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With all the companies and brands surfacing today, people are confused about which products or services are the best. Marketing is the most significant factor in how people decide what to buy or where to go.

As a result, the need to fill vacant positions in Marketing departments is rising; a doctorate education has become a standard requirement for higher-level positions or executive work.

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Most prospective doctoral students are working professionals; thus, they won’t have much time for traditional on-campus degrees. Luckily, everything can be done online, including an online doctoral degree in marketing. An online doctorate in marketing will help you prove your expertise in strategic marketing management, business administration, mathematics, and economics. 

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Employers increasingly need workers with modern marketing abilities as companies rely on consumer data to inform operational plans. For those who want to improve their business research skills, earning a doctorate in marketing or business administration with a marketing concentration is a wise professional choice. Graduates with a marketing degree will be able to effectively use cutting-edge technologies and digital marketing that will affect future marketing plans.


Students pursuing doctorates in marketing typically choose between two common tracks. The Ph.D. track focuses on marketing research and theories and is the first educational path. The Doctor of Marketing allows students to apply theory in a real-world setting.

Ten graduate schools offering online Marketing doctorates made it to the list of recommended institutions based on these factors:

Visit our Methodology page to learn more about the ranking procedures we utilize to put together our list together.

Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

The Best Online Doctor of Marketing Programs

Liberty University

Liberty University - Online
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Marketing

Liberty University offers a Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing online. The Doctor in Marketing degree requires students to complete 60 credit hours, including 48 core credits and 12 marketing courses, which should be completed within five years. Students will learn the ins and outs of business theories and research methods, along with three dissertation classes.

This DBA in marketing degree does not require standardized test scores. Instead, applicants should have a master’s degree in business or a related field and at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Aside from gaining skills and knowledge in marketing, students will receive additional academic support from Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI provides a group of leaders that work with students in real-time WebEx sessions, cover difficult subjects, and allow students to ask questions and get prompt answers.

Walden University

Walden University
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Marketing

Walden University runs an online Doctor of Business Administration program with a specialization in Marketing. The DBA requires students to complete 60 credit hours for up to 8 years, including eight components. Some of these are:

Although this course is fully online, there are two 4-day academic residencies that must be attended for a total of 8 days.

Standardized test scores are options; however, a master’s degree in business from an accredited institution is necessary. Students who have started a doctorate in other universities can transfer credits.

One of the best things about the DBA in Marketing at Walden University is its flexibility. While students are suggested to complete coursework in 8 years, the institution allows an extension. To extend degree completion time, students must submit a petition for the school to review and approve.

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University
DBA Degree in Marketing – Quantitative

Grand Canyon University offers an online DBA with a focus on Marketing – Quantitative for veterans and amateurs. The degree requires students to complete 60 credit hours and a dissertation to graduate.

There is a significant focus on consumer trends, habits, and behaviors in the modern marketplace, which gives students a solid understanding of how to create campaigns that will appeal to modern consumers.

Prospective doctorate students must have a master’s degree in business or a related field with a 3.4 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Students who do not reach the minimum GPA requirement will still have the chance to enroll but with specifications.

The DBA program at GCU combines theory and practice to give students the skills to implement marketing strategies and achieve growth goals. Online students will also participate in two or three five-day on-campus residencies.

Pace University

Pace University - Lubin School of Business
Executive Doctoral Program – Marketing Specialization

Pace University offers an Executive DBA in Marketing that is available online. The marketing doctorate degree requires students to complete 60 credit hours, including two on-campus seminars. The program focuses on market research and analytical, theoretical, and practical approaches to consumer behavior. The training includes highly effective tactics that aid students in developing plans for the most successful outcomes.

The online marketing doctorate is looking for candidates with outstanding academic talent, significant career achievement, and potential. Candidates should have an MBA and at least ten years of professional experience.

Pace School of Business is one of the best business schools that allows students to access tailored advice, counseling, and a customized curriculum. This greatly benefits professional working students in creating a degree plan that will not alter their work schedules.

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Marketing Concentration

Kennesaw State University offers a Ph.D. marketing online program. Students complete 36 credits of cohort-based and discipline-specific coursework throughout the course of the first two years of the program. The program’s framework is created so students can complete it in as short as three years.

