10 Best Grad Schools with Online Doctorate in Management Information Systems

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Modern workplaces rely on technology to make informed decisions. Management Information Systems play a crucial role in business operations, helping companies process and interpret massive amounts of data from multiple sources.

Over the next decade, MIS will become a specialized field poised for immense growth alongside related business, information technology, data science, and computer science fields.

The Labor Statistics Bureau sees a 15% increase in demand for computer and information system managerial positions.

An online Doctorate in Management Information Systems qualifies graduates for top-level leadership experience in various fields, such as information technology, computer science, information systems and cybersecurity. Doctorate holders can also pursue an academic teaching career path.

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If you have acquired a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Management Information Systems, pursuing a PhD is ideally the next step to take to gain the credentials for top-level leadership and management positions. With a Doctorate in MIS online degree program, IT professionals can prepare for university teaching positions or research roles in large corporations. 

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The factors below were carefully taken into consideration as we gathered this list of the best online doctoral degree programs in business and management with Management Information Systems concentrations: 

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Grad School Center is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Best Grad Schools with Online Doctoral Degree in Management Information Systems Programs

Walden University

Walden University

PhD in Management – Information Systems Management

Walden has a PhD in management degree with an option to specialize in information systems management. You’ll develop an integrated approach to organizations’ people, processes, technology, and systems through this specialty. In this online doctorate, you can expect to study systems architectures, cybersecurity, big data, cloud computing, digital communications, human-computer interaction, systems analysis modeling, project management, and strategic direction.

The Walden doctoral program can be completed within eight years if the student does not petition for an extension. The dissertation course is normally taken continuously until the capstone project is approved. However, the dissertation courses are typically expected to take longer than the minimum required terms.

At the end of this PhD degree, you’ll earn the following benefits:

Dakota State University

Dakota State University

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems

If you’re looking for a flexible doctor of philosophy in information systems degree online, you won’t be disappointed with what Dakota State University offers. Through this degree, you can be well-versed in new IT innovations, allowing you to learn on campus. With this advanced degree, you will be prepared for a research, education, or administration career. You’ll also be able to concentrate on either healthcare, security, or analytics.

Become familiar with the most current issues in the field of IT through the diverse core courses and electives in this doctorate. You will gain knowledge of milestones and seminal works of Information Systems. Obtain a thorough understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods of IS theory and practice. As part of the program, you’ll research and write a dissertation on innovative information systems.

Since technology permeates everything we do, you’ll be well-positioned to become a successful IT leader. This is the best addition to your arsenal as you achieve your life goals. Dakota State’s PhD in Information Systems program focuses on multidisciplinary topics and practical applications of information systems to organizations. You can become an asset to any organization or business that you partake in. Graduates become in-demand experts in their fields. 

Liberty University

Liberty University

Doctor of Business Administration in Information Systems

Interested in earning your terminal degree in business or technology? You can enroll at Liberty University. They offer an online Doctor of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. Combining academic research with practical training will prepare you to excel in business. Liberty’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Information Systems prepares students to design and implement technological strategies wherever they work.

Hands-on experience in real-world settings is provided by the DBA in Information Systems program. Your Liberty University DBA in Information Systems will enable you to develop innovative solutions for technology and business challenges. Every faculty and school staff want you to succeed, and they support you as students and professionals. 

This online doctor’s degree allows you to be as flexible as possible. With this 100% online program, you can meet with peers and professors whenever and wherever suits you best. Professors with real-world business and information system experience teach all the online courses. It will prepare you to advance your career with a quality education.

With a Christian foundation learning system, all their degrees would help you achieve excellence and integrity in your field. In addition to academic excellence, they provide biblical worldview guidance. But at the same time, this online DBA in Information Systems emphasizes real-world application. As a business leader, you will be prepared for challenges through your coursework and research.

Temple University

Temple University

PhD in Business Administration – Management Information Systems 

MIS PhD students are prepared for advanced research and scholarship through a PhD program in Business Administration available online at Temple University. The primary focus of this doctorate program is to prepare students for academic careers as faculty members. If pursuing a career in education is in your plans, this PhD degree will fit your aspirations. The program primarily aims to produce well-trained academic researchers and professors.

