A Word About Dr. Jared Goff

As one who has journeyed along the path through graduate school and come out the other side, I am well aware of the challenges and rewards, the anxieties and comforts, graduate studies can evoke. Graduate school poses many challenges. There are costs to consider, as well as, time constraints and scheduling, rigors of academic life, and many other difficulties.

Graduate school success, however, brings many benefits such as new opportunities for a career change and advancement, higher salary, greater peace of mind, and the feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes just knowing what to consider and how to prioritize them when thinking about graduate school is unfamiliar territory.

Holding two master’s degrees (Philosophy and Theology) as well as a doctorate (Doctorate of Philosophy, Historical Theology, Saint Louis University), I have experience in the key aspects of graduate studies from application to graduation. I hold degrees in science (Bachelors of Science, Health Sciences) and the humanities. Throughout my career, I’ve also come through direct experience to understand the perspective of the professor, researcher, lecturer, and editor. This gives me a rare knowledge and perspective on how to succeed in graduate school. As editor of GradSchoolCenter.com, I will bring my knowledge and expertise to the content of this site. It will be a place to help you on every step of your journey by providing clear and accurate information.

When I’m not with friends or out for a jog, I enjoy spending time with my colorful parakeets and my Basset Hound, Roger. When I’m not reading, writing, editing, or lecturing, I enjoy statistics, watercolor, and antique shops. Thanks for reading!

Jared Goff, Chief Editor