Candidates for the Ph.D. in Business Administration Program should hold a master’s degree from a university, preferably in business or a related field. Each of the concentrations in the program receives a sizable number of applications each year.

KSU’s business school graduates are allowed to enroll in a doctoral research program that can enhance theory and practice and organizational effectiveness. The research doctorate offers a unique chance to do applied research while obtaining a doctoral degree.

By preparing for broader roles in academia and industry, those who pursue research doctorates increase their professional flexibility and choice.

California Miramar University

California Miramar University
Doctorate Degree in Marketing

California Miramar University offers an online doctorate in marketing. The program’s main objective is to highlight marketing management and research as they relate to the complete life cycle of products. It requires students to complete 61 graduate semester credits beyond the master’s degree.

Students learn to master the planning and design stages of consumer analysis to release and profit in a morally and legally responsible manner.

The doctorate program does not require GMAT or GRE scores. Students must possess an MBA from an accredited institution and pass the technical requirements to enroll in the online doctorate.

CMU is one of the best schools that prepare students for practical performance of dissertation procedures, research techniques, and dissertation completion and defense preparation. The online doctorate degree in marketing at CMU is one of the most affordable.

LIGS University

LIGS University
Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing

LIGS University offers an online Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing that allows marketing students to choose between two pathways: Global Marketing or Marketing Communication. The Ph.D. includes the same specialized marketing courses but is designed for students who want to work in academic and research-based fields.

Both degrees are “interactive,” which implies that a sizable portion of the curriculum involves practical, hands-on learning experiences to impart necessary commercial marketing skills.

Applicants must hold a master’s in Business or other business-related fields, managerial experience of at least five years and proficiency in the chosen language of study.

This curriculum is perfect for working adults since students determine their study’s timing, scope, and intensity. Although this program is entirely online, each student will have a personal study counselor to assist them.

Trident University International

Trident University International
Ph.D. of Business Administration in Marketing

Trident University International’s Online Ph.D. in Business Administration in Marketing requires students to complete 38-48 semester credits. Students can choose from 3, 4, or 5-year degree completion plans at Trident University International, which is 100% online, and receive dedicated support regardless of their choice. There are no prerequisites for physical presence.

A completed online application and an earned MBA or master’s degree in business administration are requirements for admission to Trident’s online DBA program.

The program is created to expand students’ prior knowledge and experiences in commercial marketing and deepen their comprehension of cutting-edge tactics. During the program’s research phase, you will gain contact with a department chair who will offer specific advice. You’ll have a Student Success Advisor for one-on-one support with administrative issues.

National University

National University
Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing Concentration 

National University offers a Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing available for online study. Students must complete 60 credit hours in 45 months, including 15 credits of specialized marketing courses in this program’s component sections.

Candidates must hold a master’s degree from an institution of higher learning with academic accreditation to be admitted to the doctorate program in marketing. Two ways to enroll in a business administration doctoral program are Direct and Evaluation Tracks.

With doctoral degree holders as teaching personnel, National University has developed a one-to-one learning strategy that sets it apart from other institutions. Graduates from NU’s online marketing doctoral program typically land jobs in academia, advertising, consulting, leadership, and management.

Alliant International University

Alliant International University
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Marketing

Alliant International University offers a Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing available online. Students are required to complete 60 credit hours and are suggested to complete coursework in three years. This degree completion time may seem shorter or a bit hectic for your professional life, but this degree is a highly flexible program.

Applicants should hold a master’s in the same field, have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, and meet all the prerequisites. Students with low GPAs should submit a petition to be considered for admission.

The program emphasizes guided experience, practical training, and/or internship opportunities, which help students develop professionally. Throughout the program, you’ll get practical training, learn helpful life skills, and see business and international business principles used in the real world.

Common Courses for Online Doctor of Marketing Programs

Common Courses for Online Doctor of Marketing Programs

Advanced Marketing Management

This course teaches students how to use sophisticated marketing ideas at the management level. Students explore segmentation, targeting, and placement methods. They also learn how to assess a marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Concepts like distribution, pricing, and communication tactics may also be covered in the course.

Bayesian Data Analysis

A research course on Bayesian data analysis or a technique for assessing statistics when specific study parameters are unknown is frequently offered in a doctorate in marketing. Students are taught how to calculate using computer simulation and how to use this advanced methodology for marketing research.