Temple University is a great choice for online students because they offer financial aid and assistantships. Working as a research or teaching assistant will qualify you for full tuition remission and stipends. But the amount will depend on the concentration, qualifications, and other factors. Academic achievement, conference travel, and publications may also be rewarded to students.

Emory University

Emory University - Goizueta School of Business

PhD in Information Systems and Operations Management

Doctoral students at Emory can choose between Information Systems and Operations Management. The concept of information is fundamental to business, and information systems define the processes underlying data transmission, transformation, and exchange within and between companies.

To enroll and go for the Information Systems track, prospective students should have backgrounds and basic knowledge in computer science, computer programming, system design, and cognitive science. After all, in the IS track, these phenomena are examined from the standpoint of enterprise opportunity, market potential, human resource development, and management practice.

Meanwhile, the other track, Operations Management, is a central part of the business that deals with developing new products and services and logistics operations. Some of the coursework for this track are Psychology, Economics, Quality Systems, Operations Research, and Statistics.

Operations Management candidates are expected to have strong analytical skills and coursework in Mathematics, Economics, and Engineering.

Before graduation, you can work alongside faculty and professors when you make journals related to subjects Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Information Systems Research, Cognitive Science, Operations Research, and Organizational Science.

With close ties to organizations in Atlanta and beyond, the ISOM faculty is a consultant, collaborates with research, and sits on corporate boards.

Florida State University

Florida State University - College of Business

PhD in Business Administration – Management Information Systems

The PhD in Business Administration at FSU’s College of Business offers seven majors, and Management Information Systems is promising. You can complete this doctorate in four years and choose from several start dates per year.

It is one of the few doctoral programs in Management Information Systems in the United States that emphasizes organizational and behavioral aspects. The program emphasizes relevance to the practice of business while being heavily research-oriented. In this way, the program aims to develop competent IS scholars who may want to land an education job or contribute to many industries.

During the program, you will focus on Management Information Systems’ behavioral and organizational aspects. Some courses you’ll take include econometrics, marketing, mathematics, accounting, and statistics.

This online doctorate includes a dissertation and features seminars on information systems and related topics. Finally, you can have the experience of apprenticing with a faculty member.  

Academics and performance are considered when determining financial assistance for applicants to the College of Business. One of the best things about their programs is that admitted doctoral students will be offered assistantships or fellowships.

The college provides financial assistance to most doctoral students who apply for financial aid and funding, given that they qualify and meet the requirements. Each cohort and program will receive stipends and supplementary assistance, including conference travel expenses. 

The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas - Naveen Jindal School of Management

PhD in Management Science – Information Systems

Programs in this field are designed for students seeking advanced training in theoretical and applied topics. During the training, students learn how to design optimized systems and use them effectively in organizations. Information systems and research methodologies are taught to students rigorously. In information technology management and creation research, interdisciplinary approaches are often taken and analytical or econometric models are applied. 

Management Information Systems degree students may be able to work in industry, government, or consulting organizations; however, they will most likely be placed in academic positions at research universities.

Under the mentorship of experienced professors, students can participate in faculty research projects. Close interactions with faculty enable students to develop their research agenda and identify and develop research ideas. Teaching organized classes under faculty mentorship also enhances students’ teaching skills. At the end of this doctoral program, you’ll acquire professor skills. 

An aptitude for quantitative analysis and abstract thinking is required for successful candidates. For the first few years, students enrolled in the PhD program in Information Systems complete coursework and research projects and prepare for qualifying examinations. Finally, a dissertation research and writing phase follows in the latter years. 

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University - Heinz College

Doctoral Studies in Information Systems and Management

At Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, students can pursue a doctorate in Information Systems & Management that prepares them for various professions. In this advanced department, they work at the intersection of public policy and information technology.

Developing innovative research across disciplines in information systems, IT theory, design, manufacturing systems, construction management, and strategy are the goals of their Ph.D. in Information Systems & Management program.

A PhD in Heinz allows you to address societal challenges innovatively, whether technical, organizational, political, economic, social, or a combination of those challenges. Students at Heinz College pursue Ph.D. degrees in information systems, public policy, and management in close partnership with faculty. Upon graduation, Ph.D. graduates can work in many firms, educational institutions, and public agencies.

