a 25% salary increase since they earned their master’s in integrated marketing communications degree.

In a recent survey of WVU graduates, 41% have received more than 25% salary increases since earning their IMC degree.

Are Mass Communication and Journalism the same? If not, what are their differences?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mass Communication and Journalism the same? If not, what are their differences?

Journalism and Mass Communication may be similar in certain ways but they are not the same as each of them denotes different activities.

Journalism refers to the act and process of gathering factual information about day-to-day events and disseminating these to the general public as news. 

Mass Communication, on the other hand, refers to the different ways a firm or individual uses to convey information to a large group of people through different mass media platforms. The content for mass communication isn’t necessarily facts. It can include history, politics, entertainment, economy, sports, and fiction. 

What possible career options are available for graduates of Master’s degrees in Mass Communication?

In this age of information and digital revolution, all businesses compete for visibility and market share. This created a huge demand for competent communication professionals. Presently, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects media and communications occupations to grow by 14% from 2020 to 2030. This growth will open more than 151,000 new jobs for mass communication professionals, including holders of graduate degrees in mass communications.

A master’s in mass communication degree can help to prepare you for jobs in journalism, corporate communication, politics, and many other fields and industries. If you are already working, your graduate degree and the new skills you have acquired can qualify you for leadership positions in your organization.

These are some of the potential careers you may pursue after completing a master’s in mass communications degree: 

Are there any online Master of Mass Communication or Public Relations programs that do not require campus visits?

Yes. A majority of online master’s in mass communication programs don’t have campus visit requirements. 

How will earning a Master’s degree in Mass Communication advance my career?

Earning a Master’s degree in Mass Communication can help advance your career in a number of ways. With a Master’s degree in this field, you will have a deeper understanding of media concepts, strategies, and technologies, as well as the ability to identify target audiences and develop effective campaigns.

Your expertise will enable you to excel in planning, coordinating, and managing communication projects, ultimately enhancing your ability to build and sustain relationships with key stakeholders and advance your career objectives.

Additionally, a Master’s degree in Mass Communication will open the door to various job opportunities in the media, entertainment, and advertising industries, as well as higher-level managerial positions in public and private companies.

Key Takeaways

Enrolling in a master’s degree in mass communication program will help you to acquire knowledge of valuable communication subjects and develop analytical, critical, and strategic thinking skills. These are essential tools that can help you grow personally and professionally.

Completing a master’s in mass communications program increases your opportunities for career advancement. It can open doors for you to better career resources, more networking opportunities, and potential for growth personally, professionally, and financially. According to BLS, media and communications occupations are projected to grow as fast as average for all other occupations between 2022 and 2032 and are expected to result in the availability of about 114,300 new jobs. 

If you have that passion to create, gather and share information, you should use it to earn doing what you love. Consider enrolling in a master’s degree in mass communication program. It’s an investment with the potential for good returns.

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