Brand and Product Management

Students gain familiarity with methods for enhancing a product’s image, including creating favorable consumer attitudes and packaging design. Students learn how to develop marketing strategies that satisfy the needs of the company and the consumer. 

Consumer Behavior

This course explores the influence of consumer behavior on marketing choices. Students study ideas, including product positioning, shopping motivation, and memory for perception. They also research the psychological reactions of consumers to the marketing mix, which refers to a company’s multiple approaches to convincing customers to purchase its goods and services.

Marketing Models

This course looks at theoretical and empirical models for researching marketing decision-making concepts like product, price, and advertising. For their dissertations, students frequently do their own research or come up with research ideas.

Quantitative Research Methods

Doctorate students in a marketing program typically need to take many research methodology courses within their first two years. Inferential approaches, such as the linear regression model or the probit and logit models, are the main topic of a quantitative methods research course.

Supply Chain Management

This course examines how businesses obtain resources and create products. Students study logistics, buying, efficiency, supply chain management, and marketing strategy. Students develop knowledge of supply and demand analysis and risk sharing. 

Typical Coursework for a Doctor of Marketing Degree

Doctorate degrees in marketing typically take the longest to complete, and the prerequisites will differ significantly from one school, one program, and even one student to another. However, the credit requirements are the same for an online marketing Ph.D. and a marketing DBA. 

Most Ph.D. in marketing and online DBA in marketing programs include seminars. Specialized marketing subjects are covered in seminars. Marketing research, strategy, and innovation seminars are a few examples of courses.

Most of the programs on our list need 60 credit hours to finish. Although some schools provide a combination of online and on-campus courses or hybrid formats, some are given entirely online. In general, the schools on our list offer classes that are comparable to one another.

Marketing Professional Salary and Employment

It’s commonly known that the marketing industry pays quite well. You gain the knowledge and experience necessary to hold higher-level roles if you have a doctorate in marketing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers have a median annual salary of $138,730, with an expected 6% growth from 2022 to 2032. 

The data above proves that doctorate degree holders should expect good work prospects in the field. For one, marketing managers are required to oversee advertising campaigns and conduct promotional initiatives as businesses look to increase their market share. Most enterprises, especially online businesses, are anticipated to increase their marketing activities. 

But similar to other industries, not all areas in marketing have excellent job prospects. Growth can be impacted by a downturn in the newspaper publishing sector. There are lots of marketing-focused managers working in the newspaper sector. Over the following ten years, these managers can experience a drop rather than growth.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is projected to grow because companies that want to expand their audience will hire experts in advertising and promotion. People with advanced degrees, such as a Ph.D. in marketing or a DBA in digital/internet marketing, will be invaluable assets to businesses trying to boost their online presence.

Ph.D. in marketing graduates can apply as marketing professors. According to data, marketing professors have a median annual salary of $258,775. As companies place greater emphasis on branding and customer experience, there is a growing need for marketing professors.

As a marketing professor, you will be in charge of instructing students in the fundamentals of marketing. You will learn about advertising tactics, branding, and customer service.

Financing Doctorate in Marketing

Aside from rigorous academics, financing an online doctorate in marketing will be one of the biggest struggles for prospective students, especially those with other financial priorities. However, students interested in applying for an online doctorate degree have abundant financial aid opportunities from the federal government, even in private organizations. 

To assess their eligibility for federal help, students must complete the FAFSA. Low-rate government loans, grants, and work-study programs may also be available to students.

Students may get financial assistance through grants, scholarships, and federal financial aid. Scholarships are given out by universities, groups, and individual donors to students from various backgrounds.

Doctoral students are eligible to apply for grants, which may assist in paying for research expenses and defray the cost of textbooks. Grants and scholarships don’t have to be paid back.

Students now have another economical choice to complete their online programs without incurring hefty tuition fees, thanks to tuition reimbursement schemes. Many large firms give generous tuition subsidies to assist returning to school employees. Some companies will cover as much as 90% of a student’s tuition.

Professional Organizations in Marketing

Online doctorate students in marketing have access to a wealth of resources from professional organizations, many of which are free for members. By joining a professional group, students and new professionals can increase their employment possibilities through Internet networking. Members have discounted access to annual conferences and international job listings.