New York University

New York University - Stern

PhD in Information Systems

New York University aims to educate and train scholars through their PhD in Information Systems to produce first-rate IS research and become successful faculty members at top universities. Immersion in a community of researchers is at the core of the IS doctoral program. Students can work with one or more faculty members yearly on a research project.

A weekly research seminar is offered to all departmental students, both formal and informal. Every student is responsible for presenting research in progress and producing publishable papers, usually in collaboration with a faculty member. Research teaches students how to become researchers. 

Students work closely with their professors and advisors. In your second year, you can start to select a concentration advisor to assist you through the comprehensive exam process and the thesis process. Students will select a thesis advisor in the middle of their third year.  All students must complete core courses that give an overview of major research areas in IS and prepare them for specialized courses later on. 

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois Chicago

PhD in Management Information Systems

As a part of the UIC Business PhD program in Management Information Systems, students will develop the knowledge and skills that are in demand among many industries and educational institutions today. This online doctoral program emphasizes a technical, economic, organizational, systems engineering, technology management, and management perspective.

The best thing about this PhD in Management Information Systems is that it is also realized as a STEM degree. It comes with a dissertation that tackles realistic and theoretical issues. You have to defend this successfully, and the good part is that these dissertations can be awarded up to 32 semester credits.

Courses to Take in an Online Doctor of Management Information Systems

Courses to Take in an Online Doctor of Management Information Systems

Economics of Digitization

The economics of digitization focuses on how digitalization affects markets and how data can be used to study economics through digitization. In this course, students and faculty explore these questions using field experiments, and analytical and structural models.

Database Management

Database management course teaches how to monitor, administer, and maintain databases across a company. Many data are stored in a database, and this course ensures the proper ways to organize and control all data.

Data Analytics

With the growth of big data, new statistical and computational methods have been developed and applied to solve many problems. To utilize data, cutting-edge algorithms and methods are learned in this course.

Database Theory and Design

A database design involves the classification of data and the identification of relationships among the data. Database Theory and Design cover these topics. Students will gain an understanding of advanced methods and processes for designing databases, from abstract modeling to implementation.

Healthcare and Information Technology

Combining healthcare and IT is the goal of this course. There will be research inspired by the importance of information technology to enhance patient care and hospital care. Technology makes medical error prevention, detecting outbreaks, and providing superior quality care possible.

Data Mining

Data Mining involves knowledge of the algorithms and paradigms computers use for data analysis. This course is helpful for many modern occupations today. This course teaches students how to use popular tools for mining structured and unstructured data, data sources and data cleaning tools.

Research Seminar on Data Science

In this course, professors will explore selected data science topics in depth. Students must tackle classic papers, textbook segments, and new data science research. They will also investigate how data science methods can be applied to extract knowledge from large-scale data sets. More topics are covered in this course, such as machine learning, data mining, text classification, model evaluation, and Bayesian models.

Career Pathways for Online Doctor of Management Information Systems Graduates

Career Pathways for Online Doctor of Management Information Systems Graduates

Information Systems Manager

IT managers understand the ins and outs of hardware and software tools. Technology managers supervise a team of technicians who install and maintain hardware and software upgrades for a company or organization. They overall monitor the progress of the system installations and maintenance.

Professor or Researcher

In a Ph.D. in Information Systems Management program, students are prepared for a career in teaching or research. Those who work as researchers in this field can assist with designing, evaluating, and implementing various information systems. They can also qualify to teach Management Information Systems courses and other IT-related subjects. It’s worth noting that college professors must publish scholarly journals and books after they conduct their research.

Chief Information Officer

IT and computer systems are managed by a chief information officer. Like CEOs, they foresee and are in charge of everything related to information and systems. In addition to assessing current processes, they recommend software upgrades to the executive team and how to improve them. 

Systems Development Director

A systems director ensures efficient and smooth workflow by implementing and developing systems and networks. They implement projects related to multi-departmental information systems. Their responsibilities include developing and implementing standard information management procedures, systems, and methods. 

