8 Billion People, Visualized

On November 15th of 2022, the Earth reached the population milestone of 8 billion people.

At GradSchoolCenter.com we wanted to explore what this means for the present and for the future.

First, let’s take a look at how the 8 billion people of the world are spread out across the highest population countries of the world.

The Many Pieces Of Our Growing World

The world’s population is growing at an increase of 0.83% per year

Even though the world’s population is growing and we just passed the 8 billion people marker, that doesn’t mean that every country is growing at the same rate. It doesn’t even mean that every country is growing. In fact, some countries are actually losing population!

Global life expectancy has grown from 29 years to 73 years since 1800, indicating better global health and an older world population

As life expectancy grows in a country, it’s common for the fertility rate to decrease. Globally, life expectancy grew from 29 to 73 years since 1800.

As life expectancy grew, the number of kids per couple decreased.

Population Growth And Loss In Our Most Populous Countries (2022)

There’s a pretty strong correlation between a country’s overall health, it’s life expectancy and it’s fertility rate. The healthier a country, the longer its life expectancy tends to be. Healthy countries also tend to have lower fertility rates, following the trend that fertility rates are inverse to life expectancy.

Measuring The Health Of Our World


How A Growing World Has Affected Businesses

Earth’s population will peak at 10.4 billion in 2080, according to UN projections believes with growth rates falling significantly after that






Experts Commentary
New Opportunities — And Potential Pitfalls

It took 12 years to grow from 7 billion to 8 billion — and experts say the 9 billionth baby is just 15 years away





The Road To 9 Billion People

In an ever-growing world, change is the only constant.



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