Most professional organizations offer continuing education courses that include the most recent marketing techniques. In addition, certificates are frequently provided by professional organizations to give professionals a competitive advantage when looking for work.

The top organizations for students in a doctorate in marketing are:

Licensing and Certification for Marketing Professionals

A doctorate isn’t always sufficient in a tight labor market. To stand out from the competition, additional credentials are needed. The following choices can be used in conjunction with a marketing doctorate.

American Marketing Association PCM Marketing Management

Digital marketing, content marketing, and marketing management are just a few disciplines that can lead to the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) designation. There are no prerequisites for eligibility. This exam is open to everyone.

Interactive Advertising Bureau Digital Ad Operations Certification

This unique curriculum, the only certification for advertising operations, is open to individuals and groups. Passing an exam and two years of professional experience are prerequisites.

Google Ads certification

The Google Ads certification is the essential accreditation for digital marketers since Google is the king of search engines. According to Google, earning a Google Ads certification has two main advantages: it tells current and potential clients of your status and assists your business in getting a Google Partner badge or a Premier Google Partner badge.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Reaching millions of users is an effective marketing approach that can be achieved using Facebook ads. You can demonstrate your proficiency to employers by earning this certification.

Main Differences Between a Ph.D. and DBA in Marketing

A Ph.D. has a more extended history and is more widely accepted than a DBA. According to the AACSB, nearly 95% of marketing doctorates originate from Ph.D. programs. Ph.D. candidates frequently concentrate on theory and research. Most of these graduates will work as researchers and lecturers in academia.

While Ph.D.s still make up the majority of marketing doctorates, this is beginning to change. The DBA fills a significant gap in the market for highly accomplished marketers. DBA holders lead marketing agencies, launch their own companies, and hold C-level positions. Before getting admitted into these doctorate programs, most applicants need several years of highly successful marketing experience.

A doctorate in Marketing opens many avenues in the business sector and academics. A Ph.D. in Marketing graduate is uniquely qualified to teach at the post-secondary level. Many professors will carry on conducting research at their institutions. DBA graduates are prepared to work as corporate leaders and marketing managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online Doctoral programs faster than traditional on-campus programs?

In most cases, a degree online is faster and more easily attainable than an on-campus program. However, several factors will affect the length of your degree, including the amount of coursework you take, the frequency of your coursework, and the coursework requirements.

An online doctorate typically takes three years to complete, but notable exceptions exist. Online doctorates offer accelerated tracks, allowing you to earn your degree faster.

What is the program duration of a Ph.D. or DBA in Marketing?

A significant commitment is needed to pursue a doctorate in marketing. The degree requires a lot of effort and research, and it can take three to seven years to accomplish.

Do you need a Doctorate to get certain positions of employment?

Some job candidates will have a higher chance of getting employed if they have a doctorate or a Ph.D. in roles like professor or professional researcher. The CEO, CFO, and other positions don’t need a degree. However, a title like that might significantly boost their marketability and pay range.

What are the typical costs involved in a Doctor in Marketing program?

The cost of an online doctorate with a marketing focus relies on several variables, such as residency status and technological fees.

An online DBA with a marketing concentration typically costs between $595 and $1,095 per credit. Tuition costs for students should range from $32,000 to $66,000.

Is a Ph.D. better than a DBA?

Which is better depends on your goals and interests. The most straightforward approach to determine which is better is remembering these things: A Ph.D. is more research-oriented, while a DBA is more application-oriented.

For instance, a Ph.D. program can require students to create a theory that provides answers to problems in a bigger context. A DBA, however, would ask you to address existing issues within a corporation.

Key Takeaways

Advertising and brand management, marketing analytics and research, digital media, and public relations are just a few of the subfields that fall under the business discipline of marketing. Graduates with advanced degrees in marketing may be prepared for leadership positions in the marketing industry and post-secondary teaching positions at colleges and universities.

In contrast to the Ph.D. in business administration, which emphasizes theoretical and academic research, the Doctor of Business Administration concentrates on professional studies and applied research. Online DBA in marketing programs examines management, research, and marketing strategy and decision-making frameworks.

Students who are also working professionals have flexibility with an online DBA with a marketing specialization. Graduates of web-based programs often have comparable possibilities for promotion because both follow rigorous curricula.

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