Database Administrator

Database administrators ensure a database’s performance, integrity, and security. These days, many employers are on the lookout for hard-working and efficient database administrators. This role involves planning, developing, and troubleshooting the database on behalf of the users.

Business Analyst

Working as a business analyst involves helping an organization manage, change, and plan for its future. Business analysts can work solely for one company or manage multiple clients simultaneously. The primary focus is to understand the current situation in the organization, to recognize future needs, and to create solutions that will assist in meeting those needs.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief technology officers manage a company’s technical aspects to maximize its growth. Furthermore, they will ensure that technical resources are geared toward technological advancements.

Information Technology Director

The IT Director’s role is to ensure that employees meet all of the organization’s technological needs. Additionally, they provide strategic leadership for projects, ensuring their team meets organizational goals while working towards successful completion.

Skills Needed for Doctor of MIS Graduates

Computer Programming Skills

Programmers use methods and processes to instruct computers on performing certain actions. This is called computer programming skills. This covers learning to code and being adept at several coding languages.

Database Management Skills

The ability to navigate database software effectively is included in database management skills. Using software functions and locating records are part of that process. Databases also have reports and built-in forms that need to be understood. Having database management skills will allow you to perform any data-related task.

Supervision Skills

It is important to have supervision skills to manage and supervise others effectively. A supervisor is responsible for directing and guiding others productively and efficiently. To complement supervision skills, you must also practice your leadership skills. 

Employee Management Skills

The skills you need for maximum results as a manager include workplace communication, trust, and patience. You must learn the right strategies to manage, monitor, and guide employees. 

Leadership Skills

Leaders must delegate, inspire, communicate, and motivate effectively. Besides honesty and confidence, other leadership traits include creativity, commitment, and commitment to the cause. Leadership skills are important not only for Management Information Systems managers but also for entry-level positions.

Teamwork and Collaboration

As a graduate or PhD student in Management Information Systems, employers want evidence of your ability to operate effectively within a team, including examples of your teamwork skills. You need to brush up on your collaborative skills even when you’re still doing research and dissertations. 

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are analyzing data, recognizing patterns, and trends, and making meaningful conclusions. This also involves determining the best decisions and solutions. 

Problem-Solving Skills

An intelligent solution to a problem requires logic and imagination. You can resolve any hurdle and shortcoming when you have good problem-solving skills. Management Information Systems managers and specialists can solve and prevent problems promptly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be your earning potential when you graduate with an online Doctorate in Management Information Systems?

According to Indeed, Management Information Systems managers all over the US earn about $81,652 yearly. However, salaries depend on education, certification, and experience. However, earning an online doctorate in Management Information Systems will make you earn higher positions and increased pay. For instance, you can acquire a higher position, such as a top executive, which earns about $100,090 yearly.

What are the major differences between an online and on-campus Doctor of Management Information Systems?

Whether to complete your PhD on campus or online is an important factor. Both learning styles have their upsides and downsides. Nowadays, both learning formats usually have similar curricula and requirements. But if you’re currently employed and won’t be able to commit to physically attending classes, then an online doctor of Management Information Systems should be a better choice. 

Many respected, accredited schools now offer online PhD programs, while on-campus programs are still popular. The flexibility of evening and weekend classes and asynchronous scheduling make online programs ideal for working adults.

However, students must be on campus during certain points of an online PhD program. You can consider this requirement before selecting the best online Doctor of Management Information Systems program.

How long does finishing an online Doctor of Management Information Systems take?

Students enrolled in online programs can complete the PhD in Management Information Systems in two to four years. Enrolling in an online doctoral program may reduce the time it takes to complete a traditional PhD program. This is a popular reason why many students prefer the distance learning format.

The duration required to complete a program varies depending on the program. Also, earning a PhD in Management Information Systems online can be sped up or slowed down depending on whether you are enrolled as a full-time or part-time student or candidate. 

Those studying full-time will finish it faster. This is because part-time students complete degree requirements at a slower rate than full-time students. PhD programs in Management Information Systems typically take 36 months, while part-time programs take 48 months. In addition to research, completion time is affected by other factors.

For example, you need to factor in the time for research, theses, and dissertations. However, there are options for PhD in Management Information Systems without thesis and dissertation requirements. They require a research paper instead. 

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